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Aloha fellow foilers,

These disturbing emails came to light on the “coconut wireless” yesterday. Apparently an individual (Mahina Martin) has been reaching out to influential people with false stories about the dangers of foiling in the harbor. Now the harbor manager has a plan in place to kick people out as soon as enough security can be trained up. Appealing to the smart folks on his forum as to how to respond to this as a foiling community.
Begin forwarded message:

Subject: Banning recreational users at Kahului Harbor

Aloha Mahina,

Thank you for your email and I apologize for not keeping everyone informed of DOT Harbors’ intentions to still prohibit any type of foil surfing in Kahului Harbor, including Kahului Bay.

Between September 1-30, we have been relegated to only one (1) Harbors roving security guard for all of Piers 1, 2 & 3.  This made it impossible to post extra Harbors security officer in/around the parking lot at the end of Pu’unene Avenue as well as the beach areas where the foil surfers gather together.

We have a new DOT Harbors security contract in place for Allied Universal Security Services to start this Friday, October 1, 2021.  We would need to provide them at least a couple of week to ramp up and train their security officers.

Word has already started to spread that DOT Harbors will prohibit foil surfing as I’ve already received a couple of letters/calls.  We are prepared to post signs in a week or so to inform users of the date in which this prohibition will take effect, and my Harbor Master Notice will be posted on our DOT Harbors website.  Based on our Harbors Administrative Rules, there will be “no in-between”.


Duane S. S. Kim
Harbors District Manager
DOT Harbors, Maui District


First, I'd like to again mahalo each of you for your interest in our profound concerns regarding conditions at Kahului Harbor involving foilers and windsurfers. I'd also like to thank Representative Hashimoto for giving us an update in August. On behalf of our hui of paddling and fishing representatives, I'm writing to inquire on any progress made regarding our concerns and on our request for assistance in removing foiling and windsurfing activities from Kahului Harbor. The dangers posed by the inundation of foilers and windsurfers continues daily as does the disrespect our people are experiencing.

I'd like to reiterate that our interest is not to accommodate foiling and windsurfing activities in the harbor. The hazards their activities pose in the area and the ever-increasing volume of foilers and windsurfers create unsafe and unsuitable conditions between their use and cargo ships, tug boats, small boaters, paddlers, fishermen, divers and swimmers. Equally, we are reluctant to place the cultural practices related to wa'a and the rights of fishermen secondary to recreational foiling and windsurfing, As we've noted, Kanaha Park is nearby and already has accommodations in place. We are prepared to come forward and provide assistance to your efforts should you need a demonstration of support. We understand that there will likely be opposition to our position and would like you to know that we are committed to bring forward the larger paddling community on Maui and across Hawaii, as well as those from the fishing and boating community should there be a need to.

We look forward to learning more about what progress has been made and if there is a need for us to make a more public stand at this time in support of your efforts. We feel deeply that the situation will continue to escalate and sincerely appreciate your assistance.



Saw a bunch of V2’s at the board shop. 2.5-6.5. Anyone have any info on these?

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