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SUP General / Is Kenalu still in business?
« on: May 12, 2022, 01:01:23 PM »
As the subject line states, just wondering if anyone knows if Kenalu is still in business?  I broke a shaft and I've reached out twice over 2 weeks about their "forever paddle" policy and have gotten no response.  Thanks.

Technique / Flatwater Paddling Technique Question
« on: August 18, 2016, 09:40:57 AM »
Hey guys,

I feel kinda dumb even asking about this but I can't figure this shit out to save my life.  I usually SUS but I recently bought a touring/race board for the days I can't get to the surf and to stay in shape.  New new board is big, 14x30 and I love it, but something's not right.  When I paddle on my right side, I go straight.  I don't turn and it tracks straight.  But as soon as I change sides and paddle on my left I turn to the right really quickly. I only have a handful of rides on the new board and the last couple times out I spend 80% of the time paddling on my right side, which is kind of bass ackwards for me because I had surgery at the beginning of the year to address a left neck/arm/shoulder issue and bought a flat water board to rehab and now my left arm and traps aren't getting any work. I also have a really hard time turning the board to the left period.   

And here's what has me so confused:  When I take out my SUS boards to surf, I have the exact opposite effect.  I usually paddle on the left and tend to turn right to get into waves because I ride goofy. 

So, seems to me either something is wrong with my new board?  Or with the fin?  I just ordered a new fin, so plan on trying it out to see what happens.  Any suggestions on what to look for?  The board looks straight and not warped at all.         

Gear Talk / Big man downwind/touring recs please
« on: March 31, 2016, 02:46:32 PM »
So, another big man thread.  I normally SUS, but just went under the knife and doc won't clear me to surf for another few months.  In the meantime want to start open water paddling to keep in shape and rehab.  I'm a total newb to downwind/touring boards and have some questions.  As I've mentioned in other posts, I'm big: 6'5" and hover between 295-315 depending on time of the year.         

I have some questions about flat water boards, like the relationship between length, width and volume.  The only board like this I've ridden was 12'x27" at 275L and I could stand up, but it was way too narrow.  So what is most important?  As in will length make things more stable vs width?  Is volume just as or more important than dimensions?  I know length helps with glide, but will a 14'x29" board be just as stable as a 12'6"x31? And what about tail shapes?  Is a boxier tail more stable?  If I want to do open ocean paddling, as well as flat water paddling in lakes, should I go for a touring board or more race oriented board? One thing I know for sure is I want something that is stable and will float me really really well, AND is not too heavy (can't lift anything too heavy for a while so preferably 30lbs or less). 

Boards I'm looking at are:
JL Searcher 12'6"x33.5 363L
Amundsen TR-T 14'x29.5" 304L
Sunova Faast 14'x29 347L
Sunova Venture 14'x31.5" 338L
Fanatic Falcon 14'x29.75" 317L
JP Sportster 14'x30" 299L 


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