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Gear Talk / New Paddle Review, Black Project Surge
« on: January 09, 2024, 11:56:35 AM »
Just did a test surf with the new paddle. 
  For the last few years I have been using a Kenalu Wiki 74 with flexible shaft.  On paper, it's smaller than what I should be using.  I weigh about 175 lb and 6'4 tall.  Been very happy with the wiki 74 as it puts less stress on my body.  I really just wanted to buy another Wiki, but unfortunately that ship has sailed.
  I got a BP Surge, small blade (75) and a medium 100 slim shaft.  I bought directly from BP, as they were offering 100$ off.  A new Wiki still would have been less money.
  Test run was a 2.5 hr surf in 30 degree air temp, slightly choppy water and my smallest board.  The blade is slightly narrower and taller than the Wiki,  felt the same in the water as far as catch.  Shaft felt like a similar flex.  The T-handle is GREAT!!!!  Better than the Kenalu for sure.  I was using 5mm gloves for this sesh.

So I think this is a good option for anyone looking for a smaller more flexible setup.  (Which most mfgrs don't even offer)


SUP General / April Vacation
« on: December 26, 2023, 11:41:14 AM »
Hello everyone,  looking for some vaca ideas for this year.  My wife just wants to go somewhere warm.  I would go anywhere I can surf and rent a decent SUP, not needing a full on surfing destination spot.   I guess we will be flying.  It's a 1 week or less vaca, so not looking to go very far away.

Florida comes to mind.  Should be some waves in early spring, right ?

For the purposes of this inquiry,  Hatteras is not warm enough. 
Cabarete has already been shot down,  Been there once and was happy enough windsurfing.

Need to get planning before it's all booked.


SUP General / Anyone in New England have a beginner surfsup to sell ?
« on: August 23, 2023, 07:03:31 PM »
A good friend wants to get into sup surfing.  I was thinking a 160L 32"w would be a good starting point.  Anyone have some old gear they have outgrown?   Located in Mass.

Sessions / Sunday Big Day
« on: March 15, 2023, 03:33:13 PM »
RI got a great swell Sat/Sun.  I got out Sunday AM for some waves and beatings.   Sleeper of a day with a 2-3 forecast.  Not many SUP's on the water.  I was out of sync with a few friends so surfer shots only.  Hope some of you were able to partake.  Good way back after a month in Wyoming.


Sessions / EPIC summer swell June 25 Cape Cod
« on: June 27, 2022, 08:23:07 AM »
Post em up everyone.  I will process some of my good ones tonight and add in.  Screen shots for now.

Saturday had light offshore winds and about 6ft@10sec wave.  Great session !

Creek, any videos ?


Sessions / Larry
« on: September 14, 2021, 01:33:25 PM »
Post up some Larry shots !

I surfed in Rhode Island Wednesday and Friday.  Saturday afternoon I hit up Marconi on the Cape.  The best 3 consecutive surf outings I have ever had.  Don't think I paddled for less than a six foot wave in those days.




Gear Talk / Sealion Wings - International purchase experience
« on: October 06, 2020, 04:45:02 PM »
As many of you know,  I'm a fan of the Sealion Sup/windsup concept.    I started with an XL model,  150L 9'0".  Next was the 135L 8'3.  It surfed better for my weight (175lb) and sailed nicely as well.   The next model that AHD came out with was the Wings,  which adds a foil insert and changes the dimensions a tiny bit.  And it's all carbon construction.
  I was interested in the 8'6 Wings that dropped the volume for me another small step.  It's 125L and is supposed to sail and surf better.   Problem is no US distributor or anyone in the US who would import on their own.   I finally contacted the company directly, and figured out the prices are lower than expected.   The website pricing includes the 20% VAT,  so once that was deducted, shipping to my door was covered.  So price delivered to my door was about 1500 USD.   The board arrived one week after I ordered it.  We will see if customs ends up sending me a bill. 
  I think Nahskwell is under the same company,  so those sups might be available in the same manner.
  In general the Sealions are heavier than standard wave SUPS,  but are very heavy duty to handle the wavesailing.  The 8'6 I just got weighs in at 22lb.  Its the same weight as my 8'3,  but has both Tuttle and 2-US foilboxes.   The tuttle box came with a filler and I made some fillers for the US boxes.   I plan on surfing and sailing mostly but might break down and get a foil if I get bored next summer.
  My test run yesterday started out choppy, rainy and dark so I wasn't feeling dialed in straight off.  It felt like more than a 10L difference until I figured something out.   I base my neutral foot position on the handle hole location.  With the weight of the foil inserts,  the handle is at center of gravity,  while the center of flotation is 2 inches forward of that.
General info:
My new board:


Sessions / Rhode Island yesterday
« on: October 06, 2020, 03:26:32 PM »
Sunrise surf in the rain was a bit choppy and disorganized,  but turned into some nice conditions later on.  I was trying out my new Sealion 8'6 and was pretty stoked once I figured a few things out. 

This guy always rips:   

Me on the new rig:


Wind Powered / Wind SUP is still alive
« on: September 12, 2020, 06:19:00 PM »
Got out on the water yesterday in Rhode Island.   Wind was side-off and pretty light.  (maybe 8 to 15 mph)  I would have just paddled,  but I was meeting my friend to windsurf.   Ended up with a great day of windsurf on the SUP.   Sealion 83 scores again.


Sessions / Cape cod Zoner fest
« on: September 07, 2020, 07:46:20 AM »
Sat AM was fun on the Cape.  Glass and some waves.  Creek had the solo shot set up.  5 zoners out.   Surfed the close break solo then headed south for some company an hour later when others arrived.   

Rick,  any good footage ?   I shot a few pre sunirse but had to run before I could take any action shots.


Sessions / PT Judith RI
« on: August 19, 2020, 04:43:29 AM »
Had a great session on Monday morning.  Surfed with a few SUP guys on the less crowded breaks.   Pretty jammed up where the short boarders surf.  Any Zoners out ?


Sessions / Rippin SUPsters
« on: August 30, 2019, 05:14:34 AM »
Did a predawn surf yesterday,  Point Judith area.   Two guys got on the water carrying SMALL boards as I was coming out.  These two looked like shortboarders on the wave.  Great to watch !  I will say that they were not waiting for waves while standing.

Gear Talk / Hot glue paddles
« on: June 06, 2019, 04:50:00 AM »
I kept getting water in my paddle and re-glued a few times.  The last re-glue I added duct tape at each joint.   Still leaking water in !   When I peeled the tape away it was dry.   Turns out I have a pin-hole in the top of the handle.   Last night I heated the shaft up and then applied epoxy at the leak.  Hoping the cooling air inside draws some epoxy in for a good seal.  KeNalu Ho'oloa,  it's a great paddle.


Classifieds / 9ft Sealion xl 150L fish shape wind SUP
« on: April 24, 2019, 04:52:35 PM »
9'0 Sealion 150 liter,  weighs 23lb, heavy duty construction.   Mfgr by AHD.  Surf sup and Windsurf sup for waves.  Has centerboard insert for teaching windsurfing.  (it's a tuttle box)  Blank is inserted now.  Shark scare bottom graphics.

Comes with original fins,  two weed fins,  and the centerboard fin.

Also have a complete 4.7m sq rig if interested.  I am in CT,  but do travel to northern Mass, cape cod and RI.   Only reason I am selling this board is that I also own the 8'3 sealion and use it 100% of the time.  This board surfs and sails great.  It is fun sailing if there are waves,  otherwise its more of a learning craft.  I have an old paddle I can throw in.

Board/paddle - 650$  rig - 200$  make me an offer.


Gear Talk / Second SUP
« on: April 23, 2019, 05:28:34 PM »
I own two Sealion SUP/windSUP boards.  8'3 135L and 9'0 150L   They are the greatest thing,  but only my 8'3 model gets used.  They are quite similar to each other.   I bought the XL 9' board first and used it to teach windsurfing, learn to surf, and wave sail it.  Got the 8'3 next looking for a bit more performance and I like it.  So looking to sell the XL and get a second SUP that has some different characteristics. 

Thinking the new board would be something longer that catches waves easier. 

I do like to get forward on the board sometimes,  so something I can noseride is a consideration.  I have read that some noseriders are not necessarily easy wave catchers.  Not looking to hang 10 on the board, but I do get on the nose of the Sealion sometimes to catch or stay on a shouldery wave. 

I am thinking maybe a 10'6 30" wide board might be a general starting point. Around 150L volume.   Some boards I see in this range are described as a big wave gun.   The gun would seem to catch easy,  but likely not nose ride too well.

I welcome any input or advice,  thx in advance.

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