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This is a simple question but I haven't decided what words work best to explain what I'm looking for.

I've been using foils whose mastbase has 8mm SLOTS... so I cash leave the Tnuts in my board and just loosen them enough to slide the mast base on tighten and go.

Have just purchased a foil from a brand who's carbon mastbase ONLY has 8mm HOLES and I'm sure they would frown upon me cutting slots into the base. (ie VOID of warranty etc)

So I really DON'T want to use any of the "quick mount" systems out there... Just want a simple alu plate that I can bolt this carbon mast to... The plate being about a cm  "longer" than the carbon mast base.. And the plate would have 8MM SLOTS so I can continue to mount my foil with EASE. I REALIZE this will effectively lengthen my mast a bit and add weight but it's worth it for the convenience.

Otherwise I'll be on the beach trying NOT to lose my bolts as I'm trying to line up the Tnuts with sand blowing in my eyes every day...really a step BACKWARDS in gear efficiency even though the new foil is a step forward in quality.

I realize I could try going to a local machine shop but the cost to mill out just ONE custom base like this will be crazy high.. There's GOTTA Be someone who's had the same need and some company who already builds this... Right??

Any suggestions HIGHLY appreciated!!

Classifieds / Looking for used Axis ART 999 in the states..
« on: April 14, 2023, 09:28:51 AM »
Anyone stateside looking to sell a used 999? I'll even buy one all scratched up for the right price. Mine died but dunt have the cash now for brand new replacemen

Classifieds / Takuma RS 5.1 RED carbon handles 20 uses A+ 850usd
« on: April 11, 2023, 10:39:16 AM »
This has only been flown about 20 sessions. One  pinhole in the canopy with tiny piece of repair tape covering it. Never jumped. Very crispy. Fire engine  RED.

Greetings and salutations fellow Junkies. Just wish to CONFIRM that the alu mast holes are threaded FOR THE ENTIRE LENGTH so that if I cut 20cm off the end I'll just need to chase the threads a bit with a tap and good to go? I realize I'll have to try to fill the air space or re-use the factory installed "plug" from the chopped end.

Secondly, I've read several times the process of "potting" last year's carbon mast head but just wondering if anyone took any pics or has a step by step guide of the best way to do it?

Someone mentioned that could use tefgel, modelers clay and 2part marine epoxy.. Are beads really necessary also?

Sorry to bring up this "old" topic but.. After 2 years of beating up my 19mm alu mast I'm looking at the carbon options.

We have the "newest" POWER carbon mast in 820cm BOTH in high modulus and "normal" carbon...

And the 860 cm carbon (red and black) carbon masts are... Somehow different besides being 40cm longer?
These are the older models?
Are THESE the ones that had too much play at the connection to the fuse?
I suck at epoxy work (and weigh over 90kilos and ride the 999 alot) so not really keen on buying something new that's wobbly from the outset.

Thanx a million for anyone who can clear this up for me!

Ok even though I try to restrain myself from overtightening when I change front wings... I think over time the aluminum threads just can't withstand the constant stress.. And I change between the hps 1050,880,and the ART999 quite a lot depending on Conditions.

Why doesn't AXIS build the fuse with ssteel Helicoils already installed? At least for the M6 holes? Weight? Cost? Problems with ssteel bolts in ssteel threads?

Already paid a local machin shop to fill, redrill, tap this once.. Totally screws up the anodizing (any suggestion on what the best PAINT is after the anodizing gets f@cked?)

Now it's the OTHER M6 (on the front wing attachment) that has stripped and I'm thinking to buy a an M6 x 1 helicoil kit on Amazon.. Any comments please.. It's there any reason I should NOT repair all stripped M6 holes in the axis black fuse with these?
I GUESS they are 1cm long? Can't tell for sure from the article description..

Hoping the STAB holes will last longer (honest I only tighten with moderate wrist pressure.. Never CRANKING them down as I do the fuse/mast M8s) but.. Not ready to buy another fuse just yet so..

Advice from the fixit gurus please.


OK.. Sorry to be repetitive but I realized this post really should be a stand alone topic and not buried in the "body drag with your wing" thread... So here we go again :

I've been debating for a while to start a thread here about all the tips and tricks to get past shorebreak safely and efficiently. You guys are right that ALL the amazing wave riding videos are of spoiled kids launching from daddy's zodiac right next to the shoulder of the wave(ok.. I guess im picking on the New Caledonia and Hawaii bunch but for sure there are places where the "put in" is relatively easy and then they wing to the good swell spots) ... But the rest of us trying to get wave action in less than ideal launches... Sometimes really suffer.

One day in October I was trying to get out in onshore 32 knots in lake Ontario.. Thought I had the swell timed right and pushed like hell to get deep enough to hop on the board... When I realized that the bottom was NOT sand anymore but slick as ice Rocky slate slabs.. Holy crap did I get humbled.. Rejected.. Amazing my foil didn't kill me nor the wing.

I'm in 100%agreement that the old (bad mouthed for kiters) Reel leash has been a, godsend! I absolutely despise the coiled leashes which knot themselves up instantly... And I've had too many times when standing and pumping only to realize the normal leash is wrapped around the mast. Arrghh

The reel leash avoids ALL those problems and I've even went winging as hurricane ZETA was approaching the Mexican Caribbean coast and fallen and watched my entire kit fly 3 meters away in a vicious gust and the leash held up perfectly. It's the only piece of equipment that I rinse religiously with fresh water after every sesh.

Since I have the RL ATTACHED TO A LONG PIECE OF spektra on the back of my old ozone snow kite harness.. It's free to slide from side to side. On the tough onshore days I DO connect the wrist leash to that same spektra, flip the wing strut down, and try to squeeze it between my feet to keep in more under control as I paddle like crazy to get past the break.. All the time remembering what I hate most about normal surfing.. Lol..

As soon as I can, push to knees and grab the wing and get over the last big swells "knee sailing".. When I stand up.. Sometimes the wrist leash IS A BIT OF A MESS around my shoulders or whatever but I don't care (love  the stretchy f1 leash for this) and I get past the break.. Once out, carefully transfer leash to wrist and away I go. Id NEVER be able to paddle fast or efficiently enough of the 6mt wing was tied to my wrist.

I'd love to hear the techniques and tricks that the rest of your have developed to get our through serious shore break... What you do when you are paddling your ass off but the wave still Jack's up so much you can't get past and it throws you back... And what you do with the inevitable fall right in the champaign bubbles of the impact zone when you know you have to take 4 more waves on the head!

I purchased 2 NSI stick on anchor points and put them on the nose of the board.. And tied a thick piece of spektra between them as a handle.. With the Hope that at LEAST I CAN control the board and pull the nose down under the wave and not let the leash pay out to maximum length and pull me towards the shallow rocks.. Wing in tow and getting tangled..

Let's keep this thread gong for those that ride in waves and maybe we can save eachother some "wing-mares" by sharing what we've all learned the hard way.

Good winds!
Kyrojoe in mexico

Been riding exclusively the swings (6 and 4.2)for the past 6 months.. Very reliable.. But something tells me there HAS to be a faster, higher pointing, non backwinding large wing out there...

I'm thinking Takoon? The fabled V3 cabrinha (is it true?), the NEW strike? Or any of the 25 small brands that you only see on the farce-book groups... Any suggestions?

Good winds

Been drooling over these for a couple months now... But of course... Small brands don't get around the world very fast... There's one article I've found which is basically an interview of Mark.. But not much else... Any one?

Been kite foiling 4 years. Just beginning my journey into wing ding. Have several 90cm alu masts. Had been thinking about the 75 to 80 cm range on any new foil setup ive been researching. However my ultimate goal is to be able to just switch up the front wing to be able to change between a kite sesh and a wing sesh.

I understand that the "pumping up onto foil" dynamic is very different between kite and wing.. And ive yet to try winging on a 90cm mast.. However some videos of guys in big surf seem tu show them using 90s.

Any reason why pumping up onto foil might be EASIER on 75s and 80s or is just "convention" of wing surf at this point that everyone uses 75s?

Last question... Anyone with experience using the NEW 2020 FANATIC HA Aero foils?

Thanx and good winds to all!

Hey crew...been lurking here a LONG time and have sent PM to several of the most prolific posters...very thankful for their patient and well thought replies...but Im left still with some doubts and HOPING that one of you can help to clear these up.

Been kiting 20 years, second decade of that mostly dedicated to wave riding... and foiling all the light wind stuff for 4 years. The past 15 months almost exclusively using the Sshot Infinity 76 foil...1500 sq cm with 10mt and smaller kites in waves/swell.

Wondering WHICH of the Axis foils would MOST replace the FEEL, pump, glide, carves of the i76 and maybe give a bit more top end as well? Would that be the 900? the 1000? I KNOW AXIS has some dedicated kitefoils...but really not interested in going super fast nor pointing as high as possible. I want pump and carve and delicious transitions...I want the deep pow pow snowboard experience while in crystal blue waters.

Have been monitoring the development of the 660 "gullwing" foil...which Adrian Roper says is his favorite for kiting. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY APPROXIMATE IDEA WHEN  THE 770 and 880 "big brothers" to the 660 will go into production? Any rumors on the approximate Sq CM sizes of those wings? WOuld either of them be more similar in performance to the i76 for kiting or WINGDING use?

Have begun to WINDWING and almost 100% convinced that an Axis Ssurf with 75 cm mast, ultrashort fuse and 1010 front wing will be the ideal setup for our sub 20 knot winds, a 6mt SWING and my 90 kilos. However, I was hoping to also have a smaller, more carvy FOIL from AXIS which perhaps I could use on a powered WINGDING day and also that would be an upgrade for my old i76 for kiting. Would the 880 eventually, perhaps, fit the bill in that regard? Although I do love my old i76 I feel its time to evolve and of course Id like to be able to have everything on the Ultrashort Axis fuse platform and be able to start to sell off some of the older foiling gear to make money to buy the new stuff.

Thank you very much to ALL of you who have helped so many of us "lurkers" to make more educated decisions as we get stoked on this new niche of our wind addictions! Special thanx to the ADMIN and DW and Bill who post videos and fotos. This moment in time reminds me so much of when i was scouring the internet looking for info on KITING back in 2000 as i prepared to buy some used gear and see if it could ever replace my beloved windsuring as a new, lighter wind, "not so condition specific" sport. What a GREAT adventure THAT has been for 20 years now and looking forward to FOILING sports taking me into my golden years healthy and happy and forever stoked.

Cheers to all and...

Good winds,

KYROJOE in Mexico

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