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I should also have asked, was this backwinding a "deal breaker" or just something that was not ideal?  Most equipment in most sports have strengths and weaknesses and tradeoffs.  Was any negative of this backwinding made up for by other good aspects of the handling?


Thanks, do you know if that is specific to the 6m?

Has anyone else tried this more recently and if so do you have any thoughts on the above comments?  I'm looking at a 5m, but my brother is in a lighter wind area and looking at a 6m.  We'd both like to hear a bit more about if the 5m or 6m is harder to handle if it does get overpowered.


Thanks for the replies above.  My main interest here was whether other newer brands coming to market are able to copy and keep up with the bigger older brands or whether they are a generation behind the others.  Does anyone else have thoughts on that?


If you are from Silent Sports (which I assume from the video), can you PM me?  I see a number of wings on your site but I'm not sure I see any V2 models in around 5m which are in stock.  Or where are you seeing new generation wings around 5m in stock?


Hi I'm looking to get a wing and trying to figure out what to get. Zero wing experience but I windfoil and kitefoil. Here in Canada I won't use it till the spring.  I can get a 2020 model of something like the F-One Swing now.  I could wait till the winter or spring for a 2021, but last year things were hard to come by and some good brands might not be here in Canada till much later in the summer.  I could more easily get a new "knock-off" brand wing (without naming names, I'm referring to the wings from non-windsports companies who are all jumping in). 

Does anyone have an opinion on how a well-liked wing like the 2019/2020 F-One Swing would compare to some of the other less well known brands who are coming to market?  Is this the kind of thing where there are lots of fine details that get optimized through a lot of testing and windsport history, or can any company draw up a design, send the specs to China and come up with a decent 2021 model which is as good as the brand-name ones they were trying to copy and improve upon?


The Shape Shack / Re: Jon Boat Tow Foil - for the country folks
« on: March 29, 2020, 10:21:16 AM »
Funny you should mention this.  I made a small kitefoil board a couple years ago.  I found a hotwired offcut from a SUP, bent some nose rocker into it, added some outline and rail shape and it was good to go!


The only issues with getting the board CNCed are:
- I really enjoy shaping
- I don't think there is the capability anywhere near me
- The shape of a board like this probably matters a lot less than other boards that spend most of their time on the water

And yes, you are right, I might do a corecell and carbon stringer.  I'm still figuring that out.  My current leaning is to not do a fully wrapped sandwich construction.  I have some bamboo veneer so might do a compsan type method, but I think other friends of mine might be looking at S-glass and/or  carbon.  I think we've found a good source for 1.5lb foam blocks, so that should be good without the full sandwich.

The other great thing about the bamboo veneer is that I hate the final filling and sanding and painting on a more regular construction.


Thanks Dwight, do you know, for a windfoil board with the foil mounted at the back, what might be common in terms of anything structural in the back at the board?  For my short kitefoil board I put two Chinook boxes into some very high density extruded foam that I had, and had it extend forward perhaps a foot forward of the boxes. 

Is a stringer common at all?  I have done partial depth corecell stringers into the bottom of a couple of windsurf boards over the years - route a channel about 1" deep, and use stringer to press glass or carbon into the slot.  Any thoughts on whether that might be common on necessary on a board like this where things are cantilevered more in front?


The Shape Shack / Slightly off topic- Windfoil board construction ?
« on: March 26, 2020, 04:03:46 PM »
Hi all, if anyone can point me to a better place to ask this question then please do.  I've built SUP's, surfboard,, kiteboards, paddles, hydrofoils etc, but I'm looking to build a windfoil board rather than ride a modified old board.  I know there are a lot of multi-sport board builders here so I thought I'd ask.

I'm wondering about the pros and cons of different constructions.  One option could be a lighter foam (maybe 1 lb?)  with a sandwich construction like on most windsurfers, or the other option would be a higher density EPS like on a SUP (1.5 to 2 lb?) and a bit more skin and no extra high density outer foam layer.  I actually have some bamboo veneer so a compsand method is also possible.   

For sure I know there would be reinforcement at the foil mount either way as well as some deck areas.  It seems to me that the board, something along the lines of a Slingshot Wizard 125L would not be getting jumped and crashed like a windsurf waveboard, and is more likely to be cruised and carved like some SUP foil boards.  BUT, the board would not be as short and thick as some SUP foil boards since it needs to have the forward sail mount and uphaul potential.

Does anyone have any great insights in this, or can anyone direct me to where I might find more info on this?


Gear Talk / Re: Medium to Higher End Inflatable Performance on Flatwater
« on: November 22, 2019, 03:54:46 AM »
Thanks!   :)

Gear Talk / Re: Medium to Higher End Inflatable Performance on Flatwater
« on: November 19, 2019, 03:28:06 PM »
Height and weight?  Tricky question.  As a guess, 5'7" and 140 lbs(?)

She was totally fine on my 14'x26.5" board.  Would an inflatable with a bit more of a rounded bottom and no hard rails near the back, plus a bit thicker, be significantly tippier such that the 27" wide starbaord might be too tippy despite my 26.5" wide board was OK (my board does not have an overly wide tail, so its average stability for its width).


Gear Talk / Re: Medium to Higher End Inflatable Performance on Flatwater
« on: November 18, 2019, 03:14:27 PM »
Thanks for the input Julian.  When I look at a few of your suggestions, I see for example that with the Naish glide and Maliko boards you suggest, dimensions could be 12'x34" at one extreme, and 14'x25" at the other extreme.  Am I correct in assuming that there would be a big difference between how these would paddle?  On a board like this are length and width not big (or the biggest) factors?  Or does the overall rocker and water entry affect this just as much - which is harder to judge by easy to read specs?


Gear Talk / Re: Medium to Higher End Inflatable Performance on Flatwater
« on: November 18, 2019, 05:16:48 AM »
Thanks for the replies so far.  The problem here is that once my sister tried my 2 boards, she saw the light, and realized she could go much farther and faster on a better board rather than bob around in the same bay.  So there is a desire to upgrade. 

Here's a simpler form of the question:  what will be faster, a 12'6" x 27" Starboard Airline or a more generic 14'x 29" which is half the price of the Starboard?    And will they both be leaps and bounds faster than the current 10'8" x 31" water toy they have?  (I think this is what they have https://waveschamp.com/jimmy-styks-thresher-inflatable-paddle-board-review/ )

I'd also be interested to hear if anyone has noticed much stability difference when comparing the Starboard Airline to a similar shaped rigid board.

As for paddles, yes, I agree, a good paddle makes a big difference and they are already well setup with an adjustable carbon paddle


Gear Talk / Medium to Higher End Inflatable Performance on Flatwater
« on: November 17, 2019, 03:24:04 PM »
Hi, I'm being asked for some advice about inflatables and am not sure the answer.  My sister has a cheap Costco inflatable, 10'8" by 31" (possibly wider?).  I have two 14' carbon race boards that I have built, around 26.5" wide and fairly stable with relatively box rails.  Not surprisingly she tried my boards and liked them a lot more.

Because of the cottage terrain when they use boards they are still looking to stay with inflatables.  Any new board will only be paddled on a flat water lake, and never raced. 

So here's the question.  If my 14' boards are a 8 or 9 out of 10 for speed and glide, and if her tubby inflatable is about a 2 out of 10, how would other boards fit in?  I realize that there are lots of factors that affect this, so these answers will be educated guesses - but at least they are educated!

We found a good deal on a fairly pointed nose board at 12'6" by 29".  Any guesses how it might paddle in terms of speed and glide?  https://www.decathlon.ca/en/inflatable-stand-up-paddle-boards/148592-6016-500-inflatable-touring-racing-sup-12-6-29quote-orange.html#/demodelsize-254/demodelundefined-8387653

Also an NRS Escape 14' x 29" ?

Finally I found a used Starboard Airline 12'6 x 27" (2018).  I suspect it might be the fastest even though it is only 12'6".  I'm wondering however, how much less stable this might be if its rails are a bit rounder and if its a bit thicker too, since its almost the same width as my boards but probably rounder.

Any helpful thoughts on this?


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