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I also have a Duotone and Iím wondering how it will be switching to handles... how is your feeling about that?
It really isnít that hard. Just takes a bit of time to get it dialed to the point of knowing exactly what handles your grabbing for without taking a quick peak, and which handles are the best for different angles, conditions, etc. With a boom I always went completely by feel. Jibingís a no brainer with handles but tacking does take a bit of mental readjustment.  There are also some differences that have nothing to do with handles, just differences in wing handling. The S25 is really ďrigidĒ and you feel it in pumping. My Duotone would roll  easily from side to side during a tack, the Naish needs a little push to roll as quickly, but that just might be my inadequate skill level.  Iím happy to keep plugging away at it, even though Iím not giving up my boom wings. There are riders out there 20 x better than me who can dance around on a board with either handles or a boom,...or glorified bed sheets or that matter!

Thanks for all the info!

Doesn't the S25 have some sort of loop to connect a paddle? Is the purpose of that to offer the option of a boom?

I did see a vid of one of the Naish Australia guys using a connected paddle as a boom, but like I said my goal is to get better at handles, wonít happen in one session for this spaz

Looking good Dave!

OT but if you get a minute... Is that the 55 stab? And do you use the Large pro as well sometimes? Would you say that was absolute minimum wind for that setup?


So Iím using the 45cm Gong stabilizer with the XL pro. Itís the only Gong front wing I own. The XXL pro seems too huge for our typical winds , and the L pro a bit small.  Attached a picture of all my wings below. I kite foil so I though I would be switching from Gong to the Moses 1100 and 790 for winging (the Moses 633 is my only kitefoiling wing). Iíve winged with the 790 and 1100. The 1100 is a really cool light wind pumping type wing thatís not quite as radical as the GoFoil GLís. Even with these other techy lightweight foils, I still use the heavy Gong XL pro The most. Itís just so easy to progress with for now.

Youíre exactly right, an ND filter will get you better looking video and then a little color correct when you want it to look like ďthe prosĒ. But your shots are awesome man.

Itís really cool to watch you, Cook, and Clay work on these various camera technologies. Thank you guys for experimenting

Just ordered a ND32 filter for the GoPro off Amazon.  I wouldnít quite say ďworkĒ, just part with some $, (sorta) read the instructions, make some dry land runs, then hope it survives the water sessions......FWIW, Staaker was a small group of Norwegian guys. They sold out last year, but the buyer is not providing any active support as far as I know. Only other decent beacon-following drone I know of is the Skydio2. Pretty backlogged on orders. (I always thought GoPro blew it when they developed that ridiculous ďKarmaĒ drone to compete with DJI. All they needed to do was create another Staaker drone (or buy Staaker out) and they would have done great.

I was out with OBXDave while this video was being made.  Wind was averaging mid-high teens but VERY up and down. This was a day that definitely showed the value of talent and experience --  we were on identical boards, very similarly sized foils, and OBXDave was on a 4 meter Duotone and I was on a 4.2 Swing.  He was going the graceful transitions on the video, and I (about six sessions into learning) spent 80% of the session trying to pump onto the foil and falling in a lot. 

The video is really cool, but it was a little un-nerving to be out in the sound with the drone buzzing loudly around.  But the result is way cool!

Andy, weíll have to do a ďpass the drone beacon aroundĒ after this Corona mess is over!

That is friggin sweet and is totally amping my stoke to get a wing. Transitions looking real good. Show us your 360 attempts!

It doesn't look that windy. What were the conditions and what size wing and foil? Sick board too by the way. Would like to get me one of those.

Thanks for sharing!

P. S. your thoughts so far on the S25? That's what I'm considering due to all the love Dwight has given it.

Like my buddy AGK said, wind in the mid high teens with some definite lulls (shallow flat water always does a good job of masking wind strengthj. I was on Dwightís 5í1Ē 90L wing board (l love this board), a 4m Duotone, and a Gong XL pro wing. Iím ~168 #

My 360 attempts are more hilarious than my heel-to-toeside tack attempts. Iím too spastic for the do-it-all-in-one-shot attempts so really just trying to get to stable backwinded riding first. Actually got a few seconds staying upright backwinded on one attempt. Iíd probably run out a full drone battery on just a few attempts...probably just start with a boom mount camera.

For me the S25 is a lot about getting used to handles (Duotone booms are all Iíve ridden). That being said I agree with Dwight; the 5.3 cranks upwind far better than my Duotoneís and it has a huge wind range. I switched from a fully powered 4m Duotone to the 5.3 and had no issue holding it down without arm fatigue. One difference I did find,.....that Duotone ďVĒ shape (dihedral?) loves to pop over side-to-side during a tack (probably the same reason it goes crazy when being luffed). With the Naish I had to use my free release hand to help push the wing around as I go through the tack. Maybe Iím just using the wrong technique for the Naish. Anyway, donít go on a one-session opinion. Iím definitely keeping it, since Iím determined to get better at handles, but Iím definitely not giving up boom wings either. Still love the feel/control of a boom for my current riding style

That looks great!  The drone did a really nice job of following you and it makes for 100% more engaging footage.  How long did it follow you?  Did you launch and land the drone while you were in the water?

It ran about 18 min from startup to landing in these winds, with the first couple of minutes used up getting to the launch spot and the last minute returning to home. Thats not a lot of time when you think about it! (Hence the pressure to not fall......)  I launched before I dragged the gear into the water, but I suppose I could test launching out in the water if within good WiFi range. Return-to-home automatically kicks in at 40 battery life and you can override it (turn it off) but you canít reset it to something like 25%.

The waterproof arm mount beacon is just WiFi linked to the drone and they maintain relative position based relative GPS positions. Relative height is maintained by barometric pressure gauges in both the drone and beacon, but in ďwater modeĒ you fix the drone height since youíre basically just at one elevation.

The Staaker is very basic compared to my old Mavic pro, but it is a beast (and loud! it was like I was being chased by a chain saw at full throttle even with the wind noise :o). Top speed is 50 mph and Iíve seen vidís of this thing in some hefty wind. However, wind eats up battery life pretty quickly for any drone.

Grocery stores and liquor stores seemed to be packed but my closer-to-home practice site is still wiiiide open.  Finally workin on heel-to-toeside tacks and 360ís (not even close, but fun tryin), slowly gettin used to handles on a 5.3 S25, ........and tryin out my auto-follow drone. Keeps the mind off the craziness. This spot is shallow so limited to my 65 cm mast, but itís also nice and flat. The drone video is rough, the rider is lame, but hey, Iíll take it for a first try. Happy to be rid booties, gloves and hood!

Some beaches in NC now closed to non-motorized watersports due to putting first responders at risk. This was  due to a single water rescue incident. Hasnít happened on our beach yet but it could..........

CARTERET COUNTY, NC (WITN) - Four towns along the Crystal Coast are now banning people from going into the ocean.

Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, Indian Beach, and Pine Knoll Shores will limit recreational water access beginning today.

The towns will fly double-red flags through April 29th because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Swimming, surfing, kiting, and any non-motorized recreational water access is now prohibited. The towns say residents are still allowed to walk, jog, and exercise along the beach strand.

Unseasonably warm weather resulted in a water rescue on Sunday, the towns say, putting first responders at risk to catching the virus.

Towns says they could cite violators, but they hope that people will voluntarily comply with the new restrictions. :)

Agree with all of the above about Kainani's videos --- just a note that she is Greg's niece and not his daughter.  Her father Scott is also a superb foiler. I've loved using Greg's kites for four years and am really looking forward to his upcoming wing offerings.

Oops🤪.  Always learning something new every day! If they are anything like his kites, Gregís wings will be great 👍 and pricy......

The problem I have with any teaching vid like Sam Lightís video is that heís showing his final skill set and none of the progression it takes to get there. The simple statement that youíre gonna fall a bunch of times before you get good at is about all he offers up for progression.

When I was learning to foot switch on a kite foil I got more insight from a tiny girl (Kainani Drexler, daughter of Greg Drexler, a kitefoiling pioneer) than I ever got from seasoned proís. Just skip to the 3 min mark in the video to get to her foot switch progression how-to.  Thatís how I learned, not from some pro rider repeatedly demonstrating the final polished maneuver.  Cheers!

Classifieds / Re: Duotone 5m/4m wings, Blue Planet Carver 5í8Ē
« on: March 28, 2020, 05:43:33 PM »
Board sold.

4m wing and boom sold.

5m wing price reduced to $375.

Whatís it like tacking the Naish or riding it backwinded (half way through a 360) versus an F1 or Wasp?

Tried tacks today with the 6m in 12-14 mph wind. I made 10 out of 10, never fell in, and Iíve never done a winging tack in my life. I had tried only 2 days previously with the Swing and failed horribly. The last time I tried the board hit me in the head.

So Iíd say I either became a wizard overnight, or the Naish is easier. Iím still a clumsy old man, so it must be the Naish. My buddy on the beach said I went way around pretty easy. I think the upwind superiority and apparent wind makes it easier.

A Drone was in the air chasing me. Drone operator struggled to keep up. Hope the video is good. Iíll post it tomorrow.

Awesome! Sounds like a major breakthrough😀.   

I did pull the trigger and picked up a 5.3 and 3.6 today from Real. Looking forward to getting out on them ASAP. Kinda dropped the ball working on my 360ís. I think the S25ís will make them a bit easier to master as well, but just a guess.


The balcony at Good Winds restaurant on the second floor of the Kitty Hawk Kites resort in Rodanthe on the Outer Banks. I worked there as an kiteboard instructor the first two years they were open around 2010, long before the knees went south. We mortal kiters loved to jump and spin (hence the current bad knees) but at much lower altitudes!, and preferably far away from hard objects! Winging will produce some great jumping opportunities, but nothing remotely close to kiting. Maybe I can figure out how to attach my paintin pole GoPro mount to my wing.....


5.3 and 3.6 for OBX.  The 6m has huge range yes, but lets get real about it. The S25 is a different animal from anything else out there. Gen 1 wings feel like 2 line Wipikas. Gen 2 feel like bow kites. Matt almost figures this out when he compares the Ozone to the S25, but gets confused trying to explain why. Matt should give you a demo.

I havenít tried a 360 or tack with mine. I will next time out. Iíve been so in love with my new upwind ability, I rocket upwind to the big bridge, then surf the wind waves back to Kelly, then repeat, over and over.

Thanks! I figured as much. I donít want to make any negative comments about local shops and demos,...letís just say that despite our location here, we still have to buy almost all our gear site unseen. A trivial first world problem. I trust your judgement, and itís about time I gave the handle thingy a try....

Bill and I were working on transitions and were using each other as jibe buoys (after one of us would inevitably crash).  I realized that I enjoy trying to jibe around Bill more than the opposite.  This is especially true now because we have taken to yelling "humiliation" as we make our attempts.

Reminded me that I was using the boat as a beeeg jibe buoy and reference point. Definitely cool though bumping into it would have provided ample humiliation....... Winging from a boat way easier than kiting from a boat. Great tool to have in this state of isolation.  Also my first time winging without a wetsuit in slightly more Cronoa resistant temps!

So Dwight and DavidJ, sounds like both of you are riding that 6m up to a higher wind limit than other 6m wings. What would say your ideal upper limit is before you want to switch down in size?  Really looking at a 2 wing quiver, either 6 and 4.6 or 5.3 and 3.6. OBX winds tend to be stronger and more gusty than FL. Lots of 15-25 and 18-32 days, with a few 8-15 days thrown in.  Hard to figure this out without without doing a 3 wing quiver. Iím still at ~169 #.

Whatís it like tacking the Naish or riding it backwinded (half way through a 360) versus an F1 or Wasp?

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