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General Discussion / Re: High Performance SUP suggesting
« on: August 23, 2021, 05:09:58 AM »
But there is a twist why I want to HP sup like a short. I had a total hip replacement and I still can't pop up on my little 5'9.. so supping is my only form of surfing right now.

Check out the Genration Wedge.  Reading the comments above its exactly what you want.  its not just a 'blown up shortboard' like a JL Supertech (I had one)  its a SuP designed to perform as a shortboard.

I have the 8'2 118l and im 215 lbs.  I ride it with my back foot square on the pad and barely move my front foot to turn.  and thats unheard of on a SUP.   The board isnt sunk when I stand on it either becase of how the volume is dispersed.

Check out Ig videos of Daniel Hughes (Danielsup) to see the board in action.

It isnt an 'everyday' board.  I ride in in big and glassy/good conditions.  maybe 20% of the time.

Gear Talk / Re: if you could only have one board (2021 version)
« on: July 23, 2021, 05:13:24 AM »
ive probably cycled through 15-20 boards since I started in 2012 and think the most versatile board if I could only have 1 would be my current 8'0 x 30 129L L41 ST.   

Kirk really is on to something beyond 'blown up' surfboard shapes.  For Ref im 5'10 210ish.  It works in all conditions i'd 'want' to sup in.  (IE if its overhead and Barelling i'm probably prone or not out.)

Gear Talk / Re: JL Super Frank vs Destroyer
« on: July 13, 2021, 07:22:22 AM »
Noo Noo.  Definetly PM LBsup.   He posted earlier on the thread. He owns both boards right in the sizes you are looking at and is right around your weight.

Cant beat that for info!

Gear Talk / Re: 10' Sunova Style XL. Center Fin
« on: July 10, 2021, 07:50:32 AM »
While I dont have my Style any longer, when I did I had a Grenaugh Stage 9 and it was by far the best fin I ever found for the board. Ran it with no sidebites

Gear Talk / Re: Why I went all in on Simmons/L41
« on: July 10, 2021, 07:49:02 AM »
Awesome Osprey!

Im on the exact same board (Even the same carbon controller fins) in an 8'0 x 30 x 129L.

 While I didnt surf it yesterday in Elsa (I proned) I agree;  the ST works 95% of the time here in NJ from shin high to chest- Most useful board I've ever owned

damn sounds like fun!  Good to see your still gettin' out on your SUP. If you are around this weekend, I might be sojourning to NJ depending on the wind situation.


Sure Sean- Ill be out Prone tomorrow based on the size but on a SUP sat AM most likely.  Looks good both days! come on down!

Mr Creek offered up the proceeds of his van to a man that was told 'You can only surf if if you are back here by 9am" by his wife and family.....  Good news....

I have found that these proclamations inhibit ascension to the World Tour.

HAHAHA Beasho...I will blame my wife for the fact I could have been a 44 year old Kai Lenny :)

Sure LB...

I think you'd like it- I found it very similar to your Super Frank.

 I had a little trouble burying the rail to turn, but that was because I wasnt moving my back foot at all to the rail (I never have to move my back foot on my Genration Wedge- but far thinner and less volume tail)

Once i moved my back foot even an inch closer to the rail it turned really really well.

I dont know how much more size it could have handled.  It was quite bouncy on the head high sets, but in the waist high waves it felt like a perfect option.  Also got into waves very early.  I probably wouldn't have caught one wave based on how soft and rolly they were on my Wedge- the takeoff just never got steep enough.

I still think I would prefer my l41 ST to it- but mostly because we never get waves like that in NJ.  I was taking off earlier than I ever do in NJ on the Placid- just because I could.

it also had a ledge handle which was such a welcome relief from the older Sunovas with the lift handle that as everyone knows just doesnt work well with gloves or mitts.

Had the absolute pleasure of my yearly meetup, (slash) " Can i borrow a board and surf with you?' mission to Cape Cod for the July 4th week with the one and only SuptheCreek.

As per usual, Mr Creek offered up the proceeds of his van to a man that was told 'You can only surf if if you are back here by 9am" by his wife and family.....  Good news....Creek has ALWAYS has met me at dawn the last few years i ventured into his neck of the woods for a session.

Got to Coast Guard beach and had good size (3-4) with some somewhat fat waves. A welcome change from the flat or back brekaing waves of MOCO NJ.

Had the pleasure of meeting fellow zoner Eddyonasup who really gave me pause when he hooked in his Great White shark repellant gizmo.  Needless to say. my 'rests' in between waves were on my knees not my butt when I saw that.

Got to try out the new Sunova Placid which was a great board for the lumpy, big but fat conditions- got me in early but really was great on the wave- at 140L bigger than I would normally surf but as I was keeping al skin out of the water for Mr. Shrak it was great.

 Creek was on the Kanga which worked awesome for him, and Eddy was a on a low volume STarboard Longboard shape- also great for the fat but decent sized swell.

Eddy and I were in 3/2's with Eddy even in boots, and anyone who had surfed with Rick knows......even at 5am. the guy was in trunks. ANIMAL!

anyway....heres a glamor shot and a sunrise shot- and again always an honor to surf with the zoner crew.  Thanks again boys!

Sessions / Re: L41 ST Demo session
« on: June 29, 2021, 06:12:14 PM »
I agree Controllers work best. 
But in weak waves they can feel slow.  I experimented with fins and found that Keel fins are fun.  Feels like twins have less drag than quads.  Been using the Rasta Keels in weaker waves.  The area of the Rasta-keels is 24.6 versus 30.3 for the Controllers.  I have the Torren Martyn keel fins on my wish list (height 135mm/ base 178 mm), which look even bigger than the Rastas (height 121 mm/ base 174.5mm).
The Controllers are basically a split keel.

This is an awesome peice of advice.  I also use controllers on my ST.  I'm going to give twins a rip and see how it works in the really gutless summer stuff.

Congrats!  Loving my Genration as well. 

PS - is that a little home horticulture in that planter in the picture??  8)

Sessions / Re: L41 ST Demo session
« on: June 28, 2021, 05:20:19 PM »

I've found, as I mentioned to you in person, this has become my go to board 85% of the time for our speedy NJ waves below Chest high.

As a matter of fact the size waves you were in on it would probably be the max I would take that out in before going to my Genration Wedge.

I took my 7'11" 125L ST to Nicaragua two summers ago. Waves were consistently head+ and the ST (or at least me on the ST) wouldn't hold an edge on a steep face. I often felt like I was 'skating' out. Anybody else have this experience?

Yep...not something I want to be in a dredging pocket or Head high bareling wave.  Definetly the board's kryptonite.

Sessions / Re: L41 ST Demo session
« on: June 26, 2021, 05:40:56 PM »
In general, best to converse with Kirk to get an idea of sizing and model for your conditions.
But it seems the trend for riders that love riding L41 as their all-around board is to not go too small in terms of volume, to best balance the fun to work ratio.
The taller rider will appreciate width in terms of leverage.
For e.x.
AJR ST 8'4" x 31" 4.5" 136L 6'1" (225#)  [gf=1.33]
DEMO LBsup L41 ST 8' x 30.5" 129L 5'9" 200# [gf=1.42]
TallDude ST 8'8" x 32" 4.5" 146L 6'7" 225# [gf=1.43]
Northjerzsurfer: L41 ST 8' x 30.5" 129L 175# [gf=1.62]
StarboardSUPMan  ST 8'4" x 31.5" 136L 6'2" 175# [gf=1.71]
Ponobill: Simsup 8'8" x 32" x 4.5" 150L 235# 6'2" [gf=1.4]
Lopezwill: L41 Simsup 8'10" x 33" 159L 230# 6'4"  [gf=1.52]
Beasho: L41 Simpsup 8'2" x 32" 139L 180# [gf=1.7]

[gf = guild factor = volume of board (L) / weight of rider (kg)]

Im actually about 210.  so im around 1.36 GF. and on the lower side  But completely agree. these boards should be at 1.3 or above to be fun and fast.

Sessions / Re: L41 ST Demo session
« on: June 25, 2021, 10:29:38 AM »
Great to see you again this AM Ken!

Glad you enjoyed the board and I think everyones comments on the thread have it nailed!

I've found, as I mentioned to you in person, this has become my go to board 85% of the time for our speedy NJ waves below Chest high.

As a matter of fact the size waves you were in on it would probably be the max I would take that out in before going to my Genration Wedge.

it really is a great high tide weapon.  Ive been able to extend sessions well beyond proners and even other suppers when the waves fatten out.

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