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Sessions / Re: Surfing Myanmar biggest tidal bore of the year
« on: April 13, 2019, 06:38:15 PM »
That was crazy! The river looks so huge. I'd be scared! And that put out on the river bank looked extra challenging.
Great video. Love the drone scenics. Too bad there's no drone footage of the sup riding. Would need a really experienced drone pilot for that.

''His wife got him to an emergency room, where eight staples closed a long gash from the top of his head toward his left ear.''
That made me empathy cringe big time!  :o :'( Glad I wasn't out there that day!

Sessions / Re: Point break love
« on: April 10, 2019, 08:59:48 AM »
From France to CA? Nice! Nothin' like some good point break stoke. Keep your head down and paddle like ya mean it.

Sessions / Re: Garbage Time_4_8_19
« on: April 10, 2019, 08:55:42 AM »
You sure catch alotta waves and are getting great use of your SS. Keep it up, Ken! I've been armchair surfing while nursing this bum shoulder for 5 weeks now and your vids have been keeping me focused on the "Light at the end of the tunnel"!
btw- You can straighten horizon in your edits pretty easily...sorry, just my horizontal ocd kickin' in!

Sessions / Re: Warm Spring day_4_6_19
« on: April 07, 2019, 07:51:05 AM »
That was a sweeeet sesh! No one around but you and nice glassy peelers. It was good down here on LBI but the wind was a bit off puta the nrth. Looked a few notches better up by you. Keep posting. Not only because I like watching sup vids but also because I'm 5 weeks benched now. Darn shoulder is not even close to srf strong yet. I'm truly becoming an armchair surfer.
  I do get up to the beach and shoot pretty frequently which is kinda keeping me connected to OMO.
Some size out there on 4-6 for sure.

Sessions / Re: Few sliders before work_4-4-19
« on: April 05, 2019, 09:21:16 PM »
Nice break, Badger! Looks like the Indonesia of the East Coast!

Sessions / Re: Winter Sessions- January 2019
« on: April 05, 2019, 09:18:41 PM »
I don't know how you guys do it...
I guess it was always out of necessity. Funny that there are so many surfers who never experienced the real cold stuff. It's a unique experience that's for sure.
Warmin' up here now in The Northeast this past week. We had a record storm that really set up for a full day of waves. Beautiful 70F offshore temps all day. Water was like 48F. I was, and still am benched w/a bum shoulder. Been doing physical therapy sessions twice daily. So I shot a few pics. My old Canon sx50 bridge cam jammed the other day in the wildlife reserve when I dropped it in the sand...luckily a bit of silicone spray freed up the lens.
The goofy footed rider was one of the first sup surfers here where I live. 
  Click on the collage to really see the hi def that cam still delivers.

Click this link to the /surfline feature covering this great day.


Sessions / Re: Few sliders before work_4-4-19
« on: April 04, 2019, 07:56:12 PM »
Sweet sunrise sesh. Cool how the vid started out in almost total darkness. Now I really am experiencing armchair sup surfing!

Sessions / Re: JL Superfrank St. Patty Day Ankle Slappers Ch.2
« on: April 03, 2019, 09:23:36 PM »
Marc, curious what editor you use?[/quote] Just like Oki  Ialso started w/Movie Maker and bought PowerDirector13. Been a while now and it still works really good. Had it like four yrs now and even when my laptop had to reload and I lost all my software but kept all the files(thankfully), CyberLink worked w/me to get my ver of PowerDirector back to me. Also they helped me retrieve the add-on pack I'd purchased. Very powerful and robust consumer grade editor. And the Director Zone has all kinds of free add-ons to "personalize" your edits.

Before SUP, days like this I would just turn up my nose, and go home in disgust...LOL. Now, they're one of my favorite days.
True story.

I had better get out there surfing some of the small waves that are rolling in! Better than staying inside during this drizzling day.
Video clip at 6!

Sessions / Re: Winter Sessions- January 2019
« on: April 03, 2019, 08:59:27 PM »
Loved it Cooky , always puts a smile on my face.   Thank you
  8) Keep smilin sns.

I actually feel cold after watching the first half. Oh yeah, it is cold.
That was cold! It doesn't look it but the last segment in the sunshine was really cold. My hands got numb after about an hr and I had to beach it for a bit and thaw out b4 another go.

Armchair SUP surfing usually doesn't make my bursitis ache
lol.  ;D

Wow...that looks freezing cold......well done. You are hard core! Makes the west coast look downright balmy.
lol...I'm so used it at this point but it can get extra challenging sometimes. That swim in was pretty rough.

Thanks for providing my "sup fix" at this time of the year. You looked good riding your Hull Ripper.
lol...I remember you mentioning the sup fix b4! I guess a video fix is almost as good.  8)
Thanx on the Hull Ripper comment. I really like that board.

You are so lucky to live down in NJ where it's warm. Check out these pics taken last week in NH. You know it's cold when you have ice forming on you.
lmao!  ;D Those frozen faces cracked me up!

Thanks for the soloshot footage!!! Awesome!!!
Was my pleasure. Awesome of you to comment.

General Discussion / Re: Donít do this
« on: April 03, 2019, 05:28:08 AM »
I couldn't even look at the photo of that guy's face. Doesn't take much for things to go south.

General Discussion / Re: Okinawa Intro
« on: April 02, 2019, 09:11:29 PM »
Ah fresh sup stoke. Nice.  I like "OkiWild" better than Matt though!  ;D
Pretty much same deal for me. Shoulder/knees, ect, ect. Although I was drawn to sup way b4 actually took it up.

General Discussion / Re: Spot Check PT2, California 2019
« on: April 02, 2019, 08:11:29 PM »
Wow! Very cool everyone is diggin' the vid. I'm quite pleased w/the input. You guys are stokin'!
Great road trip.
I like your road trips.

lol...It was a trip from the NJ to CA. I took advantage of United Airlines lowered board bag fees. Only $40US ea/way. I really wanted to take advantage of that after all these yrs paying crazy bucks to fly w/boards.
Now that I think of it I REALLY wish I'd put that in my edit..uhh duh?!

seems you had nice waves daily for much of your trip
Definitely...The first couple days were on and off rain but then it was seven days in a row of waves for me.

Cool you hooked up with Bryce, I knew him when he lived in nj, always looked forward to his photo posts on fb.
Wow! Not surprised. You guys are solid surfers! I first met Bryce in 2008. Then we road tripped to Nova Scotia in summer 2015. Great shotgun partner.

Such a nice way to start the day with a good stoke vid
Nice to hear...Burchas is a super cool user name...what's up w/that. It has a Hindu kina sound.

Thanks for bringing the SoloShot. Love the screengrab of that big close out
No prob. Thanx for taggin' up. Your surfing definitely adds some zip to my vid. That custom King's sup is unreal. That is a gnarly closeout. Closeout o' the day mahn!

Rhythm and Resin Cookie. Dig the soundtrack. I think I recognized a standard riff mixed into your jam. 
Not surprised you like the riffs, now that I was actually in your house and checked out all that music gear. Kinda glad you locked your keys in your car that day, Matt!

Killer video -- makes me want to get out of the northeast for a while. Maybe next winter I'll head out to visit people in NoCal. What are the dims of the blue board that you are riding?  Looking agile out there!

Always stokes me to hear one of my vids inspires someone to srf or travel. Warms my heart. Thanx, SS. Thanx for that agile comment too.
That blue sup is an 8'0" Assassin by Cannibal. I got it June 2014 and it's been my go to for the whole time. Thing is bullet proof! I did a GoPro demo vid first time i rode it. Check it out!

That was a great video. Smooth style.
I really want a Soloshot, but most of the places I surf, there's no where to put it... Might have to hire a cameraman LOL.
I never really clicked with longboards. Had a 9'0" performance shape I'd take my kids out on where they were little, but that was it. Now that I'm on a SUP, suddenly my favorite boards are the 9' and 10' performance longboards. The smooth style, walking back and forth to trim it, being out on the nose (not hanging yet...). I love all of it, and love watching it.
Thanx Oki. I really like to hear the words "Smooth style". It's definitely something for us to strive for. Don't seem to remember you on here. Cool user name. Curious what your terrain and topography are like that inhibit the SS setup. I would like to see some vid of you longboarding! So cool that there are WAY more surfers w/SS's these days.

Thanks for taking the time to put that video together, very nice. Makes me want to catch some waves!
No prob.  8)  Thanx for watching and commenting. It made me smile.
That Ponto lngbrd sesh in the first segment was the first time for me at that spot. Was cool to finally surf Carlsbad. No go surfing!  :)

Sessions / Re: JL Superfrank St. Patty Day Ankle Slappers Ch.2
« on: April 02, 2019, 02:16:19 PM »
Nice slapper sesh! Beautiful conditions for gettin' the anks wet. Nothin' like sunshine and surf even if it is small. at least it was clean.
Constructive crit? Ok. Trim/cut/edit out all the paddling out and stroking for waves. Just a coupla up and over the waves and maybe two strokes for ea entry into your rides. I scrubbed through alot of that and it only took about two mins to watch the whole vid. Also if your in a decent editor you can straighten horizon pretty easy.

Sessions / Re: Snuck another one in...
« on: April 02, 2019, 02:07:53 PM »
I hope Mr. SuppyCreek connects w/me here in /jersey this yr. Would love to demo his signature board. your month sounds the exact opposite of mine. Been benched since 4/3 w/a bum shoulder. Healing up now but not quite surf strong just yet.

Nice shimmy shimmy shoo bop vid btw!  :P

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