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Random / Hey Pono - finally found a use for the ESP32
« on: April 17, 2019, 06:56:52 PM »
All that fancy hardware baked in - WiFi, BT, dual processing, etc...

I am using it to take some simple commands to drive the DACs move a couple of galvos only a short distance. The galvos take +5 and -5 and I grounded the -5 inputs and just drive the +5, but only up to 3.3v. The guy I am doing it for develops commercial microscopes and this is to point a laser around for some kind of spectral processing. It doesn't have to move the mirrors far at all. And he actually has money - a part time gig that pays. Anyway, I will probably get 12 bit 5v DACs mounted on a PCB for a little more range and precision if he moves forward with it. Seems likely since the prototype can do what he was hoping. He picked up some cheap imported galvos and driving them with a microcontroller the cost of it compared to the higher end stuff is amazingly cheap. Seems to have pretty good accuracy and stability.

Random / Very bad economic indicator today
« on: April 01, 2019, 05:38:18 PM »
I was let go at my job. The client reduced what they were willing to pay my employer for ongoing support and as the most senior and highest paid team member, my head went on the block. I have never been unemployed in my 39 year career until now. Now I am looking for work at 60. We will ride through it okay and I will find something, but it sucks. That was a good job. Over 24 years with steady increases for most of it; I was making substantially more than my position normally pays. They did give me some severance and I am helping with the transition; burning bridges don't provide much light. I was hoping to hang on to this job for 4 or 5 years and then retire. I hope I am as good at interviews as I used to be.

Training, Diet, and Fitness / shoulder surgery went great
« on: January 18, 2019, 12:14:21 PM »
got home from shoulder surgery a few hours ago. it went well. only the labrum needed stitching, the rotator cuff will rehab okay with intact labrum. some bone spurs were also removed.

i am using sprix, choosing to walk around the opioid mine field. i have pt in 6 days. i should be able to use the hand, sling supported, as soon as the block wears off. after bandage comes off on monday, I can shower and use recumbent.
strange downside - nasal mist messes with stomach

i could be paddling sooner in april than i thought if rehab goes well.

Technique / Dealing with nasty rollers on a touring SUP
« on: December 13, 2018, 04:14:09 PM »
Next spring through fall, I will be doing some offshore fishing 1-3 miles out and some nearshore touring. In some cases when touring I may have a stretch of a few miles where landing will be difficult if waves kick up. For those who know NC, one place in particular is AB to CLO paddling in front of Shackleford banks, which is very popular with shell collectors because of the pounding shore breaks it gets when the waves kick up. So I could get caught in a pop up squall and have some distance left to cover before I can get to land. I got a board that is supposed to be able to handle it (within reason), a 2016 Naish Glide 14x30. Naish says:

The Glide 14’0” X30 GTW is the ideal choice for riders who want exceptional stability for touring, enjoying downwind ocean runs, recreational racing and fitness training. Its newly developed rocker and bottom shape easily adapt to flatwater conditions while the tail rocker still allows for outstanding open ocean performance. It features a penetrating V nose and a flat rocker for phenomenal gliding performance and has ample thickness and width for stability and early planing on the open ocean in any conditions.

No, I don't take the part at the end - "in any condition" - literally, but I think the board is capable of dealing with a hell of a lot more than I am (yet). I am really looking forward to gliding phenomenally. I would think that most of the time I will either be going with them or sideways to them though in some rare circumstances I might be trying to go into them. By them I mean big swell/rollers, possibly breaking on top, probably wind driven. Any tips and/or links to videos/blogs/articles would be appreciated.

Gear Talk / Convert two piece paddle to one piece?
« on: December 07, 2018, 04:40:07 AM »
I got a really good deal on a brand two piece CF paddle. The seller warned me about being careful with the adjustment closure - too lose and it slips, plus one of the screws could back out and get lost quicker than I might think. But he also warned me that too tight can crack CF. I mentioned the idea of maybe converting to a one piece and he said some people do.

So, I wanted to get opinions on whether or not it is a sensible thing to do and if it is, whether or not it is something I could easily do myself.

ETA - I am just under 5'8", so I could remove some of the length of the top piece before converting it if it is easy to cut. Between that and removing the closure, I might take another ounce or so off. Not all that significant, but more than 5%.


Fish Tales, Stand Up style / Cooler on the back of my Glide
« on: December 03, 2018, 01:22:32 PM »
I made a layout picture of my glide and took a picture of the fore deck.

I want to carry a cooler, probably with rod holders, on the back. The problem is I don't really have any tie points back there other than the leash clip. If you look at the picture, the yellow area on the mat is the obvious spot. But there is nothing but mat on the deck in front of it; no place for a suction cup - unless I stick them on the rails. The 2016 30" Glide has big rails. I could attach a "security, just in case" loose line from a strap around the cooler to the leash clip and put a big suction cup on the rails on either side and slightly forward of the cooler. Is that crazy? Better ideas?

Another idea I have is using some foam pad (like for garage floor) on the fore deck. 2 pieces stacked near the mat and just on thickness near the "dome". That would level it out and protect against scuffing. I may pt a cooler up there instead. or maybe a crate. The bungee clips are the same construction/part as the leash clip.

BTW, planning to use a straight leash so coils don't tangle in everything. Sensible? I will be paddling offshore sometimes. With a group, but I still will always wear a leash.

I have been paddling various watercraft for decades, but new to SUP. I tried it by getting a cheap iSUP that i put a couple of hundred miles on this year and decided I like it. I had been having trouble with my back and shoulders in the kayak. Anyway, I went back and forth on what to get and finally bit on a deal for a battleship - the 2016 Naish 14 x 30 Glide. I know it is way more board than I need, but I am likely to haul a lot of gear on it at times, do some open ocean fishing, sometimes carry a passenger and my balance isn't quite what it used to be. I have laid hands on it as I had to inspect it when it was delivered, but I don't officially get it until just after Christmas on my 60th birthday. I paddled one at a demo day at lake I was one during the summer and Strava claims I managed to get it above 6 mph for a short burst and over 5 for a bit longer. Most of the group paddles I go on are down below 4 mph as are my kayak fishing buddies that I will paddle with (I tell them I have evolved and stand erect now  ;D ).

Paddling will mostly be in the sounds and off the beach of the southern NC coast; looking forward to doing AB to CLO for an overnight or two. One of my kids is planning to move to Greenville late summer and I will probably do a few Pamlico paddles visiting him. Also a few lakes around Raleigh, bu may still use my iSUP for a bunch of those due to logistics.

Anyway, more of an intro than anything else...

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