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Maybe water mixed with vinegar.  Itís mild and works on other musty, moldy smells

Sailboat Foiling / Re: Foiling Sailboats!
« on: October 15, 2021, 11:45:10 AM »
Do you need a leash for these things? ;D

But honestly if you were to fly off the back, would it stop in it 's tracks or keep foiling along?

Sailboat Foiling / Re: Foiling Sailboats!
« on: October 14, 2021, 08:49:44 PM »
Tom just get their e mail from the company website and ask them. They are very nice people and eager to answer any questions.  The videos of their UFOs are from all over the world so they must have decent distributor channel. 

Sailboat Foiling / Re: Foiling Sailboats!
« on: October 14, 2021, 02:21:39 PM »
As I age each year, I have been thinking of getting into sailing where I can sit rather than stand and this foil boat caught my eye.  this company out of Rhode Island makes the UFO foil boat

I have seen some really cool videos.  The only negative itís for one person .

I remember windsurfing inCanadien Hole  years ago, and if I remember correctly if you wiped out far from shore it would still be waist high water.  Not sure if that was the tide, but when I sailed there I remember it wasnít too deep.

Ya I would have thought OBX Dave would chime in here.  I foiled with him in Florida last March and he shreds..hope he just lost interest in the Zone and is ok.

If you re looking for a Fanatic wing board check out Green Hat kiteboarding
I have bought a number of boards and wings through them including my Fanatic Sky wing board.

I own 2 Fanatic foil boards   SKY SUP 115 ltr and the 95 ltr Sky Wing Foil board. Love them both. Good construction, good value  I also ride their Aero foils

Highly recommend

Foil SUP / Re: 2021 Fanatic Sky Sup vs JL Flying V
« on: September 22, 2021, 05:58:05 AM »
I own both the JL  115 liter and a Sky SUP 115 liter. Both great solid boards. I have only used them for wing foiling so far, not SUP foiling, but I imagine both would be good SUP foiling boards. Both are very stable , and while I have downsized to a 95 liter Fanatic wing board, I still ride the larger boards.   I donít think you can go wrong with either...Iíd probably recommend going for the 115 liter board either JL or Fanatic...not 125 liter.     I am 180 lbs and 115 is fine for me

Technique / Re: Prone paddling out over breaking waves
« on: September 20, 2021, 11:52:24 AM »
I have always tried to use method B with the blade under my chest against the board.  I have never had any issues with cracks that I know of.  I might have to go back and examine the paddle more closely.

Sometimes the situation is such that I don't have time to organize for A or B and just frantically scratch for the horizon with the paddle under me somewhere (method C)

The worst is the one handed paddling while holding paddle in the other hand...I feel like Curly from the 3 Stooges.

Hey VB thanks for that reply and information.  I do know initially I bought a foil too small to get me up on foil when first learning, so  once I started getting up on foil with the larger wings, I never thought about dropping down in size.  After reading so many posts here and guys riding very small foils, I figure there must be a reason for it.  The one thing I HATE is schlogging or having difficulty getting up on foil or having to work too hard to get up and thatís one reason I havenít tried anything less than my 2000.

Now that I know what I am doing and my technique is better, maybe a smaller foil is possible . 

Ok currently riding Fanatic Aero Foil 2000 with my Fanatic Sky wing board 95 liters.  I now make 99% of my gybes and stay on foil for as long as wind and wing cooperate.  I have ridden swells but no breaking waves as yet. I own 4m, 5m and 6m wings and wing foil comfortable  in winds up to 30 knots+ (right OBX Dave?  ;D

I don't want to buy an entire set, and since the Fanatic foil system is interchangeable, I have been eyeing the 1750 and 1500 foils, but just wondering what difference will I notice riding the smaller foils?  What advantages (and disadvantages if any) will I see?  I imagine they are not for lighter winds and larger wings....thanks as always for your expert input..

Gear Talk / Re: Hobie CM Series
« on: September 02, 2021, 09:10:27 AM »
Video from a  few years ago surfing my 8'11" x 28" Hobie CM Raw...

Gear Talk / Re: Hobie CM Series
« on: August 30, 2021, 02:11:16 PM »
Hard to tell, maybe you could contact Hobie with that serial # to find out more information?

Maybe a local surf shop can share info?  I believe Cinnamon Rainbows in hampton Beach, NH is a Hobie dealer...

Gear Talk / Re: Hobie CM Series
« on: August 30, 2021, 12:42:24 PM »
I can't say for sure about this one, but most of the Hobie CM Raw I saw with the spiderweb carbon were pretty fragile, in some cases just crap.  I believe the worst ones were made under license somewhere in Florida.  See if you can find out where this was made.

My Hobie Raw was hand shaped in California  with only carbon rails and stringer and is bomb proof.

Either way' I'd recommend glassing in or removing completely those two strap thingies on either side of the handle..prone to leak as mine did and had to have deck redone.

Bringing this one back. To each their own, but for anyone who has not tried a wing with a 'real' boom I strongly encourage you to do so.

I finally got the 6M Slick I ordered in May, and took it out yesterday, and it is a brave new world of control and power. The wind was a bit too light and gusty, but with the boom I could absolutely hammer pumps whenever a puff came along to get up on foil. When it was supper light and I was just slogging, I used one hand in the middle of the boom and saved energy while I waited for the next puff. While the aluminum boom is a bit heavy (carbon still not available) the benefits, at least for light wind riding, are 100% worth it.

If you are usually riding in 20+ knots so there is always adequate pressure on the wing, maybe it is less important, but I'm a convert. I went in with high expectations (usually a recipe for disappointment) and the experience actually exceeded my highest hopes for how a boomed wing would perform. If they were actually available, and the next model year was not so close, I would buy a full quiver of Slicks today.

Making a carbon boom out of the aluminum one is literally five minutes work. I've done several for TJ at Big Winds using the Black Project silver-colored paddle shaft, and they're gorgeous. But I could make one out of almost any shaft, though the extreme taper Quickblade versions on their newest paddles might be a challenge.

I don't find side-to-side flex to be an issue with fake booms the way I make them, with two velcro straps for each of the furthest front and furthest back handles, even for the new F-one Strike, which has longer and more floppy handles than the Swing. The two straps stretch the handle out and reduce the effect of increasing distance from the strut that grabbing the handle in the middle or using a single attachment causes. That's one reason why I find the short bridging "boom" offered by some wing manufacturers so pointless. They allow more options for hand placement during transitions, but they don't make the handles less floppy--they flop even more.

Even a locked-in boom, like those on any Duotone other than the echo, has side-to-side movement. I inflated my 7M Duotone echo and my 6M Slick with the fake boom to see how much difference there is. The answer is--not much. If I pull the boom side to side close to the leading edge on the echo, it is substantially stiffer than the Slick, but even at the midpoint there's hardly a difference at all, and further back the fake boom actually looks stiffer. That makes sense, the fake boom is anchored to the strut, the duotone is just connected to the canopy.  If I wasn't so lazy I'd do it again and shoot video, but you can wiggle stuff for yourself.

I totally agree with you on pumping and wing response with the boom. The Duotone with boom feels much more responsive with a solid feel and quick reaction, while my non boom wings feel a little bouncy and are slower to capture the wind when pumping....

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