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Classifieds / Gong XXL pro/curve Wanted to buy
« on: October 12, 2020, 12:11:44 PM »
I'm looking for Gong XXL pro/curve wing. If you have one or know of someone selling one let me know.

Classifieds / Axis 19mm Plate mount - WANTED
« on: August 13, 2020, 09:31:17 PM »
I'm looking for a 19mm plate mount for Axis foil mast, new or used.
 Axis won't have them in stock for a couple more weeks.

Also looking for a 75cm or longer mast.

PM or Text 770 2Five6 9634

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Takoon Wing review
« on: July 24, 2020, 07:13:55 PM »
There already plenty of reviews about the performance of the Takoon Wing by those more qualified than me, so my input is more about customer service, shipping and just some thoughts.

As far as performance there over 30 reviews on their site. The wing ranked at the top in a 10 wing performance comparison test performed by a few at a French magazine WindMag.  Here's Link to part of the French magazine's review.
 Also Gunnar will be reviewing them soon, so look for his Youtube review.

So before my purchase i had a bunch of questions (way more than normal for me, I was a high maintenance customer AKA PIA on this purchase but they were super nice in all their replies and gave me many helpful details) The chat icon on their site provided quick reply's almost every time within 24hours, even on weekends. A lot of replies were within an hour or so, with no language problems at all.

Once i placed my ordered for 3 wings and 2 leashes, they removed the VAT (Value Added Tax) with was about 16.7% savings. They quoted me 180 Euros shipping, then later contacted me to inform me that they were able to get a better shipping cost of 135Euros with another company :). They were able to take a Paypal payment which was easy & hassle free.
 (Interesting thing is the week before Gong quoted me 200euros to ship 1 WindWing from France, maybe it had something to do with being understaffed due to Covid...)

The shipment went out when they said it would, 6-25-20 with real nice tracking ability. There was a hangup for about 7 days at the last stop in France, so i contacted Takoon on day 7 of that delay and the package was moving again within a few hours ??? I got the package 3 days later on 7-13-20 which was about what i expected.

While my wings were in transit, Takoon discovered a problem with one size wing, in one specific color that i had coming to me. They phoned me (and emailed me) to tell me about the issue and what to look for and test. They assured me they would replace it ASAP or give me a refund. This is how good customer service becomes hands down great customer service. ;)

The Takoon wing is F-one like in that  they are both close to exact the same weight and both feel good in your hands, but maybe some details are not as refined. Example the pad behind the leading edge handle on the F-one is soft thick material. The Takoon's is a rougher material that might bother someones backhand if they held that handle for a extended time like de-powered down winding.  The Takoon is also very different than the F-one in that the wingtips are swept inward so the widest part is the the leading edge. So the 5m f-one has about the same wing span as the 6m Takoon. But the tip are also angle differently so wing span may not compare directly. The Takoon has more handles and subjectively maybe more comfortable also. It's a nice looking wing with a big diameter leading edge and very rigid.       
The one thing i did not like is the Takoon leashes. They look nice and have a nice clip-on, but they have only about 5" of stretch to them which makes them more of a rope than a leash. 

All in all very nice Windwing, the price was great and the customer service is the best. 

Classifieds / F-one Swing 5m and Gong 7m
« on: July 17, 2020, 10:40:33 AM »
Gong V1, like new, used less than 6 hours $395 free shipping to lower 48.

F-one 5 meter in very good shape. I did break the circle/strap that holds the valve CAP to the valve. $575 free shipping to lower 48

Classifieds / Fins and quick release foil mount
« on: July 09, 2020, 06:03:23 PM »
Larry Alison Gladiator Elite used $65 shipped lower 48

Futures Triangle cutaway fin $65 shipped

3 fin set $50 shipped.

Foil mount quick connect... I don't recall the name of it. $40 shipped.

Actually measure 6' 11"long  (7'1" from the bottom) 28.75 wide.  14.5lbs with deck pad. Great carbon handle system, In perfect shape, no dents or dings. Amazingly well built board. $850

 In Atlanta I will ship at buyers expense plus $50 for packing materials. I'll try and find out the shipper Dwight used to send it to me used I never had a problem with them. I'm not sure how much shipping is nowadays. I assume it's still somewhere like $100 for the east coast.

Random / Memorial Day
« on: May 25, 2020, 03:33:38 PM »
Memorial Day. We say thanks today for the many sacrifices made.

I just wanted to take pause and remember a friend and fellow Coast Guard who died while serving.

Michael K Luke. Michael was a great guy, a fellow recruit and the leader of our US Coast Guard boot camp Gulf Company in 1979. When things got tough for me in boot camp, he played a role motivating and inspiring me and many others in our company as we all figured out the stresses of basic training together. Michael had one obstacle in boot camp, he could not swim. Helping him learn to swim was indelible memory for me. With his determination (and good sense of humor) he did overcome his slight fear and got his swimming skills requirement accomplished in time to graduate.

 June 1980 his Ship was sunk in St. Petersburg, Florida. A collision with a Tanker capsized the 180 foot long USCGC Blackthorn. Twenty three of the fifty man crew die that day. It was a tragic lost the Coast Guard won't forget, and an event that I won't forget ether.

Today is Memorial day and maybe you have someone you remember and might like to share something about. If so I'd like to listen/read.

I just want acknowledge my friend and his families, and all of many sacrifices made to keep our country safe. To all those I say Thank You, and somehow saying Thank You, is just is not enough.

 Lately I've seen some blown out wings. I can't help but wonder if the wings were over inflated. I'd hate to have my wing blow out because i trusted a bad pressure gauge. I already suspected my pressure gauge was off' so i figured id test it to find out for sure.

 I bought some new gauges, and had a couple lying around the shop. I put together a little testing rig to see what i can see. It turned out my pump gauge was way off and even the new "better" gauges came with issues. Below is the results of testing the 4 new gauges.
( I tested some older small air filled gauges that were waaay the hell off, but i did not include them because they weren't new.)

A) My wing pump "air filled" gauges was off by a little more that 4.0 PSI. It said 11 PSI when actually it was at 7 PSI
It's a small diameter 0-30 psi Gauge. So yeah my first few times out on the wing i was under inflated.

B) I had a new 2 1/2" 0-30 PSI oil filled in the shop so i tested it  It said 5 PSI when it was at 7 psi
(*** that was the un-vented reading. There is a vent plug on oil filled gauges that is suppose to be opened before use, but the way this one is sold you have no way of knowing that so i tested it as is. Once it was vented to your Atmosphere it was very close, maybe a 1/2 PSI off at 7 PSI)

C) I bought A new oil filled 0-15 PSI it said 7 PSI when it was at 7 PSI. Yep it was spot on. Even at 1 PSI it was spot on This one had a sticker on it telling you to vent the gauge before use. Before venting it would have been 2 psi below actual reading. IMO This is a really nice gauge for wings and the perfect range for accuracy.

D) Digital PSI gauge it said 4.5 PSI when it was 7 psi.
*** This one was a mystery because it was way off at first, 3.5 psi. It would not start to read any pressure until 3.5 PSI.
While i was testing i cycled it through the function button one more time and low a behold, It became spot on. ???  From 0.25 psi up to 8 PSI it was absolutely perfect !.

My testing was a rig i built that i could hook all the gauges up to it at the same time so all gauges were exposed to the same pressure (in parallel).
For accuracy i used a water column for reference 27.07"= 1 psi  18' tall so max i measured was 8 PSI. 

I ended up using both the 0-15 oil filled, and the digital gauge together teed onto my air pump. It's overkill but for me there's some peace in knowing that I know I didn't put too much air in.

Foil SUP / How is your foil board meassured?
« on: January 24, 2019, 06:02:05 PM »
I bought a board and recieved it, and found out the length was measured from the bottom of the Rolling the contour, so the actual length was 3" shorter than I expected. My 7'2" is 6'11" tall on its end (which was actually a pleasant surprise in my case)

So I'm wondering how common is that way of measuring boards?

SUP General / I could have been safer with kids
« on: September 30, 2018, 09:07:43 PM »
I'm a fairly experienced water guys but i wasn't safe enough when it came to teaching youngsters to surf.

I've made many yearly trips with our Church youth to the beach. Each year i would bring a couple of boards with me to let the kids have fun trying surf. I reviewed basic safety with the kids as i gave them one on one coaching pushing them into waves. 

Well a couple of years ago one of our smaller kids about 85 lbs caught a wave and got a good little ride, but when he fell off he didn't pay attention to the fact he had  the board between him and the oncoming waves. I tried to get his attention shouting at him, but he was paying attention to something on the shore.  I rush toward the board as the next wave was coming. I got to the board at the same time the wave did. I tried to pull the board away form him but failed. I could feel the board hit him while we were underwater. When we came up his eyes were now glued on me as he knew he got hit by the board.  So yeah, worst case scenario... happened. I saw blood squirting behind the little guy! It was coming from his left upper arm/ armpit area. It was pulsing out of him going almost 2 feet into the air. I told him to look at me as i didn't want him to panic seeing his blood shooting out of his little body.  Praying to God as i picked him up and got him to shore as fast as i could, I grabbed someones towel and wrapped it while applying direct pressure. Paramedics on the way.
In the middle of this darma something very cool happened, his 5" gash from being harpooned from one of my quad fins stopped bleeding. Yep the fin wound that came centimeters from going completely through his arm stopped bleeding sometime before the paramedics showed up and wanting to see the wound. Thank you Lord. 70 stitches later and no long lasting damage the kid was fine.

Lesson here is I should have had soft fins in my boards and you can never prey too much. Protek flex or power flex fins would have prevented the wound in the first place. There maybe other brands but i know Protek's are pretty good.
So yeah that's it, I guess we all know that fins can be dangerous, i wanted everyone to be aware just how dangerous it can get.  Be safe


Foil SUP / Two wings better than one... Bi-wings anyone???
« on: September 16, 2018, 04:47:04 PM »
I was wondering does anyone have, or is anyone experimenting with a Bi-wing foils for surfing and Downwind? 

If i remember correctly from A&P school bi-wing aircraft where able to fly at slower speeds, be- lighter, and be more responsive. All of which could be good things for small waves and down-winding. It wouldn't have to look like Bi-plane, but more like the size of a small horizontal stabilizer, a few inches above the main wing.  Could be some advantages over single-wing foils.

1. A smaller second wing could give the same lift as a single larger wing, while being more maneuverable.
Example  instead of a 220lb man riding a Gofoil 280 he could ride a IWA Or Kai instaed with the upper bi-wing and have the same lift. Changing the upper bi-wing size, for changing conditions instead of changing the main wing.

2. A smaller second wing above the main could act like a "breach warning" without a complete stall.
In other words when the smaller upper wing breaches, it loses it's lift, while the main wing maintains it's lift, lowering the surfer without totally crashing. (at least that's my theory :)

3. Different size smaller second wings could allow less expenses and more portable equipment fix-ability.

4. Thinking a upper bi-wing could be made to attach to the mast, and not be brand specific...

I'm just thinking out loud and would like to hear others thoughts on this.

Gear Talk / How should i sell my wetsuits?
« on: January 20, 2016, 01:36:50 PM »
I'm way out of the loop and I have a couple of wet-suits that i don't need, 2 of them that I have never worn. I live in Atlanta not a market SUPreme wetsuits locally. I'm not sure if i can list the here in the Classifieds as it seems very different than it use to be. Any suggestions?  Thanks

Gear Talk / Thicker Wetsuit or Heated Vest?
« on: December 02, 2013, 08:12:58 AM »
 I just got a 2/3 SUPreme full (Amazingly comfortable suit!) The cyber Monday deals got me shoping. I see the $125 off deal on a heated vest for today, so it just got me thinking...
Just wondering which would be better for the colder days getting a 4/3/2 or a heated vest?

Gear Talk / Full suit vs long johns with jacket
« on: November 06, 2013, 10:57:53 AM »
I recently used afront zip jacket with my Short John's and noticed that when I get that occasional flush that most of the water does not go down the short johns. I think the turbulence from entering the jacket may defuse the waters velocity so it goes over the johns instead of inside.

I don't surf with a wet suit much, so this observation may not be a fact. I'm just curious if any body else has experience this.

I love the way the front zip jacket feels on my neck (none of the choking fealing I have from other suits)
So im thinking about getting some long johns and hang up the full suit.

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