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SouthEast / Hilton Head Island, SC - should I bring SUP
« on: August 13, 2019, 08:47:19 AM »
We are heading to Hilton Head Island for some time and I'm debating if I should bring an iSUP. We are staying in place on the ocean side so water access should not be a problem... The weather forecast shows thunderstorms daily for our entire stay...  Any suggestions?

I had "footwells" on my Surftech Bark as well and it's heavy durable board. But 200+ lbs didn't help lol

General Discussion / Re: What is wrong with this picture?
« on: July 20, 2019, 07:40:55 AM »
I've seen a SUP board on display with fins set up this way at a local outdoor store, took a pic but cannot find it now.

If you have any cuts on the bottom of your feet - inspect them closely to make sure no coral/etc pieces left there. Once I had a similar accident and had to step on a reef with my bare feet. I thought I escaped with scratches only, but little pieces of coral were so deep under the skin that  I "brought" them back from vacation and they came out with infection a week or so later.

I usually never go far offshore on board, so I don't loose shoreline out of view. My Garmin watch has navigation though. When I go kayak fishing I have navigation/chart plotter on fishfinder and handheld VHF  - both would be too bulky for SUP.
I go offshore with kayakers to fish and I just got a HH VHF. I am going to start wearing a paddling vest instead of just the belt and clip it on. It's as much or more for chat as anything else. I do have my phone in a waterproof pouch packed away, but could pull it out pretty quickly to use as a GPS. I have a really small waterproof compass clipped to a block in my ledge handle as a last line of defense. I am in NC, so heading west (or NW if down at Oak Island) would get me to shore in a SHTF situation. Not that landing would be much fun in a situation like that. Best hope it never comes down to that. I have been 4 times so far and each time got to about 2 miles out at the furthest, in good weather and able to see land the whole time. I will still feel better with the VHF.

I forgot to mention. I consider my VHF bulky because it's floating and not the smallest device on the market. On another hand, it has built-in GPS and  DCS function. I registered in with USCG so they would get a GPS location if distress signal is activated.

I use an Orange Mud pack for racing, and they also have a smaller 1L pack:

I like how compact they are, and sit high between the shoulders to stay out of the way without bouncing.  They use elastic straps across the chest, and the primary part of the pack can be cinched tight enough so even if the top velcro comes loose (never happened to me), you won't lose the bladder.

These look pretty good. Would you suggest white or black? White is probably doesn't heat up as black one but probably difficult to keep clean? Besides it probably looks strange on a wetsuit?

I usually never go far offshore on board, so I don't loose shoreline out of view. My Garmin watch has navigation though. When I go kayak fishing I have navigation/chart plotter on fishfinder and handheld VHF  - both would be too bulky for SUP.

Gear Talk / Re: Bluetooth ear buds for paddling
« on: June 04, 2019, 05:56:13 AM »
Thanks guys, for the information on the battery life of the jabra elite 65tís. I did know what the website said, but I was hoping real life use might be longer. I like to use my ear buds while traveling and some of the trips we take can involve plane rides of 10 hours or more. So Iím afraid these wonít work for me. Thanks again.

Have nothing to add about earbuds for paddling but if you air travel a lot I would highly recommend to invest in noise canceling cans too. I recently had my first round trip with new headphones and was eye-opening experience. With few iPad preloaded movies time passed by very quickly and I enjoyed my movies in full comfort.

I'm just bummed that I can't figure out a way to sneak one past my better half. helped me a lot to accomplish that lol

General Discussion / Re: Cape Cod SUPsters Hang'n Tough
« on: May 27, 2019, 05:58:34 PM »
Amazing how Cape Cod can be double overhead while it's knee high in NH.  I wish some of those swells would make it up here.   8)


General Discussion / Re: Fin repair
« on: May 22, 2019, 04:55:52 AM »
Thanks Jim!
not sure i follow about the tape. Stichy side UP? so the shiny non sticky part is what you wrap onto the rez tek?

I think you took it other way around. I hope Jim mean to say put a piece of tape on one side of the fin so it would make a bottom of the chip you trying to fill, leave some extra take as a flap, then fill the "cavity and close the tape flap on the upper side of the fin.

edit: guess Jim is typing faster than me lol

Question on topic:  is Solarez Epoxy OK for this purpose? thx

Hahaha, that's an awesome shot. Thank you, Rick, for "white gloves" service and I was happy to show you around.  Hope to join you soon on the Cape, your footage looks amazing. totally worth to drive down.


OA.... there is a way to know the first few apart.
for some inexplicable reason, they say "Search" on them.... I voiced my displeasure over that!

I was thinking more like #001 #002 ... In that case I'm claiming #003 after John and you respectfully (unless someone had a delivery before mine  ;D ). I have always been a big fan of  #limited_production numbers. lol

I told Tino I was going to print up "Point Break" stickers to put on the boards  ;D
Tino loved the idea and said he may make up Point Break shirts as well...... he said "what size?"   ha ha.... triple-X!  ;D

 I was thinking about making a sticker myself haha. Here is a font they probably used.

And please sign me up for the t-shirt!!!

Rick, you should've asked them to number each board in this first batch.  ::) 

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