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SUP General / COOKIE!!
« on: January 15, 2020, 03:23:34 AM »
how's that shoulder hangin', man?

hope your head is ok, with you stuck staying dry in here

youre missed here at the zonal world--cookie video drought!


dont be a stranger

Foil SUP / Starboard Done Me Right
« on: January 08, 2020, 10:37:05 AM »
About 6 weeks ago, I wrote a nasty rag rant about my 2019 starby pro. It had problems in the underfoot area of the deck. I went to the zone in frustration, and assumed that i had no recourse with Starboard, based on having already attempted to repair the board, and that nearly a year had passed since my purchase.

Well, Starboard contacted me spontaneously and were upfront that a run of the 2019's had exhibited underfoot deck problems. Sent Starby a few pics of the board and its problems, and 3 weeks later the new 2020 blue carbon board arrives. A completely NO-BS approach. Many times ive had issues with guaranteed products, where attempting to get recourse just wastes more time with BS---and one is better off sucking the situation up and repairing oneself or just moving on.

Not so Starby--NO BS -- they took perfect care of me.

So, if anything I owe Starby an apology that I didnt give them a shot at doing me right before going rant raggy.

And I am thrilled with the new board---rsp'ed it last night----super light, came in at 17.2 lbs with stock thrusters (before RSP, which adds .6 lbs),  (think 8'10" x 29" x 130 l--17 lbs is LIGHT!) same shape, and in fact the deck seems much stronger when i give it a cursory thumb pressure check---where the 2019 feels a touch soft, even in unworn areas, this board is solid---they clearly attended to whatever had been wrong in the factory run my board was in.

and i beefed about cost?? No mas. Seems the cost at Starby is partly about service. They serviced me perfectly.

sun/mon ima get a big sesh with it--somewhere from NJ NY to NE---gon be big, just gotta find the right wind for the right break.

SUP General / Hernia Repair Advice
« on: December 13, 2019, 06:51:12 AM »
i am resigned to getting my inguinal hernia repaired
it's said they do not improve on their own, and often worsen over time
i dont want to need to have it dealt with away from home
it's also said the repair surgery works very well, generally
some issue re open vs arthroscopic, altho mine's so small i cant imagine it being done open on me
interesting is that laparoscopic is done under full general, vs other anesthesia options with full

no real prob surfing--it pops out very occasionally--sorta random (so0metimes it comes out during a session, sometimes not, more often late in day, no real pain, just a little nagging

maybe there shd be a forum section called "ailments" given what i assume our demographic is here at the zone

whatever the case any advice based on knowledge or experience would be appreciated

« on: November 17, 2019, 06:48:17 AM »
this is my first board rag--but this pos deserves mention

you may recall i mentioned having dinged the rails of this board when i slipped on the rocks exiting PJ by the main parking lot--i repaired these dings, one of which extended slightly under the pad--this required peeling back the pad a bit to make a good repair--what i found under the pad was shocking--paper thin, super flexxy, totally unfinished (no paint), barely sanded, glass/epoxy--bizarre to me that the standing area under the pad was literally soft compared the the painted surfaces of the boardtop that were not under the pad--wtf--any decent sup shaper knows to reinforce the stand/paddle are at least, if not the whole underpad area-i was shocked and concerned, but made my repair solid and tight

weight gain after repair following a multi-week dryout in heat etc was .4 lbs--acceptable

been surfing board as goto til 10 days ago when i noticed water sponging from under the seam of replaced pad from my repair--sheeeit--i peel back the pad to inspect my repair---found it rock solid tight dry---so i went to peel away from the repair---what i found were many creases" in the shitty paperthin boardtop--when i applied pressure near the creases, it became obvious that they had cracked thru the boardtop--the more i peel in the stand/paddle area the more cracked creases i find--what a complete joke!!!

and the creases are in the underfoot area--nothing to do with the rail ding

they extend to where is stand paddling around positioning, and where my front foot pumps on the wave--on and im 6'2 185lbs, so cant blame MY weight

net, the boardtop, under the billion$$ cool starboard graphic pad, LEAKS LIKE A EFFING SIEVE

and the board has gained another pound of water!!

hopefully i can post a vid a pics which illustrate--but WITH STARBOARD, at least with this POS board--YOU PAY A LOT, AND YOU GET SHIT

i will keep peeling til i see no more cracked creases, and then dry the POS out best i can, put down a couple of layers of glass, reapply and hope--of course the billion$$ starby will end up weighing as much as a craigslist waterlog--


i couldnt not heads people up re this garbage

surfing? all happy---forced me to bring my creek 8'7" to OB SF last week---wanted the starby as it had been goto, and is a bit floatier for positioning--and i was wary re OB, cuz it can get big mean, and i wanted badly to check the OB box--well, it was pretty big, at least, one day, and the creek at 115 liters was fine---goto!

and the effing creek top is appropriately solid, doesnt leak like a sieve, and costs half of what the starby does!! and, repaired, my starby will weigh significantly more that the creek

you dont get what you pay for--wont be paying for a starby again..........

SUP General / Surf Park Long Island, NY
« on: October 25, 2019, 09:09:20 AM »

lotta wood to saw before this becomes a reality--and then there's the problem that their breakeven (with some distant amortization!) may be 25$ per wave!

has the kelly pool even opened to ordinary mortals yet??

SUP General / East Coast gon Fire Again!
« on: October 08, 2019, 09:59:09 AM »
Cams from Sebastian, FL to RI all look good. Swell shd last through Sunday morning. Tomorrow looks great. Friday looks biiiig, then it tapers. Wind will be the issue, and higher tides will closeout less.

Ill be in at first light tomorrow Long Beach!!

SUP General / Party with Jerry Karen and Lorenzo
« on: September 24, 2019, 12:20:00 PM »
Biggie mentioned he got some Jerry today.

Down here shd size up a bit tomorrow (wednesday) and have a decent am wind window--goes bad with a lotta south after noon.

And then comes Karen and Lorenzo--might be more good waves a comin'

check scroll out. you can see the party stacking up.

SUP General / EEE in the NE and New England
« on: September 24, 2019, 03:31:22 AM »
dawn and dusk patrols fear mr graysuit (with white trim)

might be mosquitoes we shd fear......

SUP General / Humberto
« on: September 18, 2019, 08:05:01 AM »
psyched for da man!

seems the cams at LB are starting to plump with swell--wind's kinda wrong

shd be good wind/swell windows at LB and Rockaway breaks tomorrow pm. fri and sat am

Is it nuts to think I could try to learn to wingfoil, with no prior foil experience?

Just wondering--you effing darkside people!!!  grrr, im feeling poorer just thinking about this....

I was an intermediate WS'er, never in waves, but down to a 4.0 often, hitting 60% of my jibes. had a great time a few years back when, after a long hiatus i rented gear at lake arenal. wow had the gear improved--easier waterstarts, instant plane, better balanced sails harnesses etc.

But really, it looks more doable with the wing than trying to time little waves. And I aint got no boat...or friends....with boats....

surely none of you darksiders have an opinion about this

SUP General / Wanna Project ??
« on: September 10, 2019, 11:40:19 AM »
creased my mana blade, when i thought it a good idea to roll in the rocks at a point break in RI--moron!

i am repairing my board---uggh

but im too time-constrained to fix this blade, tho it would be fun

want it, pm me and ill send i to you--with some strategic epoxying, clamping, and sanding can be good as new, without increasing much weight

and given what i just paid for the replacement, somebody out there shd be incented to try this

Classifieds / WTB -- SURF SUP 8'10 RANGE
« on: September 06, 2019, 08:24:12 AM »
friend who missed my brooklyn blowout is looking for a good used board

seeks around 8'10"-9'2"  30w  120 ltrs

ex proner who isnt exactly rolling in dough

and, yeah, pdlsfr's king's would have done the trick, but it's doing some else's trick!!  hopefully it'll see dorian swell (hate to call it dorian, bc dorian seriously effed up a whole lotta folk)

SUP General / OAM Boehne Blur Pad
« on: August 20, 2019, 08:42:30 AM »
just ordered one to clean up my crappy piecemeal job on my portal

pricey, but it looks like a great pad to me--and wont need any incompetent cutting by me--lay it out and stick it on!

gotta get the piecemeal pads off--i seem to recall a post where the poster said best to carefully pull off as much of the pad as possible, then pool goo-gone on the gluey/foamy mess, cover with saran wrap and leave overnight---sounds good

if youve a better way, pls share

and if youve experience with this pad, love to hear about it

SUP General / O'Neill Loyalist Disappointed
« on: July 09, 2019, 10:22:44 AM »
So my O'Neill TB3 psychofreak 4/3, new in late 2016, worn maybe 20 times, saved my ass, literally--from a fin cut just above my coccyx---sliced the suit to a clean 2 in cut--my skin had a good cut, not deep enough for stitches---i love the suit and love that it saved my ass.

So I sent the suit for repair and was told by O'Neill that this suit, with its seams, could not be repaired. O'neill repairs by detaching seams and removing/replacing the damaged panel. They will not repair a panel, they will only replace. Seems like a good approach.....

Except that, with my suit, O'Neill used a seam technique/glue that wont allow them to detach and replace the panel--so I asked for advice re what to do with this otherwise excellent, fairly new O'Neill suit.

The O'Neill repair guy told me to throw the suit out or, preferably, recycle it. I was a bit surprised, and wondered if my 35 year support of O'Neill, including touting their product here, might have been ill-conceived.

Were my suit still under warranty, I'd go nuts. But im also of the opinion that, if O"Neill knows they produced a bunch of suits that can never be repaired, based on a briefly used seam glue technique that was abandoned quickly--because it doesnt allow for repair..........O'Neill shd do better than to tell me my suit, which would live on if repaired, shd be thrown out or recycled.

So I vent---and wont need a new 4/3 til Fall, but when i go to replace this suit (or any suit booties gloves boardshorts, etc) I will resent buying anything additional from O'Neill.

I may try a slapdab cement repair on my own, but wouldve preferred proper repair (which I always represented I would pay for, if required) by a consumer-responsive manufacturer--that aint O'Neill, apparently.......

And I aint no tirekicker either---this is the first time ive said anything negative about any manufacturer here on the zone.

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