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Any reports on (or thoughts about) use of Axis Power Carbon and Power Carbon High Modulus Masts for wing foiling.

I am planning to get the Power Carbon High Modulus Mast in 90 cm length (I have ART1099, ART999, 1150 etc) and am a bigger rider ~90 kg).

As my friend Bruce said "Life is too short to have shitty [foiling] gear" 

Anyone use finger adjustable bolts for manual adjustment of foil positions in the foil tracks (e.g. on the beach/in the water)?

Kai Lenny posted a video clip of him tow foiling on some outer-reef looking big smooth bump about 1-2 months ago riding an ultra short tow foil board. He discussed how he couldn't even see the board because it was essentially enough for just his feet.... and that it was a unique exquisite feeling. 

Anyone remember the length?

I am trying to improve my swell and wave riding with wing foil (downwind and side-downwind).

If swell is legitimate (at least shoulder high in SF Bay or waist to shoulder high in ocean) I can stay on the swell almost as long as I want (e.g. I don’t fall out the back as quickly), but if swell is smaller I fall off the swell earlier than I’d like.

Trying to decide if I can solve with new equipment or if I need to focus my energies inward :)

What are some of the more important factor for riding swell and waves efficiently (below I list potential factors)?
  • Foil (subcategories: fast, maneuverable, lifty)
  • Rider & Technique (pumping, working the wing finesse, wave knowledge)
  • Mast (length, drag)
  • Wing (subcategories: balanced, drifts, other)
  • Wave (energy, steepness, height, speed, other)
  • Board (short, low volume, etc)

What are peoples' experiences or thoughts on wings with / without windows. Some brands are offering wings with a windows option (or one might chose brands based on presence/absence of windows).

what is peoples' experience with aluminum masts bending if/when getting pounded in shore break especially with big foil wings? In my somewhat limited experience on this subject I currently think carbon may be more resilient to damage. Curious others' experience and thoughts. 

The Shape Shack / thick dark strip on bottom of foil boards
« on: September 22, 2020, 10:33:40 PM »
what is the composition and function of the thick dark strip to the nose-ward side of the foil boxes visible on the bottom? I have a production board with two full length 1/4" stringers connected to the outer side of the foil boxes.

Foil SUP / Foiling: A swell is a swell is a swell or is it?
« on: September 21, 2020, 08:24:30 AM »
How are different types of swell different from a foiling perspective? I hear of and see videos of people foiling different types of swells and with different forms of auxiliary power (thinking: wing, pumping, paddle).

What really prompts this question is that I am amazed watching the videos of people foiling both the Maliko run in Maui and various types of boat wakes, often without pumping, contrasted with the challenges I have staying foiling on bay wind swell (I guess these swells tend to disappear, certainly foiling technique and equipment play into this also).

What would be the differences riding the following types of swell?
•   swell like the Maliko Run (I assume wind swell + ground swell)
•   ground swell (medium period)
•   wind swell (short period)
•   wind swell augmented by current (such as Hood River or ebbing/flooding bay swell)
•   ferry, tanker and boat wakes

What properties and parameters of a wave make it most foilable? 

Wingsurfing, Windfoiling, Wingfoiling, Wing SUP / Tef-Gel Hell
« on: September 03, 2020, 10:23:34 AM »
Damn that Tef-Gel is STICKY and can make a mess. Definitely a love hate relationship since it does work for preventing seizing of stainless bolts in aluminum.

I discovered that 91% isopropanol (stronger version of rubbing alcohol) can soften and dissolve it slowly. Helps in removal from bolts (to get the threads clean) and from outside of fuselage etc where it serves no beneficial function. Passing a both through a die (as in tap and die) will remove the grime pretty well.

New Cabrinha in the 1:30 to 1:50 area

you mean the one with two mini-booms?

On his Instagram, Keahi de aboitiz wave riding with a similar Cabrinha wing... which is presumably the new Cabrinha wing. I have seen the minibooms on another wing I believe (...but can't remember which).

One can see different views of the new Cabrinha Crosswing V2 at Jupiter Kiteboarding site.

I am looking to buy a SUP Handle a ledge style SUP Handle with smooth fairly deep recess for fingers. They come on my regular SUP (but vendor does not have them). I want to put one on bottom of my wing foil board(s). Anyone know where to buy? TIA

General Discussion / How to post images
« on: July 25, 2020, 08:37:42 PM »
I am having trouble adding images. I added as attachments and don't see when I preview (so maybe this is not how to add an image in a post). I see the Images icon [IMG] etc ... but don't understand how to use it.

How is an image added.  I went to help wiki and it didn't help. I got my 2 image below 1000 kb - so that doesn't explain why I can't do it.


SUP General / Board Length Too Long For Cross Bow Draw Stroke
« on: July 18, 2020, 10:43:01 PM »
I SUP surf in ocean waves on a 9'6" x 31 152L surf shape (pointy nose, pulled in tail). I am 5'10. I find that the cross bow draw stroke can be very important to position myself for an oncoming wave if my board is pointing the wrong way and the waves proximity makes strokes on one side of the board insufficient to get around.

I find that the nose of my 9'6 is in the way of this cross bow draw stroke. I can make it work.... but I have to really consciously avoid hitting the nose which cause delays. I think a 9'0 in same shape or a blunt nose may be necessary for this reason.

I am 185 lbs, pretty advanced surfer, SUP for 5 years.

Curious about others' thoughts on this.

What brand (or design) of foil provides the most robust and durable connections for surviving tumbling in the surf (especially shore break)?  I am wondering if designs where front wing to fuse and fuse to mast connections are "through connections" (such as Armstrong and Levitaz) and are more robust to damage in this regard?Also wondering how carbon fabricated components (e.g. masts and fuselages) hold up compared to foils where these parts are fabricated from aluminum.

Foil SUP / wobble feeling
« on: April 17, 2020, 10:21:17 PM »
I am a very new SUP foiler who has been SUP surfing for 4y and kite foiling for ~5y. When standing on the board in surf I have noticed a weird foil sensation that I wanted help ‘interpreting’. When I am standing on my 6’6” 125-135L SUP foil board with foil tracks  with a big 1720 cm^2 foil on a thin 28” aluminum mast, I feel a wobbling or vibration/oscillation of the foil underneath me. I am guessing this is a well known phenomenon.  It is a bit disconcerting. Is this most likely the foil boxes and the bottom skin flexing or the mast itself bending? (I did search for this subject but did not find results that answered my question). If this is the boxes and bottom skin flexing, is this board likely to blew out the foil boxes?

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