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Rigid handles do make a difference in light wind. That is undeniable.

I feel the same way about handles.  Curious to hear what others think...

Meanwhile, the dacron Duotone Unitís are really stiff and powerful pumping in light air with the rigid handles.

My only concern about the Units is the center strut issues that have surfaced online.  Maybe they were isolated issues.  Can any Unit owners comment on how much abuse they have put on their wings and how they are handling?

Thank you!

What is currently the best light wing wing? Iím talking about 5-6m sizes. I have no interest in buying anything bigger than a 6m.

It sounds like a lot of people like the F-One CWC, but Iím wondering if some of the newer wings like the Duotone Unit Dlab are better, given the CWC doesnít have rigid handles and is now a design that is about a year old. 

And does anyone know how Aluula fairs after some use? Itís hard to spend so much money on Aluula without knowing how well the material will last.

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