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Do you apply waterproofing to your Wing?

I notice my 5m Slick wing has about a 1m area of the canopy that holds water (looks saturated) while the rest seems to repel the water to some degree. I don't know that it makes much difference but to keep the gear up best I suppose appling some type of waterproofing spray might be a good. Any suggestions?

Classifieds / Gong front wing wanted
« on: November 01, 2022, 08:49:14 AM »
I want to try the Fluids "small" wings and before I order just thought I'd check to see if anyone wants to part a...
Fluid LS or XLS or XXLS

Would also consider buying a Veloce XXL or XXLH if someone wants to part with those.

I do have a couple of Gong wings I need to sell or trade if interested.

General Discussion / New Amazing Surf Shop
« on: August 04, 2022, 11:20:42 PM »
Gong calls their new facility "The Space Center," I call it sweet.

New huge retail space and even more impressive is the behind the scene tour.
 A video worth looking at.

Inside look at their business kind of shows why they have grown so fast.

Gong released their Fluid "HA" wing called the Fluid "Tall". It's not rally a HA compared to most brand's with Ratios in the 9:1 area. So seeing that these Fluid Tall's hover below 6:1 AR was not really what I expected when last summer Gong said they had a HA ratio wing in the works.
But a closer look shows a different kind of High Ratio that may be the key to what makes these "TALL" wings something really special, in a deferent kind of way.
Not high Span to Cord ratio, but high Area to Volume ratio. Yep a super thin wing that still has lift.

I just received a couple of Gong Fluid Tall version wings. And yeah they have some real wow Factor to them.  The thing that strikes me, is how thin they are, especially the trailing edge. Really impressive to look at. So much so my family was thinking I "went over the edge", as I had the XLT wing on the couch next to me most of Christmas day. I even passed it around pointing out the concave section, as if a non foil geek would be as impressed as I was, LOL.  First impression riding this wing from this novice winger, is they do fly as good as they look. Fluid is the perfect name for this wing as that's probably the best word to describe how it flys.

I think the magic in this wing come from the "HOLLOW" as Patrice would say. It's the concave under-side that takes up the rear 1/3 of the wing bottom. It's hard to imagine that the hollow section would create any additional lift for the cord,  but do i'd think it adds to the AOA and direction of flow which in a unconventional way adds to the lift. (I don't know this, just guessing about how this all works) I don't know if anyone else is doing this concave underside, or if Patrice came up with this on his own, but ether way I think it's very clever and out of the box thinking. I thought this wing's "hollow" would compromise some lift, but after using it, the lift is not a problem at all. It's really more lift than i expected from such a thin wing, and I even had to move the foil back in the tracks to get things right. I will be ordering the smaller sizes to see how small I can go with these wings.

If you look at the smaller Fluid MT, it has 950cm area, it's 12mm thick, and only has 0.6 litters of volume.  Next to a real High Aspect ratio wing like Axis 899 that has a area of 850cm and a volume of 0.69 liters you see just how thin these Fluid Tall's really are.  For comparison here are some Area per volume number.

Gong Fluid XXLT = 1,065cm per liter (1907cm area / 1.79 liters of Volume) AR-5.82
Gong Fluid XLT   = 1,196cm per liter (1555cm / 1.3) AR-5.84 ----- 1.6mm thick
Gong Fluid LT     = 1,313cm per liter (1235cm / 0.94) AR-5.89 ----- 1.4 cm thick
Gong Fluid MT   = 1,583cm per liter (959cm / 0.6) AR-5,90  ----- 1.2cm thick
Gong Fluid ST    = 2,157cm per liter (712cm / 0.33) AR-5.97    ----- 9mm thick!!!

Axis PNG 1300 = 903cm per liter (1712cm / 1.895) AR-9.94
Axis PNG 1150 = 840cm per liter (1778cm / 2.116) AR-9.94
Axis ART 999   = 1,193cm per liter (1038cm / 0.871)  AR-9
Axis ART 888   = 1,231cm per liter (850cm / 0.69)  AR-9
Axis ART 777   = 1,389cm per liter (730cm / .0.54)  AR-9

  I know ratios like these don't mean all that much, but I do think it is another piece of the puzzle that  contributes to what makes a good and efficient wing.
Anyway Bravo to the Gong team. Now get some LT''s back in stock so I can get that one too.

I let a guy seat on my board. As I tried he lift efoil. By the time I got back to him he drifted close to shore and apparently hit my foil on the bottom enough to damage my boards tracks at the leading edge.

So I'm not sure how to repair this. If you look you can see that the tracks did likely move some for this to happen so I suspect the strength is comprised.

So my question is do I have to have these tracks replaced to fix it correctly? Or is there a easier way to handle a repair.

Classifieds / Wings *Duotone Slick 7m *Axis stuff *Gong foil + more
« on: June 19, 2021, 05:15:31 PM »
Duotone Slick 7m
2 weeks old, used twice,  like new. Super nice wing $925
Boom not included.

Axis 19mm Alu mast
Base plate NEW $80
90mm NEW $90
65mm used  $50
45mm used $45
plus shipping

Gong Foil * A la Cart*
Fuse, 80cm OR 65 cm mast, and base plate V1 $140 (mast assembly sold together)
 Note base plate is a little ugly as it was played with, counter sunk rear holes enlarged but works fine

Curve / Pro XL $230
Rise XXL $ 160
Rise XL   $150
Rise L  $150
40cm surf tail $70
 plus shipping

Slasher Impact vest, Large.  Great cond. $70
Psycho-tech-5mm-mittens large, used once like new $40
plus shipping

Ke Nalu
Wiki Blade, 2nd (has factory blemish but works fine see photos) very good cond $75
plus shipping

2021 Superpower 9m,  like new, $550
plus shipping

Text me for better photos 770 256 963four

The up and coming wings with inflatable struts that incorporate hard booms handles have a certain appeal to them.  The "coming soon to a store near you" DUOTONE Slick, now has company with the ELEVEIGHT WFS-V1.
I need a 5m wing to fill the gap in my wing quiver and hoping I'll get to try these wings out.

Gear Talk / Winter Gloves for the wing-ding
« on: February 06, 2021, 05:50:31 PM »
This is my first cold water season and finding cold water gear that works and fits has been a up hill battle. Closest water sports shop is 400 mile away so shopping has been mostly trial and error online, so I thought I'd share what I found as far as gloves go.
I found two pair that work pretty good with my wing ding. The finger gloves that work the best for me are the Ride Engine pre-cruved finger 2mm gloves. They don't require any extra effort to hold the wing handles which is a big deal for me. But on some slippery surfaces like my foilboard it does require a some extra strength to keep it from slipping out of my hands. Strange that the Thailand made gloves I've seen all have slippery-er grip surface coating on the palms. The China made gloves I've seen seem to have better palm grip surface. Anyway, the warmth is good for what they are 2mm no lining gloves. If I could figure out how to improve the surface texture these would be the perfect glove for moderate cold days.

The other pair I like are mittens that are really nice on colder days for my wimpy hands. Kokatat Inferno Mitts 3mm with some nice fleece lining. The grip is perfect as everything sticks to the palm really good. The curved finger shape and the grippy surface texture sticks good to my board and paddles... better than bare hands. Zero extra effort to hold anything. I'd go as far as saying they are a net positive gain on holding onto things. The down side to the Kokatat mittens is the cuffs are on the loose side and can let water in. The sizes run small. Also the quality of the seams are NOT near as good as the Thailand made Ride Engine or O Neill psycho Tech mittens. But they perform so much better than my 5 mm psychotech mittens that I don't care that they likely won't last as long.

So for anybody who can't handle cold hand these are two gloves you might want too consider.

Classifieds / Gong XXL pro/curve Wanted to buy
« on: October 12, 2020, 12:11:44 PM »
I'm looking for Gong XXL pro/curve wing. If you have one or know of someone selling one let me know.

Classifieds / Axis 19mm Plate mount - WANTED
« on: August 13, 2020, 09:31:17 PM »
I'm looking for a 19mm plate mount for Axis foil mast, new or used.
 Axis won't have them in stock for a couple more weeks.

Also looking for a 75cm or longer mast.

PM or Text 770 2Five6 9634

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Takoon Wing review
« on: July 24, 2020, 07:13:55 PM »
There already plenty of reviews about the performance of the Takoon Wing by those more qualified than me, so my input is more about customer service, shipping and just some thoughts.

As far as performance there over 30 reviews on their site. The wing ranked at the top in a 10 wing performance comparison test performed by a few at a French magazine WindMag.  Here's Link to part of the French magazine's review.
 Also Gunnar will be reviewing them soon, so look for his Youtube review.

So before my purchase i had a bunch of questions (way more than normal for me, I was a high maintenance customer AKA PIA on this purchase but they were super nice in all their replies and gave me many helpful details) The chat icon on their site provided quick reply's almost every time within 24hours, even on weekends. A lot of replies were within an hour or so, with no language problems at all.

Once i placed my ordered for 3 wings and 2 leashes, they removed the VAT (Value Added Tax) with was about 16.7% savings. They quoted me 180 Euros shipping, then later contacted me to inform me that they were able to get a better shipping cost of 135Euros with another company :). They were able to take a Paypal payment which was easy & hassle free.
 (Interesting thing is the week before Gong quoted me 200euros to ship 1 WindWing from France, maybe it had something to do with being understaffed due to Covid...)

The shipment went out when they said it would, 6-25-20 with real nice tracking ability. There was a hangup for about 7 days at the last stop in France, so i contacted Takoon on day 7 of that delay and the package was moving again within a few hours ??? I got the package 3 days later on 7-13-20 which was about what i expected.

While my wings were in transit, Takoon discovered a problem with one size wing, in one specific color that i had coming to me. They phoned me (and emailed me) to tell me about the issue and what to look for and test. They assured me they would replace it ASAP or give me a refund. This is how good customer service becomes hands down great customer service. ;)

The Takoon wing is F-one like in that  they are both close to exact the same weight and both feel good in your hands, but maybe some details are not as refined. Example the pad behind the leading edge handle on the F-one is soft thick material. The Takoon's is a rougher material that might bother someones backhand if they held that handle for a extended time like de-powered down winding.  The Takoon is also very different than the F-one in that the wingtips are swept inward so the widest part is the the leading edge. So the 5m f-one has about the same wing span as the 6m Takoon. But the tip are also angle differently so wing span may not compare directly. The Takoon has more handles and subjectively maybe more comfortable also. It's a nice looking wing with a big diameter leading edge and very rigid.       
The one thing i did not like is the Takoon leashes. They look nice and have a nice clip-on, but they have only about 5" of stretch to them which makes them more of a rope than a leash. 

All in all very nice Windwing, the price was great and the customer service is the best. 

Classifieds / F-one Swing 5m and Gong 7m
« on: July 17, 2020, 10:40:33 AM »
Gong V1, like new, used less than 6 hours $395 free shipping to lower 48.

F-one 5 meter in very good shape. I did break the circle/strap that holds the valve CAP to the valve. $575 free shipping to lower 48

Classifieds / Fins and quick release foil mount
« on: July 09, 2020, 06:03:23 PM »
Larry Alison Gladiator Elite used $65 shipped lower 48

Futures Triangle cutaway fin $65 shipped

3 fin set $50 shipped.

Foil mount quick connect... I don't recall the name of it. $40 shipped.

Actually measure 6' 11"long  (7'1" from the bottom) 28.75 wide.  14.5lbs with deck pad. Great carbon handle system, In perfect shape, no dents or dings. Amazingly well built board. $850

 In Atlanta I will ship at buyers expense plus $50 for packing materials. I'll try and find out the shipper Dwight used to send it to me used I never had a problem with them. I'm not sure how much shipping is nowadays. I assume it's still somewhere like $100 for the east coast.

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