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I donít use straps, but I have always placed my feet offset from day 1.  I switch stance  , my foot set up is off center on both sides.   I never feel comfortable with my feet centered. I feel like the board controls me rather than me controlling the board when my feet are in the center.
It might also have something to do with my windsurfing background, in straps off center / on the rail of the board.

Travel, Trips, Destinations / Re: Recent (Oct 2020) St Lucia trip
« on: October 29, 2020, 07:30:47 AM »
If I am not mistaken, that southern part of the island is quiet and not as many resorts, restaurants and bars as Castries and Rodney Bay areas so an all inclusive would be good because not a lot around.

Years ago when they first opened Hewanorra International Airport, there was very little there in the way of hotels and amenities and itís a 1 1/2 hr drive to Castries. 
It may be different now, but when I first flew in there, it was pretty isolated.

Classifieds / Re: WTB: Jimmy Lewis Striker 8'11 (Mass/NH)
« on: October 27, 2020, 10:18:24 AM »
understood..good luck with the search...

Maybe Cabarete, Dominican Republic....I think the DR has pretty lax requirements . Great surf on the north shore anywhere from Puerto Plata to Cabarete...also really good winds for kiting r wing foiling/surfing.

relatively inexpensive compared to much of the Caribbean.  Easy flights to DR as well.

Classifieds / Re: WTB: Jimmy Lewis Striker 8'11 (Mass/NH)
« on: October 27, 2020, 09:45:35 AM »
No Striker but selling my Jimmy Lewis Kwad...8'7" x 29" x 115 liter
It's  great board, really stable despite it's size.  I am 6 ft 180 floats me great, catches waves easily and surfs really well.  I own two of these...

see my classified post from a couple of weeks ago  in the Standup Zone

I am in Kittery Point, ME (southern)  leaving for Florida this Saturday...

While the Caribbean was opening up the last couple of months, with the recent surge in new Covid  cases in the US and UK, their policies are changing quickly.
Yes you can travel to many of the Caribbean islands, but for many you must quarantine, sometimes up to 14 days.  Not sure you want to spend your vacation in mandatory quarantine,
Keep checking articles like this below.  I am constantly checking, and it seems with each day, another island opens or closes ..such uncertain times, and with winter and flu season coming on top of Covid, I canít see islands loosening rules but just the opposite ...good luck



North shore slider good catch........ I meant 180 lbs    I eat a lot of sandwiches...hoagies are my favorite food

Thanks Bob thatís good to know and I appreciate your feedback
It really is a great wetsuit
Itís extra large but I usually wear large Iím 6 foot and 100 pounds and it fit me great.
I hope somebody takes it as it is because I donít wanna have a suit Iím never gonna wear again

I don't even know if people buy used wetsuits, but I have a lightly used (maybe 12 times over 6 years)
4.3 O'Neil Hyperfreak full suit in XL.  It comes with detachable hood as well.  Chest zipper.

Really warm and flexible. I had not worn a wetsuit in 30 years when I bought this for a winter in Maine, and it's warmth , comfort and flexibility blew me away.  I was used to beaver tails and arm pit rashes. Wore this in 30 degree air and 34 degree water and along with booties and gloves, I was warm and comfortable.

The wetsuit is in good to very good condition.

I am in southern Maine

Classifieds / Yakima SUP PUP racks $50.00 southern Maine
« on: October 17, 2020, 12:31:20 PM »
I have a set ot Yakima SUP PUP roof racks $50  I am in southern Maine and they are in box. I can ship and you pay for shipping.

Great condition however on one of them the integrated tie down strap clamp's spring broke so the teeth won't grip the strap very tight.  They still work fine. I put the rack with the broken spring as the rear rack and would tie a knot in the strap and it worked fine.  If I went on a highway, I would add an additional strap, but for local and around the town trips, the racks are great.

They fit a variety of cross bars, factory installed , round, flat, aerodynamic.  I love these racks and got another set to replace these.

Maybe one of you have the patience and ingenuity to fix the clamp..I don't

Jimmy Lewis Kwad With SUP Sports heavy duty travel bag $700.00.  I am in Southern Maine ( KITTERY) pick up or close drop off only

Jimmy Lewis Kwad in Lime/yellow
8’7″x29″x4″ (115L)

This is a great SUP for someone who wants to go shorter but not lose stability. This board is plenty stable yet surfs very well and is very maneuverable.   I am 6 ft 180 and this board floats me great and catches waves very easily.  It comes only in 4 fin configuration..  It is the Jimmy Lewis Classic Construction which is very durable.

Board is rarely used and in Very good condition and a high quality travel bag comes with it.

Classifieds / SIC X14 Pro with custom travel bag $900.00. Southern Maine
« on: October 16, 2020, 04:22:33 AM »
Moving sale....SIC X14 Pro with FCS travel bag $900.00
I am in KITTERY, Maine ( Southern Maine) pick up or close drop off only.

Super fast board. SIC's full carbon SCC construction. Extremely light weight and FAST.
This is a rocket ship of a board, especially in calm water. This board cuts through water effortlessly.  At 26Ē wide it is a little less stable in side chop, but in calm water plenty stable, and what you sacrifice in stability this board more than makes up for in speed. 
Comes with high quality FCS travel bag .

ē Construction: Carbon Composite (SCC)
ē Length: 14'0"
ē Width: 26"
ē Weight: 23.0 lbs
ē Volume: 253 L

condition: Good condition, nose slightly damaged in shipping professional repair.
make / manufacturer: SIC

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: Wing harness?
« on: October 07, 2020, 11:42:00 AM »

Hey Dwight, what is the style name/number for those Duotone lines?  That's a great solution.  Also who sells them in FL?  thanks

Good pointers Clay, beginners will definitely benefit from that advice.

...I think windsurfers, like myself, try too hard to hold the wing like a windsurfing sail and drop the tip into the water rather than holding hand aloft and above your head as in your videos.  I know that now, but when first learning I was digging in my tips all the time.

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