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Foil SUP / Re: new to foil world
« on: Today at 04:15:55 PM »
I'm looking into board's in 7s +/-

thanks, Area 10 and as you notice I failed English all the way through my school years  :)

Luc Benac, burnt orange is good outside design but BS inside, we know…  ::)
Didn’t like the Sidewinder Mark II on pics until I saw one and it’s nice but the custom is nicer. I suggest demoing if you can then make your assessment but really is individual taste with board/brand.

Cheers Bean & burchas

thanks to Jimmy Lewis Australia 'Rob' for putting up with a customer like me

got the board 7 months ago coming from 26 & 24.5 wide boards I'm 80kg at 5'6 intermediate paddler.

it weighs around 11.6kg without the fin and the quality and finish are nice and solid as you would expect with JL from that factory.

In the beginning, the board felt light, twitchy and somewhat stiff coming from 15kg+ to 16kg+ epoxy and hybrid carbon boards but I won't talk about stable & unstable word co's you know.
Once I adjusted to the weight and feel of the board its so much fun to paddle from calm, choppy, surf and down breeze. The 2nd stability of this 25 width board design is great, surprisingly.
It has less rocker and I like that because I can catch ripples easily though on the surf and down breeze/dw I need to focus on my footwork placing up and down the board.

The bottom channel gets deeper towards the tail and more concave at the tail than at the front. I thought that deep concave could affect surfing but I was wrong, it glides and tracks well on the surf combined with that soft round bottom towards the nose (planning bottom nose with V on top). I tried using the dolphin 9 fin on the surf but I prefer the standard JL 9" fin because it works well on any condition.
the deck grip is softer and sticky than others I tried.
I have a slight sinking in deck midway where the handle which traps some water but a couple of shakes it goes away. Only thing I would like is more mounts for equipment like gopro, front leash plug, and extra handle mounts.
overall I'm happy with this board and so glad I finally found something I can enjoy and paddle on any condition apart cyclones.

same here, I have avoided a few big brands because of bad business practice, example 1 - short term gain & BS claims  :o etc... though this doesn't stop me from buying products and then find out its another BS product  :D

Foil SUP / Re: new to foil world
« on: March 20, 2019, 01:51:27 PM »
thanks for the feedback frenchfoiler & PonoBill.

The 12 month development window is one of my biggest bugbears of the sport. It's crippling the race board market. Most brands who do it don't have engineers or the R&D resources or credibility to be able to evidence it and when you consider other forms of highly technological forms of sports technology (i.e. bikes, kayaks, boats), they have far longer development cycles (merely relying on colourway changes annually instead). Starboard seem to be scaring other brands to follow their ridiculous practise which anyone with any relevant experience can see straight through.

Sorry, rant over.

Starboard has been the biggest offender in this market, not only on "development" cycles but also on pricing and strong-arming tactics towards retailers. I stay clear of their products on principle.
Unfortunately, I see up and coming brands copying their tactics. Now, rant is over.

apparently, this is an ok business practice  ::)

Foil SUP / new to foil world
« on: March 19, 2019, 03:30:17 PM »
new to SUP foil but I surf SUP as a beginner to intermediate on 8x30 115L board and I weight 80kg 5'6".

What board size would you recommend and what size foil and anything that I miss to ask and need?

I'm sure they'll be few sups will have a go at that prize money but its never enough and is that $50 for the 1st prize or divided to all competitors.

Wish I have the capital so I can create a world SUP organization.

General Discussion / Re: Okinawa Intro
« on: March 18, 2019, 01:04:03 PM »
fun times ahead OkiWild   ;D

Buy both sic if you can  ;D

56min in a 10k open water race is fa-fast & what was he on redbull?

double post  :)

we need to take this dw discussion somewhere else  :)

SIC V3, really?
the bump rider was a good shape but I found the rail also was too thick and like most thick rails it's fast on the glide but a boat to turn and maybe I need to work on my footwork moves.

burchas,  you said the Infinity downtown was dropped from their line-up this year, which comes as no surprise to me based on my experience. Can you tell us more about the downtown, maybe its too light to dw or was it the design not there yet compared to others that have been around? What do you think of the JL rail?

Trying to use a flat water board for DW is so unpractical for 99.9% of riders and even the top pros who might be able to do it will be having no fun at all. I watch good guys paddle boards like the sprint DW all the time and yes they can be fast IF you are good enough but it just looks and i know from experience it also feels pretty average.

Give me a Storm 2.0 or EVO 2.0 any day in the DW or bumpy water!!


I saw a pro surf and dw a flat water board therefore, I can do it then I realized I'm a beginner and I bought the wrong tool for the job :D

Gear Talk / Re: Naish 2020 Inflatable SUPs
« on: March 14, 2019, 01:19:54 PM »
embodies the quality you can expect from a brand that has been making boards for 40 years

Gear Talk / Re: Quickblade Trifecta Vector Net
« on: March 13, 2019, 08:02:21 PM »
I saw that new vdrive hybrid, looks interesting and the price is ok.
Talking about flex, I'm currently testing a quickblade design paddle with fiberglass shaft and fiberglass blade with carbon palm handle. It looks like a kanaha blade but in a slightly high aspect shape. It weighs around 560g and cut to 72.5inches. I'll do a review in a few months after a surf and downwind sesh.

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