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Downwind and Racing / Any technical races in southeast US?
« on: February 06, 2019, 11:17:42 AM »
Does anyone know of any technical races that happen in the southeast US? (similar to video below) Racing through the surf and catching waves back in looks super fun and exciting. The only races I can find near the Florida panhandle are all flatwater long distance.

I'm trying to decide between the 7'4" and 7'7" pro model.  I'm right on the border for the recommended weight for the 7'4" (165lbs). Does anyone know what Zane and Sean weigh? And height for that matter? I can't find it anywhere. It would really help in my decision.

Gear Talk / F-One Madeiro 7'11" Review
« on: February 06, 2013, 07:13:00 PM »
Tried the F-One 7'11" a few weeks ago back to back with my 8ft PSH Ripper (not "wide").  I'm 5'9" and 165lbs. I've been riding the 8ft PSH Ripper for about 2 years now.  Surf that day was waist to chest dumpy shore break onto a shallow sand bar.  The two boards were very very similar.  I have sworn by PSH boards the past few years, but I think I might like the Madeiro a little bit better in these particular conditions.  It's a bit wider so it feels a little more stable to me.  My wife thought the opposite, as the deck of the board is slightly convex instead of flat like the PSH.  She thought that made it feel more unstable.  In certain situations the PSH wants to flip over.  Usually this is when I'm trying to fit a big SUP into a small pocket that's really meant for a short board.  However, the Madeiro didn't want to flip over.  It was a surprising discovery that allowed me to really go for it in some treacherous conditions.  The build of the board appears to be excellent.  Not sure how they will hold up in the long run.  The Starboards look more durable, but who knows, only time will tell. 

I also tried the 7'7" and liked it even more once on a wave, but overall it felt a bit too small for me.  I was sore for 2 days after riding that board for an hour. 

Gear Talk / PSH Ripper 8'0" (regular) review
« on: October 31, 2010, 12:41:13 PM »
I have been loving my 8'0" (regular) Ripper the past few months, although the past few weeks on the gulf coast have been super flat. Initially it was a little more work to stand on it, especially in chop, but was totally worth it once I got on a wave. Opened up a whole new world and I was instantly able to hit the whitewash on closeout sections and go up and over. On my 9'3" the board just wants to flip over or won't turn right when I need it to. I thought I would never ride my 9'3" Ripper again. I went back to it one day when my wife was on the 8'0" and I kept falling off it when trying to turn. I had completely forgotten how to ride it! So I pretty much have only been on the 8'0" for the past few months. I've ridden it mainly in semi-choppy mushy Gulf Coast waves about waist high and smaller (usually knee or smaller). I also rode it twice in Jacksonville Beach, one waist high glassy and one knee high glassy day and it was amazing (seems like knee high waves over there push more than chest high Gulf coast). Overall, I had been really happy with it as a replacement for the 9'3" Ripper...until the past few days. Maybe it was just especially bad conditions, but it was so choppy I could not stand on the damn thing out past the break long enough to catch a wave. It was about 8kts onshore wind, chest high and especially mushy/weak.   I took my 9'3" out and was solid on that board in the chop, but on the 8'0" I could hardly even get on my knees sometimes without falling over. I managed to drop in on two waves on the 8ft but almost instantly stopped from lack of push. On my 9'3" I was able to catch a bunch of waves and ride them to shore. I realize it just might not always be the right day for an 8ft SUP, but I was really hoping it would be the only board I ride from now on. I think if I at least lived on the East coast the 8'0" would definitely be a full replacement for the 9'3", but here on the Gulf Coast I'll still need something bigger sometimes.

Does anyone know if a 8'6" Wide ripper would have the same stability as the old 9'3"? 

Gear Talk / Cabrinha 9'8" SUP!
« on: May 24, 2010, 01:57:13 PM »
I just demo'd the 9'8" not intending to buy a new board, but I couldn't help it!! This is one of the best surfing SUPs I've tried! I also have a 9'3" PSH Ripper which I love, but it took me months to be able to enjoy it without constantly falling off. The Cabrinha 9'8" has the stability when you need it, but it turns on a wave like my 9'3" Ripper. The other experienced SUP'ers in my area also agree it's possibly the best surfing board they've tried. Highly recommended for advanced riders of any size or begginers to maybe 175lbs in chop/surf. I have some friends who just started SUP'ing and they are over 200lbs and love the 10'6" Cabrinha SUP. Said it's stable enough for them even in chop.

The best part is it was under $1000.  There are some factory 2nds available from XLkites that were a few pounds overweight but perfect otherwise (still felt lighter than my Ripper).  No, I dont't work for XL or Cabrinha.  Just sharing a good find!

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