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I do and I concur with the prior poster 100%. I was originally using them to dial in a new setup, but I really love the breakdown convenience and ability to tweak position on the water and I have yet to take them off. They have come loose on me - never all four (or even three) - but I have found them slightly loose during a session. I jump and ride them hard so it isnít that surprising. I just check them during the session, and since I added a liberal dose of tef gel and started cranking them down harder I havenít had an issue.

I use the hydrofoil wingscrew branded ones. They are expensive ($60) but excellent quality and have good support.

Kind of crazy how much OR has jacked up the prices on these.  Retail for a 2021/22 5m A-Series was $1800 - the most costly wing on the market at the time.  The 2022/23 5m is now $2250 on the OR website ($2100 on MacKite)!!!

Anybody aware of the 2022/23 updates?  That price increase is kind of wild for a wing that was already very costly.

Classifieds / Re: Feeler: 83cm Project Cedrus clydesdale - new
« on: June 22, 2022, 10:10:05 AM »
Agree!  Ive got the 83 cm with the strong mount.  Its an excellent piece of kit.  Slightly draggier than some other options, but the difference in stiffness is absolutely noticeable in the control and responsiveness - particularly on foils with wide wingspans.  There has been a long backlog of orders since the Progression Project interview went live and I had to wait forever (longer than 8 weeks) for it this past winter.  Skipping the line is a huge bonus.  You never see these used.

Make sure to loctite the mast > plate bolts as they come loose otherwise.

No issues whatsoever. The difference in mounting point is very minor and shouldnít have a big impact on stress. At this point I think most people are using that handle setup and I have heard zero report of issues under heavy usage.

I could see it helping on a sinker.   On some sinker boards I feel like I need to be awkwardly far back to rise the nose. With this volume distribution you could probably center yourself on the board a bit more when starting. 

This volume distribution might also help keep the nose high when landing airs.

That said - I am still a believer in a flatter hull and achieving a similar volume distribution effect by pumping volume into the nose deck area (see Appletree Jazz or FOne Rocket Wing S), versus altering the hull shape so drastically.

Travel, Trips, Destinations / Re: Punta de Mita Delightful
« on: June 14, 2022, 12:07:38 PM »
Also, anybody know how the wind is in Dec/Jan?  Looks like it might be before the windy season but I can't get very good intel.  Going to be there this winter and figuring out whether to shlep the wing gear.

You will want some tail rocker to have the nose of the board ride a bit higher to balance your feet out to get enough front foot pressure. This is more accentuated as you begin to ride faster and faster and generate more and more lift from your foil. In that scenario you need the nose up a little to  get a nice balanced foot pressure.

I respectfully disagree with some of this.  If your foil is properly positioned and set up you should be able to balance foot pressure with a flat tail board.

Doesn't KA design all his boards with tuttle boxes where you can adjust the angle of the mast (I haven't seen his boards in person - so I am not certain of this)?  If thats true, then tail rocker doesn't matter since you can counter it with the angle adjustment (exactly the same as a shim).

Almost every foil on the market is designed for a mount point that is flat to the deck surface.  Tail rocker throws off those angles and adds an angle that the foil (generally) wasn't designed for.  Tail rocker will make the board ride nose-up if the foil isn't shimmed or otherwise designed to accommodate the angle.

You can always adjust for the tail rocker with a baseplate shim, but I would rather start with a flat mount surface and minimize shimming wherever possible.

Maybe old news, but I just noticed a lot more info on the handles and boom are on the OR website.

Sounds like a blast.  Im far enough that I can't make it more than once or twice, but I'm going to try to join this. 

I have just ordered another pair of Takoons,1000 eur total.
Good ole Dacron and Ripstop,soft handles,no window.

After reading/watching every review i could find on Aluula,Hookipa,Xply,RS and  whatnot i still think  the price is too high for the improvements they give.

I was convinced they would be total gamechangers, IMHO they are not there yet.

Ive got Takoon and OR Aluula.  The OR is a sick wing and without a doubt, it is better than the Takoon.  But the Takoon is also a great wing and particularly in smaller sizes, the difference in performance between them is pretty small.  Cost benefit is totally personal, but I agree that the price difference probably isn't justified for most people.  Its nice not to be precious about gear and for the cost of the Takoon, I don't really need to worry about inevitably beating it up.  You can also buy an extra size given the price difference to most dacron wings (multiple sizes given the difference to an Aluula wing).  I am lucky to have the resources to buy nice stuff, but if I were to build another quiver, I would seriously consider Takoon v2 for 3,4,5m (something lighter for a 7m).

General Discussion / Re: Have any of you experienced vertigo?
« on: April 28, 2022, 11:56:46 AM »
Don, bummer about vertigo. I am sorry and hope it resolves quickly. On a side note.....I was thinking about you just the other day. I am headed to Marsh Harbor on Thursday to deliver a boat back to Maine. I have been to the Exumas but never the Abacos Islands. I am arriving a few days early. Is there anything I should check out? Somewhere cool to stay. You are the best and only expert I know on the Bahamas and Caribbean.

I realize this isnt the topic of the thread, and I hope the OP feels better quickly - but to your question I was winging for a week on Elbow (Abacos) last fall. Had a handful of good sessions and can give some intel if needed.  Seemed like things were still opening back up after the hurricane, but its definitely on the up and up.  Its an amazing little island and does get some ok waves (although I didn't get any clean conditions).  There are some very cool islands nearby to explore as well.

Classifieds / Re: Kujira 1095 complete kit
« on: April 18, 2022, 06:31:47 AM »
This is a great deal for someone.  Im on nearly the same setup.

Curious whether you think the mast angle issue was specific to your setup for some reason, or if the issue is universal? Do you think it was an issue on the base plate, or the fuselage?

Here's a video with some long sections of a foiler using what looks like a Takuma Wing/RS prototype (those handles I think are unique to the RS):

Pretty sure thats a BRM W2.

Selling the following foil gear:

  • Lift 170 surf foil and 40 stabilizer. This is as close to the "classic 170" setup as the 2-piece Lift foils can get. This is an excellent kite foiling or novice prone surfing setup. Very user friendly, stable, and turny.  Comes with original zip cover. Excellent condition. No mast.  $450 for the whole setup (front wing and stabilizer). I think this was probably around $900 new (I am the original owner).
  • Ride Engine Bird Machine foil board. Barely used condition. Includes an NSI V front strap. This is Ride Engine's current foil board offering. Purpose built for kite foiling, but also works great for wake or even tow-in surfing. $550. I think this was probably around $1000 new (I am the original owner).

Email for photos.

Buyer splits shipping cost for either item (located in MA, domestic shipping only).

I can ship it this weekend, but after that, probably can't ship until first week of May due to travel.[/list]

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