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Foil SUP / A few questions?
« on: May 06, 2022, 01:59:41 PM »
I'm competent winging, last 2 years.

I've purchased a 6'9 sup foil board and had my first session today. No problem paddling catching waves and getting airborn. Some epic wipeouts and I had great fun. It was small about 1 to 2 foot.

Q1 Does anyone ride a really short mast in beach breaks. I had 70cm. I only intend surfing small beachies

Q2 I choose a far to big front wing. What do people use at my weight. 78 kgs , small waves.

It was good to feel humbled today, I love learning..

I'm from a surf background no other wind sports. Loving winging but I can't seem to decide how to approach waves or wind swell to ride on my good side - natural. In fact I seem to end up riding goofy more often than not due to swell and wind direction. Im very comfortable switching feet and very uncomfortable riding in twisted stance, I think this has made the surfing element harder as when I loose speed or energy in the wave I quickly switch feet and haul in. Ive not wanted to use straps but being locked in seems to have advantages in waves. I haven't really described my problem well but I guess I'm so comfortable riding natural and goofy when cruising it's difficult to favour my good side. As that was a bit of a ramble if anyone has any general advice riding waves strapless or has anyone changed from strapless to straps etc ..

I recently swapped brands to Mantis v1 wings as I loved the solid handles. I tested the 3.1m and then got a great deal (they are launching mantis V2) on the 3.1, 4 and 5m. I love the 3.1 and 4 for powered up days but I can't pump the 5 as it's flat profile catches the wing tips. It's also generally not regarded as a particularly good light wind wing. I am considering selling the 5 and keeping the other 2 and buying a grunty replacement. I am trying to avoid larger wings 5.5 or over and am not interested in winging below 10 knots. I'm 78kgs and have good technique pumping of board (-8L) and wing. Ive tested loads of v1 wings a good while ago but not recent ones. I do like the firmer 2 handle setup. Interested in hearing from anyone that's had a go on a few different ones. The new Unit looks good, I tried the Slick 5.5 a while back which was nice but weighty. When I learnt the Slingwing 6.4m V2 was a beast..Lol.. The outgoing unit is supposed to pump well. Open to suggestions..

The foil I was using was a HA 1350. The other option I know is to get a bigger foil for light winds but I love the speed of this foil. The conditions today were 11 to 13/14 knots with big holes and pretty choppy/confused sea. Not the best..

Interested to know how many Wingers we think there are worldwide. Here in the UK it's still relatively niche and small numbers albeit increasing quickly. At my local beach around 200 regular kiters and now around 15 regular Wingers. If the formula was applied to the whole of the UK around 7.5% of the UK kitesurfing number. 59000 kiters * 7.5%= 4425. I'd be very surprised if that many people are winging in the UK.

What do we reckon on numbers worldwide and when/if will it surpass kitesurfing in numbers. I personally think it will exceed kitesurfing based on what I can see happening locally.

... particularly if you are around 75 to 80kgs.... I seem to like small wings and would prefer to ride a slightly bigger foil particularly as the waves aren't huge that I am playing in. When does the 3m (or 2.8, 3.2) work for you? Possibly say your weight and what foil you are use it with? One of the resosns I ask is that many of the manufacturers state 25+ knots for a 3m. This seems high to me? Thanks for any feedback..

Prone Foiling, Surf foiling, Pump Foiling / Advice needed
« on: April 27, 2021, 02:42:35 PM »
I've been Wingsurfing for the past 8 months almost every other day. I'm really comfortable on foil! I have 2 mid aspect foils 1450 (90% of the time) and 2000 (light wind). I surfed a little bit when I was younger and have sup surfer for the last 6 years. I want to Surf foil on my wing board which is 5'2 26" 85L. I'm 77kgs, if I got into it I would buy a smaller lower litre prone foil board which could also work as a sinker for wingsurfing. I don't want to sup foil as I like the smaller board and want smaller than my current board not bigger.. Lol.

When learning to pop up and foil surf in small waves.. 
1) do I use my big or small foil?
2) The pop up looks slightly slower and less critical than non foil surf. Any hints?
3) do you keep your feet through the centre line? When Winging my front foot is slightly offset.
4) my plan is to try and find a reform wave and take off on the white water, is this what you would suggest?
5) does a smaller sinker board take off as easy/more easy/less easy than my floaty wing board? A sinker won't have glide but it may get picked up and pushed more in white water?

Any general other tips would be awesome..

I havnt got a broken carbon paddle I can use. Any ideas how to make a cheap carbon mini boom as Duotone one is v. expensive ? It needs to be 129cm long.

I've been addicted to Winging for the past 6 months and have owned or tried around 8 wings including v1 and v2s and from 6 different brands would love to see what normal people are using in their wing journey.

I remember reading that this sport is a 2 x everything, 2 x wing, 2 x foil and 2 board. At the time I didn't agree but I'm starting to think it is. As an intermediate and 77kgs who rides in 8 to 30 knots with the majority 13 to 23 knots I have;

6.4m Slingshot v2 (8 to 15knots)
4m Takoon (15 to whatever)

85L Naish Hover
I'm about to add a backup 100L bigger board which can be very light wind and sup foil.

1450m3 gong LT
2100m3 gong xlt

Id love one of the new wings like the Duo Slick to work in really light wind in a 5m or 5.5m to replace the 6.4 as although the Slingshot is fantastic in low wind I don't like the transitions with big wings.

I'd be interested to see what people have in their locker!!

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