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General Discussion / Denton's Peak
« on: April 16, 2019, 06:21:10 PM »
I have my own little takeoff spot at Mavericks "Denton's Peak"

I was out last week on what might have been the last swell of the season.  Nice and wide I sit waiting for a FAT swinger. 

I asked Ian Wallace if there were any swing waves "Not today."  He responded.  I mentally acquiesced 'fine if I get skunked so be it I'll just hang out and see what happens.'

Winds were blowing out of the South up the face at 5 mph with moderate chop.  These were NOT ideal conditions. 

Then a wave came.  It was 100% catch-able swinging wide but when I looked over the ledge I thought "No f-ing way."  It was TOO big and steep.  Borderline the most horrifying wave I have ever looked down.  I kicked out.  I wondered whether I still had the stomach for this stuff.

Within 10 minutes another wave swang my way.  Here was the end of the ride navigating a big wave slalom course of Jet-skis and proners.  This wave felt 10 feet smaller than the one I let pass.     

Foil SUP / Big Wave Foiling: UN-ASSISTED
« on: April 15, 2019, 07:07:46 AM »
In Northern California we have the advantage of big waves during the winter.  The people that I mostly foil with are all big wave surfers.  As with the SUP awakening we all saw the foil as a way to get into waves early.  If you can get into waves early you can get into BIG waves early.

I realize I am in a unique spot with the biggest waves on the planet within a bicycle ride away.  BUT who else is trying to surf big waves on a foil?

There are some tricks we have learned:
1)   You need a longer board
2)   Footstraps
3)   Small Tail
4)   Tall Mast
5)   Moveable foot positions
6)   Be ready for stuff to break

Any others out there?

Here is Haley Fiske FLYING on a bomb last weekend. 

Foil SUP / Foil Strife (for lack of an alternative word)
« on: April 14, 2019, 09:17:02 AM »

From STAB Magazine:

"Their presence introduced a set of variables for which I was totally unprepared. . . . .
And I know we shouldn't hate. It's an ugly emotion, one that takes rather than give. It drags down the spirit and will turn a sunny sky to thundering rain. . . .
Surfers, as a rule, myself included, are insular, judgmental, dicks. It's a flaw in the culture that drags us all down. A personality trait we'd do well to change  --> But not this time. Not right now.  F--K foils."

Foil SUP / Tuttle Plate Adapter Aluminum vs Carbon Weight
« on: March 04, 2019, 04:24:54 PM »
I am testing a new board with 'Plate Only' mounting.

Since I am using GoFoil and KeNalu Tuttle based foils I will need a Tuttle to Plate adapter.

Mac Kiteboarding has aluminum models that are fairly robust for $125.  But I have purchased these before and they are a bit heavy.

GoFoil has a carbon/titanium based model for $175 (+ $) shipping. 

Does anyone know how heavy / light the Carbon Tuttle adapter is vs. the Aluminum?

***Added:  Apparently the Carbon is 25.4 oz with Mounting Screws

Classifieds / TRACE UP - Wanted
« on: February 02, 2019, 02:36:46 PM »
Does anyone have a TRACE that they would be willing to sell or give away?

These are notoriously hard to find now.  I have gone through 3 of them. 

First one cracked, was replaced.  Second one (Probably refurbished) eventually battery didn't last more than 45 minutes.  3rd one (From PonoBill) is still trucking but oddly it dumps 3 minutes of data from every 10 minutes (don't ask how I figured it out).  4th One went Belly Up last weekend.  Just DIED. 

Any way you cut it this device still delivers the most accurate surf tracking available @ 5 readings per second.  Way outperforms RipCurl and others (e.g. iPhone and iWatch applications) and I NEED THE DATA.

PS: No you are not hallucinating I have made this exact post before.  Now these things are really hard to find.

The Shape Shack / Sling to Weigh Surf Boards
« on: January 05, 2019, 11:50:29 AM »
Has anyone found an elegant way to WEIGH surfboards?

Weighing your surfboards can great to identify when they may be taking on water sooner rather than later. 

I have a 200 lbs capacity scale hanging from the ceiling that I used to weigh my Foil Board.  But it is just 6' 6" long and can be hung vertically.

It would be nice to have some sort of sling to slide surfboards into that could hang from a similar hook and stow/pack away quickly. 

Random / New Year's Bunny Burglar
« on: January 02, 2019, 12:04:00 PM »
This guy messed up 2 days of surfing.

I bought my wife an electric bike for Christmas.  I had just finished assembling it and we went out for New Year's celebration. 

We come home at 1:30 am.  The next morning I go to check on my Foil Board repair and notice 2 bikes missing 'kids must have taken them to the neighbors' I thought.  Then I see a bike laying in the side yard . . .  'that's abnormal.'

My daughter comes out and sees that her bunny cage is open and one bunny is missing. 

Could these be related?  Let's rewind the video camera.

It was more bizarre than you could imagine:

General Discussion / Booming Mavericks KAI Lenny and Others
« on: December 29, 2018, 06:20:08 AM »
Last week was crazy at Mavericks. 

Here is a crazy good edit of Kai's antics:

Foil SUP / Installing Footstraps on Foil Board
« on: December 11, 2018, 06:49:13 AM »
The debate may continue over footstraps but I am convinced that all the best guys are riding with Straps on SUP’s.  More on the advantages later.

My trusty 6’ 6” Blue Planet Easy Foiler was laid up with repairs so I decided to do a ‘hybrid’ installation of footstraps on my 7’ 4” x 32” x 125 Liter L41.  This was my backup board but has since become a favorite.

I used NSI ‘Stick-on’ footstrap mounts.  I had heard that these did not necessarily last on boards so I fortified the attachment with 2 layers of 4” x 4” of 6 oz cloth and epoxy.  I decided on the NSI strap mounts because they would be less invasive than installing footstrap track inserts.  Aka no need to pierce the outer structure of the board.

1)   Identify where the BACK foot would be placed.  I have been liking my back foot as far back as possible but NOT behind the trailing edge of the mast.  Essentially the center of my back foot OVER the trailing edge of the mast

2)   Stance Width:  27.5” Center to Center.  This stance is SLIGHTLY tighter than I originally started out with.  I was running 28.5” but as I got better moved this back 1”.

3)   Cut off Deck pads using new razor blade to peel away pads

4)   Cleaned up the deck with razor blade, GooGone and a chisel.

5)   Mapped out the placement of the footstap base plates.  Front strap over center line, center of strap placed 2” respectively OFF the center line.  8” spread between front and back strap.

6)   Rear plates with square edge on centerline e.g. center of plate ~ 1.5 offset towards the toe side of board.  8” between center of plates.

7)   Cut out 4” x 4” squares of 6 oz cloth

8)   Cut out holes in the 4” x 4” cloth for the elevated screw inserts

9)   Filled the screw holes with silly putty

10)   Cleaned up the deck of the board and SANDED to roughen up surface

11)   Used 3M sticky pads to adhere plates to deck

12)   Laminated over each plate with Epoxy and 4” x 4” glass

Classifieds / Wanted - GoPro Hero Session 5
« on: December 05, 2018, 06:47:13 AM »
My Hero Session 5 has DIED!

After 2 years and more than 300+ sessions of endless love from the 'Session' the hatch opened on a beautiful day and she was dead.

The Zone has been great about recycling and paying it forward.  Anyone out there who is NOT using, would like to donate or sell their working GoPro Session 5 please ping me.

I promise to keep all the photos and video's flowing from this device back to the Zone.

The Shape Shack / Build a Vacuum System to Dry Boards
« on: December 04, 2018, 07:36:39 AM »
In a Vacuum all moisture will evaporate.  There is no way around the physics of the Phase-Diagram.

The question is HOW TO BUILD A VACUUM for Board repair.

I am including a version that BEAN has shown.  It looks like this requires:

1.   A Vacuum Pump.  These seem to range from $45 to $500++
2.   A Pressure “Sump” to collect moisture
3.   Tubing
4.   Connectors
5.   Pressure Gauge

I was reluctant to invest in all of this 'stuff' OTHER than the fact that nothing keeps a board YOUNG like being light and spritely.  AND the only way boards start to suck is when the get loaded with water.

The Shape Shack / Remove Water from Board
« on: November 07, 2018, 05:33:40 AM »
Old Topic - New Thread

I found this link from the Board Lady 10 years ago.  Anybody have any faster remedies?

With my SUP's I wouldn't worry much but this board came out of the UPS Truck at 18.4# and it needs to fly with LOW swing weight.   

I added straps so + 1.5#.  Latest measurement was 23.2#  HELP!!!!!

PS: Just 2 dings caused this.  One to the tail - Fixed.  And a paddle whack crack to the nose.

Random / Big Waves, Women and Competition
« on: October 11, 2018, 08:18:46 PM »
Nothing better for a bunch of old white guys that like to SUP to debate than women competing at Big Wave Surfing:

General Discussion / How Many Do You Have?
« on: October 08, 2018, 07:08:33 AM »
I was watching one of my daughters gymnastics events years ago when I heard two guys in the audience next to me talking about surfing.  They were going on about spots and boards and then one of them said “You can tell how good a guy is by how many surfboards he has.”  Then the first guy says ‘Yeah how many do you have?’  Two was the response.  Second guy says “I have Three.”   At this point I chimed in and asked what they were talking about.  They regaled the story and then asked me “How many do you have?”

My response: “I don’t know.”  They looked at eachother sideways.

Yesterday I decided to do an inventory check on my wetsuits.  I still don’t know how many I have  :o

PS: I think I have the same number of boards as wetsuits. 

Foil SUP / Never Miss a Session - NeMAS
« on: September 20, 2018, 06:08:29 AM »
A friend of mine, Marc, was an All American Collegiate Athlete.  Marc was also an aspiring professional race car driver.  He was in the Formula Dodge race series having spent several years as an instructor for Skip Barber.  The racing involved instruction and he learned that he could NOT afford to miss an instructional session. 

“The learning curve was so steep, combined with the time on the track, that if you missed a session for any reason the rest of the team (students) were like a runaway train and you could never catch up.” 

This rule also Applies to Foiling:

Never Miss a Session to Become a Better Foiler

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