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Foil SUP / Nuggets in proner-foil instruction video from SA
« on: October 18, 2019, 09:14:50 AM »


General Discussion / Perhaps a new way to ship boards within the U.S.
« on: October 12, 2019, 12:54:41 PM »
I read something this morning and found the link so you can read for yourself.  I see potential in give-and-take.  I have bribed people I didn't know to carry stuff to me - luckily I live on a beeline between Boston and HAT, so it was easy to find someone passing thru.  I also had to use folks like KAS transport to send rowing shells to various places as they could never be 'truck freight'.  I just skimmed Roadie ..see what you think.  Shells are likely too long, but NOT boards!


Foil SUP / Robert Stehlik on the Progression Project podcast
« on: October 08, 2019, 12:27:55 PM »
Sometimes is just nice to eavesdrop on a conversation between two people who know their stuff...


Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Arm extensions - Fail.
« on: October 04, 2019, 02:25:41 PM »
I was thinking...  If the TE tip hits the water; why not raise the wing?  ..for cleaner air, etc. Talldude could do. Just add an extension from hand-to-handle?! 

I forgot I have a Humerus, Ulna, and Radius that keeps my arms from being noodles. It flys - but like a single-line kite needing a tail.  If I bust my ass on a slackline I know, fer-sur, stilts are not in my future.


It looks like—as far as water is concerned—I will be winging-it on a SUP.  I have aged-out for foiling. So, with plenty of SUPs, I want to optimize this opportunity. 

My first attempt was to kneel and then do the ole' one-knee-to-standing while holding the wing with my downwind hand.  Eh-eh...   The wing had the board sideways to the wind rather than nose-to the wind.  I was in 2 feet of water with a 4" chop, so holding the wing and getting up was beyond a challenge for this geezer.  I fiddled with different combinations for about an hour, with no decent result.  Till.

I left the kite in the water.  C'hit!  Why didn't I do that first?!  I could stand and do my rolly-polly on the board - as long as I did not have to hold the GD wing too.  It was not elegant, but I needed my arms/hands to wave around to get my balance in the chop.  The wing sits downwind just happy as a clam and takes no effort to bring aboard.

With any luck, one of you has got a handle on this and can add your version so I, and others, have other methods to try.  I also need to get upwind, but simply getting comfortable linking the wing and a SUP is a big start. 


I had 'this notion'...  In my early years of kites (~2003-5) I had a 7-0 Directional from FOX in Hatteras that would simply 'haulass'. I could outrun some of the windsurfers. I figured -maybe- this Ozone WASP could produce similar results. I got some extra inspiration/motivation from JB, a Naish wing flyer in OZ, a poster on the Breeze from whom I clipped the following:  ('mericanized by Grammerly)

A few key tips.
Understand that the angle of the wing (or the pitch) is controlled primarily by the height of your backhand.

It is best to have your front out straight in front of you and allow it to fly at an upwards angle towards to wing so your hand ends up roughly in front of your face/eyes.

When you move your back arm lower (towards the water/land), the Wing will fly itself up into a horizontal plane and over your head. When you move your arm upwards (towards to sky) the wing will fly down and into a vertical plane towards the water. These inputs are separate to sheeting and are inputs you will use the entire time you are flying. It is very common at first for people to try and hold both hands parallel which usually ends up with the wing rotating down onto a vertical plane and resulting in the wing hitting the water (once the wing hits the water, it will all go south, and you will go downwind. To correct this quickly, lower your backhand position towards the water quite aggressively and the wing will fly back up and over your head). So try to fly with your arms (or the strut/boom) on an angle tilting upwards towards the leading edge.

Next is sheeting. This is also primarily done with your back arm also. You basically want to "feather" the wing, not holding too much power and stalling it out. I wind gently massaging your angle of attack (sheeting angle) will help you feel out the most efficient sheet angle. Just because it feels powerful, doesn't mean it is going to efficient to go faster. (Over sheeting will cause you to go downwind!).

Next is the relationship between the Wing and the board fore and aft. This is a real crash course in sailing, but in basics when the Center Of Effort (the combined forces of the Wing) and the Center of Lateral Resistance (The central drag point of the board) align you should sail straight (theoretically! There are lots of other factors, but for now this will do). When you move the COE (Center of Effort) forward of the CLR it produces more power towards the nose of the board forcing it to be pushed away from the wind (i.e. go downwind). When the COE is moved aft of the CLR it produces more power aft of the CLR and forces the board upwind by pushing the tail downwind. There is a lot more in it than this, but this will help you to set up and understand what is happening.

Noting that when kiting - backfoot edging the board so it throws up a very high wave acts as the CLR, and reading about other people used old sailboards with daggerboards to get upwind - I decided to add a central fin to this Naish 8-0 Directional I found on CL.  However, my larger concern was the abilty to do 'deepwater' restarts. (I was never a jiber..)

That is where 'fail' comes in.  Perhaps a young acrobat-type could get this started, but I never had sufficient lift from the wing to pull me, laying back in the water, up to a standing position. (winds were ~12kt)  I did not try standing on a submerged board for a 'raise the submarine' start. I was in shallow water and did not want to bust the newly installed fin. 


Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Wind wing sand cart
« on: September 13, 2019, 01:09:13 PM »
The forecast Wednesday for today, Friday, should have been perfect for a first real, dry go-out with the Ozone Wasp, but it got ugly.  I had ordered an extra pair of wheels as soon as I got the wing because I wanted to 'make something'.  I rushed to cobb together this one from parts laying around to make it out today.  (I knew that discarded skimboard from about 10yrs ago would be useful!)   

I wanted to do a LWB, rear-steer version but the machinist was on vacation.  This should give me a sense of whether it will be time well spent.  Unlike the Florida beach in DW's photo of people practicing with a wing, I have slopy shoulders of soft sand. I am friends with the head guard at the Federal Park and primed him about how 'visitor friendly' wings are but the armed constabulary can issue direct orders.

If anyone has a 'dry' use for these wings, I'd like to see it...


Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Wind wing - self-rescue
« on: September 12, 2019, 06:04:37 AM »
I try and anticipate failure... and cannot come up with a relaunch scenario in deep water.  Can you?  How'd you do it? 


Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Ozone 4m WASP wind wing
« on: September 09, 2019, 08:42:52 AM »
Lordie, fer'gv'me.. I could not resist the temptation.  AND - this was a hard choice because I did 1st Gen stuff before and really wanted to wait.  I was the second guy to take up water-kites locally, ~2002, and it was pretty much all self-taught. ..2-line, 3, 4.  Foils and blimps. Domestic and foreign. Directionals and twin-tips.  8 thru 16m kites. Just an absolute blast to learn and do. After about 11ys I started to get hurt because I was not processing kite inputs well. My last 'death spiral', heading for trees, initiated the yard sale. I picture this hand wing will allow me back into the wind without all the complexity of setup/launching of my old surf kites.  It should also be, for me, 1000x safer.

'Hard choice also because lots of the great kite names have developed wings and I don't know anyone who has one locally. I only see the videos like you and read the same reports. I chose Ozone.   

I like the concept of 'lightness' of F-One, Slingy looks bullet-proof, I picture myself faceplanting into the Duotone boom, I don't like 'marketing brands' who simply place famous names on unidentifed designers/fabricators.

Ozone has pretty much everything I could think of, as a company to make a 1st Gen product.  First, they come with a long history of making low-speed airfoils by making paragliders, kites for kitesurfing, motor-kites, snow-kites, even those little suits guys with a deathwish who fly thru mountain passes.

These guys already know airfoils, they don't have to guess or make phone calls.  Another major (after watching this SUP business) for me: they have their own factory, like Sunova in boards.  Granted, other kite guys have probably used their contractors for years, but I still prefer a vertical company to a 'marketing' company. (foils look like there will be a sorting fairly soon). I'd bet Ozone makes everything in this bag except for the bottle opener.

Since I am not a foiler, I am going to try to figure out other ways to use this.  I know -right now- I do not want to go downwind forever, so either I figure it out or eat crow.  I hope to get over the beach tomorrow and take some pictures.


Random / King tides greet Hurricane Dorian
« on: August 29, 2019, 10:16:20 AM »
copy/paste WU: "King tides will make coastal flooding a concern well ahead of Dorian. The approaching new moon (on Friday) will be triggering some of the highest astronomical tides of the year (king tides) on Florida’s east coast. Sea level rise has made king-tide flooding an increasing problem in recent years.

As Dorian intensifies east of Florida, it will push an increasing amount of water toward the coast, amplifying the impact of the king tides. Even before any storm surge driven by Dorian’s landfall, we may see several days of significant flooding in places such as Miami Beach. Most of Florida’s Atlantic coast will have high tides shortly before noon and shortly before midnight each day."

Better get your house on foils DW...


Gear Talk / Beat the tariffs...!
« on: August 21, 2019, 08:39:12 AM »
Last gasp... I'm out of A$ and everyone is dying around me (thankfully, not Marjie).   Zo... a friend of 20yrs I have never spoken to hauled this over to Pack-Ship in Toonoomba (named as Australia's Tidiest Town in 2008) and 6th runner up for fun'st name. 

TNT, bought by FedEx, did the paperwork and the board flew from Brisbane - Sydney - Los Angeles - Memphis.  I'd guess truck from there to Baltimore?  The last adventure was via the Panama Canal and Port of NJ - to Baltimore.  Longer, nearly as expensive, with rent-seekers holding hands out at the end ...which may have made it more expensive. 

I have not slit the tape yet...  More picture when I have a better setting.


Random / Fancy beach bike
« on: August 20, 2019, 06:27:57 AM »
Presented as a MTN bike, so maybe salty sand is not a good environment?

The name caught my eye because I had a Parilla 125 racer in the 70's - sold it to a guy in OZ.


General Discussion / Game of Thrones guy does SUP board...
« on: July 17, 2019, 05:42:29 AM »
Ha!   When I first looked at this guy; "He looks familiar."


Random / Giant jellys off Cornwall, UK
« on: July 17, 2019, 05:30:34 AM »

Not a Box, a Bus.


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