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With a narrow enough stance, everything can be compensated with fast-twitch muscles in the lower leg.

.....With feet closer together, less movement is necessary in the body to do so.  If you get too close together there is not enough leverage to right the board when it starts rocking/tilting.

This is interesting and illuminating for me (as someone with a SUP stance that is chronically too wide).

It seems you are saying a narrower stance width can allow more effective and efficient board roll corrections, while taking stance too narrow will diminish this ability and benefit. I wonder how to appreciate narrowing my stance.

I haven,t seen the Vision IRL but ride a 4+5m Mantis V3. Before I had the V2 in 4+5+6m without windows.

The V3 feels a bit more compact and slightly softer/more damped, I guess this is because of the windows. I,m 188cm tall and have no problems with wingtip catching so far, but was quite rare with the V2 5m as well (more often with the 6).

Upwind seems to be slightly better but for most of all I,m very much in love with how it surfs  and the handles.
Last week it was 2C here with water of 5C and even with a full hooded suit and 6mm boots your hands become so cold you need gloves.
With the V2 I had a lot of armpump when wearing gloves, with the new handles I can wing 2h straight without a problem.

Mantis vs Vision.
I love to ride waves so personally I,m not a big fan of wings with more pronounced dehidral as they seem to flag less stable as the flatter profiles wings. But I can imagine that when you are a lot shorter or ride bigger wings it is a necessity.

Thanks for your review of the Mantis V3. I like what you mention about the better handles and the better upwind. I have Mantis V2 (with windows 4m, 5m) and Mantis V1 (3.1 and 6,2m). I found handles on Mantis V2 already softer covering and better than V1.... but think the solid handles on V3 will be better than the fabric covered hard handles (on V1 and V2). Appreciate your comments about flatness versus more dihedral for drifiting the wing for surf (and thus preference for Mantis over Vision). Thanks. 

A billion years ago, when I was having trouble with roll stability downwinding SUP boards Dave told me "get your feet closer together". I thought "easy for you to say" but I tried it, and it was a lot better. ....

narrower boards have less edge leverage when small waves and bumps are encountered.  Wider boards have greater edge leverage, making them roll more. .... longer water lines also increase stability. 

I have to believe that it is the narrow stance width of the rider more than narrow width of the board that PROMOTES roll resistance and stability in roll dimension. Of course, narrower board width does absolutely constrain the maximum rider stance width. Why would a narrow rider stance improve roll stability? I think narrow stance improves roll stability because a narrower stance width limits how far away from the board's centerline the rider can put their weight.... hence less roll. 

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: Standard Kanaha
« on: February 10, 2023, 09:25:46 PM »
Sounds fun, both

Why do the new Axis downwinder boards get narrower as they get longer (with more volume): 21”, 20” and 19” wide for 100L_7’6, 110L_8’0” and 120L_ 8’6”, respectively. Is this a common strategy (for example, with Kalama Barracuda etc). I can imagine this keeps surface area down, thereby decreasing drag and increasing paddle speeds. My concern is that a 19” wide 120L board would be too tippy, side-to-side for a beginner? I’ve been told that the increased stability in the pitch axis (from extra length) allows rider to focus on yaw axis…. but in my SUP experience there is plenty of independence of these axes.

Oops. I see it now. Your session was with F'one 6m CwC. Just to clarify. Please confirm that the hour 22 was SUP foil without a handwing, right? That is awesome!!
I have the 1150/460-390-500 and the 1099/375. Bought the 1300 maybe a month ago and paired it with the 375 (red shirt fuselage) and it is my current favorite set up. Winds using an 8 m to 2.8 m it is solid. That said, it is about surfing waves and cruising. Stayed up on foil for over an hour 22 minutes. The 1300 is my new go to. ⚡️⚡️⚡️
My board is the Kalama E3 6’4” x 23”. Solid!! Ocean sup foil and and wing.

Yes, they are different. The new Axis Power Carbons are .25 & .35 stronger respectively than the 19mm aluminum mast and definitely stronger than the 1st generation carbon mast.
Yes, the first generations can have play. It’s dependent on both the mast and fuse tolerances. You can build a better connection, if necessary, by building up with epoxy.
The new Power Carbons evidently have a new hinged system that takes care of any play.
Blue Planet interviews Adrian Roper:
About 41 min. in the new power carbons are explained.
I still like the aluminum for a number of reasons, mainly $$$.
I have been using the Axis 90 cm Power Carbon high modulus carbon mast for >4 months. The connection point of ths mast is very, very snug. I need to use a rubber mallet to disconnect the mast from my black series Fuse. Using this mast, my foild is considerably stiffer overall than when ppeciously using my 19mm Alu mast.

OK, now you have me wondering, what tail wings do you ride with 999 & 1099 to keep them special?

..... If you don't have a small and efficient tail, the 999 and 1099 aren't anything special at all.

Any reports on (or thoughts about) use of Axis Power Carbon and Power Carbon High Modulus Masts for wing foiling.

I am planning to get the Power Carbon High Modulus Mast in 90 cm length (I have ART1099, ART999, 1150 etc) and am a bigger rider ~90 kg).

As my friend Bruce said "Life is too short to have shitty [foiling] gear" 

I've used the wrench that comes with my Axis set-up and just use the standard bolts.

I think you are saying that you take your wrench out and adjust foil position as needed during your sessions? Is that right?

Anyone use finger adjustable bolts for manual adjustment of foil positions in the foil tracks (e.g. on the beach/in the water)?

Reply to Self. I found it. 2'8" (81.3 cm).

For realy nice video go here:

Kai Lenny posted a video clip of him tow foiling on some outer-reef looking big smooth bump about 1-2 months ago riding an ultra short tow foil board. He discussed how he couldn't even see the board because it was essentially enough for just his feet.... and that it was a unique exquisite feeling. 

Anyone remember the length?

I am 95kg with full suit etc. I am of moderate finesse and atheletic ability. I am wing foiling on 105L (+10L/kg) Quatro WingDrifter Pro for 1y (was on 130L before that). On the 105L, I knee start but cannot balance/slog indefinitely while waiting for wind. If I go to 88L (-7 L/kg), how hard will it be and what method will I need to get up and onto foil.

Technique / Re: Prone paddling out over breaking waves
« on: September 20, 2021, 02:20:34 PM »
I have used method B for years (which is a variation of method A). I have seen others use Method A and it does seem to have some benefits of not hurting paddle blade or chest and the shaft doesn't have a chance to swing out from stringer axis...but B is my go to method.  The Supboarder Pro method looks interesting but tough for two reasons 1) having one of the hands needed for paddle and board and 2) pointing nose up and trying to ride over the whitewater.   From surfing (and SUP) experience, trying to ride over whitewater (instead of having it roll over you) acn be disasterous when wave pushes more than those shown and throws you onto your back with the lip. Also, seems if your hand slips off rail due to holding paddle and board you can get the board pushed into you face by white water. I guess this is the toughest thing about getting back outside on a SUP.

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