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I don't know if this is too much choice and let's hope there's quality and quantity. I guess we'll learn more about intended usage soon...

I like the look of the Kube - pretty radical design!
The Lethal might be my next board though...

Edit - copied the brief description from website.


Hipe: the inflatable with 95% of the performance of the rigid. Ideal for beginners and much more!
Mob 2tastes: three sports in one board: SUP, SUPfoil and Wing.
Zuma: the easy rigid in SUPfoil in Wing, and with good performance.
Lance: the compact Zuma, very stable laterally, ideal for progressing in Wing.
Flint: high performance SUPfoil, top in Wing car simple and effective in light wind.
Kube: pure wing freestyle board. Minimum length for maximum rotations.
Mint: compactness without the difficulty with its round nose, but excellent performance.
Lemon: maximum reactivity and liveliness, while maintaining lateral stability.
Lethal: absolute radicalism among volume boards

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / New Gong wing?
« on: November 29, 2020, 12:57:59 PM »
Just seen this - looks radical and not in a bad way, although don't have the smarts to assess its merits based on one photo.

Anyone have any details, comments, opinions?

In a perfect world, would a fuselage not exist, or should it fulfil a role more than joining everything together?

Or put another way, is the function of the fuselage to be as unobtrusive as possible, or is there merit in asking it to fulfil a hydrodynamic role?

I've been considering the Gong fuselage, which superficially looks pretty low tech, being a straight, square section, compared to other brands which have round sections with additional shaping.

Presumably Gong have made this a design decision and I can't believe that the only factor was ease of manufacture. Making aluminium parts is one thing but their carbon mast fuse units could have adopted a different shape in their design without adding too much manufacturing complexity.

If that is correct then their fuselage's flat sided shape is adding stability to their foil package which presents the possibility of separation of function between it and the foil. If the fuse gives you some stability, then you can design a foil that can better exploit other areas of the design envelope.

How much would this feature in foil designers' thinking? I've never seen it mentioned before...


Nice to hear from the man.

Known for crashing a LOT, apparently! I share that talent with him! 😎

Yes, it's supposed to be a windsurf podcast but he keeps on talking about winging!

Random / 2 hour interview with Robby Naish
« on: September 17, 2020, 06:36:52 AM »

A good review of his career, life and business philosophy. Enjoyed it a lot...

Locked down and not allowed on the water so decided to make a video of all the winging tips I would have given myself on day one. I'm not an expert, but thought that if everyone on here made a video like this what a great resource it would be.

Just me talking in my back garden with my kit to demonstrate - I don't have any footage of me actually foiling and couldn't get any due lockdown.
Long, but hopefully worth your time... Let me know if not!

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