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SUP General / Re: Kalama vs Sunova Speeed?
« on: February 16, 2024, 11:41:31 PM »
I'd listen to your gut with regards to the 8'8" versus 8'5". That planshape is good if you want narrow and less rail length.
I believe the reason the 8'2" Quatro was so unstable is because of the pulled in nose, making the board feel 6" shorter than a choptop style board so like a 7'8".

But the Speeed is not a quad?
What about the 9' x 28" Kalama?
Or you may want to check out the quad L41 S5.
"Ridden narrower than your normal board with little effect on overall stability.  The parallel rail outline makes this one paddle and catch waves like it's a much longer board.  Single concave entry and through the middle transitions into a channel bottom to make this model loose and fast with control!"

I am similar weight, this is my race to the bottom board at 7'6" x 28.5" 110L.  It is stable for it's width, but I am still getting comfortable with it in our usual choppy conditions.  I really like the grip of the channels.  I reckon ~8'6" would be comfortable.

SUP General / Re: Surfboards (Longboards)
« on: February 03, 2024, 06:58:32 PM »
Some great pop up videos in this thread.  I came across this one where he talks about staggering the hands, to get the shoulders and hips turning earlier.

Gear Talk / Re: Can I use any tail pad?
« on: January 31, 2024, 08:24:08 PM »
I like the split style tail pad, as you want grip near the rail. 
Not all deck pads are equal, make sure you get one that does not absorb water.
I followed Ponobill's recommendation with RSPro cork and I shaved over a pound off my (previously heavy) 9'6" x 30" board after removing the stock deck pad & replacing it with cork.

Other options...
Try to keep the board light.

The build of a wing is similar to a kite.  Snowkiting has been going on for decades and I have never heard of icing causing problems with kites.
If you are concerned with the coating of the wing, I have used the product Aerospace 303.  It is a uv protectant that makes the kite/wing look brand new.  Think of it like armor all.  In fact I prefer it over armor all for my car.
Perhaps contact BigWinds to get there input.

Lindsay Lord studied aspect ratio in planing hulls:
Lindsay Lord found that aspect ratios(W/L) 0.35-0.45 to be most efficient for holding weight. 

Your E3 4'8" x 26" had a W/L of 0.465, above that range was was your least favorite. 
The E3 5'10" x 29" had a W/L of 0.4149 and was not to shabby.
The E3 5'3" x 22" had a W/L of 0.35 and was quick to take off
The 8' x 30" montser had a W/L of 0.31 and was very easy to get on foil.
The Sunova Carver 5'10" x 20" had a W/L of 0.29 #untested
The Barracuda 8' x 21" had a W/L of 0.22 and was easiest board I've ever had to get on foil
The Custom 6'3" x 20" had a W/L of 0.27 and was extremely fast off the water.

With hydrofoils, things are different as you are not concernced about holding weight, you just need to build enough speed in order for the lifting force of the foil to take off.  Dave Kalama discovered that speed is your friend for early takeoff.

I would think there are other things to consider.  Were you using the same foil when comparing all of the boards?  Was the mast position tuned for each board?  Were the bottom shapes off all of the boards the same?  I would think that bottom shapes would be a big influence on ease of popping up.  And was the same tail used for all the testing  (same foil profile, size, same shim angle)?  Same energy in the water? (different days, different energy)
I'm am not sure about your equation.   You are focusing on Guild factor. Guild factor could have an influence, but I would think you would have to be at the extremes to feel much of a difference, G/F < 0.8 or > 2. 
Rather than Guild factor, I would be interested to hear the relation of surface area (or projected area) of a foil to a riders weight.  A smaller lighter rider can get by with a smaller faster foil.  Where a heavier rider will need a larger foil, but have to deal with the increased drag.

Lindsay Lord also noticed that the optimal angle the board makes in the water changes with respect to aspect ratio.  Boards with
aspect ratio .2 had a planing angle of 0.75 deg
aspect ratio .3 had a planing angle of 2 deg
aspect ratio .4 had a planing angle of 3 deg
aspect ratio of .5 had a planing angle of 3.75 deg
aspect ratio of 0.6 had a planing angle of 4.25 deg

I would think that as the optimal planing angle changes, the aspect ratio of the foil can become important, where you would want to dial in the optimal aspect ratio (lift/drag) and area of the foil with the speeds in question.  And as some foils have different cadence for optimal efficiency, I wonder if having a board with an aspect ratio that is in the range of the optimal planing angle would make popping up easier.
No doubt a complicated recipe to get it all right.  My hat is off to all of the early adopters paving the way.

I use foils for kiting.  My first foil was a 5'6" x 16" 2002 Rush Randle W/L 0.29.
Second board was a liquid force 4'2" x 19.5" W/L 0.39 (with 2017 Cloud IX foil).
Different foils for each board.  Boards have completely different bottom contours.  Volume unimportant.  The W/L 0.39 has a lower takoff speed, but the foil section is thicker and probably larger area too.

General Discussion / Re: EZ-Plugs
« on: December 18, 2023, 10:00:01 PM »
I agree with Badger regarding surface prep.  I put them on a board to make a tail handle.  The board was painted so I sanded it down to the carbon layer.  I used 5 min epoxy resin, and put excess so it formed a pool to cover the borders of the EZ-plug.  Never had a problem with mine using the Beasho elastic tail handle design.,25430.165.html

General Discussion / Re: How many layers of glass to fix a buckled sup?
« on: November 28, 2023, 07:35:29 PM »
Tis the season, my buddy just buckled his NSP Cocoflax.
3 layers of 6 oz sounds good to me.  If you feel like it needs more, I would reinforce the rails.
Was there any evidence of compression on the top deck due to standing?
It is my understanding that with repairing buckles or snaps, you want to get close to the original glass schedule.  If you go under, it will be a weak point.  If you go over, then it will be a stiff point, causing stress on either side of the joint.
"with long, staggered overlaps of the reinforcements, in order to create as smooth a transition as possible from the original lamination to the new"
Snap repair here:
"with an extra two layers of 4oz cloth on the rails."
Buckle repair here:
Lamination strength explained:

Are you going to be able to match that yellow paint.  I had a yellow board that I tried to match paint.  At first I went a shade lighter, which made it looked bleached (I felt it looked ugly).  Then I went a shade darker, which made it looked dirty, which I liked the looks of better.

The Shape Shack / Re: Ultralight Board II SUP Foil Bumblebee
« on: November 09, 2023, 06:22:26 PM »
Need to do a video building the whole board.  I think there are a few people that would enjoy it and want to take  a crack at building something that keep thinking about but is not being produced.
That would be legendary.
I watched the entirety of "How to Build a Hydrofoil: Overview, Planning and Design (Video 1/15)" from start to finish:

Gear Talk / PaddleSurfHawaii 2024
« on: November 08, 2023, 07:35:08 PM »
For 2024, PSH has a new line of Rippers designed by Terry Chung:
7'7"   28"   4.25''        97 liters
8'1"   29.5"4.25''   117 liters
8'7"   30"   4.25''   127 liters
9'1"   30"   4.25''   133 liters
9'7"   31"   4.5''           147 liters

They come in two different kinds of construction. 
PX1 is composite Paulownia.

The other type of construction is PCX which is composite Paulownia and Carbon Fiber.
For those not familiar with Terry Chung, he is a legendary waterman who previously designed boards for Laird Hamilton.

I for one am a big fan of the original PSH designs by Blane Chambers, especially the builds prior to Boardworks construction and before the fragile Bamboo construction.

I hope you wear a leash & pfd, and bring lots of water. 
I visited SD beaches this summer and the water at Coronado Dog Beach was by far the coldest.  There is some deep water out there.
I would listen to your gut and try to minimize your risk.
If it was me, I would have your friends trip be the goal to work up to.
But I would break it down into smaller trips first.
1) If you are unsure about ocean paddling, I would launch from Dog beach and paddle to Zuniga jetty to check it out.
That side of the island is the Navy beach so that entire section is a black hole, no exit.
2) If the Zuniga jetty looks doable, then how about launching from Dog Beach and looping the Navy base end exiting around the other size 1st / D Ave.
3) Then I would launch from 1st st / D ave and exit at Glorietta Bay.
Gauge how you feel from each and decide if you have what it takes to make the entire journey in one shot.

General Discussion / Re: JL Destroyer fin setup
« on: November 03, 2023, 08:41:58 PM »
Check this out

I'm planning on trying this as soon as we get some decent surf. I've always preferred thrusters but this makes scene to me
I really dig this set up.  Richard Schmidt was the first guy I have heard using this setup for big waves, he refers to it as a quad with the power fins in the rear.
The snafu that futures did is when they introduced a smaller 1/2" fin box.  Why?  This limits what fins you can put in the rear box.  If I ever get a custom board, they will have all 3/4" futures boxes.  This comes standard in all of my Blair surfboards/SUPs which allows for this quad setup.
Having the large rear fins gives tons of drive, which is awesome at speed.  The smaller front fins remind me of 2+1 setup, but you get the speed of a quad.  I have been bouncing between this setup or twins, the latter for smaller waves.
FCS is obviously compatible with this setup.

My dad had knee replacement because the pain became unbearable (no cartilage from playing american football).
I'd say you are approaching the age of being a good candidate where artificial knees last ~20 years.
I am a big fan of Kelley Starretts books "Ready to Run" (also "Becoming a Supple Leopard").  The young can move through the pain, the wise ought learn from the pain.  After racking up countless miles of use, best to fine tune the motions, where pain is the signal of something wrong.  The book is applicable to someone who might not be running/walking a marathon in a day, but instead covering that ground in a 2 week period.
I get knee pain from time to time (snowboard injury) which is a symptom of my hips going out of alignment and if left untreated proceeds to lower back pain.  Might be worth getting diagnosed by a good chiropractor.   I was a breech baby and am convinced my hip allignment problems can be traced back to that.

Casper Steinfath rode a 14' x 26" like this for 90 mile in 18h 26 min (avg 4.88 mile/h) for his Denmark to Norway Skegerrak winter crossing:,38001.msg435707.html#msg435707
He probably uses that board when he won the SF Ocean Beach Heavy Water in gnarly conditions.
If you haven't watched the Skegerrak film, it is motivating:
I mention it to exemplify the utility of those dimensions.

Random / SUPs make awesome rescue devices
« on: October 20, 2023, 10:46:48 PM »
I know I am preaching to the choir...
I used to carry a SUP in my light wind kite arsenal to prevent getting skunked, but foiling has been so impactful, I have to admit that I have been traveling light with one kite, a foil board, and a surfboard in case the winds pick up.
This evening a woman was out and became separated from her board, then her kite ended up in the water.  The tide was high.  The current is not bad at this location.  I kept my eye on her and she was the last one out still in the water and we were losing daylight  She was making very little progress.  Thinking I sure wish I had my SUP.  I walk to the water with my surfboard when a pedestrian at the water's edge asked if I was going out to help the person in the water.  I said, I was thinking about it, but wished I had my SUP.  She said, I have a SUP and offered to let me borrow it. 
Paddled out to the very appreciative women in distress.  I help her onto the inflatable SUP and take control of her kite (proceed to disconnect the lines.  I put her in charge of winding up all the lines making sure nobody would get tangled.  I put the kite up in self rescue mode and started sailing back to shore with the two of us sitting on the board (something she neglected to try on her own (didn't know how).  We got about halfway in when the real fire rescue team met us on paddleboards.  One of them helped us paddle the rest of the way back to shore.
SUPS are awesome.  I wouldn't have been able to do anything with my shortboard.

I don't have any experience on that board.  Boards that I have used for this application are a 12' x 24" (windsurfer) and 12'6" x 30" Paddle Surf Hawaii Hull Ripper.  The 24" board would wobble if there was any wrinkle in the water.  The PSH had bottom contours that did not offer good stability which is why I went with the 30" width. 
But the Starboard Generation has bottom contours similar to the Hyper Gun giving it great stability at a narrow width.

The 12'6".x 28" Starboard Generation is reviewed here (their reviews are usually spot on:
The 14' x 26" is reviewed here:

12'6" x 26"  (<90kg) lite tech 12.8kg
12'6" x 28" (<100kg) carbon 12.5 kg, lite tech 13.2kg
14' x 26 (< 100 kg) lite tech 14.5kg
14' x 28" <110 kg) carbon 14.1 kg, lite tech 15 kg

If you went 12'6", I would save your money with the lite tech.
If you went 14' x 28", I would definitely go with the carbon.  [I had a 8'10" Wide Point in carbon which was awesome to carry and bombproof.  I have a HyperNut which I wish was in carbon.]
For the distances you want to cover, you may want to check out the 14' x 26".
If you went 12'6", I am heavier and taller than you and would lean towards the 28" unless I could demo a 26".
I am sure you will be happy with whatever you pick, just listen to your gut.

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