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SUP General / Anyone paddling yet in Encintas / San Diego?
« on: April 27, 2020, 07:20:32 PM »
I'm waiting for them to open something besides Moonlight and open up parking so you don't have to walk next to 500 people through a neighborhood to get to the water. I wish the state would open Sea Side and Cardiff Reef Lots with rules about parking right next to another car.   The parking in neighborhoods is problematic and probably increases exposure.   We have  lots of walkers in our neighborhood, I think if they could use parks and beaches it would thin things out a lot.

I checked out some webcams and it looked like most folks were following the rules in San Diego, except Windansea and some spots in Pacific Beach (not really a big surprise.)

SUP General / SUP Surfing with BPPV Vertigo
« on: January 09, 2019, 09:13:08 AM »
Anyone here have experience getting back into the surf after having BPPV attacks?   I haven't had any symptons for about a week, and tried body surfing in cold water without it triggering dizzy spins.   If you had BPPV, did falling, beatdowns and moving /head neck cause issues when you started surfing again?  I'm mostly worried about setting off a severe attack again and not being able to get home from the beach. 

SUP General / 2018 Ventura Paddle Surf Championships Oct 13
« on: August 21, 2018, 11:04:20 AM »

This year's paddle surfing contest at C-Street is  Saturday October 13th and Sunday October 14th.  There are divisions for SUP, Waveski and Adaptive Waveski.  Also divisions by age group so you can get a chance to compete with someone closer to your own age.   

SUP General / Done in by my middle toe
« on: December 23, 2017, 01:59:21 PM »
Sometime around the first of December I surfed in really close to shore at LJShores in Lajolla, I was turning back over the wave and planning on kicking out when a very large foam pile hit me coming from another angle.  I went flying and got pounded a bit by the board, when I paddled back out i noticed my middle toe hurt pretty bad, but i kept surfing and cleaned it out with soap and water and put some antibiotic cream on it and did not pay much attention to the smashed nail  it for about a week.  In the meantime i woke up one morning and the tip was swollen twice the normal size and there was a huge blister full of puss.  I headed into the doctor and she drained the puss and gave me an antibiotic.  I had a reaction to the antibiotic that felt like I was having a stroke, now my face is swollen and  I can't move many of the muscles in the left side of my face.  Two more procedures on the toe, one to remove the toenail, and more antibiotics for resistant bacteria.  Still is not getting better very quickly.  If i lived in ages before antibiotics, they probably would have cut off my foot by now.   Enjoy the surf, and treat those toes with respect.   Seems like I always get hurt on tiny waves. 

The Shape Shack / What is it with fin boxes on SUPs ?
« on: July 09, 2017, 10:55:09 AM »
I've only been sup surfing about 18 months, but have surfed high performance kayaks with fins and waveskis for many years and learned to longboard a bit.  I've built my own waveskis and fin boxes are usually glassed in and then glassed over so they are are bomber tough.   I owned waveskis and surfboards from Island, Wavemaster,  Infinity and Walden and never had a finbox leak or get damaged even when fins have been busted out of the box by hitting a reef in Hawaii.    My first SUP was a  Laird Pearson Arrow supposedly EPS expoxy,  I noticed last year a pin line leak around one of the fin boxes and looking closer the boxes were not glassed over but just had a thin coat of epoxy.  I over glassed the leakers last year.   I have an older Focus Torpedo and same story, leaking fin boxes that are aren't  glassed over and start leaking from hairline cracks in the epoxy over coat when the fin boxes flex.  Is there something going on here I'm not aware of?  I don't think I'm hard on the boards and I exit long before I'm in shallow water, so I'm pretty sure I'm not hitting bottom with the fins ever.   Is it just cheap construction or are the boxes supposed to be sealed internally for these kind of lay-ups.

Travel, Trips, Destinations / Sweden
« on: May 28, 2017, 05:31:55 PM »
I'm going to be in Sweden late summer.  Anybody know of a place to rent in or  near Stockholm,  Visby on Gotland, and Viken area in southwest?  I'll just have a few hours free at each spot but would like to get out on the water if possible. 

SoCal / Red Tide - How far north
« on: April 18, 2017, 06:37:25 AM »
Red tide was pretty thick in Lajolla yesterday AM,  anybody know if it is in Cardiff, Beacons,  Tamarack?

I moved to surfing a narrower, lower volume board (from a 10'6 150 L) and have slowly made progress to where I am fairly comfortable paddling in waves and taking off in surf on it.  I took some Gopro movies of my attempts for the first time Ėand I really suck.  One problem I noted is that Iím not getting my feet in the center of the board over the stringer but they are still in some hybrid staggered/surf position and I fall forward to the side a lot paddling for the take off. The nose is fairly narrow so that does not help.  I know from experience that if I look at my feet Iím going to fall taking off.  I donít have a good sense of body awareness of where my feet are, they are just fighting for balance.  We had some flat conditions for a few days and I spent a couple of sessions just trying to work my feet into a good surf stance in small increments, Iím doing better but suspect in choppy conditions itís not going to work.  Iíve seen videos where folks make a little hop to get both feet into position.  I canít get both feet unweighted and moved simulataneously on the grippy top on the tippy board to do this.  Anybody have a suggestion on how to get to surf stance in the least number of increments without tipping the board? Right now I get into a staggered stance and then get low with bent knees, (goofy foot) so I reach out with the paddle on left side (itís short) and paddle and brace as I turn my rear foot and slide it back and then step forward with my front foot trying to get it to the center of the board while the paddle stroke is still bracing. (I think my left foot wants to stay near the rail to help anticipate a bottom turn, and that makes my right foot want to stay on the right side of the stringer )  What am I doing wrong?

I've done all my own repairs for the last several years but don't think I'm up to fixing a carbon/bamboo/ plastic board.  I broke a fin box this morning on a used Focus Torpedo Carbon board that has the "ACT" construction.  I've fixed fin boxes before, but  the ACT material is not going be something that I have the resin/cloth to fix, not to mention a router.  The inside of the board looks hollow under the fin box which is a bit of a concern and will need to be built up and routed back out.  How hard is it normally to break a black plastic future fin finbox?  I  surfed three waves and kicked off the back before shallow water so I was pretty surprised  when I noticed the ragged break of the box itself. I check the board pretty carefully after each use so sure it was not a problem before this am.

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