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  I'm Garmin watches user for 6+ or so years.  I had F3, now on Fenix 5.  I take them off pretty much for charging only, and if you are familiar with Garmin watches you know it doesn't happen often. Not I'm not super athlete, I just like these, because of their features. When Fenix were introduced Apple watch were not intended for any kind of water sports activities. Now it's different. Without going into details now I have a feeling that Apple watch Ultra have all features I need.  The ability to make/receive calls become more important to me. I can live with shorter battery life now, when it's 2-3 days now. 
  So I wonder if any long time Garmin user switched to Apple Ultra watch and what's the impression.   

SUP General / Is it safe to buy older carbon surf SUP board?
« on: May 10, 2022, 08:39:46 PM »
 In never ending itch for a new boards I ran across barely used (accordingly to seller of course) carbon board.  Is there a hidden danger in buying it? Like material is getting older, drying out? and become more brittle? I'm on heavy side (210-215) and all my boards have a more or less noticeable stomp dents.  Should I stay away from purchasing such board?


 Over last couple of months I begun going out and SUP surfing more often.  I'm getting more comfortable on my 10 ft Allrounder in the surf and even thought that I probably could step down in size a bit. One of the reasons for that that I don't know how to progress, and one of my buddies said - oh, we are surfing beach break and it's difficult to turn your tanker here.  He is beginner  too, but ahead of me.  Well, the board is 169 liters and I'm despite all my effort still around 205/210 lbs. But I think before jumping to shopping I better learn more, and here I want to ask you: what exactly I have to learn to get most out of this board before moving on?  I included a  a short video that shows my abilities at this time. I can catch a wave and go toward the shore slightly angled - left or right depends on the direction of wave. I'm having hard time to change direction in case of obstacles on my way - not completely though, I probably can make a slight turn of the projectile I'm going , but it far from completely changing direction. So here is the video I took last week. Comments are welcome and encouraged.

Classifieds / NH's CL find: NSP Elements Allrounder 10
« on: September 30, 2021, 07:31:18 PM »
This in not mine, but I have the same board and very happy with it. I think price is decent too.
Good board for a bigger guy. I'm 205-210 and it's very good first/second board. I learn (still) surfing on it.

SUP General / What materials to use for minor fixing of Sunova?
« on: September 13, 2021, 08:44:28 AM »
I managed to whack a rail and chipped a small piece of transparent outer layer. What should I use for fixing it?

Well, another life lesson - check your gear before ... oh, it's not new one? well, sh*t  then..

Anyway, was happy get back into routine  of dawn patrol session and managed to loose one of side fins out of my Blackfish. Looked around and don't see anyone has those for sale. was thinking to check in here before getting in touch with Larry.


SUP General / SUP festival in St Petersburg Russia
« on: August 03, 2021, 04:59:06 PM »
With all these discussion about SUP as a sport is slowing down and getting replaced by other sports it was nice to see that there are places where SUP is growing.

 I grew in in St Petersburg when it was Leningrad. It is a beautiful, historically young (established jut a bit over 300 year ago in 1703) and  historically significant city. It was build in Neva-river delta and has enormous number rivers, bridges and canals.  It commonly referred as a Northern Venice because of that and because of original plans to have a part of city build exactly as Venice  - with canals vs roads.   When I picked up SUP I was always thinking how cool would be paddle around city one day.  Happy to report, I was not only one thinking about it..

Few years ago a group of SUP enthusiasts there created a festival ( when people paddling a big loop around city blocks, lot of them costumes.  Here is a few links for you to enjoy.



2021   - search for videos from different years

Or was it you?

It was in local news today. Someone windsurfing in Winthrop lost GoPro and it was washed ashore.

Something just caught my eyes... Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome new zoner  (image attached)

I had a long period when I was not paddling an open water conditions and when I finally get back seems I cannot get myself comfortable. Not really "open" water as some of you go but just unprotected bay waters, probably 1/4 of shore.  Slow rolling knee-high humps, short period and not very organized directionally, think about some underwater structure - I cannot cross that section for a second time. I'm on the same board as before (Blackfish). Somehow feel disconnected, fell off several times, turned around and went to paddle in calm area - no problems there. Is this luck of practice or just in my head? I intentionally went the same spot today and made further through but it still far from crossing it.

SUP General / Was followed by seal today
« on: February 01, 2020, 08:14:23 PM »
 I finally found some time to paddle near the new place, first time after the move. It was a very calm day no wind or any waves, and for about mile, I was followed by a seal.  Is this common? He/she kept the distance about 10-15 yards, checked me multiple times before taking off. it was pretty strange, I've seen them before while paddling and I've seen them closer but I've never been followed. Are they territorial? I was paddling mostly along the shoreline, just scouting spots for fishing in spring and wonder if I "trespassed". Hope it was accidental as I want to go fishing in the area..


Gear Talk / Strange bulge on new iSUP, is this normal?
« on: January 11, 2020, 05:43:49 PM »
Happy New Year Zoners,

I recently purchased brand new iGo Starboard in 10'8". When I inflated it for the first time I noticed that there is a bulge next to the inflating valve and the valve has a bigger gap between the valve and the material it welded into - just on one side. It looks like a defect to me (my few years old SIC doesn't show anything like that). I was even afraid to inflate the board to max allowed pressure and stopped as 15 psi (18 max). Not sure what to do at this point. I like the board, but concern about the possibility of a valve and decking material separation.

Here are a few pics. Not sure how serious it looks in pics...

  After several family trips with SIC Air Glide I began thinking if I want a smaller more universal board. We mostly stay at resorts with beach breaks and  I realized that I only take it out in calm conditions. When it windy and there are some mushy waves  I don't go as I would be fighting it most of the time. Not to mention that even rolled board is big and heavy in travel.
 So I started to look for shorter, wider board and ran across few years old Starboard Whopper Delux.  10 ft long, 35 'wide. 6 in thick. Is anyone familiar with this board? Is this boar even suitable for surfing in small waves, beach break?  It looks very flat to me and I cannot find any reviews. videos to verify..

On another hand, if anyone has a suggestion for a travel board for 200+ lbs paddler that could be used to be the first board  - I still hope to put my wife on board someday. I'm primarily looking at higher-end used boards vs lower-end new. 

p.s. any good deals around ? any special for zoners?


During my last trip, the upper o-ring purged out its place and made the pump not operable.  I called local SIC distributor and they have no parts available. I could try to fing matching o-ring but I'm honestly don't really wanna do it. Just ran across Red Paddle Titan pump. Wondering if someone used it and is it really make a huge difference vs dual action pump?

SouthEast / Hilton Head Island, SC - should I bring SUP
« on: August 13, 2019, 08:47:19 AM »
We are heading to Hilton Head Island for some time and I'm debating if I should bring an iSUP. We are staying in place on the ocean side so water access should not be a problem... The weather forecast shows thunderstorms daily for our entire stay...  Any suggestions?

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