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Classifieds / 9-6 Sunova Steeze
« on: April 10, 2019, 09:02:56 AM »
Located in West Florida. Great board does everything as advertised. Very little use, near new, a couple of paddle marks on the rails and small mark on the nose but not enough to photograph. Going in a different direction and only selling to fund something else. Planned to travel and use it more but the work situation is changed. I'm very impressed with the Sunova construction and will definitely look their way again. Looks great and weighs "nothing" 21.5 lbs on the bathroom scale with the center fin in.


Message me for more pics and info.

General Discussion / Another Board Recommendation Thread, Flat Water?
« on: March 28, 2019, 08:47:03 AM »
Sorry for the wordy post. I'm performing an honest assessment of how I spend my time in stand up and would appreciate some Zoner feedback.

I'm wondering if I should be looking at a board that better supports how I actually paddle. Understand my mileage may vary on any recommendations or feedback but I want a knowledge base so I can have educated discussions when I'm out there looking if I go down this road.

Currently have an Allrounder surf shape planing board, typical entry to the sport as I understand and a dedicated long board surf sup that also serves duel purpose for a light weight SUP for my better half. My Allrounder really surfs fine for the waves and limited opportunities I currently have and I have no plans to move it, the dedicated surf SUP maybe.

Goals are enhanced general paddling experience, improved up wind performance, increased range, limited quiver/"one board solution". In the board weight is important, we often walk a couple of blocks to launch from the house, or cover ground to beach launch. Thinking I could do better than bashing the wide planing board nose upwind. My wife, is also involved and has talked about some fun racing, but that's a second discussion. We do paddle together a lot so she will follow the path if just to keep up.

This is the honest breakdown of activity.

Daily - Salt water estuary paddling, sheltered but open water but subject to wind and tides. This by far the most common activity.

In the summer daily taking the place of the above - Near shore ocean paddling, relatively calm conditions can have to deal with boat cross chop, changing conditions, Gulf of Mexico. In conjunction, would like to glide or “surf” non breaking waves/bumps if possible surf. This is close second to the previous for most common especially in the summer.

Down Breezers 5 – 20 MPH winds, occasionally in the Spring/Fall schedule permitting with short shuttle. Paddle upwind short distance and glide back more often.

Dedicated surfing, rare, seasonal, love it when I can but very limited opportunity.

Me older 50+,athletic, good balance, 6', about 205 currently, good stamina and paddle power. Need to drop a few but wings and beer......working on improving my diet but......wings and's a process.

So should I be looking at a flat water/all water race board? Will it be a significant "upgrade" over what I currently have?
Specs- 14', something like that? 12.5? Something else?
How wide - 25" minimum? Planing or cutting nose?

Been looking around researching as I tend to do. This is kind of where I have been looking and will go out and get some tests/demos. Also not sure I'm into the dugout thing, some depressed deck OK. $ is a consideration, I wouldn't be looking to pay 3K+, would look for sale/leftovers to get a new board around 2K. Would go used also if I could find something fairly local.

Some local boards:
Sunova Allwater Faast 14 x 25.5
Sunova Flatwater Faast 25
Bark Vapor 14x26 might be heavy
NSP Puma 14 x 24 too skinny?
Allstars various 14's

Some stuff I looked at online
The 404 boards 14 x 25.5 V3 or LTD look really light
14 x 26 vapor again heavy?
Allstars various
Maliko Heavy?

Totally off base? Something else? Wasting my time, just stick with what I have?

Again appreciate the feedback for the newby.

Sunova SUP / Mako 7 Fin
« on: March 18, 2019, 10:14:21 AM »
Any have one they want to part with or know where I can get a Sunova Mako 7 in the US? This is the cutaway high rake fin.

The fin is stock in my Sunova but works really well in another larger board I have. Having a hard time matching another man. fin with the same specs. The fin has a ton of rake in the profile.

Sessions / Surfin' the Gulf West Florida
« on: January 07, 2019, 07:27:40 AM »
Yes you can.....

I thought I'd share the stoke for a back to work Monday. It doesn't get any nicer here for the winter. Just a great winter morning here in the Sunshine on the Gulf.

The front came through late Friday as expected. Short boarders found some faces in the wind blown stuff Saturday, then yesterday was the glassy leftover swell I was looking for. 48 air temp, 69 water, wind 0 at the start in the early morning. Not a cloud in the sky and warmed up through the morning. Clean swell on the incoming tide. It was a little taller at one point but the photographer wife was off shelling and didn't get any shots.

She also missed the smallest wave nose ride cross step ever on that one shot, I was proud of that one :)

Waiting on the next front to do it again. Maybe next time I can report on the new ride that's incoming. Y'all have a good one.

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