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Classifieds / Appletree Wingfoilboard
« on: February 11, 2022, 06:01:19 PM »
Slightly used 4'9"  70 L wing foil board. In  very good condition

includes lift bag that fits it well

See info here


Classifieds / Sunova Speed 9'5"
« on: January 12, 2022, 05:06:07 AM »
Sunova Speed 9'5", 160L 31 in wide in XXX construction

For Sale with Jimmy Lewis bag that fits perfectly, and stock fin set.

A few years old but in very good condition. No dings.

Looking for $900 with the bag. Located on Cape Cod, MA, USA. Would rather not ship it.

Starting to get a bit more into jumping and my +10 L (107 L FSM for a 220lb rider) feels big in the air, but will still be the board I need to ride 80% of the time in the summer as our wind dies sometimes and need to schlog in. Reminds me a of jumping oversized windsurfing boards back in the day

For jumping on windy days what is a good size that is still relatively easy to get going, but a little more controllable in the air, -10 L, -20 L, -30L ? or all the way down to prone foil surf boards in the 50-60 L range

Classifieds / Axis 660 and 860 for sale
« on: July 04, 2021, 01:45:04 PM »
Both have a few minor scratches, but otherwise in good shape. 350$ for the 860, 300$ for the 660.

front foils only

located on cape cod, ma but could ship to US addresses.

Hmmm. my last post became unreadable when I tried to add an image

Thinking about very strong wind winging. Does it work? With or without a foil?

Do the small wings handle the strong forces of high wings.

The signature switch looks interesting for this:

Looking for a way to play on the waves at my local beach when putting up a 5m kite feels to sketch. So winds over avg low to mid 40 gusts to upper 40s maybe occasionally to 50 mph. after that the kite can't really handle it and starts feeling very dangerous with a kite in the sky.  Maybe even just a downwinder  with a few good whipped in waves would be fun..

Any thoughts from the gorge you guys foil in conditions when the windsurfers are juiced on sub 3 m^2 sails?

So what's the deal with winging in very strong wind. Does it work?  Do the small wings hold up to the big forces?

With or without a foil? The signature switch looks interesting for this

I'm thinking about the days when putting up a kite feels too sketch. So for me that is stronger than avg low 40 mph gusting to upper 40s, maybe a a touch more but after that the 5m kites can't handle it, and feels like russian roulette with the danger of a kite in the air

There are some really nice looking wind waves at the beach near my house at 40+..just hard to figure out a way to get on them. Don't want to go back to windsurfing as although a small ws sail can handle the wind, it sucks for onshore waves. Would be fine with a wing powered downwinder. Not sure a foil would work as the water is very rough, but maybe folks from the gorge have experience winging in these conditions, when the windsurfers are on under 3.3 m^2 sails?

Like this:

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