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The Shape Shack / Copper anodes for galvanic corrosion
« on: February 17, 2023, 08:47:14 AM »
Will an anode  like the one in the pic (3mm copper tubing hammered into 3mm drill hole) help with galvanic corrosion between Alu and steel and carbon?.
Does the sacrificial anode have to be in contact with the nobler materials (Steel or carbon) or just nearby will work?.
I know there is a brand that is putting anodes in their foils (not sure if it was AFS).

The Shape Shack / Foil boards breaking from bottom lam fatigue
« on: April 29, 2022, 10:15:05 PM »
Lots of people doing dockstarts and prone surfing are suffering from boards getting damage from the repeated stresses.
Fom loss of rigidity to total failure.
The usual point of failure is the bottom laminate,right in front of the boxes.
This part works in compression, and a flat layer of glass or carbon is not very good at resisting compression.Foam crushes,carbon bends more and more until it fails.

Connecting the boxes to the top layer (As with the DW box wrap method) is a good way to fight this.

Some people are also using carbon arrow shafts as reinforcement for the bottom lam.
Very light,and a tubular shape resists compression way better than flat lam.
Might be worth a try.

The Shape Shack / Hollow boards
« on: February 24, 2022, 11:16:54 PM »
Maybe this tech could be applied to foilboard nose&tail areas, with the goal of reducing swing weight.Stance area and foilbox would need to be solid i think.

Also interesting are Patrik AirInside boards:

Well,it's POV video and it sucks for this purpose (sorry) but if you set the speed to slow and read the step by step i think you will see it clearly.

Credit to Cnski and some other forums users who came up with this in a thread somewhere here or the Standup zone...

This works quicker and with less effort than normal knee start.No balance phase.Great for choppy conditions and in waves to get out of Dodge ASAP.
First vid is on an 85l (for my 70kg)
Second vid is on a 40l surfprone board.

Step by Step:

-Board across wind
-Sail across nose of board,front hand holding normal front sailing handle.
-Climb on board under wing and get on knees.Stay bent low (stinkbug).
If you loose balance to leeward put back hand on boom strut for balance.
-Grab back handle and lift front hand,wing will fly to umbrella and support you.If leeward tip tries to catch water on lift try moving back hand forward as you lift the front.
-Get board moving,on feet and on foil."

This is on the 85l:

This is on the 40l.Second time i ride it.First time(months ago) i managed to get going once with the standard knee start after lots of swearing and board shooting up towards the sail.
With the StinkBug it is way easier.
Just use the front sailing handle to lean on (you cannot sink it).Then you get knees on board controlling board with back hand.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / The Right Stuff
« on: May 31, 2021, 12:10:26 PM »
Today there was another winger at a local thermal wind flat water spot.
About 55-60 years old,going back and forth on foil in the +20kt conditions on a biggish board.
Did not pay much attention,he was doing nothing fancy,just another beginner.

Later i saw him in the parking lot inflating a smaller wing...and i noticed that the guy was missing a hand.
He was wearing this sort of rounded hook carbon prosthesis.Super impressive.

Very nice guy,really loving the wing as he found it less physical than windsurfing and kiting had not worked out for him.

Hmm...and i whine about my ACL knee :)

Don't know if i have the flex to pull this one but i will try it:

Sometimes in low wind i go into a jibe and run into the Wing because i overtake it.

I saw the latest Gong vid and they do a few of this "Lay Down" windsurf style jibes,entry like a 360 and flip the sail just as it begins to backwind.

This may be better for lightish conditions as you cannot run into the Wing, i have not tried it yet.

Good example at 04:56 :

Classifieds / Spain/EU ARMSTRONG FOILS Surf Wing Sup
« on: March 05, 2021, 12:10:32 PM »
HS1250 Front Wing (Screws+Cover) 539
HS1850 Front Wing (Screws+Cover) 649

Mast V2 72cm (Screws+Cover) 675
Mast V2 85cm (Screws+Cover) 775

**Fuse an Stab only sold as part of full foil kit (FrontWing+Mast+Fuse+Stab)**

HS232 Stab (Screws+Cover) 159
Fuse TC60 329 (O* and +1* Shims)

Everything really excellent condition,almost new.Some very shallow scratches from normal use.
Shipping all EU included.

See pics&vids:

I have a Takuma LOL 1600 full carbon.I love it for winging but i could not make it work for prone foiling.
It felt super draggy paddling into the waves and it would rise like a psycho when dropping in.
I thought it was too big for my 75kg, or that my board (Gong Matata EPS 5.0) had the boxes too far forward for this foil.I had almost given up on surf foiling it.

But reading about how the Kujira riders are shimming their mast plate for increased angle of attack on wave entry with great results made me think that maybe my LOL needed exactly the opposite.
So i made a 4mm epoxy shim(with some carbon to keep it from splintering) and screwed it on for todays session,thick side at the front to reduce angle of attack when paddling in.

Wow, worked like a charm.Easy paddle in on foamies or unbroken waves, nice controlled rise.Perfect :)

For winging i like it unshimmed, as the rise on foil is very progressive compared to surf foiling.

This mast plate shimming is a huge factor , so if anybody is having trouble with a particular board/foil/activity combo i encourage them to experiment with this before spending money on stabs,foil wings etc...

3 to 4mm has a huge effect, i would not try more than this as you would need longer screws and even with this the angle would put stress inside the rail inserts. Foilmount makes swiveling hardware that allows for big angles if needed.

Classifieds / TAKUMA LOL PROFOIL 1600 1900 (EU/Spain)
« on: November 21, 2020, 09:47:48 AM »
Foil Takuma Lol Profoil Full Carbon.
For Wingfoil SurfFoil Supfoil.
Excellent ,almost as new condition, without dings or gaps.
Very fast and efficient foil (high aspect), great turns, weight 3.8kg (1600 wing).

With a 75cm mast, integrated all-carbon fuselage and base. 300cm2 stabilizer. Screws, key and shims.

-With 1900cm2 wing (unused wing! 103cm wingspan) 1800

-With 1600cm2 wing (used but like new 86.5cm wingspan) 1500

-With the 2 wings 2350

Additional stabilizer 270cm2 130

Also willing to trade the 1600 or 1900 front wing for a 1300 in good condition.

To see it, it is in Pontevedra,SPAIN. Shipping included EU.
Never posted here because system would not let me register, i post at the Seabreeze forums as "mcrt"
My Android phone refuses to upload pics,but see them here or PM me: 20

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