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Lots of talk about mast ventilation in Hadou's latest video:

Very interesting... And it's ventilation he experienced (not cavitation). So who's sanding down their axis carbon mast  ;D

Robby did say on his podcast interview with Daniel Graffe that he liked to keep things simple and that the industry is evolving too fast paced. So I'd say he's definitely got influence on how many products they pump out.

He also posted on instagram last week that he's tired and doesn't like doing all the social media.

Maybe they need a new a new young kid to drive the marketing. The only naish at my spot is the odd wing board, nothing else.

Well the axis carbon is 14mm at the bottom... Unless most of my ventilation happens further up the mast.

Hopefully the Axis v3 carbon mast fixes the issue, whenever that comes out.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: The ART 999 Thread
« on: December 01, 2021, 05:41:24 AM »
Yeah that's important to have a tight carbon mast head to fuse, I've had to add layers to the head as soon as I got mine.

999 with a short fuse and 420 isn't going to turn great during transitions. I highly recommend the ultra short fuse for the 999, it makes a huge difference. And the progressive stabs even more so, it eliminated the need for me to go crazy short fuse for better turning with the 999  8)

Just to update the thread, I've finally had a couple of sessions on the modified Gong mast with the 999 and it's all good! The repeated ventilation has gone, which is a massive relief -  can get back to focusing on getting upwind as hard as possible.

What this whole experience ha done is made me more aware of the issue, and actually the Gong mast did ventilate a handful of times, but only when hit by a large white cap in big winds, right on the sweet spot which would be difficult for anything to handle, and if on flat water, it would begin to ventilate, but it just quickly sorted itself out without any action from me. I probably didn't notice it when I used that mast in the past...

The new setup is 500g lighter than the Axis mast, which is noticeable lighter, even just carrying my kit to the water. Stiffness wise it's difficult to judge because I'm now using the 375P tail rather than the 380, which way looser, and much more to my liking. I've even ordered the 350 now there's more to squeeze out of the 999 as a windy setup... Looking forward to giving that a go, but it's getting cold in the UK now, which always makes me feel like a kook again...

Thanks for the update, how thick is the gong mast.

I got to try them both.
The 899 turns much better than the 999 and still glides well but nothing like the out of the world glide of the 999.
The 899 will be THE wing, many people will be selling their 880 (I have already  ;D).

799 has so little surface but don't let that spook you. It has a lot of initial lift but also a quick stall speed so it needs to be powered.

Is what we are talking about good ole' fashion windsurfing


Those of us with a windsurfing background know Spin Out to be a function of going fast and loading up a fin on a choppy, or aerated, surface. 

We have been fighting it for decades.
It happens to me a low speeds too. Many think it's because of the higher speeds we're getting with the new foils but it's not.
I once just water started and 2 secs later it ventilated at low speed.

Great interview Robert thanks!
Adrian @ Axis next ? 😎

Please link any info you have. I canít find them on the axis site.
they are not yet released....

The 899 will probably become Axis's most popular wing in 2022.
I wouldn't go any smaller on a sinker for winging...

I'm glad I found this topic and that it's not just me experiencing regular "spin outs" on my Axis foils.

There is a long discussion on Facebook:

Yesterday I went kitefoiling on my carbon 86 with ultrashort and 700/380 wings. Water was quite choppy.
In 2h I ventilated a total of 10 times with 7 of those resulting into a spin out and heavy crash  :-[

I also experience spin outs when winging but it seems to be less frequent than under a kite. Happened using my 830 and 999 wings too.

It doesn't happen just at high speeds, it's happened to me a low speeds as well. One possible way to explain this is the foil being more under water where the tapered carbon mast is thicker...

Ventilation is reduced with a thinner and stiff mast plus long chord according to Kyle@Cedrus.

I wouldn't exclude that it's the foils design rather than the mast design. I ride the 380 stab 90% of the time so I wouldn't exclude the winglets having a play in this. I do recall a spin out but less severe, using the progressive 400 stab.

The mystery continues....

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: Axis Foils
« on: October 27, 2021, 01:45:00 PM »
Interesting insight from Kane.

The main downsize of the front wing being further in front of the mast is that they don't carve as well, which is a well known characteristic with axis foils.

If you look at Sabfoil/Moses with the race wing w1000 it is pretty much right on the front wing. I assume it carves better but requires a bigger tail. Gunnar always uses the S400 rear wing on that set-up. So it checks out.

Has anyone managed to compare the Sabfoil w1000 with the ART999? Very interested to hear the differences to better understand the designs.

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