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Classifieds / GoFoil GL wings
« on: October 19, 2020, 09:35:23 PM »
Raising money to feed the habit...   broke another mana paddle and maybe a new prone board.  Prices don't include shipping from California or paypal fees. All wings are all-carbon and have a universal fit for any generation of masts

$550 GL140 in great shape (with sleeve)
$550 GL180 in great shape (with sleeve)
$500 GL210 well used - looks the worst in photos, but I've recently filled all the scratches and sanded back to 600grit.  painful to let this one go, I have almost a hundred sessions on it  (with sleeve)
$600 GL240 in good shape  (with sleeve)

Foil SUP / GoFoil: amazing wings with crappy tails
« on: October 18, 2020, 03:17:10 PM »
GoFoil, you need to step up your game with respect to tails.  I own 3 generations of GoFoil tails (a few copies of each actually),  and have tinkered relentlessly to get the performance I want.  Each major iteration has been a big step up, but even the latest stuff could be a lot better.   I just put Kane's 15" tail on and everything came alive for me.  You suddenly notice everything wrong with the 14.5" flip-tip tail when your eyes are opened to something better.

I started with the blue Maliko tail.  Cutting that down was a revelation and really changed the way I surfed.  Then came the 18N and 18W, which were both a big step up from the Maliko in terms of drag reduction and smoothness of lift - especially a cut down 18W.  Then the short pedestal and the 14.5" flip-tip - pretty crappy build quality on both, but I forgave that when I rode it.   Turns got a lot more locked in and I couldn't believe I ever even liked the cut down 18W.

Putting on Kane's tail is arguably one of the biggest gear step up I've experienced since going from IWA to GL.  I felt like a hero today, turns were tighter than ever, pumping smoother, and the lift profile across the speed range is superb.  Not really great conditions either, so I know it was the gear.  I literally breached the foil and I could feel it skipping across the surface before dropping back down and keeping going ???!!??

All that work GoFoil is putting into front wings, you owe it to put some time into the tails.  I was fiercely brand loyal since the very first surf foiling wings they put out, but this makes me question whether the brand is slipping.  Or maybe tails and wings will go the way of fins and boards - mix and match to find your sweet spot.

Foil SUP / total geek out post on the GL210
« on: September 22, 2020, 10:54:35 AM »
Yes, foil brain is in full effect even after 3 years foiling for me.  I'm stuck in my house with nothing else to do, so I'm trying to understand the inner workings of foil wings.  I've been using my GL210 as a reference wing.  Hopefully through all this, I can help identify opportunities for improvement (which I think there are still many).

I traced out the foil section profile using paper and scissors and translated it to digital in order to run it through XFOIL software and study the polars.  I had one of my friends operate XFOIL since this isn't (yet) my specialty.  We picked some speeds to look at.  First impressions are that this foil section seems pretty draggy in comparison with more typical glider wing and hydrofoil profiles designed for similar Reynolds numbers.  It is certainly much better than the IWA type section.

I also carefully measured wing twist, so a future analysis could include those effects.  The outer third is pitched negative a bit probably to keep the tips from stalling in dynamic maneuvers.

Before you ask - I WILL NOT post or share the foil cross section.  If you want it that bad, you're going to have to buy your own wing and trace it yourself.  Imitation is flattery, but copying exact is theft. 

Classifieds / 2010 Starboard pro 8'5" converted to foil tuttle
« on: September 18, 2020, 10:35:02 PM »
This one is going to go cheap, I need it gone.  Frankly it isn't a very good foil board.  It would work for a first foil board but there are better options.  It was my first foil board and I learned to foil just fine before anybody knew any better.  I used to absolutely love riding it as a SUP though, and it is a pretty classic shape.  Maybe you want it for that?  It was the top of line construction for 2010 - PVC sandwich - and though it has hundreds of sessions on it, no major dings and watertight.  The foil box probably needs a couple layers of glass or just ride it like it is.   I will not ship - thinking $200 if you come pick it up in the San Francisco bay area.

Starboard catalog:

Foil SUP / Goddam Sup Foiling is fun
« on: September 09, 2020, 10:08:36 AM »
Wow, it is so incredibly fun to be high performance wave riding when everyone else is bobbing around complaining about how crappy it is.  Literally, paddle out, spin, ride, repeat.   Do I have anything constructive to say that is worth creating a new topic?  No - classic shit-post.

The Shape Shack / shape3D guru (help please!)
« on: August 19, 2020, 10:08:40 AM »
I have a board design I want to execute and I can't get Shape3D to do what I want.  I have it modelled in CAD software and can export in STL/IGES/etc - but none of the board CNC guys can program their cutters from anything other than Aku or Shape3D file.   So I'm trying to redo it in Shape3D.  I've got the design I want in there as a ghost, so that's a start.  Need some specific advise from someone with experience.  Private message is fine - thanks!

Sessions / Karma
« on: July 30, 2020, 02:58:09 PM »
I had a fairly forgettable sunrise morning out SUP foiling at my local yesterday - except for one remarkable moment.

Its a beach break, but this morning I found a peak that was breaking fairly repeatable on the sets.  This peak had just 3 other people hanging around roughly the same spot.  I'm sitting on the board relaxing waiting on a set when I notice something floating a few hundred yards further from shore - turns out to be some mostly deflated helium balloons.   So I decided to paddle out and go grab them, which I like to do whenever I see trash in the water.  I have a spot in my wetsuit that I stash trash during a session until I can bring it to shore.

So I spent a few moments sitting on my board deflating the balloons and wrapping up the ribbon to stash in my wetsuit.  Literally the moment I gathered my paddle and stood up, here comes a single massive wave that is coming right to me.  Mind you, this is more than a hundred yards outside the normal set wave takeoff zone I was harvesting.  So I spin and grab it and ride it perfectly in the pit - breaking fast right to left all the way past on the outside of the next peak over, and right through the peak after that - with everyone hooting for me.  There literally wasn't another wave even close to that size and quality in the hour before or the hour after, and it was the only one in the set.  Nobody else could have possibly been in the right place for it - and given that it was a beach break it would have been impossible to know where to be for such a wave.

I think I believe in Karma now.

Classifieds / WTB: Gofoil short mast 24.5"
« on: June 24, 2020, 10:35:56 PM »
Need one of these for a project - can be thrashed if it isn't broken.  I'm going to cut it up anyway...

I'm thinking about a construction for a foilboard where the boxes are set in at the same time as building in a dual carbon stringer.  The idea would be to route out slots for the foilboxes (without any PVC foam), then hotwire the shaped board into three pieces the long way.  Then layup the stringers and install the foilboxes at the same time.     I would vacuum bag the blank+stringerlayup+foilboxes to get a good adhesion to put the three pieces back together.  The point of all this is to be able to use 1lb foam (divinycell sandwich deck).  What do you guys think?

Or, I am also thinking of possibly splaying out the hotwire cut to give the board some stiffness underfoot while paddling

images of the shape I'm thinking about - pretty much a hybrid between Dwight and Kalama designs with what I think is a little more fair lines.  Blue coloring is just an idea for paint scheme I'm playing with.

clickbait title alert!

I spent my first 200+ sessions foil SUPing without any footstraps.  Then I finally got a new board that has inserts, so I decided to throw on straps - lo and behold getting up on foil seemed to get easier.  After several sessions I found the back footstrap to be super limiting and took it off.  WOW!  so much better and I never missed it (I'll explain more below).  So I bought some NSI sticky mounts and hacked up the pad on my older board so I could add a front footstrap.  After several sessions and some very carefully orchestrated A/B testing I think I can confidently say that (for me) a single front footstrap is the perfect setup.

About that carefully orchestrated A/B testing...  First session out with my old board and front strap (100+ sessions without straps) - I was catching EVERYTHING.  The ability to push forward and up with my front foot to "pop" into the wave and up on foil is magical.  I kept lining up further and further outside and kept right on catching everything.    Then all of a sudden just as I was popping particularly early into a nice set wave, my front foot flew forward and the NSI sticky mount came off.  My fault for not prepping the surface well enough - I was in a rush the night before.  So I was forced to spend the rest of the session strapless.  It was incredible the difference - I was pretty well calibrated from an hour or so of riding the exact same conditions.   I couldn't grab waves nearly as far outside, and getting into the wave and up on foil was taking noticeably more paddle strokes and effort.  So for me, it was case-closed: front footstrap makes catching waves easier

As far as the back footstrap goes, I've got two serious issues with using it:

1) For the board I've been riding, the flatwater floating balance point of the board is about 6" forward of the foil's center of effort.  That means that if I put both feet in the straps and try to paddle around, I have to have weight quite biased to my forward foot or sink the tail.    Works a lot better to have my front foot in the strap and my back foot about 8-12" forward of the flying position.  With the strap installed, I've got the ball of my foot on the strap screwhead.    Getting into the back strap has to happen just at the right moment, and was prone to frequent error for me.  This is coming from a life-long windsurfer, so I'm used to straps. 

2)  On my strapless board, I have a back foot bump indicating proper flying position.  However, I've found that on certain wave conditions, the foil flies better with my foot 2" forward - yes it makes a difference! 

3) For pumping there is a dramatic improvement by sliding the back foot further forward around 4-6".  This for me is the biggest problem with the rear strap - it's in the wrong spot for pumping!  Furthermore, there is no need to "pull" the board up on the back foot during pumping - it may even be a detriment to the way the water flows over the foil.  On a good pump, I'm fully unweighting the back foot.  Its really hard for me to do that just right with a back footstrap.  On the flip-side, there is a nice benefit on a SUP to being able to pull upwards on the front footstrap.  It seems to help the board pitch upwards and counteracts the extra weight in the nose versus a prone board that pitches up by itself.

I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts.  Based on the way I ride, and my careful testing, I'll be running a single front footstrap on all my foilSUP boards from now on.

I am absolutely loving my mana 90 paddle for foiling, but I've now ruined several paddles by hitting the foil while I'm paddle pumping.  I can't afford to buy another Mana that I'm just going to crack again.  Any suggestions on an alternative that'll still feel great in the water? - a bit heavier would be a fine trade-off for durability.

Foil SUP / Foilsup on a 40L board ??
« on: April 26, 2020, 09:36:51 PM »
yeah, not really.  I think I'm going a little crazy with the beaches closed.

The Shape Shack / favorite source for 4-6oz carbon cloth?
« on: March 29, 2020, 05:08:34 PM »
Where are you all getting it and what is it costing per sq yard?  Looking to buy several yards at once

The Shape Shack / Nose Job on a foilboard
« on: March 23, 2020, 01:06:52 PM »
To quote Clamsmasher on another foil forum:
"Iíd had a few drinks, I noticed the hacksaw trying to get my attention from across the bar, tryed to ignore her..but the jungle drums were beating and we both woke up feeling used."

So, yeah, I cut about 6" off my 7' dwight board.  The paddling balance point was always a bit further forward than the foil balance point, so I figured let's move things back a bit.  Also hoping to reduce the swing weight.  Oh, and the nose was taking on water anyway.

Did some shaping with my new Bosch dual mode rotary orbital sanding (seems to be a direct competitor to the Festool Rotex 150, and perhaps a bit better - certainly cheaper!).  Next up is some epoxy filler and lots more sanding to clean up the transitions between old skin and foam.

Foil SUP / It could be your board!
« on: January 27, 2020, 10:09:51 AM »
My 7íx29Ēx120L foil specific SUP board is in my garage drying out prior to a repair.  Iíve been borrowing a prone board from my buddy.  Wow, prone has NOT been an easy transition.  I finally caught a wave, stood up, and foiled after about 10 sessions of failure.  Iíve been wanting to learn, so I promised myself I wouldnít SUPfoil until I learned - thatís the only way I made it through 10 awful sessionsÖ  Anyway, I decided to celebrate my recent success by taking out my old converted foil SUP.

HOLY CRAP - it rides so poorly!  I canít believe I ever learned to foil on this thing.  It is a converted 8í5Ēx29Ēx120L starboard SUP with a Tuttle installed.  Comparing directly to my foil specific board, it is super slow to paddle, balances way worse, hard to turn to catch a wave, really hard to get out of the water, and has so much swing weight that turning the foil on the wave is a bear.  And not only that, it is noticeably slower in a straight line even with the GL210 (?!?).

Iím still not rushing the repair because I want to get some more sessions prone foiling.  My motivation to keep proning is even higher now since thereís no way Iíll go back out on my old converted board.  So if you're hitting a wall with your foiling, the board could be a part of the issue.

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