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Foil SUP / Re: Front foot strap angle for foil board
« on: May 23, 2020, 02:18:15 PM »
I’m curious about this as it seems like there’s every angle under the sun from pictures. I like Clay’s crazy track mount things that he’s trying to keep secret from us all. ;)

That's Jeff Clark's mad genius design, really quick and easy adjustment in the water, I love it.  Every time I try another board with the usual strap screw boxes I am bummed out by the lack of adjustment or the degree of difficulty in changing foot positions.

Yeah what Dwight said.

I would ask what "problem" are you trying to solve?

My approach to foiling is as a surfer riding waves, and I want to be able to carve tight turns.  So the potential problem is not enough wing and I come off the foil coming out of a turn because there is not enough wave energy, or the opposite I fly out of the water because either to much lift or the wing is so wide the tip comes out and I fall.

With wingding i look at foiling the same.  I go with a big wing until I am having trouble keeping it down in the water.  I also size down if the swell or bumps have big enough or steep enough faces that I want a narrower wing that will fit better in the curve of the wave.

I found a Maniac online   ;)

Also found an old but new ozone connect harness - that's a design style that seems about right for winging - as in really light and minimal. 

I definitely don't have harness brain yet.  I went out at low tide, only about a foot of water over thick mud that i sank down about 6-12 inches into.  So without thinking i climbed on my board to prone paddle and put the harness hook through the glass.

Video from a couple days ago:

General Discussion / Re: Back on Board--- done sitting!
« on: May 04, 2020, 10:30:33 AM »
Rick glad to see you in the water and taking care of yourself.

Random / Re: Should we really wait for "them" to figure this out?
« on: May 04, 2020, 10:20:54 AM »
And yes, Clay I won't yell at you, but stay safe. We need you and your unending enthusiasm. Love you brother. That goes for all of you, even Rider. Strange though it may seem in an online community we've formed a bond that goes on. I wish you all well.

Thanks Bill!  Love you too.  Appreciate the good words.  I've been yelled at most of my life and I always appreciate when people use a softer approach.

Hope we all get wet and gather around a fire soon.

Random / Re: Should we really wait for "them" to figure this out?
« on: May 02, 2020, 06:01:11 PM »
I want to acknowledge that in my opinion everyone on the zone is smart as F, free thinkers, dancing to the beat of their own drum kinda folks.   I mean this as a compliment.

The bay area was one of the first counties to lockdown, and now leading the charge to force everyone to wear masks.

For me this is the last straw.  I  tried wearing a mask last week while grocery shopping and hated every second it.  This week I went to buy groceries and tried lying saying i had a medical condition. I got hassled 3 times by store employees for not wearing a mask, once a fellow shopper snitched on me.  Most of the shoppers either gave me fearful looks or avoided me like the plague.  A miserable experience.

I now have a Guy Fawkes mask.  In my opinion the masks are useless, unless the goal is to spread fear and remind people who's in charge.

Random / Re: Should we really wait for "them" to figure this out?
« on: May 01, 2020, 02:50:55 PM »

What this story actually says is that people are NOT dying from covid.

It says people ARE being killed by the lockdown and fear mongering, in other words they have a heart attack or other stress response and are not getting care because medical service has been shutdown or they are afraid to go to the hospital.

It also says that over a 3 week period 171,000 people died NOT from covid, anybody know or care what the cause of death was?  Anyone hysterical or panicking over these deaths?

By comparison in that same 3 week period 23,000 deaths are attributed to covid.

331 million people, my math calculates to a chance of death, covid or no covid, to way less than 1 percent.  Or ten time more likely to die from something other than covid.

WTF?   How long are folks going to believe the hype, the any day now "millions are going to die" scare-demic?

I personally do NOT like torx / star heads. 

The main reason is bolts and wrenches are ridiculously hard to find, locally it's dang near impossible to find parts.

Also I find that because the torx key / wrench doesn't sit well in the head it's easier to strip and or break the head and key.

With the Wera hex keys I never strip or break bolts.  Some bolt heads will get rounded, but I have discovered that was mostly because I was lazy with my wrenching and the key wasn't inserted all the way into the head.  Slowing down and taking a few more seconds to tighten makes a big difference for me.

Random / Re: Should we really wait for "them" to figure this out?
« on: April 29, 2020, 02:51:18 PM »
My approach is to start by asking questions:

What does health look like? 

How does a healthy human live day to day?

Does health come from wearing a mask and isolating from other humans, treating each other like lepers?

Washing ones hands tens times a day with microbiome destroying, eczema causing soap?

Eating food from who knows where, sprayed with how much toxic crap, animals that are treated with grotesque cruelty and fed horrific garbage?  How can food continue to be supplied to all the cities that have destroyed their local food sources, how do we eat in a concrete jungle?

Living separate form family, friends, neighbors?  In a house made of all kinds horrible toxic offgassing crap?

Breathing smog or conditioned air?  Walking in petroleum shoes on concrete, asphalt, and plastic floors?

Arming ourselves to the teeth and feeling consistent fear that "they" are going to get "us"?

Staring at screens for hours everyday?

Commuting alone in traffic several hours a day?  Going to a place most people hate, doing soul crushing work?

Pills, needles, surgery, x-rays, radiation, is this health "care"?

Toxic surfboards, toxic wetsuits, toxic leashes, toxic foils, toxic wings, is this the plan for a healthy life supporting ecosystem?

The people who disagree with me often say we need more of this type of "living".  Or we just need a vaccine and force everyone to get it, then all will be right with the world.

I did the same thing, confused by the sizing ordered giant hex keys by accident.

These are what I have now and suspect they will last forever:

The trick for me is to make sure the wrench is all the way in the head before tightening, and then turning with downward pressure so the wrench doesn't work itself up and strip the bolt

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Re: Upwind on foil
« on: April 27, 2020, 10:23:38 AM »
Right on!  Fun to hear the stoke, and can relate to the frustration.

I had a breakthrough on the 6m yesterday upwind with a harness.   Wind was mostly low teens, with maybe an occasional gust to upper teens. 

Hooked in to the harness I was able to go upwind at my steepest angle so far heelside, and then jibe and ride the windswell toeside side-downwind, jibe and repeat.

In other light wind sessions I grew bored quickly.  Yesterday the outer waters had strong winds and therefore fun size bumps were still rolling in.  I was able to play with luffing the big 6m and foil the bumps unpowered.  Super fun!  I am so stoked to do this in nuking winds with a small kite!

Question on harnesses in general -

Are they or were they designed to float?

Seems like some have a lot of foam, wondering if they function as a pfd at all?


Dwight thanks so much for posting that harness video!  Super helpful to see the flex.  Hard for me to determine from just a product photo.
Did the Chameleon come that flexible or did it require some break in time?

All these posts have been really helpful!

I wonder if the retractable leash is stout enough for crashes. If it were to break, is it likely your board + foil would get away from you?

I have not tried it in the waves yet but so far it is great, especially since the extended length of the leash is much longer than any coil leash I would feel comfortable using.

I like this hook better:

Is that the Dakine Maniac Retro?  Looks like it is the same width as the leashlok belt?

Random / Re: Encinitas stay at home protest
« on: April 22, 2020, 11:38:15 AM »
Austrian economist Ludwig Von Mises observed long ago that restrictions - central planning  - state control have a calculation problem. 

As in what,  if any, restrictions will work?

Do they have to many or not enough, for how long, what places to close and what to stay open?  Do we need soap or hand sanitizer or gloves or nothing?  Masks or no masks?  What kind of masks?  Ventilators, respirators, fresh air, or DNR?  How many of each?  Are they free or who pays?  Where does the money come from?  How much?  Inflation or deflation?   City, county, state, federal, global?  Who's giving the orders?  Who's enforcing?  What are the penalties for disobeying?   Jury, judge, or executioner?

The heavy handed top down approach often causes more problems than it's attempting to solve.

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