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Random / Re: AC 75 boats, flaps and footage - Unreal
« on: January 15, 2021, 01:04:03 PM »
If anyone is interested, a heads up that the Prada Cup started  yesterday so these boats are racing for real now. Spectacular!

Viewing is geo restricted...

Before I knew about Gong, when I was just thinking about getting into winging, I really wanted to build a good relationship with my local store because I knew I was going to spend a load and if you spend it at the same place you hopefully will get some decent discounts. But even with this good intention, it just didn't work out - he couldn't get me the board I wanted (a Naish that had entirely sold out) so not his fault, so then got talking about options, and after chasing other stores eventually got a ex demo version of the board I wanted from somewhere else

It just struck me as a complicated way of doing business. I wanted a product but couldn't buy it - really frustrating. Even if Gong stuff isn't available, you know you won't have to wait until next seasons release before you get the opportunity again. You might have to be quick, but it's all signposted and you can pre-order. I least I know where I stand...

Again not saying Gong is perfect, but it's a much simpler way for a customer to do business, assuming they know what they want. Gong get praise from me here, for the amount of detail, description and information on their products.

I don't know if this is too much choice and let's hope there's quality and quantity. I guess we'll learn more about intended usage soon...

I like the look of the Kube - pretty radical design!
The Lethal might be my next board though...

Edit - copied the brief description from website.


Hipe: the inflatable with 95% of the performance of the rigid. Ideal for beginners and much more!
Mob 2tastes: three sports in one board: SUP, SUPfoil and Wing.
Zuma: the easy rigid in SUPfoil in Wing, and with good performance.
Lance: the compact Zuma, very stable laterally, ideal for progressing in Wing.
Flint: high performance SUPfoil, top in Wing car simple and effective in light wind.
Kube: pure wing freestyle board. Minimum length for maximum rotations.
Mint: compactness without the difficulty with its round nose, but excellent performance.
Lemon: maximum reactivity and liveliness, while maintaining lateral stability.
Lethal: absolute radicalism among volume boards

Lol it's for freestyle, it's meant to look like that.  It's not designed for old guy lawn mowing, it's meant for Jeffrey Spencer backflips.

Well, that would explain why I don't like the looks.

Not only do I not like the look, I don't understand what it's trying to achieve? You'll lose so much power with the massive dihedral so why not just use a smaller wing?

Hi Robert - how does the Wing Master cope with getting up on the foil in choppy conditions? Does the more rounded shape get pushed around less than a more boxy shape?


Haha! I'm such a dumbass. I saw that video but didn't notice the new boards as I was too busy looking at the wings!

Timing is good as I was just starting to think about replacing my 5'6 Flint for something a bit smaller as my light wind / floaty board. Let's see what design elements they've included!

Just seen on Facebook that new board lines are to be released next week. I suspected as much when I saw they'd discounted all their current ranges by 15%...

Low wing on the surface doesn't work well with big wings because they are always dragging/catching so you end up holding them high where they are inefficient and spilling a lot of air.  That ends up in a lot of pumping which doesn't really translate to speed or flying.

I've found this too and not really come to a good technique to resolve the problem. I'm not sure if the loose canopy of the 6SP is helping and whether a tighter one is better for on water pumping. I'm interested to see how the new Superpowers have been developed. Maybe I should just try the 5m more in light winds but then sometimes even with the 6 I'm struggling for power once up and foiling.

When it is consistently above 28mph I go for my 2.2m BRM. Such a blast.
25-30 is the 3M
20-25 is the 4m
15-20 is the 5m
10-15 is the 6m

Yup, same as Clay, these plus about 2 mph for me except I don't have anything smaller than a 4m but have used that up to 40. I use a harness which really helps in strong breeze and actually in two minds whether I need anything smaller now, especially as I've started getting into jumping so the boost is cool.

I think another data point is helpful though, which is foil sizes. I'm on the Veloce L (1300) as soon as I'm nicely powered on the 5m. If it's very light I'm on the XXL (1900) Veloce and 6m, and use the XL Veloce (1600) if it's marginal for the 5m or I think the breeze is going to fade although I'm using it less and less.

Wings and my weight are in my signature.

I can switch back and forth while just sailing along, but when I jibe I get all fucked up and land. No idea why. I see guys that can go forever depowered, playing with the wing,  but I come down in five seconds. Too fat??

Are you crashing down, which would be a foil control issue or falling from the sky, which would be a too slow speed / wing power issue?

Edit - one tip that helped me when I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong in a transition is to focus on looking where I'm going rather than on what I'm doing, for a while. That helps get the board tracking correctly and acts as a starting point for figuring out what else needs to change to get things right.

If you're not steering correctly then chances are you're not giving yourself the chance to make the rest of the transition as easy as possible.

....... I couldn't consider swapping feet before gybing when I was learning as it involves a foot swap to my much weaker toe side stance. ..........

IMO one should never ride toeside with weak foot forward.  My advice to op was to switch feet before the gybe is if you are riding with your weak foot forward......switch feet first so that you are now strong foot forward (toeside), then gybe.

What he said!

Just our of interest, are you an ex kiter?

....... I couldn't consider swapping feet before gybing when I was learning as it involves a foot swap to my much weaker toe side stance. ..........

IMO one should never ride toeside with weak foot forward.  My advice to op was to switch feet before the gybe is if you are riding with your weak foot forward......switch feet first so that you are now strong foot forward (toeside), then gybe.

Sure, but my point was all of my toeside riding was weak, so swapping into a weaker position before the gybe would have required more skills to master so wasn't something that would have helped me learn to gybe and switch feet more quickly.

Different strokes, and all that...

For what it's worth, I am forcing myself to master weak foot forward toeside riding. It's just too useful a skill if you want to be equal (as possible) on both sides...

I find it fascinating hearing how other people tackle the same problem. I couldn't consider swapping feet before gybing when I was learning as it involves a foot swap to my much weaker toe side stance. Swapping after the gybe meant swapping into my stronger heelside stance which feels more natural and is much easier to correct if I didn't get the foot placement right first time.

To me as an ex windsurfer, riding toeside and the foot swap into toeside are two separate skills that needed real attention, so you have to learn both before doing a toeside gybe. Perhaps kiters are more able in heelside / toeside fluidity, whereas windsurfer don't suffer from riding switch (I didn't) but find toeside riding totally alien.

Hi Caribsurf - like you I swap feet on each tack so spend most time riding heelside - heels pointing upwind. I think most people who do this swap feet after the gybe to begin with, but the key thing really is to get comfortable riding toeside - toes pointing upwind, with upper body twisted. This means that when you exit the gybe, you can continue for a little while without swapping feet so you're in no rush to get the foot swap done, and only do so when you're ready.

It's annoying to learn riding toeside if you're not used to it, as you feel like you're taking 3 steps back in progression but it's worth the time investment.

In doing the foot swap, I found it easier to hold the wing above my head and use it to give vertical lift to support your body weight while you change feet. Also (to state the obvious) keep your feet close to the centerline. I push down with my front foot, and as the board pops up again, meet it with my new front foot, and immediately put the new back foot back.

It took me quite a while to get really comfortable swapping feet, and it still remains the area of most likely failure if I do drop a gybe...

One of those associations testing wings, told me to piss off, a harness is stupid, when I asked them to include it in their test.

Two key flaws expose themselves within minutes of putting a harness on any wing.

1. Draft stability
2. Back winding

The Ensis crushes everything Iíve ridden upwind with a harness. Not even close.

My daily winging spot involves racing upwind to the main deep boat channel (biggest chop/waves) then surfing downwind. Then repeat. All day long. Lots of harness use. The non harness wingers at my spot are not doing this. They canít get to us....way upwind.

I'm kinda waiting for the penny to drop on harness use. I think it will eventually for people on flat water and especially when people start racing. It was good to see Tucker's video about the topic, and validated my thoughts a bit.

I don't wing without one. I'm on a flat water spot and mowing the lawn just doesn't cut it. Going upwind / downwind is where it's at, and without a harness that would become a chore. I'll just go exploring much farther away with one on too, but hey, if everyone's having fun without, good on them!

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