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Random / Geek Thrills
« on: October 18, 2019, 09:34:10 PM »
After a frustrating day of chasing wind to no effect, I came home and got a whole bunch of previously recalcitrant geek toys working in concert. Lose a few, win a few.

This will be the main monitor/control panel for the dashboard of my 1978 GMC MoHo project. It's both a dinky HD monitor and a touchscreen. Of course, there will be lots of other gauges and switches, but most everything will also be monitored and controlled wirelessly here--and to any other device connected to the moho's router. So cute. The Raspberry Pi that acts as the MQQT broker for all the signals going everywhere screws onto the back

Of course the project has a way to go, but I have multiple slave boards (ESP8266's) talking to the server simultaneous and behaving. Any geek with less rusty UNIX and C++ skills would have had an easier time of it, but I'm getting there, and it's coming back, one pounding headache at a time. I'll have a fraction of the point-to-point wiring that was originally present. Does this make sense? Hell no. But it's fun and the end result will be very cool.

Random / How Amazon gets 100,000 eTrucks for free
« on: October 10, 2019, 08:34:06 AM »
It occurred to me last night when I was trying to fall asleep that Amazon probably will get it's 100,000 delivery trucks from Rivian for free. In fact, they will make money on the order.  They led a $700 million dollar funding round for Rivian, investing about 440 million as I recall to get 20 percent of the company. Then they order 100,000 trucks. So Rivian gets the funding to scale up and has an order worth 10 billion give or take a billion. As soon as they start delivering trucks in volume the value of the company skyrockets to reflect that 100,000 order, as well as any trucks they might turn loose to us peons.

Tesla's current market value is 48 Billion and growing. Assume a similar value for Rivian when it produces those 100,000 trucks and Amazon's share is now worth 9.6 Billion. Gee.

Could they have done this with any other company? Not really. These folks ain't dumb.

Of course, this assumes that there are enough batteries available to power 100,000 eTrucks. Tesla has a huge advantage with the gigafactories. The Chinese gigafactory that was a mudhole last February is already in production of both batteries and vehicles. Rivian sources their 21700 cells from LG, who are certainly no slouches in Lithium battery production.

Random / Auto emissions in the USA
« on: October 10, 2019, 07:47:19 AM »
This is a pretty interesting link, if only for how clever the web page design is. Interesting data as well though. You might miss the option to select the metro area near you-- it is right at the beginning with NYC preselected. If you click on that you can switch to a number of other areas. It's hard to believe that the Trump administration is going to roll back emissions requirements--who wants that? From what I've seen, not even the vehicle manufacturers want it.

Random / Wedgies
« on: October 02, 2019, 08:00:55 PM »
Back in the day this was the kind of wave that would suck me into thinking I could handle it. Sand enema. I can't believe there are hardboards at the wedge. I used to get shit for having a sponge. Now I don't even see any bodysurfers, just spongers and shortboarders.

Foil SUP / Fatboy Wing
« on: October 02, 2019, 05:14:47 PM »
I spent my morning building a jig to cut the 1020 Axis wing that bounced down the I35 freeway into three pieces so I can make a fat boy version. The jig worked perfectly so now I have three bits and I need to stitch them back together with a little more space between them. I'm trying to decide what makes the most sense. I know Adrian at Axis has made a 1080 wing, but that's a fairly small difference--30mm per side, a little more than an inch. I think I'm going to aim for something around 1140mm, that will be about 45 inches wide, adding 60mm (2.4") to each side.

Random / Yikes it's cold.
« on: October 01, 2019, 04:03:36 PM »
Fall again in Hood River. Both mountains are white again, and driving back from a sad attempt at wingfoiling in Stevenson I saw snow on the upper hills in the Gorge. Time for Fritz to migrate into the shop. I have some time to work on it now that the wind is so iffy and it's wetsuit weather. Once again the Spad prepares to land on the solar panels. I didn't get that much done on Fritz this year. Too much time in the water. Oh, well, there's worse ways to piss away your time. Fritz looks kinda small, like an overgrown van when it's outside. But when it's inside...

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / SPG Single strut
« on: September 30, 2019, 01:06:26 PM »
Looks like SPG ditched the twin strut. Good idea.

Random / Ooof. I may have hurt myself
« on: September 29, 2019, 07:36:03 PM »
No wind today, so I spent the day moving all my embedded system ESP32, ESP8266, Raspberry Pi. Mqqt and Node-Red bullshit to the office in the shop since it was threatening to take over our entire kitchen This shit takes space. Which computer am I using? What in the hell is the IP address of that fricken raspberry pi now? God, I hate DHCP.  Fellow geeks know the pain.

Anyway, I spent some time over the last two days making braised beef and a ridiculously rich mushroom sauce so we could indulge a friend and his wife for his birthday with a totally crazy version of Beef Stroganoff that Tomas Keller does at Ad Hoc. Yeah, I know, mom did it with Cambell's Mushroom soup. This ain't that. In the meantime, Diane got a flu shot and got progressively sicker, so we called it off.

Anyway, I came back from pulling my hair out at the shop trying to remember WTF I did to make this crap work, and I just wanted something simple. Diane is eating scrambled eggs, so she's out. I had a fat couple of steaks in the fridge, so I thought--simple, good, steak. But as it was sizzling in a red hot cast iron pan I thought "I have partly sauteed mushrooms that I was going to finish hot and fast to put on the stroganoff. So I tossed some of those in the pan. Then "how about some of that late autumn last cutting skinny asparagus. That would be good". Cut some of that, and tossed it in. Once everything was done I thought "wouldn't this be good with a little of that Stroganoff mushroom sauce on top. Added a little wine to the frying pan to deglaze and reduce, tossed in a little mushroom cream sauce, and poured it over the steak. My simple clean meal kicked up by about 3000 calories and now I need to go lay down. But holy shit was that good.

A little Syncline Subduction Red and we're done here. Time for a coma.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Scored a 5M Swing
« on: September 24, 2019, 04:26:05 PM »
I went wing foiling at Swell City today, though it was gusty and weird. My right shoulder got a bit of a zinger--got set up by a big lull, bobbing around holding the wing, and then something in the 30+ range smacked into me and yanked my shoulder with the characteristics little burn that says "you just fucked up, Buckwheat". So yeah, it's aching now. I'll let it burn for a while to get the healing focused and then dose it with magical CBD/THC cream.

Anyway, while I was there kind of bitching about how the 5M Duotone handles (it's quite a bit more of a handful than the 4M Duotone, which is well-behaved) a friend of mine said: "Windance has a 5M in stock." Nuff said I was putting my gear away anyway. Cut a beeline for Windance and sure enough, a lovely F-one fiver. So now I can compare and contrast. Should be fun. The torched shoulder better harden the fuck up, because we're going tomorrow.

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / And then there's this:
« on: September 23, 2019, 07:40:01 PM »

Random / How big is Amazon? How big will it become?
« on: September 17, 2019, 08:32:13 AM »
From one of my favorite tech news sources--AdaFruit:

Amazon is in the running for the biggest company in the world. It’s already hit $1 trillion in market cap (it’s at around $894 billion right now) — only Apple and Microsoft can make such a claim. They are well known as *the* retail giant, but their business reach goes well beyond that. Even if you have heard of Amazon Web Services, you might not know that “…with more than $25 billion in revenue just from Amazon Web Services last year, Amazon is the world’s largest cloud services provider.”

It can be hard to keep track of everything Amazon has a hand in, but thankfully BuzzFeed put together a list of the known businesses they own. The famous ones like Whole Foods and Zappos are on there, among a lot of lesser-known retail-related brands, but they own a wide and diverse collection of businesses: a wind turbine farm, a lending company, a video game production company, healthcare providers, and more. They even own IDMB!

Amazon will make up an estimated 38% of the US e-commerce market this year, according to the online commerce research firm eMarketer, and already dominates 67% of the online books, music, and video market; 46% of the online computer and electronics market; 45% of the online toy market; and 34% of online furniture sales.

The antitrust accusations against Amazon have been picking up speed, and while its valuation alone has been remarkable, when you take the BuzzFeed list in as a whole, you can see where some of the criticism is born. Amazon is not only massive — it's entering more and more markets and it’s not clear where it won’t go. This list will likely grow, and if political pressure mounts this will be an important resource to come back to.

The buzzfeed list:

Random / I am a Golden God of Unix...
« on: September 15, 2019, 03:43:10 PM »
...NOT! But I did manage to get Node js, Node Red and the Mosquitto MQQT broker installed and running on a dinky Raspberry Pi server running Raspian Buster Lite. Sheesh, I feel like I gave birth or something equally strenuous. It's all working, which is fricking amazing since I don't really know what the heck I'm doing. The last time I used Unix was when I learned C and AWK back in the days of wooden computers and iron programmers. Yes, I still call it programming. Shoot me.

I'm turning LEDs on and off and dimming them all over my shop with any browser, especially my iPhone. So cool, so difficult to get going, so totally pointless. Actually not useless, this will be the foundation of my radically simplified wiring and control system in Fritz, and that's more than a little bit pointless. I'm pretty excited. Nerdgasm.

My network has slowed to a crawl with the little Raspberry Pi hogging all the bandwith, sending messages to ESP32s saying "does the light know it should be on 30%" and getting the message back "yes, it's on 30%, just like it was ten milliseconds ago."

So I got that going for me.

And yes, there isn't any useful wind in Hood river today. See what happens!?!

Random / I thought this was gone for good
« on: September 11, 2019, 09:17:00 PM »
I found this on an old hard drive, thought it was gone for good. Yes, I actually drove around like that, took the board to Sauvie's Island like that a few times. It seemed more secure than the picture looks. My old 360 spider and the "Tiger Stripe" F18. Mark got the colors wrong. I think this board wound up on the big island. Good board. Great car. Diane called it my "All Terrain Ferrari" just because I took it duck hunting a few times.

I got mine and it's glorious. Thanks so much to TJ at Big Winds for not getting pissed at me for hounding him constantly and making sure I got one in the current shipment. And to Dan Gavere for hand-delivering mine so I could have it for the weekend. I owe some beer, or something appropriate.

Up instantly in gusty 15-20mph late afternoon crap. Low end to spare, and surprisingly easy to control. I had it fully outhauled, which made it draw a little funny, but it responded beautifully and powered me up on my Axis 1020, 70CM mast, 440 tail and shorter fuselage. Damn that all felt good. Seems like I have a full package to tune on while I learn. 3,4 and 5M Duotone wings, GoFoil 24" and 39.5" masts, Iwa, M200, M280 and GL240 wings, Maliko and wide GL tails, Axis 90, 75, 68 and 60 masts, standard and long fuselage, two 1020 wings, one of which I'm going to butcher, 500 and 44 tails.

I came as close as I've been to a foiling jibe this evening. I tried finishing the jibe on the heel side and planned to hop into switchfoot. I made it to the heel side but the hop didn't work as planned.

I've been practicing the hop around the house. Diane likes that even less than my cross-stepping everywhere. Zack--the dog--absolutely hates it. He barks at me and then runs up and nudges my knee, which means "cut that shit out, you're scaring me."

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