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General Discussion / Re: Things Ain't What They Used To Be
« on: June 05, 2019, 06:49:18 PM »

  Hate hearing about the pain your going through.  You got some good advice here.  I had rotator cuff surgery 3 years ago after a nasty sup surfing wipe out.  Heres the good news...if you have to have some type of surgery to fix this thing you will be down for a while but you will be back!  I was out of the water for about 9 months. 

  I bought a craigslist stationary bike and rode that thing practically everyday while in rehabilitation.  I don't know if you read music but I took up the chromatic harmonica and taught myself how to read music while I was down all those months.  You'll find something...maybe photography, more music or a similar hobby to keep you busy.

Please keep posting here.  We all really enjoy your videos and photos.

Gear Talk / Re: Having trouble choosing a board...
« on: June 05, 2019, 04:47:38 PM »

  I like this board a lot and the price is right.  I'm at 215 and 63.  I've surfed it in everything for the last 12 months.  With a quiver of fins it can ride in almost everything you would be surfing.  I sup surf down south from you near Morro Bay.  I have the Carbon 9'10' model and would recommend it.


  Gong really has some progressive sup's!  I love the look of their shorter and longer performance stand up paddle surfing boards.  I don't have anything to do with Gong but it appears to me they do a lot of testing with excellent riders and are constantly making fine tuned adjustments to their shapes. Gong seems to have worked out most of the bumps in shaping a poor surfing board.  Being a heavier rider 220 pounds I would love to surf one of their smaller sup's...that still look like they have some stability without loss of performance?

We used to have guy here named,"Colas" who would talk about his Gong boards.  Colas was very helpful here.   learned a lot about paddling small sup's from him.

I would think a major brand like Infinity, Sunova or Blue Planet would just copy Gong's designs and have the boards available in the US.

I guess I opened the can of worms about copying somebody's sup design.  Just seems Gong is really making some," State of the art" surfing sup's while some of the major brands are chasing the foil wave. 8)

Sunova SUP / Re: 12 custom Search aka my PtBreak
« on: March 19, 2019, 07:16:24 PM »

  Beautiful board rbgar!

  Can't wait for the ride report.

Gear Talk / Re: 10'4 x 32 Wide Aquatic
« on: March 10, 2019, 10:59:18 PM »

  You got some great advice from TallDude.  You didn't give your weight, height or age?

Here's another idea.  Find a good used "Cheap" Starboard, Naish or Jimmy Lewis board in the 10'6 to 11 foot range.  Here's a 10'6" Paddle Surf Hawaii on Craigslist.  There are some great deals on good used sup's out there.  Probably be a lot more used sup's in a few weeks when the weather clears up.

You will progress quickly!  In a few months (if you sup surf regularly) you will want to own a more high performance sup like a New Deal or custom shaped board.  Just a thought.  First sup surfboards seem to take a beating no matter who rides 'em. 8)

General Discussion / Re: Can't hurt to ask.
« on: January 29, 2019, 09:53:27 AM »


Great video surfercook!

Thanks for posting.


Thanks for keeping us up to date on your travels. 

Keep the videos and photos coming 8)

General Discussion / Re: WHAT? Maverick's surfing contest cancelled?
« on: December 19, 2018, 09:59:13 AM »


Thanks for taking the time to post all this Mavericks info!

An interesting new post would be on those big wave sup board designs.

Honestly...I'm just trying to wrap me head around these Maverick's photos and videos taken this week.

Mind boggling stuff.

Gear Talk / Re: BigBoy 12' Sunova Search
« on: December 17, 2018, 10:22:44 AM »

Thanks for posting this rbgar.  I'm about your size and have ridden the 12 foot PSH board many times.

I'm in Badger's camp.  I think the 32 across is too wide also.  It wouldn't surf that great I think.  The 12 PSH was 29" across and surfed really good.  I wouldn't go over 30" wide but thats just me.

I would ask Bert for the most stable standing and paddling design features and as narrow as would be comfortable.  That would at least mean a stable flat sweet spot for paddling and a flat bottom under where you stand.  Board made with "Performance" rocker for surfing.

I also owned a 10'6" PSH gun board that was 32 across.  It was stable and paddled ok but in large surf (that the board was designed for) began to pull backwards in the tube due to too much width I think.  Dropping into large surf was sometimes problematic due to the width.

There seems to be a move to these narrower larger boards like the Search in Australia.  Those Sunova guys do a lot of research on their designs.  I like the original Search 12x30"x4.5" 179L better.  Maybe with less volume.?  Maybe Supthecreek will chim in.?  His input would be valuable to you.


Hey what you did to that Wavestorm.

Stoneaxe...You nailed it!

  "I'm in the I just don't give a shit anymore crowd. I never have anyone say anything to me...some stink eye occasionally but that's it. I'm friendly to a fault when I paddle out and I don't hog waves. I almost always stand...its why I'm out there. Only time I call out sets is when I see one outside that proners don't and I happen to be near someone that has been friendly...then I'll start paddling say something. Usually my paddling for the horizon is enough. Especially if they've already seen me paddle out and get a big one. I don't hang in crowds often but when I do I could care less what any of them are thinking. I know I'm thoughtful, careful, capable, and have every right to be there. If they think otherwise I just don't care."

I guess that's what I was trying to say when I wrote,"It is what it is."

General Discussion / Recent findings after asking for tip in the line up
« on: December 10, 2018, 07:53:18 PM »

  I could write a book on these last three weeks sup surfing in crowded prone surfing spots where I live.

   I much prefer sup surfing in open beach break areas with plenty of room and waves.  I will always pick a beach break wave of less quality as my first option.  Always!  When the beach breaks get large and closed out I move to the crowded prone surfing spots out of necessity.  In years past I would just ride my bike for a work out or sup surf large closed out waves or spend the whole day traveling for surf.  This winter I've been sup surfing at all the popular surf spots where I live.  Here are my findings if anyone is interested.

Expect stink eye and the occasional under the breath, "Sweeper" comments.

I prone paddle (even though my board is 9'8" 141 volume and I can comfortably stand up paddle all over the line up) everywhere.  I straddle my board in the line up and ONLY stand up and paddle when an approaching set is coming in.  Prone paddling around a busy line up is a key point and appears way less threatening to the crowd.  I ride a Laird Surretor with a pointy nose and thinned out high performance nose and tail.  This board looks like a silver bullet and is bad ass.  I think a wider round nosed board would be accepted much less in a crowded surfer line up.  Surprisingly to me, many people commented on the look of my board and how it doesn't at all look like a normal sup.

Expect to catch a lot less waves.  Your wave count will go way down.  Personally I don't care about wave count and never have.  I just want to catch some good set waves. 

You have to have your "Quick turns" down pat!  I can't imagine sitting on my sup and then quickly jumping up, paddling out for a wave and blowing the quick turn or falling.  It just can't happen.  Do not, "Call out waves" to anyone!  If the surf is large they know exactly when and where the best waves break and don't need our help!

When you pick out a wave and have sort of waited your turn for a good one (I say this tongue in cheek because most surfers at good surf spots want every wave and there is always some kind of hierarchy going on) take off on the wave and paddle like you own it.  This means paddling aggressive, confident and that the wave your paddling for is all yours!

Expect to be, "Cut off" sometimes.  I had two of the "Top surfers in the line up" cut me off down the line of the wave I was on.  They both politely and immediately pulled out when I caught up to them at full speed.  At a second crowded surf spot I sup surfed I was "Cut off" more than a few times on good waves caught close to the pier.  I was forced to be behind the foam and watch them rip in front of me.  These same prone rippers seem to disappear into the crowd after they kick out.  I did manage to catch a few really good waves much deeper then the crew.  I would just barrel down the wave and blast past them near the pier. These were some of my most memorable waves.

You are not going to be as physically tired as when sup surfing at a beach break with plenty of stand up paddling going on.  There's a pecking order, prone surfers working constantly on positioning and little maneuvering games going on constantly in the line up.  The advantages of sup surfing are so large.  It's easy to stay put and position yourself in the best spots in the line up.  By just sitting on your board and half paddling you hardly loose any ground while prone surfers seem to drift out of position.

The familiar aches and pains of prone paddling around in the line up are all back.  The back of my neck and right shoulder are both sore from the prone paddling of my sup.  Small price to pay for me really.  Thats why I enjoy sup surfing at 63.  No pains for me.

In these last three weeks I've had 6 different "Go outs" in crowds.  At the end of the day...sup surfing in crowds is not for the faint of heart.  Plenty of my old sup surfing friends and older prone surfing friends will not sup surf at these spots because its to crowded and stressful for them.  I don't blame them. 

I must say I have had some GREAT waves these last couple of weeks!  It's been really fun and challenging for me!  I'm sure there are other places in the world where sup surfing is more accepted in a crowded prone surfing line up.  Here in central Calif. "It is what it is."

Finally...I got to sup surf my local beach break wave yesterday at about 3 to 4 feet with just a handful of people and plenty of waves.  I much prefer that sort of sup surf where I'm standing up paddling around all the time.  I appreciate all the, "Tips" I received here for sup surfing in crowds.  All in all this winter is starting out really good! 


General Discussion / Re: PSH 12 gun
« on: December 04, 2018, 08:40:24 PM »

  Stoked your using that 12 footer!  Your surfing style is perfect for it.

  It's a great board!   8)

General Discussion / Re: Tips needed for discretely fitting in the line up.
« on: November 25, 2018, 03:41:53 PM »
 Hi Mark

 I live near Pismo and I'm referring to the Pismo Beach pier and reefs at Shell beach area.  These spots have gotten very crowded.  I usually surf Oceano dunes area but when it gets to big I head for the reefs. It's 1 hour north to Morro Bay and 1.5 hours south to Santa Barbara. I much prefer to surf close to home.

  I have made a decision. I'm just going to surf the local reefs a lot more this winter. Crowds and attitudes is just the norm here now.   8)

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