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SUP Advocacy / Need Help Estimating SUP/Kayak Rack
« on: October 28, 2019, 06:45:17 PM »
Hey everyone, my city of Peekskill just got a $10 million grant from NYS to develop the downtown and waterfront. I would love to have them build a permanent kayak/SUP rack and kiosk that my nonprofit would use and manage. I would like these to be lockable, preferably in cages, and roofed.

The problem is, I have no idea how much this would cost. The area is already zoned for this kind of project, so permissions aren't really an issue. I just need to let the city know how much I would ask for. Does anybody have any knowledge about this? I could use a little help in presenting this and estimating its cost.

I honestly think there's a good chance this will get approved. Since I started doing lessons at the waterfront, we have gotten some really good publicity and feedback from the community and local government.

There's a similar rack about 20 miles north of me which costs about $600K. This included solar panels, a fancy deck, and shoreline sculpturing, none of which I need. (Picture included.) I like the function of the cages and roof though.

Can anybody help a brother out?

Events / Hudson Costume Paddle
« on: September 27, 2019, 02:19:16 AM »
Hey everyone, I'm organizing a costume paddle with my nonprfit HVH2O ( The date is October 19, and the location is the Hudson River at the Peekskill waterfront. We'll gather at 4 PM and get ready for a 5PM paddle along the waterfront. The distance is a little under 2 miles. The water should be in the low 60s. At the end of the paddle, we will gather at a local watering hole for a party

Tickets are $20, and $25 if you want a drink at the watering hole. Here's the event link:

We can arrange transportation if you want to drop off your board then park at the recovery site. This will be a fundraiser for HVH2O, but we probably won't make a lot of money. It's more to have fun. It should be pretty silly!

Gear Talk / Epic Board Bags Slipping
« on: July 04, 2019, 05:51:39 AM »
I got an Epic board bag for my Bic 9'2". Bic didn't sell one sized for the board, which is surprising considering how long they've sold this size. I've had one for about 12 years, and it's been pretty good. But when the new one came I was a little disappointed. The straps that allow you to adjust the size of the bag were no more. Instead you had these velcro strips which you'd fit one sleeve to the other. They only allowed four levels of adjustment, which was annoying. (The adjustment measurements also have an amusing typo, which I enclosed.) The old bag also came with a nice pocket for extra fins, and the was no more. Not only that, the old bag had a shoulder strap, which was no more.

The bag is still sturdy, and I'm not going to return it. It's just a shame the full-featured bag is now a little less full.

General Discussion / Festival Paddling
« on: June 19, 2019, 04:26:08 PM »
Last weekend I worked the Clearwater Festival with my nonprofit HVH2O. For those not in the know, the Clearwater sloop was built by an organization founded by Pete Seeger dedicated to cleaning up the Hudson River. For the last twenty years or so it has been the go-to event for environmental causes in the north east. We were invited to participate in their Working Waterfront, which was a cove where people an come and get rides on rowboats, kayaks, and (new this year) paddleboards.

We hauled our three Imagine Surfers and booth to the two-day event. I was the lone instructor. We gave dozens of rides to people who had never been on a paddleboard before. The Imagine Surfers were heavy to shlep but great for first-timers. Nobody fell!

This was an exhausting weekend, but we did accomplish our mission of getting new people on paddleboards!

Gear Talk / Anyone work with a FixnZip?
« on: May 25, 2019, 05:32:58 AM »
Anybody have experience with the FixnZip? It seems this widget will repair a zipper that has unraveled, which is what happens to my board bags from time to time.

I have brought them to the tailor to fix, but he won't do the repair without the original zipper. I was able to get that original once, but Pau Hana doesn't supply the zippers for their older model bags. These

I ordered one to try it out. It's only 11 bucks.

General Discussion / New Yorker Cover
« on: May 22, 2019, 03:27:37 PM »
There's a standup paddler on the cover of The New Yorker. I included a still, but if you go to the link you can see the paddler actually paddling through the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Here's the link to the animated cover:

Creek, I don't know if you're seeing the NY Facebook posts, but we're all joking that it's Noriko.

Gear Talk / Inexpensive Pocket Cruiser
« on: April 05, 2019, 05:36:27 AM »
I'm going to be doing a lot of on-water teaching this summer, and I was thinking of getting myself a Bic Tough-Tec as a knockaround board. There's also a really good offer on these boards from the ACA, like 50% off.

I was wondering if a 9'2" would float me well. The board is 145 liters, and I'm about 205. I could get a 10'6", but I would rather go smaller. Would this work?

Events / Sea Shanty Jamboree Fundraiser ó Donations?
« on: January 18, 2019, 07:46:35 PM »
As I mentioned before, my nonprofit HVH2O is happening. We have a website going too and a Facebook page. We're starting a 2019 season with lessons, rentals, a fundraiser boat cruise and a Halloween costume paddle. To fund all this my board is doing a big fundraiser on March 28. It's going to be a fun Sea Shanty dinner with songs, stories and stuff like that.

So I was wondering if anybody had anything they could (ahem) donate to the event? It would have to be paddling or related somehow and in new condition. I know that's a big ask, but these would be auctioned off during the event and the funds used to purchase a fleet, a custom trailer to haul our SUPs and kayaks, as well as scientific equipment for riverfront science and educational programs.

I appreciate all the support you guys have given me. It's been great to be able to take about this venture!

NorthEast / New York Board Repair Shops
« on: December 25, 2018, 05:11:16 PM »
Hey guys, does anybody know of any good repair shops in the southern New York State area. I know there are a few on Lomg Island, but thatís really far. Iím actually asking for someone else whoís even farther north than me. He recently crushed the corner of his Bark during shipping and wants to repair it. I can repair a ding or hole, but that repair is way beyond me.

SUP Safety / The Perfect SUP Dock
« on: December 13, 2018, 06:33:29 PM »
I've mentioned before that I have a nonprofit I'm working on, called HVH2O. It's goal is to create a paddlesports and environmental center on my town's waterfront, providing access and water education to people of all incomes. Part of our plan was to use a kayak launch that the city had built specifically for an organization such as ours. That's the good news. The bad news is that the launch was built a bit cheaply, and the pilings that kept it in place were damaged by last winter's ice. Now the good news from that is that the city wants to repair it, but also wants my organization's input into any additions.

This begs the question - what would a great SUP launch point look like? Is there anything specific we could consider adding? It already has a rolling section for kayaks and a nice slip to put in a boat. Do any of you have any suggestions that we could ask of my (very small) city? Besides a burrito stand, espresso bar, and ice cream truck of course.

I hope the pictures make it clear what the launch looks like. And ignore that nerd of the paddleboard.

Random / Rant ó SUPing With Kayakers
« on: November 23, 2018, 06:28:19 AM »
So you guys all know that I'm sort of alone on my neck of the woods. (One of the reasons I'm starting my nonprofit is to create some new paddlers!) I've been hooking up with kayakers to get a little company, and this has been creating some strange issues, especially on MeetUp.

issue #1: Kayakers want to paddle by themselves.
So I go on some of the meetups that promise challenging paddles (which I'm game for) and I get rejected because I'm told kayakers will be working on specific skills (not advertised in event), or that I'll just be slowing everybody down. (It's hard to argue that I won't when these people's experience is with slow SUPers, and I'm reasonably fast on my 14' board.) I'm invited to go on the easy paddles, but that gets old.

Issue #2: Kayakers don't get winter paddling.
Yes, the cold is the cold, but taking a fall from a kayak into very cold water is much different than from a SUP. We do fall more often, but the consequences aren't so great. Unless the fall is weird, we're back on our boards in under 5 seconds. A kayaker has to deal with a lot more when their boat flips. I've been told I must have a drysuit on a winter paddle when I know for a fact that my 5/4 wetsuit is fine. I've taken a spill in 33ļ water with no issues. The wetsuit also lets me cool off when I get hot. But the organizer insisted on a drysuit, even offered to loan me one, but that still kind of rubbed me the wrong way. I decided to decline the event. Even when I finally buy a SUPskin drysuit, that probably won't be recognized as good enough because it isn't Kokatat plate mail.

Issue #3: Kayakers seem to be very concerned with certification
Again, this is a way to exclude. Since I didn't have certifications like ACA, my skill isn't trusted. It's damn annoying to be treated like a newbie because I didn't have the right letters after my name. And the letters I had ó PaddleFit L2 ó didn't mean squat. What is this, college? I need a letter salad after my name in order to paddle with the big boys? I now have an ACA certification, the only one the local organizers and instructors seem to recognize, but I'm loathe to even mention it because the whole elitism annoys me.

This sh-t is getting old. I don't need to have to prove myself to these people that I'm skilled. I'm not Larry Cain skilled, but at this point I have more skill on a SUP in my neck of the woods than almost anybody. I guess I'm back to paddling by myself, then.

Rant over.

General Discussion / What's the repair?
« on: October 08, 2018, 07:12:12 PM »
I recently perforated my Pau Hana Ricochet board. Even these tough-skinned boards get dinged. I think it happened in my garage, not on the water. I'm not sure whether to just patch this over or dig out the damaged skin for a more extensive repair. The area under the ding is a little soft. It's been drying for about a week now.

What's the best way to fix this?

Random / Surfboard Epoxy - Food Safe?
« on: September 09, 2018, 03:36:36 PM »
So let me first say that this question will betray how damn nerdy I am. My wife and I both have wooden cups that we use for SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) events. They're pressed strips of wood. Both tend to sweat their contents, like the liquid seeps in between the cracks. Which is usually beer.

I was wanting to seal them, and my first thought was surfboard epoxy. Is this stuff food safe? If it isn't, does anybody have an alternate sealant?

Travel, Trips, Destinations / 90 Miles
« on: July 29, 2018, 01:27:09 PM »
I'm packing for my four day Albany to Peekskill trip tomorrow. Very excited. This is my first paddle/camping trip! It'll be four days down the river. About 20 miles per day except for the last day, where we have to do about thirty. That'll be fine because we won't have to set up camp that last night.

I still have to put the tent on the board, which will fit in the back alongside the sleeping bag, plus an inflatable pad. I might rearrange the spare paddle too.

The weather looks good, mostly. We'll have some light winds in our faces, but that's all. I'll my adventures when I get back.

Random / Ichabod Encounters Nude
« on: July 19, 2018, 04:50:13 AM »
Constitution Marsh is one of the best paddles off the Hudson. Iíve posted pics before. Lovely place, right across the river from West Point. Iíve heard for years that thereís a waterfall at the extreme north end of the marsh. This waterfall has been kind of a white whale for me. Iíve gone after it at least twice and gotten stuck in the mud or hit a dead end through the reeds.

Today was going to be the day! I was on my tough, floaty Pau Hana, the tide was high, and I recently got detailed directions to get there. I even recorded the adventure on my GoPro. I took a wrong turn through some weeds and had to backtrack once, but I finally found the right way. It was a narrow twisty channel with the marsh bank on one side and the reeds on the other, completely hidden from normal view. I gingerly paddles the length until the marsh ended. Then I heard it ó the sound of water cascading! I was on a narrow stream but it was just deep enough for my fin. Onwards to the falls!

I paddle a very short distance with the team turning 180 degrees, and suddenly there it was. The waterfall. It was bigger than I imagined, with many rivulets, like something out of romance novel. There was even a pool beneath. I noticed someone had strung up a hammock nearby, and a radio was one, so there were people nearby. Whatever. I just wanted some pictures of the falls.

As I stepped into clear view of the pool, I saw it was a couple in waist deep water. Neither was wearing anything above the belt, and from what I could tell neither had anything on below. The girl was kind of laughing in an embarrassed way, using her hands as a makeshift bikini top. Okay, a little embarrassing, and funny, but thereís a wrinkle. These kids were obviously locals and this waterfall was four miles from the school I teach at. That meant these skinny-dippers were most likely former students! Okay, so this is also a small community, and word gets around. I was in enough trouble at work. Letís just say I didnít need a rumor that I was creeping around my former students, taking nude pictures.

So I beat a retreat. I wanted that good pic of the falls, but even that would probably get me in trouble. I took the pic from my board and headed home. My GoPro was out of juice anyway, and I had to pick up my kid. I'll post the video when it's ready.

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