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Whitewater and River SUP / 3 days on the San Juan, Tips?
« on: April 15, 2019, 11:18:42 AM »
Coming up in two weeks, Bluff to Mexican Hat in 3 days.  Supported by a few rafts so I will only float with a 25l dry bag. 

class I and II and they plan on 2.5 days so pretty slow or short days on the water.

I have camped off my board on lakes, lots of single day whitewater raft trips but no slow river overnighters before.

Any tips?  I am kinda wondering how much time to spend standing vs kneeling knowing it varies for everyone.

I bring back some pics to share.

Fish Tales, Stand Up style / minimalist sup fishing, inland lakes
« on: September 11, 2017, 01:25:23 PM »
I have used a milk crate with rod holders for a regular size rod, which works great but you have to commit to having a milk crate and  working around a longer pole on the boat.  Granted there are types of equipment for fishing but this is the low cost redneck fishing thread.  Having a rod up front can also mess with your stroke on one side or the other.   And my board is an 11' Isle adventure inflatable.

I have hand lined and just tied of the line to a d ring next to my feet.  For local bass and trout this works fine also.  But managing 15' of line can sometimes get tangled and is something of a pain.  I do keep a small tin with one jig and 15' in my cooler pocket just in case I get bored some evenings but it is not ideal either.

Sight fishing with a fly rod is fun, but again you are commited to just fishing because you need to manage the rod on the board or go all in on a rod management system, not a good option on a ISUP.

The ice rod, short and not in the way, has some drag and play to it, keeps the line tidy.  This is my new favorite method of fishing off the board.  I tuck the pole handle in under the front bungie and let the line ride down the side of the board.  Yesterday morning we were treasure hunting the shore of the local res. (water dropping 1'/day) and after 6 small mouths in half an hour I put the pole away so I could finish the bit of shore we were hunting. We also happened to be camping so on the trip to the camp site space was at a premium for dry bags. The lure was a curly tailed grub, only one of the bass was 12" the rest were 4-8"

treasure hunting total, two anchors, 4 sunglasses, several bits of fishing tackle and the usual bag of trash. 


Flatwater and Touring / Full Moon Paddle
« on: May 22, 2016, 06:49:49 AM »
Full moon again last night, we hit all of them last year from May to September and the year before from June to Sept.

At the local reservoir the day paddlers and kayakers start leaving at 5 and are gone by 6:30, all of the power boats are gone by half an hour before dark.  Right at sunset is usually when the wind dies down also.  Glass, quiet, great views.  Saw one boat out fishing.

Since I live roughly 1,300 miles from any surf the moonlight paddles are my favorite time to get out.

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