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My local guy is slow-walking the board but, the end is in sight'ish.  He wants to first hang the foil to determine the balance point for the underside handle. (none for the top)

I do not think I need rear inserts as this is a wingboard, but I want to mount an array upfront for 'options'.  I thought I could look at photos of how most of you stand and pick good general positions for the inserts, but why guess if there is already a mostly accepted standard?  The problem is: I cannot seem to find references to one... and, I do not have access to any production boards from the 'name brands'.  So, I'm asking.  Can I assume a good 'rear mark' is the center of the foil mount?   Thanks.


SUP General / BluePlanet balance surfer...
« on: July 23, 2020, 01:59:17 PM »
I have had mine for a while and should use it more...  I bring it up because I get PT 2X weekly and one of the exercises is a Bosu ball, which I pretty much nail.  However, my drill sergeant has added a couple of twists that make it harder and potentially more productive than just quieting the jiggles I get when first paddling out.

The first is the coach selecting dipping angles ..starting with easy R-L and F-B ...then randomizing: 10 o'clock - 2 o'clock - 7 and 5.  I think we do that naturally on a SUP, but it is much different when being directed to the position.

BUT—apparently, the really tricky one is standing centered quietly and moving your head R-L ..then, the 'make you look bad' move is holding stationary and moving your eyes R-L.   He was surprised the later was easier for me...  (maybe because I am left-handed)

Anyway,  I pay to get that knowledge, I figured I would pass it on. 


Foil SUP / Getting the stoke by ear...
« on: July 22, 2020, 07:36:10 AM »
I have not had the opportunity to foil yet - I am almost ready. I come to the forums for tips and the news. I find however a boat load of stoke available on Erik Antonson's Progression Project.  95% goes straight over my head - 98% would never be applicable to me, but there is a measure of enthusiasm that simply adds oxygen to my blood cells. 

What prompts this posting ...he and Mike Pedigo, a FL shaper, were talking at the end about why the reluctance of other surfers to take up the foil, how it totally changes a break, etc. Antonson said, something to the effect, "I have no desire for surf trips, because (with the foil) I have the best waves in the world right here." 

The comments that stuck with me were around/after the 83min mark.


Training, Diet, and Fitness / COVID mortality calculator...
« on: July 21, 2020, 06:38:49 AM »
This will give you a possible percentage of outcome—having contracted the virus—based your general health and the stats so far on records of people who have had this viral infection.  You may need a copy of some of your last labs to increase the accuracy. 

There is one test, the %FMD that I would bet most people have never had (incl. me) so just move the slider into the Yellow zone to 'zero' the age to the right.  Buena Suerte!


The Shape Shack / It is taking shape...
« on: July 16, 2020, 05:46:39 AM »
Jon Ashton, 35yr veteran shaper of our local shorepound wars is gradually coming over to the twin evils of Foil and SUP.  He has hip damage left from a joint replacement which leaves him 'more time to work'. This will be about #5 foil board for him.  I first need a board with high initial stability and soft contact points; it was one of the reasons inflatos seemed really attractive.  This is ~6-3 x 31.  It should be done soon.


I bet Cynthia Brown's insurance company would like to keep this on file...


The Shape Shack / How youse lay down the non-skid?
« on: July 09, 2020, 02:46:10 PM »
My local shaper will be done soon with a wing-board.  I love the idea of a 'ridgeline' down the center you could feel without looking down. In the old days when you had something sticky - you slip-sheet it with waxed paper...  'Spray the deck with water?

How the hell do you layout this stuff?!  Would I put in the ridge material down first? Then start the spread from back-to-front?   

O'Boy!  I need some advice.  (I have done little stripes, etc..) 


Foil SUP / Foamie foil board
« on: July 08, 2020, 09:00:23 AM »
This is been on the bench since about March...  The idea was 'If the board is not all that important in the beginning.. why not the least expensive?'  Also, why not use perhaps both the most used (and most derided) board ever.  @ $175. (Amazon/delivered) it provides a low entry price compared to Starboard or the like.  There are a surprising number of seemingly well-built foamies.  Even Mick Fanning has a line that may get 'some' respect.

Like a lot of things, one tends to copy prior art.  My young engineer friend milled up a foil mount suitable for the Brooklyn Bridge.  Then you look at it and say; ' C'hit, just move the whole thing; there is no fixed position like with an insert?!'  We have a stainless plate with four holes to add to the mix. ' Another banding device also because the junctions look like skin removal tools to me.  When I get the time, I'll put up the shortboard.  Be my guest if this simulates an idea, or 'you're welcome' if this saves you from a trip down a similar gopher hole.


A friend bought Dwight's 4M WASP from me.  He's one of the salt-of-the-earth types that has surfed after church for decades and switched to SUP a few years ago. He and a friend—who is a graceful as a ballet dancer on an 11' SUP—hang in an area with all the knowns and wannabees. He wants to foil but thought starting with the wing would be best at first.  BUT - he really did not want anyone to see him; people at any break can be pretty damn judgmental ..and your homebreak is the worst.

He calls: Jimmy! He was out on the 4th weekend - east-facing beach w/SSE ...sounding like 10-12kts.  I think he only has 9 and 11' SUPs.  ' Said he took the center fin out - leaving two side fins and no leash.  He and his friend typically move off and do not use leashes. (I would swim 100mi a month w/o a leash) He tells me, he wings his way outside... and way outside a kind of dead peak comes in and the wing helps him pick this small swell.. ' grabs the center handle and 'surfs it in'.   ...a number of times.

The fun part: he's now 'Mikey' - the first to try it ..and like it.  I gather it was like if Tommy Curren showed up in the parking lot.  Rather than feeling 'the goof', he's a groundbreaker and they all wanted to know 'What is that?!'.  He's a nice guy: 'hero for a day' is well deserved.


Cynthia Brown, back from MEX, reports: gusting to 46mph  ...3M WASP, GL120, 36.5" mast plus adaptor ..making 39".  "The swells were bigly!"

I am in MD with <6kts?!


Foil SUP / When aircraft designers describe Span and Aspect Ratio
« on: July 02, 2020, 08:06:41 AM »
Even if you do not fly, this little magazine has as much interesting meat in it for 'people who make things' as the Economist has for someone in the UN. 


These people put some effort into it.  Kudos... 


SUP General / Dogs onboard
« on: June 26, 2020, 05:20:33 AM »
This is the second evening in a row someone has been on our creek! (after years of only me) The first was a visitor on an interesting cruising shape of unkn origin. Coming home I cross a small bridge so you can see a bit of the creek.  This time, it was a lady down the road with her two rescue 'Mutes or Huskies.  She's smart, she runs them in the morning and evening both.  I had to quickly pull over and get these shots. The board is from DICKS sports store. She also has kayaks but likes this better.  She said the dogs are OK with it until they get about 10' from home.


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