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Random / Thinking about signing up for Social Security
« on: March 19, 2020, 06:39:14 AM »
I was going to wait until it maximized at 70. I am almost 68 1/2. I think my
life expectancy has just been reduced.  I am still enjoying my
tax practice, so not thinking of retiring soon.  Surfing still a priority and never enough
time for it. Its just not consistent enough around here.
What to do?

Downwind and Racing / high wind limits
« on: May 08, 2017, 10:42:36 AM »
What are your wind speed limits? We found gusting to
45 a little to much.
I have done this in 15-25 gusting to 35 and it was fun.
At gusting to 45, I found myself catching every bump, riding
the board from the tail and basically not having much
control when trying to come in sideways to wind, even being sheltered
by the shadow of Whalers. Then to paddle into the wind for the final 50
yards not making way standing, I went to the knee paddle position
which was barely enough power.

Glad we did this in the harbor and not offshore as originally planned.
My buddy did not have as much power or experience and ended up
luckily 4 miles down the beach instead of being blown to Eureka.

When do you call it to much?

Random / onewheel
« on: September 29, 2016, 07:03:20 AM »
Who rides one?  Whats the learning curve like? Am I crazy to
think of getting one while I turn 65 in a few months? Would it serve the
carving need when the surf is crap?
As to experience, I have surfed since 12, skateboarded before to around 35 or so,
windsurfed since the 80's.
Do these skills help? I would start out with lots of padding.

SUP General / Down wind conditions on west coast
« on: July 15, 2015, 08:33:15 AM »
I hear about great downwind conditions on Maui and Hood River. I don't hear much about it on the west

On our north coast we get high wind from the nw. It is usually to far offshore or going offshore for coastal
runs. The coast is rocky from Pt St George to the harbor and then South Beach. Its ok to paddle thru the rocks but if
any swell it can be -- well difficult. To avoid the rocks you end up offshore and then when you get to the south end of the
run you find yourself to far offshore and facing a couple mile paddle to the beach.

For southerlies forget it. Conditions would be to out of control. Huge swells, rocks and major wind makes it to dangerous.

Who gets downwind conditions on the west coast? I hear inlanders say they would like to come to the coast to dw. Where? Are the conditions good, safe and fun?

If its windy, most wind surf or kite sail or just surf in this area.

SUP General / Subscribe today
« on: February 20, 2015, 07:02:42 AM »
I just opened an offer to subscribe today an, exclusive offer for me, 2 years of
Surfer Magazine for 16.97.  Its now in the round file. I used to get them monthly for
most of my life. I am not interested anymore because ........

How about you? 

SUP General / Time out
« on: November 11, 2014, 07:02:09 AM »
I had a mishap I want to share so maybe you won't have one.

Unless you are gumby do not ever do the splits unless you are trying to. A month ago while surfing on a good average size day, I stepped back to crank a hard turn and stepped beyond my pad and slipped off the monster paint. Where I slipped the paint is gone. Wax not paint or kick tail and this would not have happened.

I did the splits in a walking form. I could never do the splits in 30 years of martial arts but this day I did. Things were not right but I paddled back out anyway and eventually gave up. It hurt so bad. I thought as soon as I could do the paper work after going number 2 I would be well enough to surf. NOT!   I surfed last week and had the muscles do popping tearing releases and now I am back to day one pain levels. It hurts to walk, sit or just be doing normal things.

Maybe because I am older its worse. I do not like missing a single day of surf. Now it looks like I might not get to surf until after my busy tax season.

I know it does not happen that often but you really want to avoid doing the splits. Even though it hurts bad the real
hurt is time out. 

Gear Talk / I need a new wetsuit
« on: October 24, 2012, 09:12:54 AM »
Winter is almost here.  We had ice on the ground yesterday morning and our winter storms are almost upon us.  Think cold air in the 40's and water in the low 50's to high 40's.  Not extreme cold but cold enough to turn your exposed skin blue while windsurfing. 

I loaned out my cold gear and doubt it will find its way home, my dry suit and bunny under suit were stolen last year and now I am in need of something warmer. 

I like the idea of wetsuits that don't suck up water, but don't like the idea of being a rubber man to climb in and out.  I also want something that will last a few years.

What should I be looking for?  I will probably have to order and have shipped unless my local shop can get it for me.  They do have excel wetsuits but my last excel from the shop already has holes in the seams and the zipper is tearing up the wetsuit.

My suit will probably be used more for windsurfing in extreme conditions. I think it would be to much for paddling except for on the crazy cold days.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts.

Random / A Loss for words
« on: August 28, 2012, 10:09:36 AM »
Hi all! 

I have been raising grand children for over 3 years.  Their ages are 7, 6 and twins at 5.
Their mom and her boyfriend Mike was over. The mother has been telling her kids to call Mike "dad".   After the mom and her boyfriend left my 6 year old came up to me and asked

Do you mind if I call you dad? 

I gave him a hug and really did not know what to say.  It was a special moment!

Technique / competitive stand up surfing tips
« on: October 03, 2011, 01:27:16 PM »
What are your tips for winning?

Last weekend while competing in a local contest my step son said to me

"Stay in front of the judges".  He is not a surfer but he is a champion wrestler. I believe his tip brought me into second place. 

Simple enough to do,  I thought they could see me surfing where my last ride ended.  Barely squeaked thru the various heats and then I did what he said and I had a higher score with better competitors.

What other tips might you have to help some of our competitors? 

Does your area surf shops stock sup inventory?

My travels indicate that many do not.  Is this due to profit margin on equipment  not being enough for the inventory investment? Lack of funds, lack of space, lack of sup customers or
lack of  knowledge. 

Some shops may only order the gear when buyer purchases it instead of having an inventory which I feel is still support.  Others are still feeling it out but do you think some may just not like sup.

It looks like the sup shops that are dedicated to sup and paddle sports is becoming the sup store.  I would have thought that coastal surf shops would have been quick to buy in.  For inlanders the surf shop is pretty rare so a paddle sports shop might be their support.

What do you think? 

SUP General / Sup surfing growth stagnant?
« on: June 09, 2010, 11:16:21 AM »
I just returned from a cruise out of Long Beach.  I got to stay in HB before the cruise and I surfed the north side of the pier.  I was the only sus(stand up surfer) in the water!  Sets were in the 4 to 6 foot range for both Thursday late afternoon and Friday morning. 

Sup surfing has been around for at least three years and I was the only one out both times. I don't understand why the growth is so slow.  Sure it was difficult to stand because of the high tide backwash but I rode many waves.  Most surfers sat two far outside and missed most of the set waves and I caught my fill easily without effecting anyone else.  I was even hooted into a late drop and the lay down  crowd did not seem to care much about me.

When short board revolution hit in the late 60's, the change over to short boards was quick.  Within a year most were surfing the short board models.  When windsurfing was discovered it took a little longer for equipment to be good but the industry growth seemed very fast.  Even surfing in Hawaii last month the lay down paddlers far outnumber sus by at least 30 to 1 at most spots. Our far northern Calif area has a number of sus but still the ratio is around 30 surfers to one sus. Even Santa Cruz only had a few sus when I was there. Rincon only had on other sus out and he stayed out of the better breaking waves.

I saw two other sus in HB one at the cliffs and one around 12th st. Most the surf shops only had a few paddle boards (non performance models) if any at all.
Why are we not seeing the growth in surfing?  Is the growth in sup due to the other uses of a paddle board?  Or is it because on my limited exposure to crowded areas and not being there when others are out?

Not saying I want to surf crowded sup lineups.  I just don't know why other surfers are not taking it up.

What thoughts do you have?  I know I share the boards when anyone wants to try it and I encourage both surfers and non surfers to go out and paddle with me on my  equipment every chance I get. 

Travel, Trips, Destinations / Oahu sub gear available
« on: May 13, 2010, 09:11:06 AM »
I should be in Hawaii tomorrow yeah!  My friend has a place on the beach near Diamond head and I can use his sup (gunny shape) but he only has one.

What would you recommend for using a board for the 10 days I'm there?  Rent or buy and have shipped home.  Other options.  I will need a paddle also but I'll bring my own trunks.  I would also like to wind surf so an option to trade gear would be nice.

I normally ride an 8'5 fish and I want to have something similar while there.  I am not into surfing on 10' and larger boards unless I get lucky and have swell in which case my friends gun will do.

Any suggestions who might be able to help?

SUP General / Start Digging
« on: May 06, 2010, 06:56:52 AM »
Quote from surfer mag June 2010 page 134.

"For those of you frustrated by the proliferation of stand-up-paddlers at breaks that have historically been reserved for oar-free surfing, we present this photo from Teahupoo's opening day of a sweeper scratching for his life."

Picture is of a guy paddling out for the shoulder on a big swell. 

I think this is crap and just feeding the fires of conflict. Come on surfer get your head out of your a$$ and recognize surfing is about wave riding, and not about whether your oar is your hands or something else.

What's your thoughts?

SUP General / Pocahontas
« on: April 04, 2010, 06:07:51 AM »
SUP'er who paddles on his knees rather than standing.  May 2010 surfer mag definition page 85.

I always thought to stand up surf you needed to be standing.  With the name of pocahontas attached to the knee paddler maybe its enough to change your way


Just thought I would share with you.

After last weeks tsunami warning thru out the pacific I have heard comments from a boating site

"surfers are morons for being in the water at the expected time of the tsunami."

I watched the harbor from a safe distance (1/4 mile) with keys to a fast car nearby.  While watching I saw people were lining up at beach front park to watch.  This area would have been the first to get blasted and I though what moron's. 

So what do you think   Bra you missed it you should have been here yesterday!

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