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I demoed a 6 metre Cabrinha today -- it was powerful and controllable until I got hit with a slightly bigger than normal gust.  At this point it got very unruly and backwinded in a disconcerting manner (winds were 3 to 10 or 11 m.p.h. with an odd gust of maybe 14 m.p.h. -- no whitecaps).  Personally I feel the front handle needs to be extended forward by five or six inches to get better leverage over the wing in gusts.  Both the Wasp and Echo (in my opinion) are more controllable wings even though the Wasp will flutter like  crazy in big gusts.  I'd like to demo an Armstrong wing to see how it compares to the others.

The Cabrinha wing does not pack down in the same way my Wasp (X2) and Echo does -- the wing's bag is large and even then it is hard to pack the wing up so that it fits.

I did like the handles and it is easy to pump the board up onto the foil in really light wind.  There's a lot to like but the backwinding has given me pause and I'm glad I got to demo this wing before purchasing.

Now I understand why some are switching out wings like most of us switch out underwear.    :(

For me, the key to light wind foiling is bouncing on the board. In conditions like yesterday here in the Gorge I have my biggest f-one (6M) and my biggest foil wing (Axis 1150) As far as wing pumping goes, I do pretty much exactly as Admin describes, but when I get a little board speed going I jump up and down on the board. Nothing so organized as trying to pump the board, it's a straightforward bouncing like a lunatic and continuing to pump. When the board comes off the surface I shorten the wing pumps up so I'm pumping quicker, with short strokes, and I shift my weight forward to get the nose "over the hump", shoving forward with my feet at the same time.

If all that sounds complicated and planned, it is and it isn't. I'm sure I look more than a bit manaical getting up, but at 215 with at least 5 pounds of wetsuit I need all the leaping about i can manage to get up on the foil.

As soon as I'm up I turn upwind and pump a few times (wing and board) to pick up some speed. With light wind, the apparent wind is critical. When I turn downwind I expect that heavy 6M wing to hang down and try to drop a tip in the water. I can't flag the wing to the side or behind me because there isn't enough wind to hold the wing up. So I keep it as high as I can and just look for swells to accelerate on.

Sort of like this?

No indication in the link if the weight is in pounds or kilograms -- 20 plus pounds seems too high for a wing board!

It's my understanding that Moses will be offering the two larger boards (painted red) of the three noted in the attachment below.  No idea what the price will be but they should be competitively priced.  The 98 litre board looks interesting to me.  I'm not sure about the weight -- seems too heavy to me.

I'm thinking of purchasing these two products which would allow me to use both surf wings (1100) and kite wings (W1000 and W800) with the same setup (mast and fuselage).

... There's a video of Allan Cadiz testing a Duotone prototype, which has both a centre strut with a boom attached -- this would solve a number of problems...

Word on the street is that Duotone is going Alula fabric for their next wing. I'll be waiting a bit more before investing in a new wing.

Winter is about to start where I live so I'll take your advice and wait until spring before making another purchase.

1) I absolutely love the boom.  It makes transitions very easy and balancing forearm workload very nice.  and 2) I absolutlely hate the
boom.  That damn thing is heavy, especially in light winds.  ....  I just have to remember where I saw a video or pictures of how that was done.  Seems pretty easy.  Once thats done, things should get better.

Here was the PonoBill Carbon Conversion,35221.msg405437.html#msg405437

Not many Echo owners mention the fact that the rear of the wing will sink under certain conditions (like a windsurf sail under certain conditions) and it's really tough to get the whole wing back on the surface -- can be frustrating and tiring.  I have 4 and 6 metre Wasps retrofitted with carbon booms and I prefer them over my 5 metre Echo.  There's a video of Allan Cadiz testing a Duotone prototype, which has both a centre strut with a boom attached -- this would solve a number of problems much like my retrofitted Wasps (much tamer when on the water and the centre strut prevents the rear of the wing from sinking).  Besides Hot Wings Maui, I haven't seen any commercially available wing with a centre strut along with a solid boom.  The Cabrinha V2 comes the closest that I know of with its two long semi-rigid handles.

I'm going to replace my Echo with either a 5 metre Wasp (and use the boom from my 6 metre Wasp since the 5 and 6 both have six handles) or purchase a 5 metre Cabrinha V2.

Hi Dejavu,

The Mac Kite video mentions the tail on the 5'0 Ride Engine quite a bit.  He says that you lose about 8 inches of planing surface.  He doesn't sound thrilled with that.  That is a little surprising for such a short board.  I am hoping that Slingshot keeps that chop much smaller (none would be nice :)  ).  They are clearly still designing the moon buddy (ventral fin, etc) as a crossover SUP.  It is also one of the thicker boards I have seen.  I am not seeing a lot of that in the Slingshot images (but it is hard to tell).

I checked my 6 foot Moon Buddy -- the tail kick extends 7" back.  It seems strange to me that on a 5 foot board the tail kick would extend back even further -- 8".

In this video there are some quick shots of the wing in the above photos (around the 36 second and 1 minute 37 second mark) -- black with some dark green at the rear edge.  It may be called the "DART" as per the lettering on the wing in photo 3.  New wing coming from Slingshot?

Here's a review of the Moon Buddy, which I believe is basically the same as the Sling Shot Wing Craft.  (I have the six foot Moon Buddy and it does not have the bottom handle or the extra foot strap inserts although it looks like the shorter ones do.)

From the last photo it looks like Sling Shot has a new wind wing called the "Dart".  I wonder how it differs from their recently released V2 wing?

Maybe I'm wrong but the foil mast looks longer than the Sling Shot 90 cm. one (perhaps a new longer one).  Take a look at the second photo.

$267 shipping with DHL. Seems like alot but, in the end I got a premium board for way less. I'm sure there's another company that could pick it up at the Gong shop and get it here cheaper but I didn't feel like dealing. I am on the list for a Ride Engine Moon Buddy 85L supposedly coming next week. I think this will round out my quiver nicely.
I am pretty sure this is Wyatt boosting on it.

I believe Wyatt Miller is riding a Sling Shot Wing Craft V1.  It has proper front footstrap inserts (more like windsurf front footstrap positions) and a hole on the bottom (handle) to carry the board.  The Moon Buddy does not (I have a Moon Buddy).  Personally I think you would be better served with the Sling Shot Wing Craft board.

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