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General Discussion / Surfboard Leash String - what to use?
« on: May 13, 2019, 08:05:04 PM »
What do you guys use for a leash string? I had one failed on me a few years ago and I bought a few the same day, just realized I'm out of those. Thought I prob could make them myself.

Travel, Trips, Destinations / Any hints for Montreal trip?
« on: May 05, 2019, 05:37:21 PM »
We are entertaining an idea to spend a few days in Montreal and I'm thinking to bring my iSUP. Does anyone have experience with paddling in Montreal? I see there are a lot of waterways around city, so sure there are plenty of opportunities, still some insight info would be cool. 

I've run across pretty cool river surfing video but I'm not ready for this yet. Just sharing:

Gear Talk / Infinity Downtown is on sale
« on: May 01, 2019, 09:12:36 AM »
Not sure if it's old news, but I just noticed it and decided to share. Perhaps someone could use it.
actually, looks like other boards as well

Random / Domain and site lost to squatters
« on: March 20, 2019, 07:16:17 PM »
My wife's uncle is a somewhat known artist and book illustrator lost his website to some Chinese cybersquatters. I wonder what would be a proper steps to try to secure or rather reclaim a website name.

General Discussion / Advice needed on travel with large iSUP bag
« on: February 17, 2019, 12:34:33 PM »
  As I'm getting ready to travel by air with iSUP, I'm wondering if I should do any extra precautions steps. New to me SIC Air Glide Bullet came with a large carrying bag. Question is: is it travel bag? I'm planning to check it in;  and worry about all these bells and whistles (shoulder straps, waist strap, bungee etc ) would be damaged/torn/etc. I've seen people use stretch wrap on luggage while traveling, but I think it looks awful...
  I also wonder if should pack my belongings in the same bag and make it more stuffed as it has a lot of "space ". But I don't wanna make it too heavy and made handles tear off easier... At the same time, I don't wanna make it looks too big..

I remember someone suggested to use regular luggage. I this case I'm not sure how I'm gonna carry the board from the room to the landing spot (hopefully I can launch right off the hopel's beach, but it's not guaranteed). There is no way I'm going to the beach with large Samsonite on a daily basis :D (already giggling as I'm typing it)   

Bag in question image attached. 

Almost forgot: should I stick 3 piece travel paddle in the same bag or I have to take it with me as carry-on item? Problem is, I also have travel rod in hard case..  :o  //tooManyToys

Hey there,

 Went out to play in cold water and in an hour both legs began giving me troubles with cramps in calves. It was pretty disorganized surf and I spent most of the time sitting and on my knees, so it's not like legs were overworked. I think it's more connected to water temperature.  It was not worsted I ever experienced, but it made me wonder if it's "normal" because of water temp (but I wasn't really cold), or lack of regular training is the reason. I drunk plenty of fluid before going it, had a banana and still got these pesky charlie horse spasms... Or is it a medical condition?

Hi there,

We are going to stay in that area and I'm planning to bring my AirBullet if everything goes accordingly to the plan. Is anyone interested in paddling together? If not - can someone who knows the area give me some pointers? like where could I land for paddling on "canals' or whatever they called?  is it safe waters for iSUP? etc.

thank you!

Hi there,

 As I  found myself getting into stand up more and more I decided to add a travel inflatable and purchased used Bullet off the distressedM.  I'm a 3rd owner after it's been BigWinds rental and later one other person. The board itself appears to be in pretty good shape and came with all accessories. Finally had a chance to try it yesterday in waist-thigh choppy and windy surf.  It was my first attempt on inflatables and after some rough time in the beginning, I managed to score few decent (for conditions and my skills lol) rides.  First impression: it's quite different from hard boards. Being inflatable it sits "on the water" and more affected by a strong side wind. At the same time I feel like it was easier to get it going from the standstill and had couple waves when I was able to make the wave at the last moment with just a few short strokes. It was more difficult to pop the nose after it pearl - even if I move back the board flexes and keeps nose under water.  I also noticed if I didn't get the board exactly perpendicular to the wave on the launch there is a very good chance it would go sideways and flipped. But it could be attributed to the pintail shape and fin selection (which is my first question). The board came with SIC weedless 9'. My thought was it's probably not a good fin for conditions and I used 4A 9.75' fin. Does it make sense?  I'm planning to bring the board to FL this winter and thinking to take these 2 fins. One for - long distance paddling,  and other for waves...

My second question is - what the best way to store the board to prolong its life? Keeping it in the bag will make creases more permanent and thus more prone to failure I guess? Partially inflated?

And here is a mandatory pic with my pump master.


Random / Any ice skaters? Thin ice fun
« on: November 15, 2018, 05:44:54 AM »
Just ran across and decide to share. When I was ice fishing I was always told you should not go on the ice that under 8 cm / 3" ..

Random / Sandstorm in Winthrop MA last night
« on: October 28, 2018, 09:27:09 AM »
Hey there,

I went to pick up pizza last night and saw a few cars covered in what I first thought in the snow, then I was like, wait it could not be snow as the temperature too high. I parked my car around the corner and went to look closer. Then I realized - this is sand from the beach!!  I have no idea how owners would clean this up afterward but in those 2 mins I spent here I got sand everywhere - in my ears, eyes, mouth; my hood was blown off and I had a full head of sand, so when I get back home I had to take a shower :(

Sent video to local channels, they aired it last night and posted on FB; so here it is..

Technique / How to put a handle on with hot glue?
« on: August 31, 2018, 08:45:16 PM »
Hey there,

I scored a used  Kialoa and wanna set the handle with hot glue. I have a glue gun and bunch of sticks as I use a hot glue a lot when I ship packahes internationally (instead scotch tape). From my experience, melted glue doesn't spread well unless you make it really hot. Is this how you do it? Do you need to pre-heat the shaft or handle or both? How much glue to use: few rings around the handle or few lines along the shaft?

Thank you

NorthEast / Does anyone paddle on Charles? Semi-looking for a company
« on: August 07, 2018, 12:38:56 PM »

 As I was driving Storrow Drive past Sunday,   I've noticed a lot of ppl were jogging, cycling, etc ... kayaking ...  I wondered "would it be cool to paddle Charles river, from let say,  Mt Auburn hospital to Museum of Science, or something like that.. To my surprise, I didn't see many stand up paddlers on the water.

 Anyone up to a stroll at some point?

On another hand, wondering if anyone organizes something similar in the area. I mean besides the surfing 

Share the Stoke / Just installed my first traction pad woo hoo
« on: April 13, 2018, 10:40:38 PM »
Hey there,

Just finished installing my first traction pad. Finally! Between all projects, this one was on the back burner for too long. In the end, it was not that difficult. But I had to pull the first piece because I started to install in uneven. My board had a factory installed pad but it short and I had a hard time as soon as I try to move a little bit back. I've got a large pre-cut kit from Amazon and altered it. Boing always paranoid about details and appearance, I made paper templates for all panels that need to be cut, u can see pieces of rosin paper in some shots. I think it turned out not bad.

 Cannot wait to try it  :)  8)


I'm not sure if I'm too thick or something, but I don't see "Sent" messages folder listed under "My Messages".  I tried to contact a member here and since I didn't hear back I was thinking to check if my message had been sent. And I know that I selected "keep sent messages" checkbox in settings. Is it me or just a way it is?


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