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Gear Talk / Infinity RNB vs Infinity New Deal?
« on: April 16, 2021, 07:11:34 PM »
I've been paddling for 7-8 years, but really just got into SUP surfing with any consistency about a year ago.  I've been going out in 2-3' surf with a few 4' waves on a 10'4 183l Infinity Wide Aquatic.  Last month, I was in Nosara, Costa Rica for a week, where I rode a 9'6 F-one that was around 155l.  I'm now trying to figure out whether to buy an 8.8x32x142 RNB or a 9.6x31x141 New Deal.  I realize the basic differences between the two boards, I've researched what I can on the internet and I've talked to a couple people for advice, but I haven't been able to get any specifics or differences between how the two boards perform compared to each other.  Quite frankly, I don't think I have enough experience yet to know which one makes more sense for me anyways, unless it becomes painfully obvious when I demo both boards at Doheny or Sano in the next couple weeks, but I'd like to learn what I can from those of you with familiarity with these boards.  I'm 54 years old, weigh 180 lbs, and questionably athletic but very active on weekends.  I typically ride 2-4' waves and don't see myself going much bigger than that.  My current abilities are catching waves and riding straight in one direction, although I'm finally getting better at riding down the line instead of straight in to the beach.  My goals are to continue to make that first turn and ride down the line, start making more turns and eventually string together series of turns.  If I can get do that consistently, I'll be stoked.  Making sharp cutbacks and shredding would be great, but realistically not going to happen for awhile if ever.  Lol  Also, walking on the board and riding the nose like with traditional longboarding aren't really why I'd buy the New Deal.  What's important to me is balance on the water in less than perfect conditions, catching as many waves as possible and choosing the board that will be best suited for my goals.  I'd greatly appreciate any thoughts on the specific difference between these two boards in the water, or which one you think makes more sense for me in SoCal based on my experience and intended progression, or if you think I should go with a different size for either board.  Thanks for taking the time to read this and any advice!

Thanks to everyone for the info.  Sounds like returning to Waikiki (Canoes/Queens) for the best conditions in July combined with the convenience of lodging and board rental all within walking distance is my best bet.  Just out of curiosity, any thoughts on beaches at or south of Lahaina, PKs/Centers in Kauai, or beaches near Kona during summer months, regarding both conditions and the convenience factor?  (Bean - I live in Los Angeles and 405 is in reference to the freeway I've commuted on seemingly my entire life.)

I'm thinking of going to Hawaii for four days over 4th of July weekend.  I've paddled for 7-8 years but only got into SUP surfing two years ago.  Last year I spent a few days in Waikiki, so I'm hoping to find a different beach to go to, but looking online hasn't turned up any obvious spots.  I'll go to any of the islands, but ideally looking for a beach (presumably south facing since summer time) with 2-4' waves and nearby SUP rental since I won't have my own with me.  Lodging and town nearby would be great too so I wouldn't have to bother renting a car.  Does anyone have any recommendations?  Thanks!!

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