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i have this iSUP that has 4 D-rings to attach a seat in front of and behind the driver. Currently I have this seat that only has 2 straps. the problem with that,  2 straps don't fix the seat at the exact position. In addition, I don't need the back. I just want to elevate myself (comfort, not getting wet).

The seat i have actually is very comfortable and i considered cutting off the back, and adding straps. but I fear I would butcher it up.

So, I'm looking for a cushion or bottom that has 4 attachment straps (2 front, 2 back) to attach of the 4 iSUP D-rings to be fixed in the exact position. Is there something like that? I looked all over, but most seats or cushions are made for kayaks and don't have straps or other attachment points.

Gear Talk / SUP indoor trainer
« on: December 09, 2022, 12:03:37 PM »
I saw this review of an indoor SUP trainer.  it is in German, but you will get the idea. they are relatively pricy and seem to be available in Germany or Europe only.

Does anyone have something similar in the US? Does anyone have experience with that?

I'm an iSUP noob, so some balancing and muscle training over winter wouldn't be a bad idea. Google showed me some more or less complex machines. But i think the above simple board mechanism is better for actually training the the required muscles and balance.

Gear Talk / US finbox fin for iSUP - 7"or shorter
« on: August 03, 2022, 05:39:15 PM »
My iSUP has thsi 9"center fin note the thumbscrew that is captive (doesn't get lost)

I want a shorter fin for shallow rivers. All the ones I found have a different type of screw and a sort of threaded square washer. Look at this example. I'm not able to install such fin with that square washer, only without.

Is this some sort of different US fin box system? Some reviews mentioned it would be for hard SUP (not iSUP). Some videos make it look like that square thing should slide inside the finbox. But that doesn't work in mine.

Is there a shorter (like under 7") reasonable fin that is like the one I have?

I started iSUP last year with a Nixy Monterey G4  that is 11'6"x 32". I know how I behave on it. I'm 175# and 5'11, BTW. I only go on lakes and slow rivers and when wind is under 15 km/h. I'm in Wisconsin (NOT great lakes)

Now I have to buy a second iSUP for family use and think I use the Nixy Montery for family use and buy myself the "next" iSUP. Want something narrower/faster. But I'm still a bit shaky.

2 caught my eye and I wonder if going from 32" to 28" width is just too much?
- Option 1: Nixy Manhattan at 12'6"x28"  I like it being light weight, great accessories and at $600 a screaming deal. but all reviews i read start by saying that novices over 150# will fall off...
- Option 2: SIC Bullet air 14'x 28" It lacks on the accessories, cost $1,000 shipped, BUT it has the dual chamber (like my Monterey). I'm a safety freak, so a dual-chamber would be nice (even if i never heard of anyone loosing air...)

Should I look for a little wider board, like a 30"? I don't really want to keep buying iSUP. My plan is to have this new one, and the Monterey through the end of their useful lives (10 years?)

Considering the Manhattan is reviewed as not very stable for beginners, would the Bullet be much more stable at almost same width? I don't have the option to test or rent a 28"iSUP to see how I like it. So I'm buying strictly from my experience with he Monterey.

SUP Safety / 3 SUP paddlers dies in Wales
« on: October 31, 2021, 09:19:18 AM »
Just saw this on BBC

Maybe it is my lack of reading comprehension... but the article doesn't seem sot state what actually happened beyond being caught in heavy rain.

SUP General / iSUP leak repair and pump for while on a trip
« on: October 26, 2021, 07:06:20 PM »
I just got my first iSUP and wonder if I should take a small pump and repair kit with me to repair a leak while SUP-ing somewhere. I plan to do day-trips and if I have a leak, I like to be able to repair and to be able to re-inflate and get back to my starting location. That could be 10-15km on water. I'm near Madison, WI and the largest lake is Lake Mendota,-89.4954853,12z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x88065354b86eb411:0x9729efbead0277c3!8m2!3d43.109671!4d-89.4206079 , about 6km in diameter. The lake is relatively busy and I assume I could get back to some shore. My iSUP has 2 air-chambers, so I could paddle to some pier and repair there, re-inflate and go back on my way.

The actual permanent patches and glue take 24 hours to cure before re-inflating. So that clearly doesn't work while on the water. The glue also has a shelf life of 1-year and I just know I will end up with old glue.
I found these temporary patches:
- Flex tape that allegedly also works to apply under water That would work well assuming on a pier i can't do a perfect priming job
- Tear Aid. There is one for inflatables, and one for vinyl I'm not sure if either has a pressure rating to be used on drop-stitch. i couldn't see if that has a drying time and if it can be applied on wet or otherwise imperfect surface.

Do those patches actually work? Or are there other patch methods that work without a long curing time? I know I would need some sort of small high-pressure pump since I don't want to carry the large floor-pump with me. But first I need to know if I actually can patch.

another wrinkle I see is when there is a leak, water may be inside the iSUP. Regardless of what type of patch, how does one get that water out before patching? Or can the water be be coerced out later by opening the valve and somehow funneling it out?

Am I over-thinking this? I've never seen a video or picture of iSUP with people having pumps with them unless it was a packed touring iSUP. I'm a somewhat belt and suspenders guy, hence the dual-chamber iSUP.

(I still haven't figured out how to include the links in a word so they don't show full length)

I'm looking for a decent beginner touring iSUP in the 12'6"x30" size class. I'm in Madison, WI area and have kayaked the local lakes and rivers. Some boat wakes, but no large waves. I'm 175# and 5'11". So far I only had 1 hour rental SUP experience and have a few months Inflatable Kayak (IK) experience.

Before I decide to spend the big-$ on the perfect iSUP, i need to get soem experience to judge what width, length etc. really is needed after i get some more skill. I also want to start out with a seat to use the iSUP in kayak mode (I know, a beginner idea). I only want a reputable iSUP (no amazon brands etc.) that will last at least a few years. but one that doesn't cost too much since it may for only 1-2 years. I do day-tours and go to places. I don't take any significant luggage with me. Tracking and speed is somewhat important, hence the touring type that hopefully keeps this beginner alive. Cross-wind has been a problem with my inflatable kayak, and I hope an iSUP being lower will help.

I already own a good triple-action 2-cylinder pumps. I know at some point I need to buy a good paddle. Water here sometimes becomes shallow. So I may want to play with fin sizes.

Tell me if my choices are bad and I will regret them or if you have better ideas:
1. A return model (full 3 year warranty) Sea Eagle Longboard 126 for $500 that comes with a seat (worth $50) and Al paddles (worth nothing) and cheap pump
2. A return model (full 3 year warranty)  Sea Eagle Needlenose 126 for $650  with somewhat heavy fiberglass shaft paddle (worth not a lot) and cheap pump
3. A new Starbaord (2 year warranty) Zen SC 12'6x30" for $830 with a cheap pump.

Disadvantage of the Sea Eagle is they are heavy (30#) and don't use US-finbox. The starboard weighs a bit over 20# and has US-fin. Are there other advantages or disadvantages between the two brands? I know Starboard seems to be a stronger brand, whatever that means. I did look in other brands, but they either don't have a US-fin box either, or are quite more expensive than the Sea Eagles.

So for boats that I may only have 1-2 years, which others would be good? I like to focus on good brands with 2+ years warranty, and US-finbox unless it is a smoking deal.

If I wanted to splurge, there is a Starbaord Zen with Dual-Chamber for $1,130 that is 14'x32". My fear with that is, it may be too large. That money would be for an iSUP to keep for long.

I'm in the "paralysis by analysis" trap and for each of the options I think "if I add just $150 I get so much more iSUP". So do I go with the cheapest knowing I change anyway, the middle knowing it will be faster and track better, or more expensive? We have winter coming, so trying out some options isn't an option.  But I want to buy soon so I don't end up with supply line line issues next year.

SUP General / Nixy Montery G4 iSUP for beginner
« on: October 14, 2021, 01:38:19 PM »
I came across the Nixy Monterey and didn't find any of the ususal paid reviews on website or discussion on forums. I assume it is a new board that is not reviewed yet. Other Nixy boards seem to receive good reviews. Does anyone have knowledge of that or have an otherwise qualified opinion?
What I like:
- dual air chamber
- modern dropstitch with carbon rail and light weight. Not all inexpensive boards have the newer dropstitch.
- US-fin box and all fins removable
- Actually useful accessories like carbon paddel and triple-action pump. Most other packages have accessories one has to replace soon
- seems to be a good value it being direct-sale

I want to use it as a SUP, but also want to add a kayak seat. I have some on the kayaking experience on the Madison, Wi waters with my Sea Eagle 370 That is calmer water, but sometimes I get caught in the wind. I weigh 175# and am 5'11". i like to do 4-6 hour day round-trips. My only SUP experience is 1-hour rental and I took my 9yo kid with me. so not a lot. but I will like the option to change between standing and sitting. I plan to add an actual kayak seat and bring real kayak paddles with me. I may take my kid with me on medium tours.

The Monterey seems wide enough at 34" for beginners. But I'm curious how fast it could go and how well it track compared to the SE 370. I also looked at 12'6"x 30" touring type iSUPs. My favorite was the Sea Eagle Needlnose 126 and also would use that with kayak seat. But I fear that may be a bit too unstable for a beginner. That also may not work well taking my kid. the NN 126 also seems a bit dated with heavier construction and glued fins. But it would be faster and track better.

I realize i may buy an iSUP now, and another one later once i have more experience.

Some questions:
- would the 34" wide planing-hull  iSUP be too wide once I learn to use it? I fear I sacrifice too much speed and can't do the vertical strokes (I have average male shoulder width, not wide). Or would a 30" wide displacement hull be OK for a beginner? What about taking my kid with me?
- Am I over-thinking the dual-air chamber? I see that as a great safety feature, but it limits my iSUP choice since this doesn't seem widely used. AFAIK Starboard has some more expensive DC iSUPs, and Aztron (and they seem to be a lower quality)
- any specific advice regarding the Monterey or Nixy in general?

BTW, I haven't figured out how to properly insert links. I can fix that if someone can tell me how. And it took me more than 10 attempts to register and to get approved. This is a very difficult forum to get into :-)

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