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Gear Talk / Re: Second Hardboard
« on: March 08, 2020, 09:02:44 PM »
This is exactly my experience. A stable shape with about 25-30 liters of extra volume on top of your weight in kilograms gives you a perfect mix of comfort and performance. Challenge yourself for a few weeks with you current board and then go down not up in volume.

I agree with creek (rick). Take the one out for at least 3-4 decent sessions before you pull the trigger on another board. In rough conditions you will fall in. Its going to happen. No way around it. That being said there are two schools of thought for choppy nasty conditions. The first is longer wider bigger. Seems to make sense. More volume equals more board to be able to balance on. Now call me crazy (not my idea i just bought into it 100% after it worked for me, individual results may vary) go shorter and smaller. Creek hit the nail on the head. I am your weight but 4 inches shorter. After practice you could totally surf a smaller board. The goal being to sink the board a bit. The goal for me is to have the board deck literally just above the water so water laps over my feet and ankles. My previous experiences had said thats the wrong answer. BUT it stabilizes the board in chop and and since the board is in the water mostly it does not react as much to the nasty conditions. You need to be on a good board though (shaped by someone who knows what they are doing) since you also have to have the rocker nailed down for that as well. Got to keep the nose a above the water. The creek from the sunova site should work quite well. Just another option.

Gear Talk / Re: Second Hardboard
« on: March 08, 2020, 08:58:23 PM »
Hi Maarten

First off... let me be clear:
I fall ALL day, EVERY day.
It's part of SUP surfing  ;D

ok, now that I have lowered your expectations: ;)

Glad you enjoy you ONE in the flats!
It sounds like you haven't taken the ONE out in any surf yet.

So, I have a different take on your new situation.

With some decent paddle experience under your belt, on your current board.....
why not give it a go on the ONE before investing in another board?

While it may not be the perfect board for you to lean SUP surf, it WILL give you a better feel for what you may want to buy next.
If you buy before surfing at all .... you will just be guessing, or relying on our experience.

There's an adjustment period when you enter the ocean on a SUP
Pick your days to learn.... wait for clean conditions, early morning, evening.... whenever it mellows out.
save the crappy days for once you have honed your skills a bit.

I don't care ho big or wide a board you are on.... a choppy mess is very difficult for any beginner surfer.
MY first board was 11'2 x 36" at 230 liters.
I was a master on flat-water
Day one in surf, I was mess in pure glassy ;D
Two days later... no problems!

At 53, your numbers on the ONE, are perfect with volume at 1.7 times body weight
9'5 may be a bit short for a beginner, but the ONE has good width, a flattish rocker, widish nose and tail, with decent volume in the rails.
You will be amazed at how quickly you gain balance skills, if you stick with it!

I was 67 and 230 lbs:
When my 29" wide Speeed was on it's way, I spent a month borrowing the smallest boards I could stand on and going out on the nastiest days.....
I had no expectation of ever actually catching a wave.... I just wanted to build my skills

In no time at all I was comfortable on 8'10 x 29 at 130 L
I am no physical specimen and hardly flexible at all.
What I DO have is a serious drive to be the best I can be!

You WILL rise to whatever level you set for yourself.

Have a blast and be patient!

Fast forward to 4:12 sec (it will make you feel better)

Very interesting observations. I have only tried Destroyer 8í5 and to not repeat myself I love it. I cannot comment on larger Destroyers and how they work as HP longboards.

However, it looks like we have a similar quiver. My other board is Infinity New Deal 10x29.  I find these two boards to be a very versatile setup.  New Deal is also an amazing board and a true HP longboard. It works in a wide range of conditions but I love it in smaller fatter waves. It makes knee high waves fun. When it gets over waist high I do prefer my Destroyer as I am a longboard ďhackĒ and donít have skills to surf New Deal to its full potential.

If I ever get down to about 230  pounds (never ending quest :)), I am thinking about Destroyer 10x29x125l. I think 8í5 an 10í Destroyers would be a dream quiver for 210-240 pounds riders.

Gear Talk / Re: Tried the Jimmy Lewis 9'3" Destroyer today.
« on: February 14, 2020, 03:51:41 AM »

  What is your height and age?  Where do you surf the 8'5"?

  Would love to here a review of your JL 8'5".  8)

I am 6í4. Over 50. I mostly use 8í5 in waist to slightly overhead: point breaks and a couple of beach breaks. For smaller, fatter waves I will be on my longboard.

At my weight, the deck is covered with water when still but does not sink. Despite being short it has a relatively good pitch stability - important for tall guys - so keeping the nose up for paddling is not difficult.

The roll stability is amazing for the size of the board.  The deck is slightly doomed but most likely less than on 9í3. Granted, I have never had issues with doomed decks as I paddle in a narrow staggered stance. Both my feet are very close to the center line. The benefit of the deck shape is that it allows to maintain rather thin rails that stay under water increasing stability and provide better hold in steeper waves.

I hate corky boards. At 250 pounds, most boards over 150l feel corky to me and ironically feel much less stable when paddling in rough conditions. And of course much worse on a wave.

I find that with a very stable shape like Destroyer the sweet point for the Guild factor is around 1.2. On a narrower less stable shape I would probably go up to about 1.3. Anything over 1.5 is just to much.

The above comments are in the context of an intermediate rider  and a high performance shape like Destroyer. Of course, they donít apply to riders just getting into the surf and using more all around shapes. In these cases, a more voluminous and even wider board would be much better. But even than, going over 1.6 Guild factor does not buy you much more in terms of stability in wavy conditions and makes it much more difficult to control the board when planning.

Just my biased opinion.

Gear Talk / Re: Tried the Jimmy Lewis 9'3" Destroyer today.
« on: February 13, 2020, 09:16:29 PM »
IMHO, you tried a wrong Destroyer for your weight. At 220 pounds, 9í3 destroyer was way to big for you so you were not able to exploit its full potential. 9í3 would be a perfect board for somebody in 260-270 pounds range. I am 250 and I am on 8í5. I think you would fall in love with 8í5.

Gear Talk / Re: Longboard SUP Advice
« on: November 10, 2019, 08:36:36 AM »
Unfortunately, I think you just missed inventory clearances at Blue Planet and Infinity.
Blue Planet might have some used NP9s and NP10s in their rental fleet which could be a decent deal.

In fact, the sale at Infinity is still going on. 20% off and free shipping in US on Infinity New Deal.

SUP Gear Reviews / Newly Acquired / On Order / Re: Jimmy Lewis Destroyer
« on: August 06, 2019, 11:53:20 AM »
Oh man, I was all set to purchase an 8í10 Destroyer and you mentioned the domed deck!  Iím not a fan and I guess from pics I didnít pick that up.  Reviews from the other site no one mentions it.  Thanks for the review.

The domed deck looks very subtle to me. I doubt it detracts from the performance much. The problem with the Destroyer are the high volumes in the bigger sizes which force lighter riders like us to go small and narrow if we want the correct volume for our weight.

The 8'10 would have way too much float for you. It's designed for riders well over 200 pounds.
Don't confuse volume with stability. Having the correct volume for your weight actually adds stability because the board is cradled more by the water. Ultimately, you want the deck pad to be level with the surface of the water or close to it. Too much volume hinders performance.
I do agree it looks subtle but Iím not worried about its performance more about my knees feeling it.  And yes I have this psychological weirdness with volume but from experience I prefer to go bigger despite losing performance.  Plus Iím 205 without a wetsuit so I think Iíll be fine.  I went with the largest super frank and couldnít be happier.

I am 245 pounds and my 8'5 is very stable - even in rough water. IMHO, at 205, 8'10 will be too big.

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