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Random / Re: Lotsa health propaganda coming for 2020
« on: August 12, 2019, 05:23:32 PM »
Apparently there is a law, "making a terrorist threat in the second-degree". 

According to one report, "Police say panic ensued and shoppers went scurrying out of the building as Andreychenko allegedly walked around pushing a shopping cart and recording video on his phone."

BTW, I thought my sidewalk analogy was pretty good, sorry it didn't register for you.

I'm sorry Bean, I should have linked you to the WAPO article I quoted, because it wasn't the "panic ensued and shoppers went scurrying out of the building as Andreychenko allegedly walked around pushing a shopping cart and recording video on his phone, it was the Walmart employee who pulled the fire alarm as directed by his supervisor that got people "scurrying out of the building"...
Quote from: WAPO 8/11/19
Watching the armed man move down the aisles with a shopping cart, a store manager told an employee to pull the fire alarm to get people out of the store, believing that Andreychenko would open fire. Andreychenko said he, too, left the store at that point, police said. Surveillance footage captures shoppers fleeing.
....including the guy in the body armor w/ AR still hanging from his shoulder.

So no, it wasn't the guy w/ the assault rifle that caused most of the shoppers who didn't even know he was in the store to get them "scurrying out of the building", but rather the store manager who panicked seeing a guy doing something completely legal in the "yeehaw y'all" state of MO who got them all running out the store.

Cracks me up that legally armed guy #2 who actually drew, and aimed his weapon to "capture" legally armed guy #1 ...who never actually touched, raised, much less aimed any of his guns at anyone...yet legally gun-toting, aiming and ready to shoot someone guy #2 is a hero, and legally gun-carrying guy who never touched his weapon is a "terrorist". Only in 'Merica!  :D

Random / Re: Lotsa health propaganda coming for 2020
« on: August 12, 2019, 10:03:01 AM »
Well, a recent example would be the off duty firefighter with a concealed firearm who captured the guy walking around Walmart with a rifle and body armor ....
"Captured" doing something that was perfectly legal there according to their laws...but just with maybe poor timing? Seriously?

Oh what a tangled web we weave....

Quote from: WAPO - 8/11/19
Prosecutors on Friday charged Andreychenko, of Springfield, with making a terrorist threat, saying he recklessly disregarded the risk of causing a building evacuation by knowingly sowing fear in the wake of the El Paso mass shooting at the same retail chain.

Missouri is an open-carry state. In 2014, state law allowed anyone with a concealed-carry weapon permit to carry a weapon in the open, statewide, overriding local regulations. Starting in 2017, the state allowed individuals to carry concealed weapons without a permit in most locations and most people 19 or older to obtain a concealed carry permit, which can translate to carry rights in other states.

“Missouri protects the right of people to open carry a firearm, but that does not allow an individual to act in a reckless and criminal manner endangering other citizens,” Greene County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Patterson said in a statement, likening Andreychenko’s actions to raising a false fire alarm in a theater.

So what's the "cooling off period" after a mass shooting before you can once again walk into a crowded public area wearing your body armor, carrying a loaded assault rifle, and having other guns strapped to your person in these "yeehaw y'all" states? Lol... :o ;D

Random / Re: Lotsa health propaganda coming for 2020
« on: August 08, 2019, 07:07:51 PM »
Depends on your state RTG...CA judges can tack on an additional 3 to 15 years in a firearms enhanced crime. Far from the 55 years the pothead got (and that all gun carrying criminals should get). But look at the bright side, at least you know that for the next 55 years there's one less gun carrying nitwit wandering in public or driving on the streets. My apologies if you thought I'd feel sorry for some poor ol innocent doper driving around with a gun in his car. Nope, if cops, and military personal can't be stoned or carry pot when they carry or drive with their weapons...dopers or criminals selling dope shouldn't have them in their possession (or in the vehicle we can assume he just got out of) either.

Random / Re: Lotsa health propaganda coming for 2020
« on: August 08, 2019, 01:06:44 PM »

Seems like the feds are going to approve a national red flag bill. Lindsey Graham is heading it up, Trump is in support of it as well as some Rs and most Ds..

I think the point is that someone can get their guns taken away in much the same way as you can get a restraining order. Family member, girlfriend etc tells the court and somehow the guns get into the hands of the government.

Easy enough to write the law I suppose, but imagine being at the point of the spear (police officer)having to somehow get all of the guns from someone that is dangerous.
Yep, this seems like a poster bills for the, "You can have my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers" crowd.

I also wonder if writing/rambling certain things on a forum could be construed by some as that person being "a half bubble off" or IOWs "dangerous"?

And talk about a 2nd amendment the guvmint gets to decide who's sane enough to have a gun when called to be in the militia that might need to form against that same guvmint deciding who gets to be armed for the fight. Good one. ::)

Weird world we're living in fo sho. :o

Random / Re: Lotsa health propaganda coming for 2020
« on: August 08, 2019, 12:52:15 PM »
I don't think punitive measures will help much. People who use a gun in a crime are willing to take a life and already know they are potentially looking at life or even death. The mass shooters often take their own lives or get into shoot outs with authorities they know they are going to lose.

When they do deep dives after the fact, they usually find some disturbing stuff. I think that if someone want a high capacity rapid fire weapon, they should have the deep dive done before the purchase. There are legitimate reasons for wanting that capability/capacity, but it should not be very easy to get; the reason should be a good one and you should be willing to be thoroughly vetted. Wanting to get more shots in during a block of range time is not a good enough reason in my book.
RTG, I don't have any problem with the logic of "high capacity rapid fire weapon(s)" not needing to be in the hands of Joe Public, and putting restrictions on those I think are still within the boundaries of the amendment formers' ability (or lack thereof) to see into the future, and therefore meet the intent of the 2nd, and the common sense that I believe the formers would expect us to have in today's technology and society.

As far as the "Criminals will always be criminals" axiom as a reason for not severely punishing them for carrying a gun during their acts...I'm cool with enacting laws that would allow these criminals to turn themselves in ahead of time for life long incarceration if they already know they're going to use a gun in a crime, and probably gonna be caught anyway, thus saving us all time and money.

But since I'm pretty sure there's not gonna be a big rush of the gun-touting criminals who'd actually do that....maybe we get really tough on those who do carry a weapon while committing a the point that the "carrying the gun" part carries a much tougher sentence than whatever usual petty crimes these dill-weeds think they need to commit with it.

Random / Re: Lotsa health propaganda coming for 2020
« on: August 08, 2019, 10:31:06 AM »
Bean, gun "laws" and legislation don't have to infringe on the 2nd Amendment...they just have to put some teeth in the punishment for having/using a gun in a manner never intended under said Amendment.

Have all the guns you want, but brandish one in public in the commission of a crime and/or as intimidation, and go sit in jail for 20-30 years minimum. No BS excuse that the gun wasn't loaded or that you never intended to actually use it...well then don't actually bring it with you dimwit.  >:(

Also, to the "concealed" Johnny Cash would advise, "Don't take your guns to town son, Leave your guns at home Bill". If you wanna play cop, cool...then go sign up with an employment application, pass all the tests and training, then carry your gun and have some actual authority to use it on and off duty.

But we don't need any undercover fantasy judge, jury, and executioner wandering around out amongst us, no matter how grateful you think we unarmed, fleeing potential victims might be indebted to you for saving the day...while you also delay responding officers in dealing with you while you too are running around with a gun, instead of them continuing after the other dimwit citizen with probably a bigger, badder weapon than you have.

So let's leave the 2nd Amendment alone then, but make sure that we have laws/legislation that makes it a pretty long prison stay if one doesn't use their gun(s) as was intended back when it was enacted.

IOWs, go hunt with them if you need to in order to feed your family (killing animals for sport or just because you can is BS), or if you need protection if/when an intruder breaks into your home, or if/when you're called upon to form an armed citizen militia to go up against the government (good luck with the outcome of that one) then by all means go and dig your weapon(s) outta the closet.

But if someone's not using or owning them for one of those 3 things (feel free to add a 4th or 5th if I missed something), then they're not using them as intended by the 2nd Amendment, and need to be severely punished for it. JMO...OMMV.

EDIT: For clarification of where I coming from, I own multiple firearms, and don't plan on getting rid of any of them anytime soon. But I only use them on occasion at legal gun ranges for sport, and practice making sure I won't miss the intruder if it ever comes to that, and because I buy my food in the market I don't need to hunt, and don't see myself joining a militia anytime soon in my future. =)

Random / Re: Alt Meat
« on: August 03, 2019, 11:07:10 PM »
OK, so you guys got me all excited about this "alt meat" stuff being the end all to beef, so I bought some "Beyond Beef" this morning to throw on the smoker/grill this afternoon...fortunately along with some beer bathed brats "just in case".

Well jeezus h. cripes...maybe the "Impossible Whooper" with all the condiments, cheese, bun, veggies, and whatever other "hamburger" stuff makes it edible, but this "alt meat" is nothing but "alt crap" when taste tested by itself.

Kind of got the idea of what we were headed for when shaping the "burgers", and the "meat" smelled like some terrible dog food, and the texture was more like a lumpy thick paste. Almost threw it out then, and there...but at $10/lb for whatever this stuff is, we were at least trying it (2 of the 4 burgers are still on the plate, and probably headed for the trash).

Since I already knew what it was but wanting as unbiased taste test from the wife, son, and his fiancé...asked them to let me know what they thought of the "new, pre-shaped, and seasoned burgers" I was trying. Wife, and future daughter-in-law both pretty much both said they were "Eh, OK, but not as good as your usual", and the son after just one bite said, "Looks like a burger, but tastes like a veggie burger...what is it?".

So I don't know wth youse guyz are eating, but "Beyond Beef" is not gonna make it back on my grill, and probably not in any other recipe, since I wasn't that impressed with the "nutritional facts"...which doesn't even stack up to 93/7 ground beef, and is really only about the same as 85/15 (the lowest grade I'll use)...unless you've got a cholesterol problem, and then I can see sacrificing flavor for health.

"Beyond Beef" gets a big... blech! :'(   But the beer soaked Johnsonville Brats were delicious!! :D


What TD and hbsteve said, and ...
PM me and I'll do an ocean paddle with you. Sometimes it helps to have someone get you into the groove ;)
TD, text me if/when you guys decide to head out, and I'll dust off the ol' Lahui Kai and see if I can join y'all.

Been a long while since I've been out, but was thinking about it the other day...but never really enjoyed the paddle alone, so it'd be great to get together what youze guyz for a buoy run...and I can keep SouthCounty company while we watch you paddle off away from us. ;) :D

I too used the NSI stick-ons, and Bill's method here to attach them....

Lots of people use them. They have to be applied to very clean, smooth fiberglass. The trick is to clean the area with very fine sandpaper--as fine as you can get, a rough surface is bad, a dirty surface is worse--clean with alcohol and let dry, then stick them EXACTLY where you want them with 20 pounds of weight on them. Leave them overnight. You won't be able to remove them without damaging the surface if you do all that. The adhesive strength more than doubles.

...and agree that they ain't coming off w/o prolly taking some of the glass off with them.

They sure do make a 7m look like a reasonable size to own.
I sure hope they are, and it's not just Patrice making things look easy...cuz I've got one pre-ordered for their next shipment scheduled for the end of August.

Btw, if you ever wanted to make time to stand still...order something that's not available for over a month. :(

If I can't get a five, maybe this would work:

Wait...what!? I just ordered their 7m yesterday, and saw or heard nothing wrt a 9m when ordering at their website, and talking with them on multiple emails. Waddupwitdat?  :o

Gear Talk / Re: Board weight reality check
« on: July 26, 2019, 04:18:00 PM »
We all know that light is cool, and picking up and carrying a superlight board just feels good.
I personally think this has as much (if not more) to do with it than some incredible difference performance wise. I know I'll also catch some flack for this....but I also have similar thoughts when if comes to fins as well.  :o I never really saw that big of a difference in the expensive honeycomb, fiberglass, precious expenium fins...than I did in the cheapo plastic ones I used.

It got to the point that I'd just use whatever the shaper thought would work best (and came with the board), and found they usually seemed to work better than any of the fancy Futures or some other custom fin brand I'd over spend for.

My surfing style tends to be pretty active; I am either pumping the board down the line if the wave is fast, linking tight turns whenever there is time, and roundhouses whenever the wave gives me room, never really just trimming down the line. This is what makes me think that the weight difference might be a big deal for me, but on the other hand, I am loving the way the current board surfs.
I'm one of those "function over form" kind of folks (Bill's "fugly" is beautiful to my "blown up boogie board" foil board as I've had folks call it), so if you're "loving" riding what you have now...why chance that going lighter because someone else tells you they like lighter...when you found in the past that might not necessarily be the case for you?

The lightest board I ever owned was an 8'8" Starboard in their lightest construction, and it was also my least favorite board ever, and was sold after just a couple of months. One reason was that the board tended to be really bouncy in anything over shoulder high, but it was also a very wide board with a very wide tail. With my weight of 163 lbs, it did not feel like I could keep the rails of that wide, light board, buried in the water. My other current boards are Sunvovas that are between 19 and 20 pounds, which feels fine.
Hmmm, maybe you already have your answer. Lengths, widths, thicknesses, volumes, weights...we all have different styles, and talent levels that play into all of these factors, and while I too was on the cut the board weight kick for years also...I can't say that I ever found that much of a performance difference in the very similar boards I surfed from one shaper, other than they became more and more fragile as the weight became less and less.

I guess what I'm getting at at least for myself is that...."It's The Indian, Not The Arrow"....that's the big difference in a lot of all this. But that's JMHO...OMMV.  :)

Foil SUP / Re: KeNalu Mana 90 or Ho’oloa 95 for foiling
« on: July 25, 2019, 09:50:43 AM »
I use the Ke Nalu xTuf Maliko 95 to foil, after starting with the Wiki 84. I like the bigger blade simply because my entrance is just one or two really strong pulls as I trypump the board up onto the wing...if I'm not flying by stroke #3 I spin around and go get something else.

That in comparison is a lot different than how I paddled into a wave on my sup, where used shorter, quicker strokes which the smaller blade made easier throwing around, and maneuvering with, and where half a dozen or more strokes were't unusual before dropping in on some of the more gutless waves we'll get around here...and why really I went to the foil in the first place.  :)

EDIT: Oh, and my paddles were cut to head height from when I was suping, and I haven't found that I needed to change them to foil with. Same comfortable reach, and take off length when I'm on the water paddling, and once in the air I don't use it but every now and then as a feeler to hopefully feel the water if I think I'm getting a little too high...or to judge my height just before setting it into a turn.

Foil SUP / Re: Mast position in tracks vary by wave size
« on: July 23, 2019, 08:21:33 AM »
I'm more the "flkiter" method...I change from the three Go Foil wings I have with an opposite correlation to wave size (small wave=big wing, big wave=small wing), and don't change mast or foot positioning.

However, if I were only rocking one wing (and/or a straight mast ;) :D)...well then yes, I'd be moving the mast, and/or my foot positioning depending on the size of the swell we were looking at.

Foil SUP / Re: GoFoil 1.5 Release
« on: July 23, 2019, 08:12:36 AM »
Jeremy Riggs mentioned in a post on facebook that he needed to change his stance--moving back quite a bit to get the new GL wing he was using to fly. I'm thinking that might be what I was doing wrong yesterday. I didn't feel much lift at all. I was putting my front foot in the strap on port tacks and didn't get even a pop-up despite some really impressive non-foiling speed.

Nothing magic here.  Center of lift for the wing is 1/4 Chord.  25% of the way from the leading to trailing edge of the FRONT wing.

When I took the tail OFF the Maliko 200 last year my front foot position required moving BACK 8" from the normal spot.  What this showed was how much DOWN force was being imparted by the tail wing.  My Center of Gravity moved back 4".  1/3 ft X 180 lbs = 60 foot pounds of force.

If these Tail wings have NO lift at Zero Degrees angle of Attack, and if the Chord of these wings is 2" less than the Maliko 200 (Average ~ 8") then you have to move CG back another 1" for a total 5" CG shift.  Alternately front foot goes back 10".  Wow!  That does seem like a lot.
Beasho, I'm easily confused by science  :o :) but if the Maliko tail's shape (wings down) creates "much DOWN force", would turning it over, and installing it upside down create "much UP force" to create more lift?

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