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Foil SUP / Re: A few questions?
« on: May 07, 2022, 02:03:11 PM »
Thanks for your input California. The board does feel like a beast compared to my wing board. The smallest board (non foil) I sup surfed was a 7'4 hypernut.  I was just airing on the side of caution but maybe wished I'd gone smaller.  I'll try my smaller foil next time..

Foil SUP / Re: A few questions?
« on: May 06, 2022, 03:30:26 PM »
Thanks EastCoastFoiler. That makes sense .

What about size of mast, it was pretty shallow. My normal winging mast is 85 and I had a 70 today. Felt I should have had shorter. To people use 45, 50, 55 regularly?

Foil SUP / Re: A few questions?
« on: May 06, 2022, 03:04:16 PM »
Yeah , I should have said's a mid aspect 2100cm3 wing I learnt to wing with and use very occasionally when the wind is very light. I just felt I had way to much lift and everything felt cumbersome. My normal setup for wing 1350cm3 is 5'  75L and today was 6'9 120L and it felt big. When foiling I was moving my feet and weight forward to keep the board down and didn't breach once. I struggled with when taking off going straight turning to trim the face I ended up doing a 180 turn facing out to sea ...and gliding for a few seconds.. ha. Mostly it just felt big. I'll try my normal wing next time . Just interested what size people use in small waves at my weight

Foil SUP / A few questions?
« on: May 06, 2022, 01:59:41 PM »
I'm competent winging, last 2 years.

I've purchased a 6'9 sup foil board and had my first session today. No problem paddling catching waves and getting airborn. Some epic wipeouts and I had great fun. It was small about 1 to 2 foot.

Q1 Does anyone ride a really short mast in beach breaks. I had 70cm. I only intend surfing small beachies

Q2 I choose a far to big front wing. What do people use at my weight. 78 kgs , small waves.

It was good to feel humbled today, I love learning..

Jondrums - that's interesting as I'm also lost when switching from normal to twisted. I always think of doing this as I approach a wave on my wrong side -goofy side. Other thing I agree with, exactly the same is cranking upwind at silly angles when not in twisted stance. I've never seen people in twisted stance get near the angles I get. Btw that's not down to my talent (lack of!) but the stance.
Locally I seem to be the only person moving my feet all over my board and switching my feet all the time. 90% are strapped and in twisted stance. They mainly come from kite backgrounds.

Thanks for the awesome responses. I guess I was looking for reassurance which I've got. A few interesting comments which I totally agree with.

1) riding your non preferred stance (for me goofy) feels as good and sometimes better than your preferred side
2) switching feet whilst riding a long wave/chunk of swell - good to know I'm not alone on this!!


I'm from a surf background no other wind sports. Loving winging but I can't seem to decide how to approach waves or wind swell to ride on my good side - natural. In fact I seem to end up riding goofy more often than not due to swell and wind direction. Im very comfortable switching feet and very uncomfortable riding in twisted stance, I think this has made the surfing element harder as when I loose speed or energy in the wave I quickly switch feet and haul in. Ive not wanted to use straps but being locked in seems to have advantages in waves. I haven't really described my problem well but I guess I'm so comfortable riding natural and goofy when cruising it's difficult to favour my good side. As that was a bit of a ramble if anyone has any general advice riding waves strapless or has anyone changed from strapless to straps etc ..

Just my observation but a couple of the V3's of 2 top brands have been a huge disappointment. I bought and sold 1 quickly and a sponsored rider friend of mine told me how the V3 of another brand in his words is "crap" and the V2 is far better. I would always recommend testing as just "cos it's new" doesn't mean it's better. I'm not going to name brands as that's not my point. I think the jump from 1st version to 2nd version was a bigger leap than the latest. I also think brands have realised the demographic and subsequent spending power of the majority of wingers and are producing what boils down to "go faster stripes"..and charging ridiculous money.

Edge watersports in Exmouth, Devon have just returned from a trip there. Check this out from Guy Bridge, super talented ripper. Call or email them they will help you..

Check this clip..

I purchased the Gong and will feedback.

Takoon 6m 3.54m Wingspan
Gong 6m SuperPower 3.19m WS
Love to know some more.

Annoyingly brands don't seem to publish these important facts. A big wing for a smaller guy/girl this is super important.

I love Takoon wings, very simple concept. I have had 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5..

Slick is nice but weighty when flagged and not massively grunty, great in transitions

One of my first wings was Slingshot V2 6.4m which was awesome and only around  3.5m wingspan and light. Whenever anyone asks what to get to learn with unless they are super light I always recommend that.

I've never been a fan of fone wings although plenty of people clearly are. As stated above a compact 5m CWC would be interesting.


Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / B
« on: March 01, 2022, 01:22:57 PM »
As I like the 5m with a bit of wind I'm going to add a compact 6m for the coming summer.. May try the latest Gong 6m superpower. Only 319cm Wingspan.

Ha, you enjoy a bargain as well. I just purchased a 5,4 and 3.1 either new or ex demo for a little over a new large Duotone Unit with pretty much the same handles. The handles are brilliant and the smaller sizes are a blast. Although the 5 is good, for me as a short arse it is a bit tricky to pump in very light wind but powered up it shots up wind and is very well behaved. A hidden gem. I'm going to add a powerful 6m to complete the quiver.

I recently swapped brands to Mantis v1 wings as I loved the solid handles. I tested the 3.1m and then got a great deal (they are launching mantis V2) on the 3.1, 4 and 5m. I love the 3.1 and 4 for powered up days but I can't pump the 5 as it's flat profile catches the wing tips. It's also generally not regarded as a particularly good light wind wing. I am considering selling the 5 and keeping the other 2 and buying a grunty replacement. I am trying to avoid larger wings 5.5 or over and am not interested in winging below 10 knots. I'm 78kgs and have good technique pumping of board (-8L) and wing. Ive tested loads of v1 wings a good while ago but not recent ones. I do like the firmer 2 handle setup. Interested in hearing from anyone that's had a go on a few different ones. The new Unit looks good, I tried the Slick 5.5 a while back which was nice but weighty. When I learnt the Slingwing 6.4m V2 was a beast..Lol.. The outgoing unit is supposed to pump well. Open to suggestions..

The foil I was using was a HA 1350. The other option I know is to get a bigger foil for light winds but I love the speed of this foil. The conditions today were 11 to 13/14 knots with big holes and pretty choppy/confused sea. Not the best..

The Hover is a great wing board, volume towards the back, no swing weight, light, bullet proof and not as expensive as others. The S25 used is very cheap. The other day I was winging at full pelt and hit the bottom of a bar I wasn't aware off and the board just absorbed it.. I was amazed!! Just b4 I sold my 85L I had 3 X S25's... I hide this picture from my wife. She still thinks it's one board!

My input for what it's worth;

I have owned these wing boards, Gong Zuma, Gong Hipe (inflatable), Fone Rocket, Fanatic Sky 2022, Naish Hover, Gong Matata

 Tested these, Gong lemon, Ride engine, custom, fanatic v1, starboard v1, rocket air and a few others..

My personal conclusion..
1) I'm not keen on square nose boards, they feel massive and clumsy for the same volume as a pointy nose
2) I like narrower boards
3) The bottom shape doesn't make a huge difference. I bought and promptly sold the fanatic 2022. I thought the squared tail and rail would release earlier. I didn't notice anything significant. I can pump pretty well, if theres a gust I'm up.
4) Light boards both in and out of the water are far nicer!!
5) Contaray to popular opinion I think inflatable boards pop foil really well.

I am from a surf background and for me the Naish Hover is by far my favourite board and I can slash around like a looney on that board. It feels so much more loose and alive than any other. I'm still on the s25 version. Anything with bulk upfront feels like a barn door. The trade of is it marginally more difficult in challenging conditions to get your balance. I'd urge people to try as many as possible.. btw, I really rate the Gong Hipe and have bought another for travel. Its the smaller one than I had before @, 4'11 X 23" 70L.

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