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$130 including shipping in the lower 48.

I bought them to adapt to my Gong foil fuselage (Gong mast really flexy), but decided against it. Bought them a couple of months ago and never used them, so essentially new.

Classifieds / Duotone 5m/4m wings, Blue Planet Carver 5í8Ē
« on: March 25, 2020, 08:02:23 AM »
$575.  Blue Planet Carver 5í8Ē Foil SUP/wing board (27.5Ē width, 114 L). Includes custom board bag

 Small 3Ē crack in board tip happened during shipping (poor pack job by Blue Planet), that was professionally repaired at Rodanthe Surf shop before the board ever saw water. Absolutely no issues since then.  Repair spot in photo

$425 5m Duotone wing. Yellow/white ~ 15 sesisions.  No damage at all

$400 4m Duotone wing.  Red/blue ~ 12 sessions. No damage at all.

$50 Duotone adjustable boom.  Duotone wrist leash

Prefer to sell board locally but I will ship via UPS (at buyer expense) with another $50 thrown in for packing materials

Also prefer to sell wings/boom as a package

Preference given to anyone willing to buy everything

You can see my posts in the winging forum to see all this gear in action.  This board has been an ideal first wing foil board that you will not outgrow in a few sessions.

Curious how your wing dinging is being affected by Corona?  I read that even certain beaches are closing down due to Coronavirus. Visitor access to my home town (Outer Banks, NC) has just been shut down as of Tue. Only two bridges in and out, and a police checkpoint has been set up at each location (no confirmed Covid cases but no testing yet either, and since we are a primary east coast beach tourist destination, itís basically a preemptive measure). As far as I know the beaches themselves remain open to residents and property owners, and it would be almost impossible to close them without mandatory curfews.

We are in the FL Keys at the moment and things are shutting down here as well. At an Airbnb and the only thing weíre doing is going out on the boat to fish, and finding ways to foil. Very few beaches here to start with and the one I was using just closed. I went back to it with the boat and just launched from the water. No one around at all and an awesome light wind session, an no wetsuit!

As much as I love wing foiling as a new skill set, I would never give up kite foiling. Iím finding that for light winds (8-14ish mph) in flat water I will always choose to kite foil if the location and conditions are favorable. Nothing beats the ability of a kite to generate quick massive power,...up on the foil instantly and rocketing in any direction I want. Turn on a dime transitions.  For higher winds and ďsketchyĒ locations wing foiling is winning out. I also like transitioning between each discipline; helps you advance faster than just one type of foiling. Hopefully Iíll get some winging sessions in as well before we leave

Tough times we are in. Trying to stay active without burdening the system

Just to add to endless stream of wing a ding choices, the Gong Pulse and Superpower should finally be out in just a few days.  Anyone planning to buy?  For all the gushing over the F-Oneís, I just canít bring myself to plunk down $1,000 for a 6m. Donít have much interest in the Superpower but the 6m Pulse has me very interested. It should be about $620 shipped to the US. Since this is Patriceís 3rd iteration I figure it should be getting pretty decent. Just curious if anyone else is gonna bite.

Classifieds / GoFoil Carbon Tuttle adapter plate
« on: December 20, 2019, 08:03:50 AM »
$120 including shipping (mainland US).  I bought it brand new from Big Winds this fall.  Other than a test fit I never used it. So basically brand new. Screws and washers that came with are included.

Anyone working on, or mastered upwind transitions yet? Any secret learning  tips? Iíve been trying toeside to heelside upwind transitions as my first progression beyond jibing. Would you consider that the easiest first upwind transition to learn?

 I can finish a small percentage standing up, but always come off the foil in the end. They look pretty pathetic right now. Of course I never seem to be in ďidealĒ conditions. In the attached vid I was seriously powered up on my 4m Duotone, and all that wetsuit rubber in cold water just added to the challenge. Always feel like Iím bringing the wing over my head way too slowly compared to my carve, and sometimes it tends to fall behind me as I swing it over which kinda lifts the foil up killing speed. Maybe just going into them too slow? By the time I can pull on the wing in the other direction my speedís gone and Iíve overcarved (?) Maybe some good training vids out there? I havenít really found any. Thinking this might be good to practice on a skate board (with lots of pads!)

Reading all this foot switch discussion evolving out of numerous threads, so Iíll try and add my worthless 2c.  Iím a klutzy ole guy and only have about 9 wing sessions so grain of salt always advised. This was how I learned to foot switch on a small kite foil board. Iím a baby step learner and things happen fast on a 20l board

TOUCH DOWN SWITCH: Foil at a low elevation (board close to water). Slight offset stance side to side, and your normal front to rear spread. Before you go for broke practice some foot shuffling without switching. Back foot quick forward and back to same spot; board will contact water but your already low. In fact do lots of additional small foot shuffling without switching. Wider-narrower side to side offset, wider-narrower front to rear foot spacing. You are actually figuring out your sweet spot and getting over the fear of moving your feet while on the foil. Also getting used to brief touchdowns the whole time.  Get good at this first before even thinking about a switch.

Now go for a smooth switch knowing that youíll touch down during the process. Follow all the advice FLkiter gives (bear off downwind a bit, wing high). Donít worry about all the foil pump down/up stuff, and despite best intentions youíll be lookin at your feet. Just know youíre gonna touch down. If your front to rear stance is narrow itíll be an easy touchdown. Concentrate on getting in the other stance balanced over the board without any real pull from the wing. If youíre pulling the wing to keep your balance youíre goin down!  When it starts to click youíll know when to repower the wing. If you had decent speed going in youíll likely pop right back up on the foil. If not who cares, just work back onto foil the other way.

Once you master the touch down switch, progressing to full airborne is not as terrifying. In the quick vid I was still doing kite foil touchdowns going strong foot forward (left leg) to weak foot forward this last summer, but could stay on the foil switching the other way. Always easier to switch to your strong foot forward. Now Iím finally staying up going both ways with the kite. Not yet with the wing, but getting there.  Of course if your 15 years old you learn all this in 30 min without any instruction!

Classifieds / Gong standard XL wing and XXL wing for sale
« on: November 16, 2019, 05:26:54 AM »
Price for both is $280 plus shipping.  Would prefer to sell them together. The XL wing was used 3 times (about 2 hours each session), and XXL was never used. Full disclosure; the XXL does have a small very superficial ďpaintĒ scratch on the underside. Canít even see it in the photos.  No damage at all.  Paid $440 for both wings including the shipping from France.

Selling because I decided to just use the Gong ďproĒ wings for wing foiling.


Foil SUP / SUP-surf foiling from flat water kite/wing foiling background?
« on: November 13, 2019, 12:58:23 AM »
So I have a couple of seasons of flat water kite foiling, and Iím making some decent progress wing foiling this fall but still very much a newbie. Really no surfing/SUP-surfing experience worth mentioning. Thinking of attempting some ďtameĒ SUP surf foiling with the wing gear I have (Blue Planet Carver 5í8Ē [114 L], Gong XXL, XL, and pro XL wings). Iím 78 kg and live on the Outer Banks, NC. Iíve always considered our surf conditions really crappy compared to the west coast or Hawaii, but these surf foil videos are making me think twice.

Board too small to learn on? (Iím guessing winging is way different from paddling) Can I just prone paddle out with a paddle to start with? Hoping to just start with glassy knee high mush on the sand bars at low tide with the XXL, or farther out with non breaking swell? Maybe get wake time behind my boat just to get used to not holding onto a kite or wing, or gain some competency down winding with a luffing wing. Iím pretty much a wimp in the ocean with anything waist high or bigger.....Any advice appreciated.

Since my last post (session 5)
Session 6: crappy location with 6-15 mph and big chop. Got nowhere
Session 7: ideal 14-21 mph at the Canadian Hole in Buxton (awesome practice spot), good progress except for donating my Gopro 7 to the briny deep. A few choice words to myself for not using a safety lanyard, and then just kept riding like it never happened
Session 8: 16-25 mph back at the Canadian Hole. More progress using my 4m duotone and my Gong XL Pro. [Wonít ever go back to a high volume low aspect (high lift) draggy foil wing again. Selling my standard Gong XL, which is probably close to a GoFoil M200]. Some added confidence gained foot switching (big sweet spot compared to kite foiling on little boards). Practicing S-turns and never riding more than 1 minute on a given tack works for me. New GoPro 7 working well......with mega safety lanyard :P ......9 minute stint of not falling :)

Back to big time flailing next session attempting to learn upwind tacks and other cool stuff, if itís not too cold yet 🥶

After some dues paying over the first 4 sessions (ok,....more like general flailing) itís good to have those rare days of minor progress. First toeside rides, first jibes to toeside and back, and a couple of foot switch attempts. Lots of falling in between! Got back to where I launched with no broken bones or gear😀

(Compared to kite foiling everything seems to move much slower, thankfully for this klutzy ole guy)

Blue Planet Carver 5í8Ē
Gong standard XL foil wing with 65cm mast (now I already want the faster pro version)
Duotone 5m wing (GoPro on the boom)
Wind  ~15-23 mph
Salvo, NC (Outer Banks)
(Iím 77 kg)

Ordered so too late to change now :P.  Duotone 5m wing. Blue Planet 5í8Ē Carver (114 l, 27.5 width, thick!, 18.5#), Moses 873 (2100 sq cm) surf rig with 71 and 91cm masts. Already own a Moses 633 rig for kite foiling

173#, oldtimer windsurfing since the 70ís (just have a 12.6 Starboard convertible SUP/sailboard now), kiteboarding since 2001, and kitefoiling for 2 seasons. Have my on-the-foil foot switches down pretty well. Pull off some occasional upwind 360ís/180ís. OBX resident. Ocean, sound (shallow) , wind all over the map

Biggest dilemma I had was the first SUP board choice for  wing foiling. I know a longer, bigger volume board would make the most sense, but what the heck.....Get some wing time on the sailboard, then suffer through the kneel/stand/pump learning curve on ideal soundside conditions with the shorter mast. Any other advice?? (BTW, great forum. Much learned already)

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