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North is incorporating their N-weave and X-ply into their canopy material along with the N-weave struts with carbon handles -- this might be the most cost effective alternative to the new OR.   Where I am Duotone is getting very pricey as well -- especially the D-lab.

I have the 7' 2" Armstrong board and a Sab 1750 (wingspan of 5' 10").  I was out yesterday in 7 to 9 knots with a 6.5 hand wing and could have used a 5 metre instead.  This is going to open up many more days for those who live in marginal wind areas (summer lake breezes).  When there's no wind just get out your paddle and practice pumping your DW board up onto foil = exercise and entertainment (and a little frustration thrown into the mix).   ;D

It's not just the new DWS boards!  The new huge HA foils from Gong and Sab, when combined with the new DW boards, have dramatically dropped the wind range for fun winging.

Here's another review of the Naish:

A 2024 wing??  This is the second Naish wing product that really interests me (better late than never - I also thing the Bullet is interesting):

Here's a great overview of many of the latest and greatest:

O.K. You like to wing foil race against other racers at your local yacht club on weekends.  You and Paul usually place in the top 3 or 4 racers out of 15 in every race.  One day Paul turns up to race with the new Ensis wing and he now dominates each and every race.  His new wing (he has three) costs several thousand dollars each.  He's rich and you aren't.  Your enthusiasm to race now begins to wane along with the other racers. 

In this video the rep won't say what the limited edition costs, only that the lesser model is between 1,500 and 2,000 Euros.

I'm going to give this wing a try for 2013.  Here's the review that was the straw that broke the camel's back (long).

Three new Cabrinha wings for 2023 -- hard handles with spacers so you can change the angle of the handles.  Also, the Mantis Apex with new super strong strut material and smaller diameter struts = more $.  The competition is heating up big time.

Also NP has the new Fly wing that looks really good.

Cabrinha video:

Here's a video with lots of scenes with, what may be, the new hard handle Armstrong wing.

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