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General Discussion / Cape Cod SUPsters Hang'n Tough
« on: May 27, 2019, 05:54:03 AM »
Cataract surgery has me sidelined for a bit.
I get to watch my Cape Cod Crew do their thing from the dune.

Love this crew, some of them I have been surfing with for over 50 years!

first the typical beatings:

General Discussion / Sunova 2-piece weekend Race Results
« on: May 26, 2019, 04:28:30 PM »
Sunova Team racked up 4 wins this weekend.... all on 2-piece boards.
Tech that works!

Apparently traveling to events around the world, with your own raceboard matters!

There have been many wins and podiums in the past 12 months with this great bunch of folks!
It has been my distinct pleasure to spend time with most of them over the past year.... kind souls, every one  :)

Our team is so diverse, from 13 year old kids to seniors and Mom's traveling around the world with toddlers in tow....
from Japan, Australia, Canada, France, USA, New Caledonia
everyone with the heart of a Lion!

The Sunova Family is strong and completely awesome!

Amandine Chazot 1st at the Eurotour.
Lina Augaitis        1st at the Canadian Nationals
Brad Ward           1st at the Sup n Run
Kelly Margetts      1st at the Eurotour masters

Sunova is proud to Sponsor the ZONE.... and happy to share these updates with you.

ok.... he we go!

I have had 5 amazing sessions on this board since I picked up just over a week ago.
non breaking weakers .... head high and juicy.... small beach break..... windblown pointbreak
Outstanding on everything!

This is the board conceived by RbGar, for riding some remote points in RI, after riding my 14' Search.

The board he came up with is a totally different board than the Search, and was designed to be "surf specific", not an all purpose board.

Johnny and Bert Burger worked out a design that really caught my attention, since I was in the loop on it.

It does share some bits with the Search:
it's pointy and longer than most Surf SUPs... but that's where it ends.

I HAD to have one.... and I knew others would be very interested as well, so the Sunova Distributor agreed to order 8 of them.
4 are spoken for already, so if you want one.... email me soon, to order. Click my link email below.

This board surfs entirely different from any of the other "big" boards I have ridden.
It is like a blown up short board SUP, and doesn't surf in a "longboard" style.
Being 32" wide, it has a nice rail curve that loosens up the turns and allows it to be surfed from further forward than others.

It feels incredibly light and agile on the water, whether surfing or paddling.

I have set it up as a thruster... and am totally happy with it in every way.
This board is going to fill a LOT of my needs.... it's a ripper that is super stable and easy to paddle long distances.

There has been a lot of discussion on forums, about surfing 12' SUPs..... the time has come for this board!

I'll add more info and pictures later, but I want to get the video up now.
it's hard for me to believe this is a 12' board!

General Discussion / Creek in Portugal - a travelogue in Vids and pics
« on: January 08, 2019, 04:59:01 PM »
Landed in Lisbon via TAP Airbus at dawn on New Years day. Great flight
Ticket     = $544
Baggage = $440 (one way)  :'(
cost per item:
9'4 Creek         = $185
9'0 Custom      = $135
1 Checked bag = $120

Rented a great little car for 92 days = $841 + $900 damage deposit.
site said NO DEBIT CARDS.... but I am a believer in good thing happen..... and they accepted my Debit card!
Whew!...... otherwise, I'd be walking, cuz I don't have a credit card.  ;D

Drove to Sagres with no accommodation plan.
Arrived at 9 pm on New Years Day..... everything was closed up tight.

I found one light on... so I knocked on the door.
A nice lady said an apartment was $50 Euros per night ($67)

We talked for a few minutes...
her in Portugese
me in English
we agreed on $450 Euros per month thru March 31st  ;D

Sweeet 1 BR, ground floor apartment with a garden patio, right in the center of town, with parking in front, bars down the street!
500 yards to the beach in 2 directions.
3 minute bike ride from a consistent break.
The absolute perfect location and apartment! So freeking stoked!
oh yeah... she does my laundry for me (included)  :)

First morning, I bought a nice mountain bike from a surf shop down the street that is closing for the winter =  $140 Euros

Every day before breakfast, I ride the bike to check the surf....
then walk the beach near my house, to warm up before the surf session.
No hurry to paddle out.... there are waves all day, every day..... yup, every day!

Cool at night at 45 degrees
trunks and 2 mm top are fine in the 60 degree water and bright sunshine (I think I saw a cloud... once)

Anyway.... everything is bought and paid for, now I am settling into daily life.
Outside and active every day..... amazing place to explore by bike, paddle or walk.

An amazingly harsh and unforgiving landscape,
then.... 8 miles away, lush rolling farmland  :)

Video of the week and some pics

OK..... 5 times tried to post following ALL the pic rules.

Sunova SUP / 10' of fun on the Sunova Style
« on: December 28, 2018, 03:14:30 PM »
I had a blast on my 10 x 29" style last month. (235 lbs, at the time)
131 liters and a drawn in pintail make this a nice performance ride.

I kinda suck at noseriding frontside, so weak in this video...
I basically just run up front to fall over the back, as the wave closes out  ;D

For some reason I noseride much better backside..... then, this board is like cheating
(see my vid "Sunova Style on the nose")

STYLEs in stock right now in USA.... have it in a few days!

Click my email link below to order...
and get FREE SHIPPING to your door, anywhere in the continental USA.

FREE Shipping is available, for a limited time, on any boards IN STOCK in the US... including raceboards!


Travel, Trips, Destinations / Anyone been to Sagres Portugal?
« on: December 10, 2018, 08:16:41 PM »
Searching for accommodations January thru March.
Any suggestions for a Creek budget?  ;D

General Discussion / SUP surfing was alive and well on Cape Cod today
« on: December 03, 2018, 08:41:30 PM »
Our crew is very solid... and growing.

Zoner "Weed" took many of the shots.
My Soloshot took the the rest.

Wind got up to 20 mph by the end of my 3 hr session.

ok... failed to post pics.... even though no pics over 390 kb..... maybe 2 posts will work.

General Discussion / Winter SUP surf - wetsuit glove review
« on: November 24, 2018, 06:37:26 AM »
I have purchased a lots of wetsuit gloves over the years.
Most suck for SUP paddle handling and overall warmth.

These latest Ripcurl Flashbombs are the best yet.
5 finger for paddle control
3/2 and fleece lined through the fingers.
The gel pad palm is AMAZING for paddle grip.... best by far.
Much better than my older Flashbomb grip.
so easy and much warmer than expensive and bulky 5mm mitts.
My hands are fine all winter.

I show why and how I remove the "water-dam" in all my gear....
Last thing I need is a struggle suiting up when it's 15 F 

Sunova SUP / Zone going North.... A ripper rides my "Creek" model
« on: November 08, 2018, 07:23:09 AM »
My buddy Andrew Cassidy, showing how it's done on his 7'10  Sunova Creek.

By the way....
Creeks from 8'4 to 9'4 are IN STOCK, in the USA right now!
FREE shipping anywhere in the continental US.... for a limited time.

Click my Email below, to get this deal and have your new Creek by next week!

General Discussion / Creeks were ripping around the East Coast yesterday
« on: October 29, 2018, 01:40:41 PM »
My buddy Ryan got his new 8'10 Sunova "Creek" on Friday.

Cape Cod was not my cup of tea yesterday..... big, gnarly, windy, cold closeout tubes.
(pic #1, photo credit Zoner "Weed")

So Ryan and I left Cape Cod in search of something more manageable.
Found it  ;D

Ryan was laying it down hard and ripping the waves apart! (Pics 2-5)
He couldn't stop talking about how stoked he was with his new board!

I got home and saw a FB post from some friends in VA Beach.
Chip and Isa were killing it on their Creeks (pics 6-8)
Good day all around!

Sadly, because of refraction and cold wind, I left my 9'1 Creek in the car and took out the 9'5 Soul.

Arthur and his family moved from Brazil to Revere, MA. a few years ago.

When 26 year old Arthur planned his weekend surf trip to Cape Cod, his Aunt begged him not to go.
“There are too many Great Whites there!”
Arthur smiled and said:
“I am too fast for the sharks”

As he and his friend Isaac prepared to paddle out that morning, Arthur held out his arms to the ocean and proclaimed:
"This is the life I love, This is where I want to be!"

At noon, on an idyllic September day, with great waves (pic 1)
Arthur Gave Medici, took our place, and was killed by a Great White.

Saturday, Arthur’s grief stricken family came to his paddle-out at Newcomb Hollow Beach in Wellfleet, MA.

Our entire surf community came to honor the life of a man, that none of us had ever met.

It was an emotional day for all, beginning with cloudy drizzle and tears of grief.
After the beach tribute, the skies lightened for the paddled out.
Arthur's Aunt had us all repeat Arthur's proclamation of love for the Ocean:
"This is the life I love, This is where I want to be!"

In a show of love and heroic strength, Arthur’s young friend Isaac, who literally pulled Arthur from the jaws of a huge attacking shark, made a last minute decision to paddle out on his bodyboard, to join the circle.

A trio of surfers raced in and circled Issac with boards as he paddled out.
One slipped off his rescue board and gave it to Isaac.
It was an amazing moment that displayed the power of Love and Respect.

As we paddled back in, the sun came out with it’s healing warmth…. introductions, conversations, hugs and smiles filled the beach.

That night, all of Arthur’s family and friends joined us at the Orleans Surf Film Festival.
The festival is a yearly celebration of our surf community… it’s history and it’s future.

That day, Arthur’s family and friends  came closer to understanding  why Arthur was so passionate about surfing.

We came to know and love, Arthur Gave Medici, his wonderful family and friends.

FB Link to my 90 sec. video of the paddle out (I did not post it on Youtube)

General Discussion / Road Trip Score!
« on: October 05, 2018, 10:53:18 AM »
Never surfed here before, so I didn't set up the SoloShot.
Bigger than it looks.

Un-named break, somewhere in New England :)
The locals showed respect, so I will respect them.

I am going down today.... post if your going to be there!

I am bringing my SUNOVA 9'1 Creek and 9'4 Acid
Van has a gas leak, so only 2 boards

Road Trip!

General Discussion / Empty session after a Great White clears the line-up
« on: September 04, 2018, 04:28:56 AM »
Crowed peak yesterday......(sorry about clipping your board GeoffC)  ;D

A Great White cruised through the line-up
Lots of folks who had been out for a while, decided it was a good time to leave.

Empty waves on Labor Day  :)

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