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Training, Diet, and Fitness / Vibration Machines
« on: March 01, 2017, 03:13:26 PM »
I ran into one of these the other day at Sams Club. The Zaaz 20k.
Turns out they are in Costco or Sams Club often. A week here or there then off to the next one.
Wow! Did I bite off on it after trying it.
I never saw one before tho I heard of them about 7-8 years ago. I know someone who paid about 9k for it then. I never tried it tho.
We all buy into our own snake oil to a point and I seem to have convinced myself one of these will be good.
Lots of sketchy Don Lapre like stuff out there surrounding all these so that should tell me all I need to know but I thought I would post anyways.
Anyone got one? What do you think? Would you buy it again or recommend it to a friend or someone in your family? Snake oil and not good for anything?

Random / Facebook and other stuff
« on: January 14, 2017, 05:16:39 AM »
I love the one where the guy says he should be banned from Mavericks forever.  Beasho didn't even really drop in on the guy, the guy was crashed probably by the time Beasho took off on the wave.

Not only that, the dickheads called it shoulder-hopping....

I think you guys had an effect. 

Unlike THIS FORUM you can apparently recant your comments forever in Facebook.  PonoBill got in a pissing match with some dude and he either deleted his comments or the sensitivity police scrubbed them from Facebook.  Suddenly the commentary is much more receptive. 

WTF is going on?  There were something like 107 or 110 comments but people felt obliged or were shamed into removing them.  Pono's question about whether the guy ever surfed an overhead wave might have hit home.

Link here: Scroll down to ~ Dec 27th

When I saw this post it was a short while after I had found out you could do that on facebook. Facebook drama going on with people I know. "he said this, she said that, then he said this...posted that then deleted this......"
Wait. What?
Sensitivity censors? Oh my.
I was a bit surprised. This thing that so many people are tethered to, that some lives seemingly revolve can say anything you want about someone for all the world to see and then make it disappear? This is taken as a serious form of interaction between people? Utmost importance in peoples lives? Really?
Twitter is brutal, I know that. I knew stuff got deleted from there but always seems to be out there. I have played with it but haven't figured out how to really use it so to say. I guess i don't care enough. Really just follow a few things there and don't even really follow so to say.
I don't do the facebook thing. I can see great uses for it for sure but just always has been too much drama with it it seems. I guess when I started seeing my kids do myspace then facebook it seemed like something for kids. Funny how that really just exploded in not that much time.

Fake news. I still think there has always been some version of this. Kind of goes with "unverified and unsubstantiated". Rumors and such.
Yeah, in this day and age it is a different breed for sure.
I know I kind of wonder about myself at times and all the stupid stuff I may click on. It is rather odd all the "media outlets" that seem to be out there when you click on something. Just simply amazing. 

I had carrots for breakfast today then went for a run. You go girl, your so beautiful, don't listen to anyone who says you need to lose 150 lbs, you look good.
That wasn't mean, he had it coming and I don't like him anyways. I going shopping then to texas road house. You hear what Jimmy did..... blah, blah, blah, blah.

Heard an interesting little segment the other day about young police officers. I can't even imagine the stress going on with that job right now (always but now especially) and it was how new young recruits don't have social skills. One of the most important jobs of a police officer is interacting with the community. Youngsters don't know how to interact they are finding out. All their interactions have been over social media for the most part. They are having them go into a mall in plain clothes and introducing themselves and interacting with the public. Great idea I thought.
Somehow at times it seems we are moving towards some science fiction movie or something. Sleeper, Total Recall, 2001 Space Odyssey come to mind for some reason.

Quite the world we are in, ain't it? You ever think about your kids and grandkids and really, really, start to worry? I imagine parents have always done that in the world around them but........isn't there something a bit different happening out there now?

Flatwater and Touring / More Summer
« on: November 27, 2016, 04:01:50 AM »
Lots of reasons I keep coming back to this place but the videos from other members are one of the first things that caught my eye here. I started packing around a camera because of this place and here is some of that from the last few years. A few frames and shots have been posted elsewhere here but almost all of this is new. Summer is the best. Have fun and be safe.

Random / Red Bull Days of My Youth
« on: November 15, 2015, 08:11:17 PM »
I thought this was pretty cool. Really like the  tunes too.
These kids are ripping and just having a blast.

Share the Stoke / Who do you get your stuff from?
« on: July 24, 2015, 04:41:27 AM »
Most of us have a local shop of some sort. We go in, check stuff out, check things out, get the scoop on this or that. Hopefully get some stuff from them too. We all browse the internet and check things out. Different shops, reviews, feedback, manufacturer sites, etc. There's some good places out there. There are some shysters too.
I have been trying to get stuff from Zoners or Zone sponsors for my last few board purchases. Great service, fast shipping, fair prices, etc. Stuff I was interested in getting that I knew or thought Zoners were dealers for.
Huge shout out to Ralph at Sup Position, the oar on dude. I inquired about a board. Yep, he was a dealer. I had questions on paddles too. Traded emails, etc. and paid for the board. Tracking info etc. Wait, board appears to be held up in Kentucky for 3-4 days. "Hey Ralph....." He checks it out and it is moving again. I get the board. New stuff. Yay. Weather and other stuff makes it till Sunday before I can try it out. Get to the lake and as I am getting ready to go it appears a warranty issue comes into play. SHIT! And I am leaving on a trip in less than a week, with the board in mind for the trip. I email photos Sunday evening. He is right back to me and let's me know he will be all over it Monday morning. A few more emails and a warranty form later and that's it. By mid day Monday he is letting me know it should be covered and will get with me on tracking info. Going to try for a rush delivery. Tuesday morning I get the tracking info. "Wow, really" I think. Thursday evening I get the board. Warranty claim, cleared customs, and in my hands in Whoville, USA in a couple days. THANK YOU Ralph. He doesn't know me from Adam but he went right to bat for me and got me set better than I could have hoped for.
Support your Zoners. There's a reason to.
Writing this made me think. I talked to Jim K. on the phone. He gots one of those Joisey accents. I remember when I hung up I started to wonder......does that whole crew up in NE talk with those thick Boston accents? Is Pono going around Maui and Hood River with a Boston accent. I don't think I have heard that in his videos but maybe it's there. Does Ichabod talk like Bugs Bunny? Enjoy your summer out there.......
Thanks again Ralph.

SUP General / Jet Power
« on: June 09, 2015, 01:53:33 PM »
Seeing the Sipa post was funny timing as I just saw this this morning.

First off, sorry for the crap pictures and sorry if this rambles but finally was able to get out yesterday and thought I would post a little.
I wanted to get pictures with and without stuff on it and show it in the water. Weather window lasted a couple hours so will post more later. I will be on this often this summer. 
I was looking very hard at the new Naish Glide air 12.0 but since I still think I want to dink with a sail I got this as it has a mast insert. They are the same advertised dimensions 12' x 34" x 6".  The double wall construction, fin box, and mast insert won out.
After one time out I have no regrets.
I also had one of the Fanatic inflatables from last year, just the regular Air, not the premium, I think the 10'8" (gave to my daughter) but can't remember and also have a Hobie tour 12'6".
First off the bag is killer. I didn't care for the bag on last years and didn't think I would care for this. I do like the Hobie bag but this this is way nice. Grab handles in key places make quite the difference rather than just relying on the shoulder straps. Material is more durable and nice back pack straps and pockets. Easy to get the board out and in and cinches down more than enough once in.
I pumped this to 15 psi and went out. I am not sure how this all works but although no doubt I was on an inflatable it seemed more rigid than either of those (Hobie/last years non premium Fanatic) at that pressure. It has a double wall construction or something but you can read up on that. Maybe it was my imagination as it's been many months since I was on another inflatable but I don't think so. I don't feel as much need to go past 15 as I did on the others it seems.
I don't know how fast it is but I got to "that spot over there" that I go to often just as fast or faster than on my Hobie which I thought was pretty quick tho 2" narrower. At some point I will have both out on the same day. The glide on this seems to be pretty amazing for being 2" wider and 6" shorter than the Hobie. I was very impressed.
I will get both out sometime at the same time and see if any is just my imagination.
The board has a regular fin box and I used a Tahoe fin more geared for touring than the dolphin fin it came with. Why can't someone offer more choices in those slide in fins? The Hobie is stuck with that. Even the entry Fanatics have a real fin box.
I have not tried a Red nor a ULI so I can't compare with those but this is a WAY nice inflatable and you can't go wrong with it. I keep looking at the 14' ULI so maybe sometime I will be able to compare the two.
Last and not least, Thank You to Jim K.
It was nice talking with you for sure, very glad I got this and got it from you, and I will keep you in mind in the future as all here should also.
Thank you Jim K.

SUP Gear Reviews / Newly Acquired / On Order / Jimmy Lewis Searcher
« on: May 02, 2015, 06:49:49 AM »
There isn't tons of stuff out there on the Searcher so I thought I would post this. I will add to it as I get out more.
I got my first day in yesterday on my home lake and first time out with my Searcher. I have wanted this board for a few years and finally pulled the trigger. I had also looked at the Great Bear and River Rover but this always was out in first. I load up crap for the day, almost always have fishing gear (there fish in the lake, why wouldn't I), and want something that allows me to do that.
I am 6'4" and 210 lbs today and I can say I made the right decision. This board is light for being a beast. Amazingly light and as easy or easier than any other board I have for myself to handle. The lines are killer and it doesn't feel corky like an inflatable can even tho it has more volume than my Hobie 12'6" Tour inflatable, Super stable first step on. Just perfect.  Wind was right in our face and went right into it with ease I didn't know could happen. Slick and slippery.... I made sure and did some turns across the wind and it just slid right over the chop without getting pushed. My crate stayed dry, and it was faster than......well it was pretty darn fast and super easy to paddle.
I have 3 or 4 other boards I am looking at (we are sick, arent' we) and thinking about dinking around with a sail tho I can see myself paddling more in the wind with this than I even thought about before.
If you are sitting on the fence about this board......don't worry. You will be pleased as punch.
I will definitley take better pictures of this but I can't quite figure out the picture shrinker to get the biggest photo possible here.

Random / Lightsuit at night
« on: October 23, 2014, 08:46:39 AM »
Thought this was pretty cool. Can't quite figure out if a full moon going on but I don't think so.

Random / Practical Jokes
« on: October 15, 2014, 06:59:36 PM »
Who plays them?
Got's to be some great ones here.
Got one going where we been doing stickers or magnets but I ran across this today.
Watch out!

Random / GIGANTES!
« on: October 01, 2014, 08:45:04 PM »
We're in!
I wonder if I should be following the water thread more closely

Fish Tales, Stand Up style / Snake River
« on: September 02, 2014, 03:32:33 AM »
Biggest fish I have ever thought about catching. Absolutely amazing. Massive power. Still have goose bumps. I just had to piece something together to throw up here tho I will make something that will end up being anticlimatic in the near future.
After 45 minutes, I didn't land it. I probably needed another 20-45 minutes. From what I can tell it is at least 6 foot long.
Although this is what I set out after I learned that I need to check my knots better before throwing a line out and if going after big fish, to really be ready to catch a big fish.
No, the whole thing was not from my board but I kind of know what I am doing and what to expect now, time.

Fish Tales, Stand Up style / The Fly Box
« on: March 14, 2014, 06:04:19 PM »
I follow a small regional fishing forum along with The Zone. There is going to be a traveling fly box going around and thought that may be pretty cool here, especially as far reaching The Zone is. I think the person who started it there got it from a Tenkara site. Anyways,
A fly box starts out with some flies in it. Someone fishes with it for 2-3 weeks. Takes some notes, posts some photos here, adds some flies, and passes it off to the next member who does the same thing. See some interesting stuff and see some cool pics and read some good stories.
With all the different kinds of fish seen here it would be real interesting.
Any interest? Any ideas?

I don't think it would have to necessarily be devoted to flies tho some lures could get quite huge and shipping/passing the box on could get expensive. Small spoons and jigs wouldn't be bad tho.
It really doesn't have to end. If it ends it's run perhaps there is some kids fishing program somewhere that could take it. Perhaps a world record never before seen first of its kind fish is caught and the box becomes world famous and it gets auctioned on Sothebys. I don't know how it ends up but someone would come up with something.
Perhaps a small plano box rather than a fly box? Perhaps a tupperware box with a fly box inside with room to sprare? Probably never get over $10-$15 to ship? I not sure of the priority mail box prices off the top of my head.
I would be willing to start it tho it would be late May or early June in all likelihood before I had 2-3 weeks with it to actually fish with it. I don't have to start it either.
Fishing from a board. Fish stories are cool but no kayaks or bank potatoes. I guess if on a paddle overnighter or camping excursion, from bank would count. (hmmmm, count for what?)
Addresses and other contact info via pm.
Damaged flies stay in the box. Replace lost ones plus add a few.
Notepad/journal goes along with it.
I think it would be cool for it to go to different countries across the ocean.

I think it would be interesting here for sure. Anyone in?

Random / The future has arrived
« on: March 04, 2014, 04:09:22 PM »
And not just in Hill Valley. Finally.

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