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Iím looking for a clean performance LONGBOARD style surf SUP. Not limited to just these, but a few longboard surf SUPís that look nice are made by Starboard, Laird, Infinity, Gong, Smik, etc.

Please let me know what you have.

Iím thinking of buying a used longboard surf sup again. A couple of the few designs Iím considering are the Laird Surfer and the Laird Surfer Hybrid. I had a 10í Surfer a few years ago but it felt too big and heavy so Iím thinking of the 9í or maybe 9í-6Ē this time. Look at the images below and youíll see that the Surfer has a classic longboard style nose whereas the Surfer Hybrid came with a nose that was drawn in a bit.

So, a few questions, pleaseÖ

1) I am leaning towards the Hybrid this time, but anyone have experience riding both? If so, what was the difference in how the two models performed?

2) Was the construction of the Lairds with the BAMBOO DECKS (blue Surfer below) any good?

3) Do the carbon Lairds hold up?

4) The cluster of the side fin boxes is unusual in that all four boxes are really close together. A 2 + 1 would normally use the front boxes for your side bites. Anyone ridden one of these as a quad, twin or twinzer?


I know what itís like at 190-200 pounds to paddle a short sup with only 95 liters (itís hell!), but any idea how much different 95 liters would feel paddling when itís a 9í x 26Ē wide Infinity New Deal? Just wondering how much a difference the longer rail would make?

Super fun and light BIG GUY SURF SUP stand up paddle board. Triple wings makes it turn like a surfboard and its super STABLE when paddling because of the full nose. (I weigh about 200.)

8í x 29 1/2 x 4 1/2Ē x 114.5 liters. XLNT condition with no dings. Super light and strong (1.5 lb EPS foam glassed w/ epoxy resin with 5.7 oz carbon knee patches).

Super grippy FCS deckpad (the best!). I rode it as a twin so it has two Futures rail boxes and three FCS plugs for a center trailer fin if you want. Set of Futures keel fins are included.

Selling because I got another like it but 2Ē shorter.

Only $795

P.S. Unfortunately the forum isnít allowing the full images to be seen.🤪

General Discussion / Know Anything About This 10-3 Starboard SUP?
« on: May 19, 2023, 02:35:17 PM »
Does anyone know anything about this 10-3 x 29 Starboard SUP model? I am wondering about the year, model, construction, weight? It has a nice outline and isnít crazy wide like most of the long SUPís are now so Iím wondering how it surfs too?

I have looked all over the internet and the only image or pages Iíve seen shows something with a similar outline that was called a Surf Pro (or Pro Surf) and had that brushed carbon thing going on. It might have been a 10-2 though.  (Circa 2011-2012, I think.) Oh, and it didnít have that funky candy cane looking deck pad!


My current board is 7'-10" x 29 1/4" x 4 1/4" x 114.5 liters. I like it but it's a little heavier than I would prefer so I want the next one to be lighter.

Foam was 1.5 lb EPS. I used 6 and 4 oz E on the top and bottom with a 6 oz E patch that extends from the tail to in front of where I stand while paddling. Excluding the 6 oz E deck patch, ALL 4 layers of E cloth were wrapped around the rail. I also put a 5.7 oz carbon patch on the deck in the area for when I occasionally knee paddle. The blank was stringerless but I used 3" wide carbon tape as a stringer.

The board is always in a bag when not surfing so damage incurred happens while surfing. I want my new board to be lighter without it being disposable so I'm open to suggestions, please.

For example; could a single layer of 4 or 6 oz S replace the 6 and 4 E that's on the top and bottom? Should I NOT wrap all 4 layers around the rails? Lose the carbon stringer and carbon deck patch?

NOTE: I don't want to vacuum bag or replace the regular cloth with carbon cloth.

Thanks! :)

I have lots of 6 oz and 4 oz E cloth (42Ē wide) leftover from previous boards that I am wondering if I can use on my next board. For example, instead of using one piece of cloth to glass the entire deck like usual, could I glass it with two of the shorter leftover pieces? Obviously I would overlap the two pieces and could hide the overlap under the deckpad area so it would be less visible. (The board is 8í x 29 1/4Ē.)

Would that work ok or would it create a weird hard spot and mess up the flex?

The latest iteration of my 7-10 surf sup design (still in Shape 3DX) dropped from 114.5 liters to about 111 liters because of the V bottom with double concaves that was added. Thing is, I really need it to be no less than 114.5 liters. I could add more foam to the current 4 1/4Ē thickness but then it will feel like a cork and wonít perform as well.

I am considering a step deck with thin surfboard-like rails like Erik at Portal Surf Designís was doing with his Barra and Phantom. The claim was that his boards paddled well due to the volume in the deck but performed like surfboards because of the thin rails. Erik seems to have disappeared though.

Hereís what he did with the step deck and rails:


Does anyone have a Phantom or Barra that I could check out or at least talk to you about? Iím in the north San Diego area. 


I have a Shape 3D file of an 8-6 that is about 75% complete but I need someone in San Diego or Orange County (Iím in Carlsbad) to do the rails and bottom. I will email you the file and bring the board to you.

This is what I need done...

1) Copy the bottom and rails of the board I will bring to you and add them to the file.

2) Save and duplicate that file and then shrink the board down to a 7-10 with the same width and thickness as the 8-6 but with a wider nose.

Please let me know what you will charge for this.


The Shape Shack / Shape 3D Questions
« on: October 05, 2020, 06:16:01 PM »
It seems like some of the features that used to be available in the free version of Shape3D aren't there now so I just paid for a one year subscription to Shape 3D. Swear to gawd, this is one of the most unintuitive programs I have ever used.

Here are the issues...

1) I started to make a new design and saved it to my Macbook Pro's desktop. When I open Shape3d and click "Open Existing File" I can see the design file I made previously (8' Roku - Original) but I can't find that file on my desktop or anywhere else on my computer. I can open that file in Shape3d but I can't find that file on my computer unless I open Shape3d. So, where is this file located on my computer? A full search of my computer shows all the other Shape3d files on my computer - just not that one. I did a search on my computer for hidden files and can't find it either.
Here is what I see:

2) When I created this new design I clicked the "Create a new document" button and inputted the measurements I took off of a surf sup I have that I want to make a little longer, wider and thicker. I clicked the Guidelines wizard and inputted the rest of the measurements like tail and nose, thickness, etc. The sup I took the measurements from is only 8' but it has a longboard outline with a wide nose and the design Shape3d is showing me has a narrow pointy nose with a tail that doesn't match the measurements I inputted. As far as the outline goes, the only measurements that came out accurately were the 8' length and width of 28 5/16". The rest of the outline is of a radically different looking board. Most of the measurements in the Master Scale aren't what I originally inputted either. What happened? Why doesn't the outline look anything at all like the measurements I inputted and how can I fix that? In other words, if I type in that I want a 21 9/16" wide nose then why does the Design view (and all other views) in the program show that the board has a pointy nose??


The Shape Shack / Anyone made an FCS to Futures adapter?
« on: January 26, 2020, 02:11:47 PM »
I would like to use my FCS fins in Futures boxes. Theres a company that makes an adapter but itís very expensive and I would like to use this adapter on several boards. Has anyone made their own FCS to Futures adapter? Or how about a 3D print file for an adapter?

The Shape Shack / WANTED: Laser scan sup and save to Shape 3D file
« on: January 26, 2020, 02:05:34 PM »
I have a board I really like and want a slightly smaller version of it but the shaper/builder is no longer in business. I was wondering if anyone can recommend someone that can laser scan this board and save it to a Shape 3-D file? Iím in the San Diego / OC area.

Thanks :)

Gear Talk / Is anyone carrying their surf sup to the beach on their bike?
« on: November 12, 2019, 06:49:19 PM »
Is anyone carrying their surf sup to the beach on their bike? If so, are you using racks mounted on the side of the bike (like people do with regular surfboards) or a trailer?

SUP General / Surf Legend MIKE DOYLE Passed Away Yesterday
« on: May 01, 2019, 09:08:41 PM »
Mike Doyle passed away yesterday morning at his home in Baja. He was 78.

I met the legend briefly on a windsurf / surf trip at San Carlos (Baja) back about 1990. After the first 7 hour drive from San Diego it was finally time to take the right at El Rosario and head towards the coast. It was my friends 4Runner so he always took the wheel for the last 1 1/2 hours. (I dreaded this part of the drive because he was a lunatic so it was white knuckles and praying to the baby Geezuz that we make it there alive. Plus, 4 windsurfers, 6 rigs, 2 surfboards and 2 bikes piled 5' high on the roof and drifting into a sideways slide at 65 on a crappy washboard mexie road added to the stress.)

Anywho, the first thing I saw when we pulled up was this dude blazing across the wall of a mast high right that I thought for sure was going to close out. But nope, the guy made it and continued surfing down around the point forever. We didn't know that was Mike Doyle at the moment, but I remember saying to my friend: "Damn, that guy has balls of steel!"

Later that day after my sesh I was walking back to our camp and saw the living legend sitting there having a beer while enjoying the beautiful sunset. This was a big deal to me because I had been seeing him in the surfing magazines since I was a kid. I wasn't a grom that day by any means, but I sure acted like one when I said: "Hey, you're living legend Mike Doyle, aren't you?" (Seriously. I actually said that. Hah, what a dork!)

Mike would have been 49 then and I had heard he had been living in San Jose, Baja. We chatted about life down there and he told me that he was on his way back to San Diego for a visit.

Super nice guy and really humble. That was the first and last time I saw him. There's a link to his Instagram account on the page below and there's lots of great stories to read there.

Rest in peace, Mike Doyle.

« on: April 09, 2019, 08:10:36 PM »
I'm intrigued with the outline and stepped rails on the Portal Phantom and especially after watching Fisher Grant shredding on one in big ugly windy Sunset last month.

1) Does anyone in San Diego or Orange County have a Portal Phantom that I can look at? (I live on the coast in North County.)

2) And if you don't live in So Cal, can you please give me the dimensions of your Phantom (including thickness) plus your weight and tell me what it feels like when you paddle it?


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