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The Shape Shack / Nice, simple vacuum bagging pump
« on: June 10, 2023, 08:34:20 AM »
Probably $100-$150 in materials here depending on what you have/buy. Pump is $40--$75 online.

I'd add an output hose/pipe to keep oil out of your shop but that's easy or runit outside when you use it.

I take nojoy in following Pono Bill in a lot of SUP and Wing progression but damn if it doesn't happen a lot.

A buddy winged in a hydration pack and when it got into the 90's at the local lake I started and it's really extended my sessions. Fatigue doesn't set in near as quickly and as a new member of the 55+ club I can make sure my electrolytes stay right.

If you Google this you basically see that fatigue and muscle cramps come with lack of hydration but it takes a while for that to show up of course. A 2 hour session seems to be in my range. Slow reaction times is another that I'd think wouldn't help us.

Overall I'm learning that "tough it out" doesn't work in some situations and my body tells me more than I pay attention to. Starting this smaller board made my quads and glutes scream more than a bigger board and shortened my sessions.

Getting old isn't for sissies, sure. But, it's also not for idiots.

Anyone else do this and did you see a performance boost?

Ok sorry to the new folks who scuff your knees. This isn't for you. This thread is about all the other structural stuff that winging does to knees.

Apparently, standing up from kneeling on one knee without using your hands is a bit much for human knees. Who knew?

I'll go first. Seems I've got a little patellar tendonitis in my front knee (right/goofy.) I've yet to see the doc but buddies and a few casual healthcare workers who wing diagnosed it via chat and I fit all the symptoms. In good news, it clears after a few days with some ice and rest. However I am going to get a brace (the little hand under your knee kind) and probably work on new techniques like back foot first for a few of my take offs.

This happens more in the ocean since I need to pop up faster. On the lake I can take my time or even stand up before I hoist the wing when it's light so less strain and pressure. Also the braces supposedly redirect the tendon and help prevent this too. We will see.

Symptoms for those who are curious or maybe suffering are pain on the front side of my knee (inside). A feeling like the back of my knee is swollen after a session (weird and this fools you.) And pain when you extend your knee fully. Again this isn't acute like you snapped something. More s dull cumulative effect that goes away after a day or two with rest.

Also, hoping that my newfound jibes and toeside riding will keep me from having to stand up over and over dozens of times a session. But this is a new incentive to get better. 😅

Let's hear the stories. What is your knee score? And yes, Pono, you inspired this one. Figured we need to talk about it as a lot of my local guys have had this stuff too.


Hdip brought these up. $1,200 and the design looks good.

KDMaui in their product video and rumors are that that's not all he did on these.

1280 and 1880. Anyone got one or rode one?

Travel, Trips, Destinations / Cancun foiling? Mast length?
« on: December 06, 2021, 09:17:19 PM »
Heading to Cancun for Christmas this year. Staying in an enormo-resort with the whole family. I'm taking wing gear and am trying to not tote a ton of it so wanting to just bring one mast. Anyone been down there? Should I just bring a 65cm and leave the big 85cm at home? Not sure how the water depths are.

Also, if you have tips let me know. I'm meeting a couple of locals for some sessions. Mostly situated south of the hotel zone closer to Puerto Morelos and should be able to wing right off the beach there but we will be looking to escape the buffet and pool bar to see some real life I'm sure.

Gear Talk / Wing board bag width?
« on: November 28, 2021, 05:11:37 PM »
What's the fudge factor for a wing board fitting into a "golf bag?"

Everyone is recommending these kite bags and my wing board is 26" wide. 5'2" long.  What do I do for that?

Travel, Trips, Destinations / Waikiki Wingfoiling
« on: November 21, 2021, 07:28:40 AM »
Ok, really South shore.

I see the Blue Planet crew getting out over on the east side of the South shore but wanted to ask about staying in Waikiki and winging. Itís just such an easy trip to hop over, not have to rent a car, just post up at a hotel, grab your gear and walk out to the beach.

Obviously Iím not winging Canoes lol but is there enough wind to get in and have some fun outside Waikiki or do I need to set up shop in Kailua or another spot for winging? I plan on bringing a prone board and occasionally renting a wrongboard for goofing off with the other tourists and there will no doubt be a few meetups with locals, (Bigmtn you know Iíll make you show me some spots.) but is it worth spending a week in Waikiki or will winging take me elsewhere for my Oahu trips now?

Classifieds / 12í6í Bark SUP (not Surftech) whatís it worth?
« on: October 03, 2021, 09:49:34 AM »
Helping a buddy whoís going to sell on CL in SoCal.

Whatís a real Bark in good shape worth these days?

The Shape Shack / Foil board 2.0 - new construction ideas
« on: August 22, 2021, 09:53:38 PM »
DonítSink brought up some good ideas in the straight tail forum and I wanted to pursue them.

The core idea was a plate (wood/glass/carbon) you could mount a foil to and then a foam body to fit around it. My idea was plate on top but I like your take of foam on top.

The body will need to have some stiffness (EVA is only a top, not stiff. Foamies use EPS inside.) Iíd think a glassed body would get you there. You could put EVA over it if you want. Have to watch the weight but if it didnít have to be 100% weight bearing you could do it a few ways.

The benefit? Faster construction and keeping the complexity in one reusable unit (the plate and mount.)

Youíd also get rid of the leak point by separating the mount into the track. And you could finally let go of longboard boxes. Iím going to dig into this more. It feels like something that should at least be prototyped.

Need to solve making the top out of something light but that could hold some stiffness without crazy weight. For a small prone board EVA like a yoga block is made of would totally work Iíll bet. Pick your volume and CNC it. Bigger boards might need less weight but Iíll start looking at what large blocks of EVA cost. That could kill the deal there. But getting  rid of a ton of hrs of labor could offset that fast. Hmmmm... post up ideas folks.

Ok, got my new Curve XL wing (and stab) to replace my Rise XL. Great beginner wing for my first year (and one that several friends have learned on too) and now itís time to go to something faster with a bit more glide.

1900cm2 and way thinner profile, 92cm wide and all the glide I could need while still staying in the water. I like having a big foil here where our wind is often marginal and this one fits the bill. Way better speed with less front foot pressure and more glide to get me around a jibe. Takes off in almost as little wind so really not much lost and a ton gained. I now know why OBX loves this wing. It really is near perfect for winging.

The new Gong mast is a huge improvement as well. Itís still the heaviest foil rig by far (it has to be) but I donít mind it and donít feel it in the water. (Iíll take all the stability I can get actually.) The mast is thicker and the chord is also longer. It looks like the Neil Pryde mast stock actually. Even with the big wing it was rock solid and while at my size (63kg) the flex was never that big of a deal, Iím now at the point in my progression where I can feel the difference in response a bit.

I canít wait to try the 65cm mast in the surf but I tested the 85cm winging and I completely get why people like longer masts now. So cool and no danger of breaching at all. I flew all day and never really got to hear the tail gurgle that warns of a breach. Iím sure Iíll start flying higher and get there but it was awesome in the boat wake chop on the lake. If this rig is solid at 85, 65 with a smaller wing will feel great. Do not hesitate to go with a longer mast if you wing foil.

The order was weird in a good way. Their containers were delayed like everyone these days so I waited 3 months for the gear to be in stock. But whatís wild (for all of us who ordered in the past) is that once the gear was in stock my order shipped from France via DHL in a week (!!) Could it be that Gong has finally sorted their logistics? It seems that if they have the gear in stock it comes fast now.

Overall, other than weight, which only bothers me when Iím carrying this thing, I like this gear. Now that the mast is beefier this stuff works really well. If you donít have easy access to used gear, a Gong foil is a decent way to start. Iíll eventually move on to Axis, Lift or Takuma etc Iím sure. But this has been a great relatively inexpensive way to try a lot of wings and gear. (Or maybe Iíll just buy their carbon masts?) Pics coming by the way, just couldnít deal with the forum software from my iPad.

I want to get a Veloce high aspect wing now. Whoís selling one used?

If youíd have told me 5 years ago that Iíd be at an inland lake with 6 other surfers learning and new sport, hooting and beach hanging and generally having a ball Iíd have said you were crazy.

7 of us (one new guy who is an insane foiler) posted up at Lake Piru outside LA yesterday and had a ball. Wind was strong out on the lake (started 10-15 but got better later with steady 15 and gusts + which is ďLA goodĒ)

A buddy brought a small boat which eliminates the walk of shame and allows towing upwind and then you can drift down trying new stuff. In a cool innovation he towed his son whoís new but one of the best foilers on the planet to me (airs, backflips, big indo waves on prone) and by towing up on foil he was able to wing immediately. He skipped the pump and struggle. He got jibes right away and even pumped through a tack. Iím going to say that if you are a good foiler and are comfortable behind a boat and learn the wing on land, you might want to try getting towed up with a wing luffed behind you. After a few tows he was able to pump up without the tow but it helped him see what we were all stoked about. Again, only for experienced foilers but an option.

Anyway the way was great and if you Wing alone a lot, try to find a crew. Itís really a blast. And if you are inland and think that this sport is only fun in the ocean thatís 100% false. This stuff is a blast and challenging on a tiny lake. Get out there!

Random / New ads or malware for me?
« on: July 08, 2021, 06:57:01 PM »
Admin, was there a change to the ad system? Iím on an iPad using Chrome and Iím getting full page coverups when I click on a topic. And then ads inside (inline) the posts.

Badger had a swimsuit ad in his post. Confused me to death. Anyone else seeing this or do I have some weird thing happening?  I hope itís a major bump in revenue for you as itís adding 20 ďxĒ clicks to every visit. Not complaining (much) just confirming that this was a plan and not some weird forum software mess up.

Ok, so I bought resistance bands with an over-the-door anchor to get my paddling muscles back in shape. It works by the way. The move I use is to stand about 6 feet from the door, bend at the waist (with a straight back!) and do row/pulldowns from hands stretched overhead to down past my hips. Basically as close as you can get to knee paddling on land.

But, in addition to this I started turning my front wing hand over (palm up) and doing wing pumps with the band pulling against me. I then switch sides with the other hand going palm up. I vary the weight and the reps in a set but this works your shoulders in that weirdly painful way that only a beginning winger can relate to.

Does it work? I have little science. But I normally am dead after 2 hours and I've easily done 3 hour sessions (split into 2 90 min sessions) comfortably since starting this. Try it and prove me wrong. But for those of us who are weekend warriors dry land training keeps you in the game.

Here's a link to the uber cheap set I bought.

Let me know if you do anything similar.

Classifieds / WTB - Gong Curve XL
« on: April 13, 2021, 09:54:24 PM »
Come on guys, whoís got one in the garage now that youíre on the Veloce?

Iím about to place an order with our friends in France and wanted to check before I hit the button. Whoís holding?


Insane overload of companies making these things. Itís either going to be huge (?) or everyone is going out of business soon.

His main point to me is that things are too confusing for a beginner, too many options. Heís right that a beginner can use most any wing to get going.  Donít get locked up if youíre trying to figure it out. Just get any known brand. Damien LeRoy said the same on a video recently.

Crazy times in wingland.

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