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Gear Talk / Re: longboard Sup options...
« on: February 03, 2022, 01:29:31 PM »
I'd love to  try a new deal, 27 is probably too narrow for me..must feel quick when your paddling for waves?

Gear Talk / Re: longboard Sup options...
« on: February 02, 2022, 08:36:19 AM »

Yep I do really like it.  If a longboard is what you're after, I think you're fortunate that its in stock locally where you are.   (Where are you located btw?)

Here's a fairly in depth review if you haven't seen it yet:
I did see this but I wasn't 100% sure if the shape was the same as the 2021.. I doubt anyone would be unhappy with

I see you have a 9 4" blue planet, I have a 9 4" funstick which I really like..

Gear Talk / Re: longboard Sup options...
« on: February 01, 2022, 01:06:34 PM »
Thanks for the replies,
I hadn't considered the kalama/naish or limmy lewis boards..there are no local dealers where I live so it cuts down options
SB, infinity and sunova I do have access to..

DuskPatrol - do you like your 10 x 29 starboard ? one in stock locally so its a front runner at the moment...

Gear Talk / longboard Sup options...
« on: January 30, 2022, 01:02:35 PM »
Any thoughts, experience or comparisons with these boards :  The Casey revolution, Infinities New deal and the starboard longboard... Thanks!

Thanks for the reply Burchas, that helps, I do get what you mean by my brain clicking with the secondary stability, I can feel that happening a bit, depends on the day... good to know its not just my lack of skill in those conditions..

hi all,
I took a punt on a second hand 2014 starboard ace 12 6 x 24" as wanted to get into paddling but as 2nd hand race boards are rare where I live and I took a chance on what I knew would be a narrow board, the price was to good to pass up. My regular board is a 9 4 x 33 140L blue planet funstick, I've been stand up surfing 5 or 6 years.

I have spent maybe 20/25 hrs on the ace, and my balance as improved a lot from the first day - could just about stand on it! I've had a few nice sessions in small surf and if wind/swell/current line up some nice 4-5km out and back without falling. but... its the calm days I keep falling in?? days where its essentially flat with gentle swell from the side and often I get swell rebounding from the cliffs, mix in a bit of chop and its murder. To me it feels like the board is really jittery or twitchy on those days. Its happened a few times where I can paddle no problem one direction but If I go in the opposite direction all bets are off. Paddling cross swell is a bit of a deal breaker.
So my questions are, does anyone know if the shape of the ace that year was really for much better paddlers and I just don't have the skills to use it outside of when things line up and should look for a newer board that's more stable, or is it just a case of sticking with it and those days get easier ?


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